The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 8

The Game Plan

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa are at the diner. Thread: picking up the perfect college. While Summer complaints that "I can't even pick out my shoes in the morning led alone plan the rest of my life!", Seth can't help thinking about getting out of Newport. "Pretty soon we're gonna be livin in real cities with like real non botoxed non plastic people!" Marissa looks uncomfortable; she says she isn't going to apply to any college because of her background. Well, as Seth claims: "And then there's a different approach." At the same time, Kirsten is trying to tell Sandy she is fed up with cooking and staying home, but he doesn't seem to get her point. Meetings with the college councilor. While Ryan seems to have no idea about college, Summer and Seth are very sure. She, west coast; he, east coast. All-rounder Taylor points out the whole distance issue and Summer starts worrying about it. After her clever statement about college, Marissa thinks about going to support Johnny's surf moment, at the beach. Sandy wants Seth to apply to Berkeley and Seth isn't able to tell him he's going to apply to Brown. Meanwhile, Kirsten confesses to Julie about her problems in her new lifestyle, but Mrs Cooper Nichol isn't paying attention because her rent issue represents definitely a bigger deal. Of course Julie pretends with Kirsten that all is going great. Sandy asks his friend Paul, who is working as teacher at Berkeley University, to come over and meet Seth and Ryan. Ryan and Johnny try to convince Marissa to meet the college councilor in her school but she feels like they're ganging up on her in order "to lecture me on what to do in my life" and then she storms off after an epochal "leave me alone!" towards Ryan. Next day, it turns out that Marissa decides to make an appointment with the college guidance councilor. He invites Marissa to write about the whole shooting issue. When she tries to write it down, dramatically memories knock her down. Marissa isn't able to handle such painful images, so she pushes everything in front of her (including the poor little laptop) to the floor. Summer realizes that Seth isn't as worried as her about the whole distance thing, so it's her time to storm off upset. Julie Cooper moves into a trailer, while Kirsten is carefully peeking. Gus, Julie's landlord, isn't that charming. After having almost destroyed her laptop (or Summer's?) Marissa joins Johnny and Chili at the beach for PacWest surf contest, that, in Chili's opinion, is gonna make Johnny a surf star. Kirsten asks Julie to go into business together but when Julie speaks about Charlotte's scam Kirsten definitely seems to have changed her mind. Summer and Seth got in a fight about college. After that, Summer tells Taylor she gives up because the whole distance thing clearly can't be fixed. That's it. Taylor can have him. ..."You be nice to him, ok." Sigh! Meanwhile drama is going on, as usual. Ryan is angry because Marissa didn't write the essay in order to get in college. Time speeds up. Ryan, disappointed, gets going out of the beach; Marissa is upset; Johnny tries to stop Ryan but, in that moment, he got hit by a car. While Kirsten is forgiving Julie about the whole Charlotte's scam, Sandy realizes that Seth isn't gonna to Berkeley and he's okay with that. In the same time, Taylor finds a college near Brown that Summer could get in. It's official: Summer and Seth are going to east coast; Taylor found a friend. Johnny's knee is really damaged but he proves to hold on. "I'm gonna get the operation, do the rehab an get back on my board... Things happen... what else ya gonna do, give up?" Marissa can't help realizing she's acting like a coward. She drops by Cohens to tell Ryan she isn't going to hide anymore what's happened last summer: she is going to write in the essay that she shot Trey to save someone she loves. Then, Ryan and Marissa decide to attend Berkeley together. The episode ends up with Summer, Seth, Marissa and Ryan laughing and talking in Seth's room.