The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 8

The Game Plan

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2005 on FOX

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  • oh wow. I loved this one

    I have to admit, this episode was totally predicatble. However, for many reasons, I loved it.

    I loved the ending - even though we all knew that Summer would follow Seth, and that Ryan and Marissa would go to Brown. But it was classic O.C - and I love classic O.C.

    Then there was Julie, and moving to the trailer park. I love how she's grown as a character. She's actually become somewhat nice! So I say, bring on the Mother/Daughter Conflict. Because, if anyone's noticed - its been a while and they still aren't living together. Are the writers trying to tell us something?

    Anyways. I love the new characters. All of them. I adore Chilli, even if he's just another version of Seth (and possibly thats why I love him). I disliked Johnny for a while there, but only because it looked like he loved Marissa (and probably still does - but you can't hate a guy who's just been hit by a car.) but now he's good. Same deal with Taylor - she was an evil cow, now shes a sweet girl wanting friends, poor girl with a mother like that!
  • Summer ends up applying to Providence after Taylor convinces her that she should stay with Seth, Seth tells Sandy that he doesn't want to go to Berkeley, and Ryan and Marissa end up applying to Berkeley.

    What a shock when Johnny wins the surfing competition only to get hit by a car! AND he convinces Marissa to go to college. This episode makes me wonder how the gang will stay together, with half of them on the East coast and the other half on the West coast. hmmmm...
  • This episode was one that I really enjoyed.

    I really thought this was a special episode they were some highs and lows for Seth,Ryan Summer and Marissa but I was happy in the end that they worked things out. I really like the part where Summer was willing to let Taylor have Seth if it came down to that because she loves him so much.
  • Season One vibe was totally there. The OC is finally making its comeback

    This episode brings back all the vibes Season One was giving.. It was fun, there was the real authentic Cohen family interaction and everything pretty much falls into place at the end of the episode. This episode was about getting back on your feet - Julie after being left alone with nothing but turning back to trailer park, Johnny for not letting the crash ruin his like and Marissa for facing her past so she can still have a bright future. Amongst all these dramas there are still jokes, eg. Seth spitting on the Harbor High couch, and even my beloved Sethummer romantic quirks which kind of balance the dramatic part out. This episode is pretty much perfect! I mean how can it not be? Even though the episode wasn't written by the OC Man himself, it was however written by an 'insider' who pretty much knew these characters from Day One because he was acting in it.. Yes this episode was written by the OC's very own Jimmy Cooper aka Tate Donovan! This is why I like the OC so much! The relationships between these actors continue off camera.. What you see on the show is real. I mean we have here Tate directing the show he once starred in, Peter Gallagher choosing Kelly Rowan to be his newly released music video wife and who can forget the offscreen Sethummer who occationally walk their dog Penny Lane with Mischa and constantly out clubbing with Ben.. How cool is that???

    This episode was the best and from what I can see the show is definitely getting back on their feet.
  • WOW!

    I loved everything about this episode. It was great in so many ways! The Kandy the Ryan the love all round was awesome! I loved how Seth and Summer looked and felt like a couple. I am hoping Marissa's little speach at the end is going to lead to some major character development (and I hope she starts to become a writer!) Kirsten I love you! Julie, can I be your bitch?
  • A very good episode ! Very good character devolopment and the storyline is realistic. "The OC" gets better and better !

    A very good episode ! Very good character devolopment and the storyline was realistic.
    This episode was decent and was like a "season one" episode. Julie is finally a better person (I guess she will need more money to be a manipulative "beotch" again - I like her with no money to tell the truth).
    I did like the storyline with the college stuff and I'm glad that Summer and Seth are going to nearby colleges and Rayn-Marissa going to Berkley. To tell the truth I don't know how the show will go on with the "Fantastic Four" divided in the West and the East Coast and just be honest, if they want to continue the show they will put them all in a college because the dynamics between the characters is fantastic, so I guess they will find a way to do that or the show will hit rock bottom. The scenes with Marissa and Ryan at the pool house was very good and the scene at the end with the gang all together at Seth's room was fantastic. Also I did like that Taylor helped Summer with the Providence College and finally she (Taylor) understood that Summer and Seth are ment to be together. In the and I would like to say that I am very happy that the main couples are still together although I am a little worried about Ryan and Marissa.

    By the way : Tate Donovan did the direction of this episode and I guess it was pretty awesome ! Good job Tate !
  • Summer and Seth are going to the East Coast together, well Ryan and Marissa are staying on the West Coast

    Finally a good Episode!. Something differnet then the same old same old. Ryan and Marissa are going to Birkley, while Seth goes to Brown and Summer goes to Providance. I actully enjoyed the Episode. Sandy and Kirsten are going to be Emtpy nesters. That's good the Kirsten is going to Help Juile and they are going to go into Business together.
  • Although the performance hadn't been lacking, I want to say this was a return to to it's best form!

    A reallly good episode, just like the good season one stuff, it had everything and was truly entertaining! Very good! Drama, comedy, you name it! And it also had that classicly OC way of making everything okay within about 30 seconds, the premiere episode wound up the Trey storyline a little too nicely, but this was just perfect.
  • A great episode. Seth and Summer are going to the East coast, Ryan and Marissa are staying on the West coast.

    This was a great episode. Seth and Summer are having problems with where they will go to college. Seth wants to go east, to Brown, while Summer wants to stay west. Summer winds up compromising and decides to go east with Seth. Her change of heart comes from an unexpected person, Taylor. Meanwhile, Ryan has no clue about college and Marissa has suddenly decided that she doesn't even want to go because she doesn't want to bring up everything about the shooting. Johnny gets hit by a car while going after Ryan (for Marissa), this should make for an interesting few episodes, while he is recooperating. Julie has moved into a trailer, she is extremely desperate. I think that she doesn't want to show her vulnerability to anyone in Newport and especially not to Kirsten. I like the relationship between Seth and Summer and how she would move to the east coast to be with Seth. I'm getting kind of tired of Ryan always taking care of Marissa, and her being rather selfish.
  • One of the best, if not THE best, episode of this season.

    I'm so glad to see that the OC is getting out of that slump that it was in. People hated me for saying this before, but "The Swells" and "The Anger Management" were pretty terrible episodes. This however, brought back the meaning of 8:00 on a Thursday Night!

    The episode also introduced a new theme that all die-hard fans knew was coming: next year and colleges! This episode introduced the theme well.

    Applause to the writers for giving some major character development to this episode, speicifically Julie and Kirstin.

    If you missed this, hope they show it again later on in the season, because this is truly what the 3rd season is supposed to be about!
  • Giving me a reason to love this show once more!

    After so many let-downs this season, this episode was so refreshing. It really did have the feel of the old works and I absolutely loved it. Nothing can compare to the 1st season finale for me, but this episode has given me back my faith in this show. Marvelous! I'm once more in suspence and anticipating this weeks show. Is it too good to be true, or can we once again have OC nights??
  • I love the OC!

    I have to admit that the new season is great, not because of Marissa's great installment but about the second characters.
    I mean Taylor Townsend is so delicious!! I really love her and for the first time, she is maybe more interesting than Summer.
    I love Summer Roberts right but her love story with Seth is hanging around "I love you, I don't love you, Providence, Brown, California..." Ok I get it!

    Ryan and Marissa are cool... not as far as Summer and Seth but they are living a good thing, I guess. But I am not sure about Marissa, "Johnny I love you", that will be really stupid if she kiss him!

    The best part of the serie is Julie Cooper, rich and now poor but still bitchy! I love HER, she is maybe the more interesting character of the show. On the first season, I almost dislike her because of Jimmy, she was just venal and didn't show her intentions. But now! wow in the camping! amazing! and with Charlotte in the last episode!! that was the Real Julie Cooper-Nicohl.

    For Kirsten and Sandy, huh... hang around... nithing happened.. Kirsten is nice, too nice.. and Sandy is as usual... maybe a new shark of the finance, who knows? (I don't bet on it!)

    I am waiting for the next one!
  • it just gets better and better

    i love this episode, one of my favs this season, it was just soo good, drama and everything, taylor helping out summer so it works out between summer and seth, marissa piisses me off in this episode but does the right thing, a great scene in the end of the episode the fantastci 4 in seth's room, ryan fools around with summer which was cool
  • More brittle relationships and college applications, another great day in Orange County!

    The third season of The O.C. has been rated as the lowest of all of the seasons, but so far it's been of season one quality. Just consistently good episode after good episode. Presenting the perfect combination of drama and comic relief, though a little bit less on the comic relief as for some reason The O.C. has been declining in laugh out loud moments. Though it makes up for it in some bright new personalities, specifically Taylor Townsend whom everyone seems to hate, but plays off the misunderstood loner so well it's so hard to hate on her. While Summer is willing to accept her as a friend, it's great to see that they aren't becoming friends right away as Taylor is already fantasizing about what bestfriends normally do, such as sleepover and such.

    Even better was Julie's storyline with Kirsten. Self proclaimed manipulative word that rhymes with witch Julie Cooper showing some compassion for one of her, perhaps only friend in Newport by sacrificing her beloved rich and fantastic lifestyle for living in a trailer park home. Seeing them hug as Kirsten forgives Julie was touching to see. Surprisingly the least interesting one was what happened to Johnny despite getting his knee wrecked. Marissa is such a drama queen that her emotional outbreaks get a little tiresome sometimes. Though it once again speaks wonders about how great this episode is that the main storyline involving the two main characters isn't really the most interesting.
  • The OC. Episode 8

    Seth's wit simply cracks me up.
    It was such hilarious when he:
    - kept speaking enthusiastically about getting out of Newport, not giving a damn what was happening around him at the diner.
    - spat on Harbor's couch, pretending to be Volchok's little brother.

    This episode shows how much Summer has been growing up lately. The whole "Taylor-you-won-just-be-nice-to-him" thing was really emotional. Even though it was clear Seth and Summer would have worked out in the end.

    Flashbacks about Trey's shooting were just great. It was nice when Marissa finally chose to face her past - it's never too late, I guess :D - and apply to Berkeley with Ryan.

    It turns out that Julie Cooper Nichol moved into a trailer. She definitely deserves this but it's kind of sad too. By the way, I would have bet Kirsten was going to forgive her. I mean, Kirsten is really too good.

    Johnny got hit by a car. I'm afraid results won't wait to come over. :D
    Meanwhile, Taylor is clearly changing but I'm not fond of her character yet.
    Even if it didn't really work out as he wanted, Sandy's "ambush" was such entertaining. LOL

    Well, I love the way the episode ended up. The fabulous four joking together are definitely nice. :)
  • this episode includes u turns!!!

    Very good episode like almost all The O.C. episodes.
    First of all, Julie is in a bad situation, maybe she is in the worst situation in her life according to the financial problems. But I think that she makes right decisions and so she will be more comfortable. Now she is a better person.
    Sandy has some plans for Seth\\\'s future. But Seth disagrees with him and Ryan and Marissa decides to apply Berkeley instead of Seth.
    Summer forgived from 365 days sun. She wants to be with Seth. She applied to go to east with Seth for collage.
    To conclude, in this episode I saw that decisions are fastly changing in The O.C. In real life, there may be some moments that we should decide as far as possible in order to not to lose our values.

  • very good story development and at the same time could have been the season finale

    i believe that this was a very good episode. many doors were opened for new storylines. ryan and marissa have come a long way sine the start of the series. marissa and ryan have learnt to deal with their problems by talking through it without overreacting. by the end of this episode, it was seen.

    i was looking forward to seeing taylor trying to take seth off of summer but she kinda gave up. it was good to see that she'd rather have some friends than have everyone but one person hate her.

    julie has changed a lot too. she admitted to being apart of that fake charity but she came clean and kirsten forgived her. julie of season 1 or 2 would have tried to find another rich guy to dig herself out of a hole.

    im a little worried about seth and summer going to the east for college. how is the oc, the oc with some of their characters in the east? luckily college hasnt come yet.

    this episode had been short scenes which didnt go to waste. each scene did what a scene in a tv show should do and that was tell a story.

    so much to discuss about this episode but i'll just leave it at that.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc its that time of year to start to fill out college apps and seth and summer and ryan and even marrisa must decide what to do with there futures seth wants to leave new port and go out east and summer want to go with seth but there plan seems to take some turns when they picke colleges that are not even near each other and ryan want to go to bercley and sandy want seth to do the same since he went there but seth does not want to do that and julie tells the truth about the bangquet and how charoltte was just plaing that for money and marris does not know what to right since she does not think she has a future any more since she shot soemone .
  • Lots of little plots in this one.

    The gang are thinking about collages. They are also thinknig about their futures with each other more than anything else. Summer and Seth both want to go diferent colleges and it turns out to Taylor that comes up with a solution to solve their problems, and suggests that Summer attends another collage close by to Seth's. Meanwhile at a surf competetion Johnny tries to go after Ryan after he and Marissa have a fight and ends up getting knocked over by a car. Also elsewhere Julie admits to Kirsten that she was in on the scam but Kirsten soon realises that Julie knew what was right in the end.
  • I love Seth & Summer!!!

    I just hate Julie Cooper and Taylor Townsend... even if they are pretending to be nice or not. I like Seth Cohan and Summer Roberts in every episode.
    Summer and Seth were really cute when she bought those snow hat things and she called him a rabbit. That was funny. They just look so good together.
  • Great college preparation episode!

    Great college preparation episode! Very well done, I enjoyed the core four scenes! I especially loved everyones interviews & the very end with SS decision to go to Brown & RM decision to go to Berkeley! I also really liked the Julie Kirsten storyline in this episode & loved Julie for telling the truth about Charlotte. But the Johnny storyline was mild & the whole esscence of the episode felt like it was lacking a little something, I do not know what though! hmmmm.....
  • Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa face college applications

    The fantastic four are faced with the decision on what college to go to. Marissa is unsure if she can get into college due to her record, and is talked into going on tour with Johnny and Chilli. Johnny gets hit by a car and is taken to hospital.
    The episode dósen't pick up from the previous episode well and its sorta like back to square one for Ryan and Marissa (Ryan not understanding, and Marissa blowing him off for Johnny). In the previous episode it looked as though they were moving forward and were happy together once again. Still an ok OC episode.
  • Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer all face the choice of collage.

    Good episode. Marrisa getting annoyed at johnny and Ryan was wierd cos they were only trying to help. johnny is wierd to think that he will still be able to surf, i can't wait for his character to go from the series, he is very annoying. julie and Kirsten made up, and our now friends and business partners. Marrisa and Ryan are thinking about berkly, and Summer province collage and Seth brown. Let me guess, it somehow doesn't go to plan!