The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Best. Episode. Ever. <br /> <br /> R.I.P. Marissa Cooper (1988 - 2006?)

    Best. Episode. Ever. R.I.P. Marissa Cooper (1988 - 2006?)

    As Ryan drives, Volchok rams his car from behind. He then pulls alongside and tries to run Ryan off the road. And he succeeds. Ryan barrels through a curve and over an embankment. The car rolls end over end down the hill, finally crashing on another road below. Coming back to his senses, Ryan crawls out of the car. Noticing gas pouring from the tank and a small fire, he grabs an unconscious Marissa and carries her free of the wreckage in a mirror from the time he found her in Tijuana. The car explodes and Ryan lays Marissa down on the pavement and rouses her. He tells her he’s going to get help, but she begs him to stay. And then she dies.
  • Too Depressing!

    While there are parts of this episode that I enjoyed, such as the graduation, and the scene at the model home, this episode was way too depressing. I enjoyed the model home scene so much because it's the last time the core four will ever be together. I can't believe that they killed Marissa off. I guess in a way, she brought it on herself though. If she had never befriended Johnny, then Ryan would have never been lonely and pursued a relationship with Sadie, and they would have never broken up. If they had never broken up, Volchok and Marissa would have never happened, and Marissa would still be alive. Having said that, I love Marissa, and she didn't deserve to die. She was and will always be my favorite character on the OC. I'm going to miss her and all of the sweet Ryan/Marissa moments so much. Mischa did some great acting in this episode, as did Ben. Rest in Peace Marissa. You won't soon be forgotten.
  • let\'s see what happens next

    sure the 1st season was amazing and it\'s hard to compete !
    but I think the death of marissa is a good thing because this character was the main reason the show was getting worse ! the plot was going totally unreal : people die all the time, cars can\'t keep on the road, thefts, ... . It\'s good that the show gets more about the Cohens cuz they\'re way more interesting; summer & seth are so sweet, they\'re the reason I watched the show last season. Ryan is getting more and more boring(he should\'ve died too). I also think it\'s cool that the show will focus more on the younger crowd of newport beacuse the OC wouldn\'t be the OC if it wasn\'t set in the OC...
  • OK... this is what The OC is about... evolution.

    OK... this is what The OC is about... evolution. Moving characters on more than any other show of its kind has dared to before. I normally hate this kind of show but with such clever writing and well orchestrated plot lines I find myself actually caring about these characters and I thought that this was a great way to, as it were, close this group off making way for the new batch of players to come forward in season 4.
  • How far down hill can this series roll

    They should have ended this series by now. There is nowhere left to go and the characters are not interesting enough to sustain us into college, unlike Dawson's Creek where they all had interests and believable issues to deal with.

    I am glad Marissa is gone, her character had disintegrated into soap opera (not Micha Barton's fault and she did well to get out when did). The actors are ok but not talented or skilled enough to cope with such absurd material.

    In ten years everyone is going to look back at this show and cringe. Not unlike we do for 90210.
  • who think that marissa and ryan arent the perfect couple and shouldn't end togher? really in a god show you don't do things like this kill one of the principal carecters and whith this kill the ipots for ryand and marissa end up togther

    i love the oc i have senn this show since the frist episod and for me ryan and marissa are trly the perfecr couple althoug some times i'm seak of they broke and get toghether a lot of times in one sesan but afeter all they look so quite that all passe for me the greats moments of them was in the firts episods like the model home But in the end i realy expect that they will and togher so this sesan and especialy this episod was realy desepointg for me because althou they havent be togther in a long time marissa in suposted to get way and as this isn't enouth they kill her???? really whats mater whith you guys the principal careters never dies and alwas end up togther
  • WHY???WHY??WHY?? kill Marissa?! come on?!!!!! The OC will never be as good!! i mean come on?! could you imagine the producers of friends killing either Ross or Rachel during one of the seasons?!!!thats just crazy!!

    WHY???WHY??WHY?? kill Marissa?! come on?!!!!!
    The OC will never be as good!! i mean come on?! could you imagine the producers of friends killing either Ross or Rachel during one of the seasons?!!!thats just crazy!!i know there were rumors abt Misha Barton wanting to leave the OC, but i dont care!!find a way to keep her! or at least dont kill her!!!they shld have made her leave to the cruise thingy n then try to make her come back after a year or so!!cuz Oh my God, im not even sure ill keep watchin the OC without coop??!!!I need to stop thiking abt it cuz it really frustrates me n pisses me off!!!!!agrr!
    Pleaseeeee dont kill her, its still not too late, she could go to the hospital n Miraculously survive!!snif!!!
  • Is always hard to say goodbye. Undoubtly one of the best episodes of The O.C.

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  • marissa cooper death is totaly hard to watch it was really sad

    it was really hard to see marissa die in a car crash which was caused by vhotrak. it going so well for marissa she graduated she was going sailing her dad for a year. it made really sad to see ryan carry marissa out of the car and how she told him not leave her. i think everything was going well when she broke up with vhortrak but he had to ruin it. he shoved ryan and marissa off the road and killing her just becuse she won't talk to him anymore. i hope there is a season 4
  • The reason the series should have ended a long time ago.

    This episode is like most of the ones from series 3. Series one and two were awesome, fantastic, but series three was like the producers just ran out of good ideas and wanted to compete with One Tree Hill, and reuse old plotlines. This episode, the rest of season 3 should be avoided. The fact season 4 only has 16 episodes shows the producers realise the show has had its day. The show is reasonable, the actors are good, but the show tries to do more than it can. It's gone too Hollywood, it's trying to beat every other show rather than be it's own one.
    The show has bitten off more than it can chew and suffered the consequences.
  • I really mean series finale. I just think the O.C. is never going to be the same and its down hill from here.

    I have loved this episode since day one. I can relate to ryan. He is a locale austinite!! I think the first season was AWESOME! It was raw and you just did not know what to expect. The second season was good with the 3rd season being even better. I started to hate marissa in season 2 because she was screwing with ryan and she was so easily led astray. I guess it was a love/hate feeling for her. I am glad/sad she is gone. I have read some previews of the next season (4) and they are going to focus more on the cohens which the prodeucer said is originally what the o.c is about. This will be good, but when they start expanding out to marissa's younger sister and Luke's younger twin brothers. I thought they (FOX) was going to gear this more towards college and not the younger spoiled brats growing up. My opinion is this. IUf fox does not thread carefully they are going to see the lowest ratings in their thursday spot ever. Maybe I am wrong but seth, ryan, summer, and marissa is what made the show. I also like anna. bring her back let her and ryan hook up or bring alex back. anyways. I am still a fan for now.
  • they graduates!!have fun... Seth n Summer will go to rhode island while marissa decide to go with his dad as a maid... but everything turns upside down.on the way to airport,Marissa n Ryan got a car accident that killed Maris

    this is a sad eppisode. i knew that marissa will be dead in the end (i read it in magazine) but i couldn't believe it till i watch the episode...

    marissa has saying goodbye to everyone,feels like she's saying goodbye to the audience too..,

    it's a sad one..especially when ryan hug marissa n there is a flashback the first time ryan met marissa...i felt like wanna cry,still want to if i remember it

    u know it's weird the oc without Marissa coz she is one of OC's core four...
  • this is one the best episodes ever

    Wow marissa dying was very emotional and a big shock! unfortunatly i found out that she died before i watched the graduates which was a little annoying but it was a fantastic episode that everyone should love for ever fgdfg gfcfggfd dfsd sdf sdfsdf sdf sdf sdfm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m nm m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m b
  • Beggining sucked, but they pulled theyre socks up in the end

    On of the best episodes of the show, but it was done before in the season 2 finale, with trey being shot. But it seems that marissa is dead because mischa barton is being a b**ch and leaving the show.I wonder wat will happen next tho. Some characters will leave apparently. I bet Ryan will , and kaitlin will be at Habour school and the main focus of the story.Seth and summer will be at Brown, Julie coop will take care of kaitlin. Sandy and ...whats her face, Kirsten will have thair own probs 2 deal with.But i think the future dont look to fukin bright all things concerned.But watever happens, this episode changed it all.
  • one of the best!!

    although marissa is gone, and the show will definately take a different path in the future, it was one of the best episodes this season, and they dealt with marissas death well.
    The episode marks the end of an era for the show, not only with Barton's departure, but the kids will now be leaving for college... supposedly. no more harbour. however this absence at school will be filled by none other than the infamous kaitlin cooper and the ward (ie luke's brothers) twins.
    Although i don't want to have an OC without marissa, it is the oc, and i can't miss an episode! i'll be watching season 4!
  • The end 2 a great season

    I thought this ep was great. I loved how it showed seth, summer, ryan and marissa at the model home having funny for what they didn't know would be the last time. Because it was really were it all started then it was were it nearly all finished. When marissa died i thought it was so sad i couldn't believe it. It was good how it shoed ryan carry her from the car then it showed all the other times her had helped her over the last 3 years it was really a great ending to a great season. I cant wait for season4!
  • wow

    this episode was mazing. i have not been watching the oc a lot lately but i saw seasons 1 and 2 and most of 3. the ending was so so sad. ryan must have been devistated. I can not believe that vulchuk could do that!!! hes such an ass. Im so glad that summer and seth are in a good place. i think there is gonna be some big drama with them ins eason 4 though. i feel so bad for summer! she lost her best friend and she does not know it!!! Marissa's sister is gonna cause some huge drama in the oc.
  • Every once in a while, there comes a pivotal episode of a television show which can make even the most casual of fans burst into tears. The O.C.\'s season finale is one of them. To put it simply, this episode was downright fabulous.

    In mid-May, I had visited the Yahoo website and what was that? Marissa\'s dead? Did they REALLY need to post it up on the front page so soon after the episode aired in its home country? I suppose so.

    And so the whole of Australia was exposed to the tragic conclusion of the third season, and our domestic television network also spoiled the finale 4 episodes prior to air. Which was unfortunate for those who hadn\'t yet known, or are only able to watch the show on DVD.

    Naturally curious, I watched some brief snippets of Marissa\'s death on YouTube, but I had muted the sound so I wouldn\'t ruin any of the dialogue, and didn\'t watch the scene in full so I can enjoy it when I watch it on television.

    I even downloaded the episode a few weeks before it went to air, but I still decided not to view it and deleted it as I\'m patient enough to wait for the show to air on TV. It\'s more fun that way. :-)

    Anyway, the episode itself was beyond my expectations. The characters were back to their usual quirky selves, and it was wonderful to see Sandy and Kirsten rekindle what has been a rocky relationship for the couple this past year.

    It was from the graduation scene on that I simply couldn\'t contain my tears. As a guy (pardon the generalization), I have NEVER cried whilst watching a TV show. Okay, maybe I shed a few tears watching The Simpsons (notably the episodes Mother Simpson and Lisa\'s Subtitute), but when Julie broke down into tears at her eldest daughter\'s graduation, I simply lost it. I was crying. :-p The first time a television show had ever done that to me. The photo montage worked beautifully and it was nice to see the characters put behind what has been a major part of their lives.

    Then came the \"Core Four\" swimming (first time we see Summer in a bikini lol) and reflecting on the past three years of their lives. Marissa crying as she decided to leave behind her friends and family to sail with her dad was a nice touch and I really felt for her.

    Another highlight of the episode is when Marissa and Julie reconciled. Marissa telling Julie that she loves her was a really touching moment in the episode, hell the series.

    And then comes Volchok and his lady friend Heather as he realizes that she is the best thing that ever happened to him so he rams his car into Ryan\'s (which was a gift from his mother), and ends up killing Marissa. Way to go, bastard. :-p

    Marissa\'s death sent chills down my spine, and the flashback prompted a few more tears. Wonderful. The episode wouldn\'t have been the same without Marissa\'s death, and I\'m most certainly looking forward to how each character will react to her death. Particularly Julie.

    Here\'s to more The O.C.!!! Yes, I loved Marissa just as much as the last person, this could change the show drastically, and for the better. Although this season has been relatively weak, I still enjoyed each and every episode thoroughly, and I can\'t wait until the new season begins!!! w00t! :-D

    I just hope the show doesn\'t focus solely on Kaitlin should she become a regular next season.
  • Final episode of season 3- time to say goodbye to a main charector

    What can I say about this episode? It was without a doupt the greatest episode of any show I have ever seen.

    It was happy (Graduation), exciting (car crash), and of, course, terrible, terrible sad. Marissa Cooper will be sorely missed by millions of fans around the world (especially me).

    "Hallaluah" was the perfect music to be played for the saddest moment in OC history.

    The writing by Josh Scwartz (sorry bout the spelling)and team was excellent and the cast went above and beyond in what started out as a really happy one, and ends up as the saddest momant in recent TV history.

    Marissa Cooper will missed by many. Farewell Marissa. You will be missed. A great episode. I ended up in tears

    "Its a cold and its a lonely Hallaluah."
  • It is graduation day for Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa at Harbor High School. Ryan's mom, Dawn, gives him a car as a grad. present and Marissa gets into a car accident with Ryan and Volchok....and she dies!!!

    "It is graduation day for Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa at Harbor High School. After graduation they all went out to eat and celebrate their graduation. Ryan's mother gave him a new car as a graduation present. Marissa is going to spend a year on a boat with her father as her graduation gift. Seth finally got into RISD for second semester. Summer is still going to Brown University in the fall. Volchok is still mad at Marissa and Ryan so he decided to crash Ryan's car."

    OMG! this was the BEST and SADDEST epp/season finale EVER!!! i loved every second of this epp 10 outta 10!!
  • last episoide of season 3

    the gang is graduating from harborsummer is going to brown seth starts in january ryan is going to berckley and marissa is going on a her dads boat to greek ryans mom comes back for his graduation and she gets ryan a car and on marissa last day the gang have a party at the model home when ryan is driving marissa to the airport volchok rams them of the road when they land on another road ryan pulls marissa out of the car and she dies in ryans arms
  • Not a very happy ending, but I foresee a great beginning for Season 4.

    I already knew what was going to happen before I watched this episode. Watching Marissa say goodbye to everyone god worse and worse with each person. First Taylor, that was difficult already. and then Julie, and Kaitlin and then Summer and Seth. Poor, poor Ryan.

    I can see the first episode of the next season. The funeral. Wow, what a powerful image. Even Caleb's funeral touched me, but I Marissa's. The good friends from the past: Theresa, Taylor, Anna. Her ex-boyfriends and girlfriends: Luke, Oliver, Alex, D.J.

    The commemorating speeches. Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. Mrs. Julie-Cooper-Nichol-Cooper-Roberts, Kaitlin, and Dr.Neil Roberts. Mr.Cooper and possibly Hailey? The remaining three of the Core Four, Seth, Summer and Ryan. I'm sure that'll just be freakin' touching.

    This was a very interesting season of the OC, I'm glad Dawn's finally growing up, that was real sweet of her what she got for Ryan. Both the father and son Cohen have had rocky relationships, but as Taylor said, love overpowers everything.

    Finally, Dr.Roberts. Finally, Kaitlin. Finally, someone real important dies. I'd say it was necessary, it's exactly what should've happened and nobody could've stopped it. Next season will be interesting.

    The OC has made me depressed, but I'll continue to be loyal to the series when it comes back. Rest in peace Marissa, make yourself at home in one of Caleb's McMansions.
  • The episode honestly made me feel strange at the end and a little depressed. Killing Mischa Barton off the O.c. may have been a mistake. She will regret leaving the show. The ratings may even be poor next season. But we will just have to wait untill Nov

    I honestly thought this episode was medeokre. I was pleased that Sandy and Kirsten made up and that eveything looke good in the Cooper house hold and Ryan\'s mom has honestly been trying to clean up. It was surprising how she could afford her son a car though. I was just upset about the Marissa dying thing. She was always a victim and bad stuff hapened to her. She was supposed to finally be happy but now she's dead. She will probably be happier up there though than down her. There should have been a farewell kiss with Ryan & Marissa.
  • Marissa's dead...what are they gonna do now?

    So this episode was pretty crazy.

    Yeah, like way crazy.


    So i thought it was kinda weird...they just had to kill off Marissa. Funny. cuz the day before i was talking to a friend and i was telling them "I wonder who they're gonna kill off, cuz obviously it's not gonna be marissa. they practically built a shrine to mischa barton for that role." And sure enough. whoa dang! Marissa's lying in Ryan's arms, dying.


    i did think it was somewhat funny though. So, Ryan was driving. Marissa was in the passenger seat. Volchok was drunk. He crashed into Ryan's car...and after the vehicle is all done with it's crazy rolling and tumbling and stuff, it's quiet. So like Ryan is getting out of the car and gets Marissa and like carries her 20 ft away from the car.

    Ryan has like scratches all over him. And bruises and blood. And he's fine enough to walk and carry another person. But Marissa, whose face happens to look picture perfect with not a scratch in sight, didn't make it. and dies in ryan's arms.

    what now?

    i guess mischa barton had to look like an angel on her way out...even if it doesn't make any sense. and wouldn't it be more likely that the driver is killed? i thought they were being rammed into on the driver's side too...or am i wrong?

    still, someone who just died from a car crash would have a scratch somewhere on them. not just on their stomach or whatever under their shirt. Because we didn't see blood leaking all over the place. and don't tell me it was to keep it from being not gory. because there was like nothing wrong with her. she looked fine.

    a little unrealistic for me, but i guess a perfect shocker to end the season.

    Hope the OC can make it without her.
  • It was hard watching MARRISHA GETTING KILLED OFF THE SHOW. ch

    I wonder how will be the show now since Marrisha got killed off.I don't know if i will watch the show now because my farorite character Marrisha is not going to be their.It was hard watching that show.Why Marrisha she is the best character there on the show.I almost cry watching her get carried off by the guy she loved.I don't think they should have took one of the 4 friends.I think the reson she got killed off was because she went through everything and she had to get put out of her pain.I thought they were go th kill of one of the grown ups from the show.
  • This episode was so so so sad. I hated seeing Marissa die.

    I don't know how good the show will be next year. Even though i really only watch the oc because of seth and summer, marissa is part of the core four. What is summer gonna do without marissa? When there's really only 4 leads, you can't kill one of them off. They can't replace marissa. nobody else is marissa. I think they made a mistake, but we'll see what happens. Otherwise, i think it was a really good episode. I couldn't stop crying through the whole thing. When Ryan was carrying marissa, that almost killed me. It was so sad.
  • Probably the best episode of Season 3, gotta say not my favourite season...

    Well i liked itwas overall a good season finale.Loved the Oliver line and was fun seeing them all happy in the model home.But obviously its the OC so pretty much guesed everything was too happy,something bad had to happen.Defo think it was right for Marissa to leave.wat else could her character do shes done everything,tried to kill herself,alcholism, steal stuff,drugs,broken up with Ryan too many times,jst wasnt anymore her character could do.Im not sure if they had to kill her off cud have dealt with jst her leaving,but it did make stuff exciting and sets up season 4!
  • this episode and the sound track at the end very clever it made me think about it for days.

    I have not watched every episode this season but this one was a real weepy, the sound track at the end is what did it for me, you know one of those songs that plays on your mind for days, and it will always take you back to that show very clever. This was a good episode there have been a lot of differant characters since this show aired, some of which sick in your mind and some that don't, but all in all the acting on all parts has been pretty good, with excellant story lines and I must say the bands have been fab, loads more of that next season if there is one I have not checked that out yet. any way top marks to all involved in the show looking forward to seeing more.
  • First everyone is getting ready for graduation, then Caitlyn shows up(again). Seth admits to burning down the office. As a graduation gift from Ryan\'s mom, is an old toyota for Ryan.Ryan and Marissa get shoved off the road by Volchuk and Marissa dies...

    I really did not think this was a great episode. Oh great, Caitlyn is back(again) and this time she is staying for good...and for Marissa\'s graduation. Also, now Seth told his dad that he did burn down the office. Volchuk is really really mad at Ryan and Marissa, so he decided to shove them off the road,(what was that all about?)Now Mischa Barton is off the show, so I can not see it being as big of a hit show as all the other seasons!!!Next season all of them are going to go away to different colleges and they all ready graduated from High School, so how much time could they have left?? I don\'t know if I really like this episode as much as I liked the rest.
  • Totally Sweet..That is until the end. I cryed.

    I thought the whole episode was perfect, last day of high school, getting ready for colloge, graduating. I especally loved the four some! Seth & Summer and Ryan & Marissa. The pool scene was great. But the end was horrible. It was very sad. I dont understand why they didn't just let her leave to go on the boat with her dad. She wouldn't be on the show that way either. And it almost seemed like ryan let her die! what was that about...he could of gotten help! ????

    Let me just add, the ending ruined the entire show for me. I will only watch it for Seth & Summer now.
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