The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Well Marrisa is finally dead and it's sad but at least it gives us something to look forward to next season.

    Well you kind of knew when an OC episode starts off all happy you just know something is going to go wrong in fact Marrisa actually cause that situation to develope-when volchuk asked to talk to her she should explain it's over instead of running away. She kind of forced his hand

    Yeah it's going to be intresting to see what happend in season 4 because now that they moved away, how will it all be set in, will it be 2 diffrent places?, anyway i'm happy to see kaitlyn back. it look like she going to cause trouble in season 4-espically that line'now marrisa gone-i can rule harbour'

    Still they no-way Marrisa is coming back and i'm probably guessing Ryan going to go on a rampage and find Vlochuk and finish it off. Julie going to be upset and crying-that's what i call acting Racheal (summer) & Adam (seth) weren't crying because marrisa was leaving they were crying because she going die. They knew it in advanced

    Sandy back to his D.A job kirsten is happy and apart from marrisa death everything back to where it's suppose to be.
  • why such bad reviews?

    i thought this episode was an amazing episode of the oc and dont understand why there have been so many bad reviews about it. yeah marissa died but it leads to so many good storylines that can be used next year and turn the oc bac into what it used to be. marissas character has been through so much and so many people complain about recyclin storylines with her in the past 2 seasons so keeping her for the 4th is just gonna keep that repitition goin on so i think its really good 4 the show that she has died
  • Best episode yet... and the best appetizer for the 4th season... which I think is going to be surprising.

    Ok, i don't know how to start this review... because this episode was for me, the best and the saddest. When it started I thought it was going to be a normal, OC episode. but then when the graduation started it became interesting... but yet not for a 10.0. when they are at the dinner, i started to sense a feeling, that was starting to grow more and more when Julie gives Marissa the necklace... this feeling was not that marissa was dying (im not a phsychic) but it was a scent of the first season, which most of us have been missing... then the model home!!! amazing,.. Marissa's goodbye and the jokes which make everything happier as i cry and laugh at the same time. then................................................................... it happened... OMG!!!! i coudn't believe it!!! Volchok actually send ryan's car to a cliff... then i thought... ok, this always happens. but then i had the feeling that marissa had died,,, i'm still in a dream. Did she really died???? i don't know what to believe i'm still dizzy with all the unwrap scenes we saw, this can't be the end of marissa... its impossible... no no no

  • At first it was a great episode...thinking back, it wasn\'t as good as I thought it was

    I thought the episode was the best of the season at first. But then, as I thought over it, it wasn\'t THAT great.
    First of all...great graduation scene. Great song, great cuts, just a great scene.
    I also thought the scene where they went to the model home was moving. It sent a message through saying that they would all be friends forever.
    Then Marissa dies. I mean, I understand that Mischa Barton wanted to be off the show but...they didn\'t have to kill her. She should of just gone off to do the job on the yacht with her dad! I don\'t get it at all. Sorry Josh...bad decision.
    I also wanted to see more of Kaitlyn, so I was quite happy there. The next day...I was horrified once I found out she was going to be a season regular!!!! I can see her coming back and talking about her every once and a while, but the whole starting to center around her?? I don\'t get it! What ever, the show is going to be really weird next year with her starring the show.
    Hope my review showed you a little bit about my opinion, I\'m going to read some more of yours so...see ya next year!
  • Best episode yet?

    There isn't much to say about this episode because i believe it speaks for it's self. This episode was well written to be emotional throughout. You can't help smiling as all seems to be well, Sandy and Kirsten have past the problems with their marriage, Seth and Summer will be together in Providence and over all things are good. But the real emotions hit during the painful ending that would have brought a tear to the most emotionally baren of people. Probably, no wait, DEFINATELY the best episode yet. Hopefully there are more like it to come.
  • I thought Sandie was supposed to die?

    Killing off Marissa was the last thing that I expected from this show but with all of the dying that happens in this show I guess it can be expected. I agree with Marissa leaving the show, but I think that dying went a little too far. From the beginning it was obvious that their relationship was to be the center of the show, and now what? I mean I know that Marissa was not the best girlfriend for Ryan, but I don\'t think that a lot of the fans or Seth are ready to see the nail in the coffin. Plus all of Ryan\'s good relationships never seem to last, like with Lindsay or Sadie. And I am not too happy with the idea of Marissa\'s sister becoming a series regular. If she becomes the main focus of the show then my watching the show stops here.
  • Is it me or did anyone else get duped? My TV listings went on about Sandy having a heart attack! Did they do this to hide the real story from rumour mongerers?!

    Is it me or did anyone else get duped? My TV listings went on about Sandy having a heart attack! Did they do this to hide the real story from rumour mongerers?! Otherwise I though it was pretty awful and they\\\'ll be losing a loyal fan of 3 seasons id they angle the plotlines around Kaitlin next year :{
    All of this time I have spent watching the OC, all the highs and lows, all just to whizzle out and fade away like this just cos mischa Barton got too big for her boots. Sure her acting was abysmal anyway, but that last look Ryan gave her when he said \\\'You never know\\\' as in we may get together in the future really got my hopes up!
  • Its about freakin time!!

    I\'m sorry for all of you who love this show and love Marissa, but thank GOD that she got pwned!!! I mean it was about time SOMEONE died on that show...she can do better tv!! The O.C used to be good, really good I was addicted to the first season and couldn\'t stop watching it, then season two hit and it all went to crap, then season three rolled around and just far to much drama for a drama show..there\'s drama and then there\'s just ludicris story lines and people sleeping with each other, which was what the show pretty much was.

    So in closing good for you Marissa for dieing in a car crash, finally the writers did something right!!
  • The best episode in the third season.

    I have been wanting Mischa Barton (Marissa) to be killed off the OC for a year now. She never has anything going on and was turning into quite a slut.

    The new idea for the forth season, having Katlyn and her friends be the new focus, is an okay idea. What would really make the show better would be if Anna became a common main character in the series.

    But besides that I loved the episode and I hope the best for the series. Oh, it would be nice if Julie became evil again!!!
  • The OC kids graduate only to lose one of them...

    Ok, i know we all kind of knew what was happening in this episode, i know mischa barton wanted to get out of the oc, and i also know this season wasn't really the best one, but somehow, this episode managed to be high quality, i mean truly oc quality, we got to see wonderful flashbacks, we got a lot of reminiscents of that first time on the oc, and we got an amazing musical selection!... i also hate the fact that marissa got killed, but come on, her character had anything to offer anymore, she had to be out, but not that way! i would've liked if she got on that yatch to never return again or something, anyways rip marissa cooper!, besides the fact that i'm really going to miss her, it was a perfect episode. let's hope the 4th season gets better!
  • i dont want mischa barton to leave because without her there is no OC and if she goes there is no hope for GOOD TV ... seriously who agrees!

    i havn\'t seen this episode but i know what is going to happn i know that marissa (mischa barton) dies...but i just dont want her to die...i mean i know that she wants to go on with her movies but does she seriously have to die they can just like say she went to a different school and it doesnt show her much ... if the people of fox are reading ... just to let you guys know that there is no oc without mischa barton she is the heart of the tv show....if she goes there will be no more hope for good tv shows
  • Marissa dies....

    Sandy finds Kirsten in the bedroom as Seth finds Ryan in the pool room. Seth admits to Ryan that he started the fire, but it was an accident. Sandy laments that he thinks Seth is hiding something, but after their fight earlier, now isn’t the time to doubt his honesty. Seth wants to get his iPod from the car so he can listen to some mopey music, and Ryan remembers he left it parked outside of Volchok’s target. Ryan heads out to get the car and that’s when Volchok rushes up to him. He ditched the car and ran. He tells Ryan he needs to get out of town, but he needs some money. And if he goes down, Ryan goes with him. Who knew a few punches could get a guy so deep?

    Summer, Marissa and Taylor decorate the bleachers for the graduation ceremony. Julie finds her daughter and hands her a graduation gift from Jimmy. A letter. Dawn arrives at the Cohen home for the graduation. Ryan happily hugs his mom. And Caitlin arrives home, her new home, also for the ceremony. Julie suspects Caitlin has more in mind that a simply sisterly gesture.

    Seth finds his father upstairs and confesses that he burned down the Newport Group with a wayward roach. Although disappointed, Sandy understands. He’s good that way. At Harbor, Marissa tells Summer what the letter was about. Jimmy is working on boats sailing to the Greek Islands and has invited her to join him for a year. She’ll be doing hard work, peeling potatoes and pitting olives and such, but she thinks it’ll be a good break from the hullabaloo of Newport. Thing is, she has to fly out tomorrow night to catch up with the boat in Hawaii. Summer makes her promise that she’ll sail to Rhode Island one day.

    Volchok hides in a van, waiting for a friend to bring him some clothes from the loft. The girl wonders why Volchok hasn’t just left yet, then realizes he wants to see Marissa one last time.

    It’s graduation time. Before the ceremony, Marissa pulls Ryan aside and tells him about her plan. He thinks it sounds great. Just great. As long he can drive her to the airport and be the last person to say goodbye. The ceremony finally arrives and the Class of ’06 is handed their diplomas.

    That night, the Cohens, Robertses, Coopers and Atwoods gather for a celebratory dinner at The Yacht Club. After the meal, Marissa pulls Julie aside and mentions Jimmy’s letter to her. But Julie already knew, as Jimmy called her last week for he thoughts on sailing before sending the letter. And Julie thinks that if this is something Marissa wants to do, she’s happy to let her go. Julie then gives Marissa her graduation gift, a pearl necklace.

    Out in the parking lot, Dawn is giving Ryan his own graduation gift. An old Toyota Land Cruiser. She’s been saving up for a little while and her boyfriend Ron knows a guy who restores cars. Ryan is astounded by the gesture. Then Marissa gets a call from Volchok. He tells her that if he can’t see her one last time, he’s going to make life rough for Ryan. If she doesn’t believe, ask Ryan about the car they stole. So she does. Ryan says he needs money to help Volchok get out of town, so Marissa gives him the necklace, figuring they’re in this together.

    The next morning, Ryan picks up Marissa for one last drop off with Volchok. After a pit stop at the pawn shop, of course. Marissa asks if she can come along, and Ryan resists. But he relents after saying she has to stay in the car the whole time. Elsewhere, Sandy drops by the DA’s office. And at home, Kirsten hands Seth an envelope from RISD.

    Ryan exits the pawn shop and finds Volchok waiting for him. The money exchange is civilized, if chilly. Then Volchok sees Marissa behind the wheel of Ryan’s car. He slams on the window and begs to talk to her, but she simply drives off. Volchok screams in a rage.

    Later, at home, Julie comes in as Marissa is packing to leave. On the verge of tears, Julie apologizes to her daughter for sleeping with one of her ex-boyfriends, and framing another for attempted homicide. Despite the colorful and non-traditional offenses, Marissa forgives her mother.

    That night, the gang of four gets ready to say goodbye to Marissa. But before they do, Marissa has one last place for the group to visit. Sandy catches up with Kirsten and tells her that he talked to the DA, and since The Newport Group won’t presses charges against Seth, the whole thing is over.

    In two cars, the group pulls up to the model home that Ryan and Luke accidentally burned down three years ago. The one that was completely renovated and Marissa passed out in a few months ago. And she still wants to go back inside. The kids hop the fence and go for a swim in the pool. After some cannonballs and some laughs and some tears, Ryan and Marissa head for the airport. Volchok and his friend, sitting in his van, watch them go. Volchok takes a swig from his flask and hits the gas.

    Seth takes Summer into his bedroom and shows her his mail. Although his application arrived too late for the fall semester, RISD has accepted him for the spring. He starts in January. He apologizes to Summer for screwing everything up with Brown.

    As Ryan drives, Volchok rams his car from behind. He then pulls alongside and tries to run Ryan off the road. And he succeeds. Ryan barrels through a curve and over an embankment. The car rolls end over end down the hill, finally crashing on another road below. Coming back to his senses, Ryan crawls out of the car. Noticing gas pouring from the tank and a small fire, he grabs an unconscious Marissa and carries her free of the wreckage in a mirror from the time he found her in Tijuana. The car explodes and Ryan lays Marissa down on the pavement and rouses her. He tells her he’s going to get help, but she begs him to stay. And then she dies.

    and well, I think that this episode was OK,. but it was not the best finale ever...
  • I totally don't know what to say...

    That was one of the saddest episodes of any series I've ever seen- I cried like a baby at the end and of course at when they graduated. It was well written interesting and I really felt there was the kind of drama that I love. But the thing is - at the end I thought it was THE END- I mean what else can they come up with- almost half of the cast is dead ( :P ) the rest is about to leave the Orange County- so how are they planning to create another season when the main characters except maybe Sandy and Kiki won't actually be in the 'O.C.'. So it's kind of weird for me that they are continuing the whole thing. And it's not that I don't like the series- I do, but now it's getting just lame. They seem to have run out of good ideas..
    But I hope somebudy will surprise me :D I mean they could always show 'The O.C. -the new kingdom of Little Miss Cooper' - if you know what I mean ;)
  • I don't think I'm going to watch next season.

    That ruined it for me. She was one of the main characters. She brought so much drama to the show. It's going to be so different next season, and not for the best. I wish it never happened. They should have just made Marissa move or something, so if she had to come back she could. But whatever, i think it ruined the show.
  • is it weird that i cried more when they graduated than when marissa died?

    as sad as it is to see marissa go, i'm kinda glad that her all her drama will go away too. everything that she has gone thru; no wonder mischa wanted to leave. i'd be sick and tired of all the storylines revolving around drugs, sexuality, alcoholism too.

    it will be sad to see the kids move on, especially if summer and seth can't make it work long distance. hopefully they can hold out that 6 months.

    kaitlyn's storylines should put some much needed excitment back into a show that was so promising when it started. they really need to go back to where it all started, that's when they got all their fans.
  • Graduation for marissa summer ryan seth and taylor approaches but marissa deals with volchoks appearences and choosing if she wants to go work with her dad (bye bye newport) ryans mom comes back clean and a with a new car! but all that changes when they w

    Is this gypped? i mean how many oc episodes have marissa nearly dying? and the same song over and over! Things go slow in this season finale but its still funny only when willa holland appears with her boob-talking humor. In the oc everything cant go well but always does. So bye bye marissa shes long gone off the show after her suprise death at the end of the episode seth and summer can still be together but poor ryan everything goes wrong for him. Maybe next season kirsten and sandy will divorce after they stop fighting and stop drinking themselves to a horrible life.
  • This was bad, bad, bad! The acting absolutely sucked, but to the actors' credit, they didn't have much to go on from the writers. It was a bad season finale. I have never seen anything so disappointing.

    This was bad, bad, bad! The acting absolutely sucked, but to the actors' credit, they didn't have much to go on from the writers. It was a bad season finale. I have never seen anything so disappointing.

    I cry SOO easily and I never cried once. I mean why did Marissa not have some loving dying words for Ryan? They set it up that way with all the flashbacks and a little of making up in the foyer.

    This show will never make it another full season. It's gotten to be a disgrace to the comparisons people make to 90210. Disgusting.
  • no review... i'm pissed off.......

    omg, what are the writers thinking? Are they that mad to Mischa Barton... i love this show but now that the ryan-marissa love theme is dead, i don\'t know if im gonna watch this show again... their story is what livens the show and your killing one of them!!!!! bad choice...Well i hope some kind of ressurection will happen to marissa cause many fans of the show will disappear, i know i would...

    So do some ressurection people....
  • it wasnt the best episode but killing marissa??

    it was a regular oc episode they are starting to kill this series that onse was great! killing marissa was verry weird move, killing one of the primary characters wont do any good tho this series i know she wasn't the best character but she was an important one!

    what will they do to replace her? puting her sister as a principal character??

    I think the fourth season will not be the bes one! i hope they know what they are doing and give us the OC we love to watch

    Thanks 4 reading
  • Horrible finale

    What the hell happened ... When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??
  • Wow....Wow...Wow....

    Wow. That was a very very powerful moment. It was really sad. I hated seeing Ryan's face when Marissa died. It was so sad. I loved the fact that Seth got into RISD...I'm hoping that Summer will take the first semester off or something. I love summer...Her and Seth are definitely my favorite characters. Marissa was awesome too and she will definitely be well missed but what's done is done, and i'm thinking that she really did die because of what the scenes for "fall" looked like...I mean Summer was a mess, and so was Julie so I think that she is really gone.....sad though
  • WOW! The best episode this season...almost ever! So sad!

    Oh my god! What an episode! Probably the best I have ever seen!! Throughout the entire episode I was near tears!!! It was the perfect way to end an era and begin the new one! I am so glad we'll see more of Taylor next year and of Kaitlin of course! But Marissa! This was probably one of the most drastic things any show has done and hopefully it will work! I can't wait to see what Ryan will do to Volchek if he ever sees him again, but it will be some fight! I will be waiting in anticipation for the next season! RIP Marissa. Long live the OC!
  • Played like a show, and not just season, ending.

    I'm interested in seeing where they take the show from here, because The Graduates plays like a sad show ending; everyone says goodbye and is getting ready to move on to far-flung places of the country, everyone makes amends and reminisces and someone dies. It reminds me a little of the Dawson's Creek ending, in the sense that it brought a lot of closer and tied up a whole bunch of loose ends.

    Loved that Julie finally got credit from Marissa for being spirited and strong-willed, and despite the horrible things she did and the wrong way she went about stuff she always had Marissa's best interests at heart. I always thought Marissa was a bit of a brat the way she always saw the worst in Julie, and I'm glad they made those amends.

    It seemed like a fitting ending for Marissa, though, I always thought that the way she got involved with dangerous/crazy guys, one of them would be the death of her. Poor Ryan. Poor Julie. Poor Caitlin. To a lesser extent, poor Jimmy, but he screwed Marissa and Julie over something chronic time after time, so less sympathy for him.

    A by-the-books final episode. I'm dubious what they'll do with S4. How do you move on from killing of a central character?
  • What marissa dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is like the worst ending ever!!!You Had me watching 3 entire seasons just to see this?Whoever wrote the senario did perfect in ruining the show.Why should anyone watch a 4th season?I hope there wont be one unless you find a way to put marissa back in the show beacause otherwise no reason to be a 4th one.In season 4 Ryan would definitly kill that guy,he would go to jail and theres summer and Seth left.Well no Ryan no Seth,No Seth no Summer.Since there isnt anyone left there is no OC!!!!!!!!!!!.I thought OC and Smallville were my favorite shows but now OC isnt even close!!!!!!!!!
  • Marissa's death - best thing ever happened on the set. Ryan, move on. Kaitlin, stop being a wannabe. Anna, come back now. Sandy and Kirsten, you make me watch this show. Taylor, you rock.

    Funnily enough, I didn't realise this was going to be the season finale until Marissa kind of, you know, died in Ryan's arms. Then again, as unexpected as it was, I didn't feel profound sadness or anything close to that, because my mind was preoccupied with Ryan's future. Finally! He can get on with his life and stop finding substitutes to occupy him while Marissa and him have the latest timeout. Maybe there's hope for the show after all, if Ryan finds someone decent like Sadie again.

    Bring Anna back! Spark the Seth-Summer romance again! We definitely need to do that because despite Seth's innumerable transgressions, the end result is the same: Summer forgives, Seth forgets. It's so rehashed and utterly inane.

    Taylor needs more screentime for sure. And stop Kaitlin already for her desperate wannabe plot to take over Harbor. It's so high-school and totally boring to watch her being Marissa: The Sequel. Seriously, just bring back Jimmy and Hailey, let them move in with Julie to take care of Kaitlin or something. Then the show should just end at Season 3, because the plot's getting nowhere.
  • Stupid Episode!

    I don't get it! Why do they have to kill Marissa off? So what if Mischa Barton want's to get out? You don't go and kill someone so "special", that's not right. If Mischa want's to try her wings elsewhere put Marissa in a coma, or let her be with her father on that boat like it was said, but to kill her? Jeeesus.

    I didn't really like this episode, not only for the killing of Marissa but also for the way it all went. Before dying she got "the fab life", all problems with Julie was solwed, she graduated from High School (and there were doubts about that), she re-bonded with Ryan, it all went to get a nice exit! And that made it too much, I think I would like it much more if she just got an ending, not that happy one like she did.

    I don't know if 'OC' will keep the same good quality now after the death of Marissa, the focus will change to Kaitlin and her life, and it will be the same thing over again. So if i will continue watching "The OC" after this is still a question!
  • the gang graduate, kaitlen's back, marissa's off on a cruise with her father, seth finally gets into college, ryan gets a car and sandy & kiersten seem to be patching things up...oh and most importantly, taylor makes into the 'fantastic four'...or is that

    i honestly dont know where to begin. this episode is another mindblowing season finale. i really dont know what more to say, so i warn you, the rest of this review os going to be randomness. you know, i should be studying for my english exam, but the oc has blown my mind away and added to the fact that i only had 1.5 hours sleep last night means that i cant all!! anyways, minhaz, if you're reading this, i love you. not really, i was joking...i i was joking...hey, look, ive nearly reached 100 words!!...yay!! blah blah.
  • This is the most worst season finale The OC have ever made. What\'s the point of continuing to watch this. All they\'ll show in the next season is everyone being emo about Marissa\'s death and then they\'ll focus on her sister like who cares about her. Ca

    This season finale was very disappionting in my opinion. They just end it Marissa dead and that\\\'s all. No conclusion nothing. Well, of course there is no conclusion but it\\\'s obvious what will happen next. Without Marissa on the show what\\\'s the point of watching it anymore. I think how the end it was horrible, they is other ways to pull off a better ending. But this, it was a piece of crap. Sorry for being rude but this is my opinion and I am able to say whatever I feel like saying.
  • This is the last episode on season 3 of the oc!Its graduation and everyone is excited but not Marissa whos father Jimmy asked her to help him sail a boat will she go? Also seth finally tells sandy he set fire to the newport group how will he react?

    This episode was one of my favourites it was so sad and emotional!Alot of people hated this episode because one of the main characters was killed off the show and that is stupid giving this episode a 1 because your favourite character was killed off. Mischa barton is one of my favourtie actresses and yes I will be sad to see her go but im not going to give the episode a 1 because shes dead that is just stupid. Anyone who hasnt seen it dont be fooled by the people who give it a 1 it is just excellant!
  • We did not deserve it.

    I had the hope that Marissa Cooper was forever. It was the most troubled character ever and also the closest to my reality.

    I am totally devastated.. I do not know if I am going to watch Th O.C anymore. It will be to painfull not see her there. How about Ryan? How this is going to be for him? Summer? Julie Cooper?
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