The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Just as Seth and Summer get their crap together, as do Kirsten and Sandy, the fab 5 (now) graduate. But tradegy looms as Volchok can't let Marissa go, running her and Ryan off the road in ryans suv. Marissa dies in his arms, tearjerker!!

    This is the best ep yet! I'm unsure if I'll be a loyal watcher again, because Marissa was my fave. With American TV, inbetween the OC finale and Charmed finale, I'm going to have a breakdown!! HAHA. I was stoked Seth and Summer worked it out, they seem to be the show's template couple, with Sandy and Kirsten. Sadly, just as Ryan and Marissa show some feeling toward each other, she is killed off. How is that for irony? Shows should not kill off central cast til season 5 at least! Goodbye my friend Marissa!
  • haloo i think that it was the best episode i EVER seen

    i just started to cry like a baby i was soo sad....And i am so f**king angry at that f***ing volchek i just HATE him why why why marissa she was the BEST and i don\'t understand why they brocke up ///Am not so good at english //im from sweden can\'t write an mor now so i do like this..... m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m mm m m m mmmm m
  • very good episode. marissa died but it was very well done. sort of frustrating though...

    very good episode. It was like my favorite of the season I was very happy that everything got cleared up before the summer ( of course except for marissa dying). It was a sad episode and i was crying because i am graduating next year and it made me sad to see everyone leaving.

    I am actually quite happy that marissa died because it will make the show be more interesting. she was being such a poo recently that she deserved to die. The only thing really bad about it is that i feel really bad for summer. she lost her best friend and next season will be very interesting. I hope rachel bilson is up to some serious acting next season because it will be harder than the first three I think.

    The last scene where she died i was really frustrated because i was like " where's your cell phone????? phone 911! you're rich kids--- you always have cell phone one you." that was frustrating that he just sat there and watched her die.

    I hope valchuk goes to jail for life

    I dont like kaitlyn and i hope she is not that big of a role next season... it should be interesting though
  • It's graduation day for Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa at Harbor High School.Marissa is going to spend a year on a boat with her father as her graduation gift.Seth finally got into RISD for second semester.Volchok is still mad at Marissa and Ryan so he d

    This was without a doubt the best episode ever on this show. It all started great, with the graduation (nice music by the way, imogen heap right?) and the diner at the Yacht Club, and Ryan getting his car.
    But then the trouble began, with Volchock interfering with things again, ooohh I hate that guy so much!
    Well then the Model Home thing was up next, so nice, very well done!!
    Another good thing about the episode was Sandy wanting to go back to the DA office!
    It all seemed to go very well, so everybody knew something was gonna happen.
    Then that son of a b*tch Volchock desided to run Ryans car of the road, because he couldn't have Marissa.
    The car tumbled down the hill and when ryan woke up he saw gas leeking and a starting fire. So he got Marissa out of the car and carried here just like the time he found here passed out on her driveway and in Tijuna (nice flashbacks!)well after that Ryan wants to get help but Marissa begs him to stay so he does, he probably sees that no amount of help is going to save her life.
    Then she dies, and Ryan starts crying between some (again) flashbacks, so sad I couldn't help but start crying myself, and the music was great aswell, Imogen Heap with Jeff Buckley's; Halleluja! This definitely was a really tragic episode, but I think it's for the best Marissa is gone, though I still think Ryan and Marissa were ment for eachother.. I'm really curious about next season, I can hardly wait to see how the fab four (now three) copes with this and how Kaitlin and Julie do..( I like it that Caitlins back btw!)
    Well I'm gonna tune in for season 4, thats for sure!!
  • The third season finale of the O.C. paves a way for a brand new show come next season. Graduation, a death, and new cast members are going to lead to a brand new show come fall.

    California here we come. For the past three years we\'ve watched as the folks of the O.C. went through every trouble imaginable. We\'ve seen faces come and go, but never before has the core four been in trouble, except for the cliffhanger between episodes 7 and 8 of season 1.
    The episode was done very well. I found the graduation scene to be amazing. It was the second best moment of the O.C., only second to the Spider-man kiss in The Rainy Day Women. The music and imagery played well together.
    The episode seemed a lot like a series finale, and in a way it was. The scenes at the model home were excellent. It was a nice trip down memory lane for those of us who have watched since August of 2003.
    Unfortunately tragedy struck at the end of the episode. Marissa\'s life was cut short in a car accident. I know many people are angered at this, me included, but it\'s part of tv. Life is not perfect and tv should never make it seem perfect. It was a tragedy to lose Marissa, and it has made us realize that any character can leave. Too many times people get comfortable thinking that things will always work out, but life isn\'t that way and neither is tv.
    I will miss Marissa, I\'m watching the DVDs now in memory. But I will make sure to tune in for Season 4.
    Season 4 promises us new starts. Summer goes to Brown, Seth will join in RI in January, Ryan is off to Berkeley, but not without seeking revenge, Sandy is back as a PD, Julie deals with the death of her daughter, and Kaitlin becomes The OC\'s new trouble child.
  • It's the end of the line for the O.C. Don't blame me if any of this stuff comes true, I had nothing to do with it.

    All I have to say is Oh my god! While I found the last scene to contain some of the best acting on television, especially Marissa's last breath and Ryan's reaction to her still body, I think this is where the O.C. finally falls in the ratings. Or does it? Right now, everyone knows that Marissa is dead & that Mischa Barton wanted off the show. But, usually with the O.C. you can never truly tell when a character is really dead. After all, Trey was resurrected. And personally, I find it really strange that "Access Hollywood" revealed the ending before the show aired. Isn't that something that the producers would want to keep a secret. The way I see it, the next season can work out in the follwoing ways.

    1) The 1st season opens right where this one left off. If you look in the background, Ryan's car crashed near a brick retaining wall. That could mean that on the hill is either a house or some sort of a building and someone called 911 when they heard the crash. And the paramedics arrive in time to recussitate Marissa, or at the very least keep her alive and then she is placed on life support. That way, we know that the producers were scamming us and the show might be successful enough to make it to a season 5.

    2) Marissa is dead. And Ryan has gone AWOL for the months in between the finale and the premiere to hunt down Volchock. At the end of the premiere he finally finds him in Mexico, Florida, Canada, or some other remote location and beats the living hell out of him. But, just as he is about to deliver the fatal blow, he realizes that Marissa would not want him to jeopardize his future over that little prick. So, he stops and hand delivers Volchock to the police. After that, Ryan can finish the season (and the series) at Berkeley.

    3) Marissa is dead. The episode opens where the finale left off and we see everyone learn about what happened. Of course, there's sadness, anger, grief. At Marissa's funeral, we might see the re appearance of old faces like Jimmy, Luke, Alex, Chili, and anyone else from the last 3 years whose life she has made an impact on (except Oliver). A couple of episodes into the season Volchock has still not been caught. That is when John Walsh and the producers of "America's Most Wanted" offer to devote an entire episode to Marissa's story. Perhaps it is because Caleb contributed money to missing child charities and Walsh wanted to repay the favor. In fact, there was once an episode of "Just Shoot Me" that was made to look like the "Biography" of Nina Van Horn, a fictional character from the show. Maybe, they can film a fake AMW with re-enactments and stories that feature the O.C. characters. And with a show like AMW, they could even profile REAL criminals in between the segments about Marissa with their "15 Seconds of Shame" or "All Points Bulletin." Then, over the course of the season, AMW gets tips from all over the country until Volchock is finally apprehended in next year's season finale (or series finale).

    As far as I am concerned, whether or not Marissa is still alive has yet to be determined. I really cannot believe that Josh Schwartz would let one of the show's central characters be killed, that's just ratings suicide. And I don't think he has a "Dallas" thing planned where Ryan walks into the shower and finds Marissa standing there revealing that the whole car crash was a dream. And I especially do not believe that Mischa would believe for a second that she will become more faomous for leaving this show. And if she does, then I have two words for her...David Caruso.
  • I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.

    I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.
    I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.
    I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.
    filled 100 words yet?
  • Graduation is coming, and eventhough there have been some troubles within the Cohen family, Kirsten and Sandy are proud of their boys who are going to get graduated. Dawn has come to visit Newport and has a gift for Ryan. Marissa receives a letter from Ji

    I hate The OC! I loved it for two years, but I promised myself, unless Marissa is still alive, whitch I seriously doubt, I will never watch this idiot serie. It is really the most f*cked-up end of something I loved I have ever witnessed. I really hate this serie! How could you do this Josh Schwartz? I could you kill-off the best thing that is thill alive from season 1. With Marissa\'s dead their has been an official end of everything that was ever good of The OC. Taylor and Kailtin taking over, what a **** Ryan and Marissa never together, what a crap! I seriously hate this episode! Why can\'t I give this episode an 0? That\'s really what it deserves.
  • It was brilliant. But I can never watch it again. No way. The OC is dead.

    Goodbye OC, that's all I can say. I never thought I'd say it. I've had a three year love affair with this show. Through the good the bad, the love the hate, the smiles and the cringes. Sometimes the writing was brilliant, and sometimes it was just crap. They created the idea of the perfect couple in Ryan and Marissa then they destroyed their own creation. But I went through it all, all in the faith and hope that Ryan and Marissa would pull through in the end... after all that's how it's spozed to go right? So why the bloody hell is Marissa dead?!??! I mean come on Josh, if you wanted viewers, firing Mischa Barton was definately not the road to take. Firstly, the OC is about FOUR people. Seth, Summer, RYan and MARISSA. It's about TWO TEEN COUPLES: S/S and R/M. It is NOT about "out with the old, in with the new because our scriptwriters didn't pass their college finals." Love or hate Marissa, she was the glue of this show; her and her relationship with Ryan. She was the character who kept it interesting. The bottom-line is, I watched this show, and I loved this show for Ryan and Marissa. And now they are gone, so I am gone too. I am not going to hang about watching Ryan move on and find someone else. I am not going to endure watching Kaitlin attempt to fill the shoes Mischa has left for her to fill. It's not worth it. And Josh it's your own bloody fault. You created this show and now you've killed it. You've killed the original couple, and you've lost what I thought was a TRUE and ETERNAL fan. Goodbye OC.
  • we find out that seth makes it ito brown for the second semesester and marissa is leaving to go and sail around the world but the gang decide to spend on last night together in the house that they burned down.

    Omg this was amazing. i really cant wait for the new season. The ending was horribly amazing with the car crash and all and ryan walks away holding her when she "dies" he has all of those flashbacks that was great i just think that marissa and ryan belong together and ryan kinda realized that. And i really like the fact that ryan is going to college with summer now, like she kinda changed her dream for him but then he screwed that up and fixed it to. but what i dont understand is how Ryan who was driving when volock drove them off the rode walked away without a scrach and marissa died... how did that happen? I know its possible and all but i was just wondering.
  • So Mischa Barton won her fight for freedom.

    I've watched the O.C. the first episode, and from that point, Marissa's role in The O.C. has been so important. The "core four" as they've been known to be called, were so integral to the show's success and popularity that it's such a stupid move to kill Marissa off.

    Now if you have been reading the news, you'll understand that this was not part of the decision to kill Marissa off. It's been stated that Barton wanted out from The O.C. to persue a movie career. It has also been rumored that in order to do so, she starting going to work late and such so that she would get fired. Of course these are just 'rumors' but killing her off means of course, there is a good chance that it's true.

    Putting all of that aside for just a minute, the episode was very solid. It had a nice moment for the graduation and everything seemed all great and dandy with Kaitlin coming back.

    They also handled's Marissa's death very well. It was quite touching and brought back the good ol' days from Season 1. If I wasn't angry when I watched the scene (after hearing so much about it), I might have cried.

    It's premature to say that her death will lead to death of The O.C. but it sure feels that way. What lies next for the O.C.? The idea is to see a bit of the idea of the whole Kaitlin Cooper spinoff, and keep the current young O.C. cast into their own little world.

    Was it really necessary to kill Marissa? She could have just left on the boat and then have Mischa come in for the final episodes of the show. At least that way Ryan ends up with the girl he was destined for.

    The O.C. might have another year in it, but I felt that this episode is a suiting end to stop watching.
  • MISCHA BARTON IS A SELFISH PERSON!!!! who writes these things? nothing happened that they said would happen. (besides the last line that says Volchok appears). i was waiting for Sandys heart-attack and nothing...

    Mischa Barton is a selfish person. you cant just be one of the two main characters on the best show to hit tv since forever, tape three seasons, then decide you dont wanna do it anymore. thats very selfish in my opionon. that leaves josh schwartz to scramble to find a way to end the most needed female character on the show. everyone was wondering since the first time Ryan met marissa, if they were gonna be together when the show ends. would Ryan chose Marissa or Theresa? and now that you dont have that to look forward to, the rest of the show seems kinda trivial, and plus it only makes sense now for him to end up with Theresa. now i kinda hope the baby is Ryans. and you can bet that Seth and Summer are gonna end up together before its all done (just to make everyone happy) because Ryan and Marissa cant. theres nothing more in the show to really look forward to. because with Marissa gone you can pretty much predict whatll happen.

    since they were planning on getting rid of Marissa, they shouldve made this season the series finale. but at the same time they cant cuz they just got outta high school and there is no way to show how things wouldve ended up with everyone this early in their lives. so theyre caught in a sorta catch 22, and, once again, Mischa Barton screwed everyone over.

    there are many directions the show can go from here, but i wont get into any of that. lets hope they make it exciting (if they can anymore) and keep it focused on Ryan Seth and Summer. and i think just MAY be able to pull it off although i am NOT very optimistic on where this show is going...

    but i know for sure that if they basically start the show over by focusing on kaitlins life at harbor and Sandy returning to the PDs office to adopt another \"ryan\", they will destroy everything theyve done in the last three years. and i dont think ill be that interested to watch the show \"start over\" again.
  • WTF did i just watch? help me? am i the only one left so confused? it was painful. not cause of death or that bs but...

    where do u go from here. i watch the show for 4 reasons. marissa, ryan, summer, and seth. their friendship. marissa is dead and that is sad yes. but this episode was so horribly put together without any real flow to it i really wasn\\\'t affected by it like previous seasons. there was too much going on that they tried to cram into less than an hour of tv. im sorry this episode dissapointed me because of that. and where does the show go from here. marissa is gone. but for the other 3 remaining friends who are (except for seth who isnt going til the spring semester) to college. will the show follow these characters to their seperate schools? and the littlest cooper is joining the cast?!?!!?! is this laguna beach???!?!?!!? (lc\\\'s sister is the focus of the 3rd season) seriously i\\\'m just frustrated cause im watching what was once one of the greatest show on tv decline to something i don\\\'t even know if i want to watch anymore! the o.c. is not the o.c. without ryan and seth, the two main characters! dont loose them! if i want to watch crap on tv than i will watch cbs. but come on people what are you doing?

    i just cant wait for season 4 to start up to see where they are going with all this and how they will handle the chaacters going to college....
  • Why didn't they just finish the season when the car flipped over ... just so that the next season continues where Ryan takes her out of the car.. then what ever happens happen she lives or dies & if so let her die in the 4th season.

    Personally I think that they may have really hurt the O.C by killing off Marissa. Like she is dead 4 sure I just finshed reading an article about it on Fox WebSite. Anyway I guess we will see if the O.C died with Marissa. It very well could have. I think if Mischa Barton really wanted to leave they should have just found an alternative.
  • That was a great episode. Maybe the greatest at all. I was crying all the time I watched it. It touched me deep inside.

    This episode was really good. I was crying all time. At first the graduates. It was so touching. Than all these hugs and memories. And at the end Marissa is dead. I felt so strange. She was a big part of this movie and would be dificult to forget her. But part of me is happy that Peter Gallagher will be with us for the next season. He is a wonderful actor and this show would fall away without him. I hope next season would be more fresh and the dead-rate will decrease. I will be waiting for the next season with all my impatience.
  • Marissa is dead

    Although i didnt really like Marissa i am sad that she is gone. I wonder what the story lines are going to be like in the fall. I had no idea that Marissa was not going to be coming back next year.
    Overall it was a good episode, and a bit of a tearjerker. Marissa is dead. Marissa is dead. What are they going to do now. Honestly i am not sure if they are going to be able to come up with good story lines anymore. Who is the show mainly going to be about. Ryan? Seth? Summer? Kaitlin?
  • Finally everything is not gonna be about Marissa anymore!

    Until the last second of the episode I thought we would've to wait until next season to know if she's alive but no clearly she's already dead and I think this can be great for the show. Until now it was all about Marissa, I didn't like her character she was too selfish and she has always done silly things just to piss off her mom! She didn't care about her friends and Ryan who would've done anything for her. I'm happy she's gone! Hopefully by the end of the summer Ryan, Seth and Summer will move on.
    About the episode itself I didn't like it I thought it would be breathtaking like the One Tree hill Season finale (I was so shocked!) but it wasn't at all. I really wonder: What is next???
  • What a shocking end for season after all these beautiful graduation things. Last 5 min was the best tearjerker of the year

    This is the best shocking end for season that I have ever seen. I am really sad to see the death of Marisa. She is not my favourite character but she was one of the main characters of this show.
    First, this episode wasn’t same like the other last episodes of seasons. We always have a tragedy in last episodes but this one was really shocking. Beside I think this episode survive the season and give them the chance that they could write new stories without any limit for 4th. If they didn’t do this the O.C. would be dead now. Some of us said it was already dead but I don’t agree with them. I don’t think things've gone well in the 3rd season. They made a lot of changes in short terms. They changed a lot of character and the way of storylines. Something big should have happened to close the season and they did this. There is no offence about 1st and 2nd seasons but this one started to make me bored. And I don’t imagine what would happen if they didn’t do what they did. They would probably be stuck.
    I was shocked when I saw the end. But I didn’t know that she wanted to leave. It is not logical to keep someone who doesn’t want to be a part of it. And I think (like one of us said) she did what she could do for this show. It is hard to take someone out while the show is running. They could have finished with alternative ending though.
    On the other hand the things about graduation was perfect. The shots from gang and families was also perfect. It was really good. It made me really happy. I think now things are fine between father-son, father-mother and son-his girlfriend. This is not a sad thing if you think about all. And flashlights were very good about first meeting of Ryan-Marissa, model home, talkings about first day and especially about Ryan as a survivor and the guy who holds her in his hands whenever she fells. I don't think this guy could make it up with another girl. He is destined to be a lone. This girl was very different. You can see when you think where he is coming from. She really changed his life. You can't rule it out. This guy is really changed. And I am very sorry she is gone without saying anything about what she is feeling about him and he means to her. It is the same for Ryan.
    The end was way too tragic. Ryan drags Marisa out of the car when we see gas is leaking from tank and the flames are about to start a fire. He carries her like the time he found her in Tijuana or in front of her house after the first party of series. This boy is really strong and tough because he is always struggling with bodies alive or dead. I wish he can find that bas**** and give him his lesson in 4th season. Nevertheless I think he is a little bit responsible about the death of Marisa as acting like old Atwood.
    All in all guys I am not regretful that I am watching this show and I won’t. But I can't pass without saying how I am thoughtful about next season. I am really impatient and worried as well about next season. I wish writers can find stories to keep the audience alive and rock them. Thank you guys, the crew and others, so far. You really done well except some episodes in 3rd season. But I think you managed to cover and reset it. Be careful about the next season. I want to watch The O.C. and I am waiting you. Good Luck.
  • thank GAWD Marrissa is DEAD!!! *dances on table* She was not such a great actress,Marissa was a weak irratating charectar who caused Ryan problem (eg- oliver) thank gawd she GONE!!!!! I give it a 10cos Marissa is DEAD!!!

    It is graduation day for Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa at Harbor High School. After graduation they all went out to eat and celebrate their graduation. Ryan\\\'s mother gave him a new car as a graduation present. Marissa is going to spend a year on a boat with her father as her graduation gift. Seth finally got into RISD for second semester. Summer is still going to Brown University in the fall. Volchok is still mad at Marissa and Ryan so he decided to crash Ryan\\\'s car.
  • read on

    OMG it\'s so obvious she\'s dead! they told us in the newspaper ecause she hates palying marissa. So get over it. This season has been terrible. this was the only episode i acually like. Volchuk is a mess up.. like who does that? He screwed up wiht Marissa any girl would be stupid to take someone like taht back. I just feel bad for Ryan because he still liked her and everytihng always happends o him (his brother, dad, mom, marissa, fights, etc. ) and he is always there when someone dies.. like marissa AND Johnny. man i hated johny.. ok im out!

  • Best episode ever! period.

    Its graduation time!! This is probably the happiest moment in OC history for the gang. It was such a merry moment with all the picture taking, families coming together, ya and everyone is having a jolly time. The happiness doesnt end there though! Marissa decides to have a private little party in the pool of the model home (the one that ryan burned down, then was rebuilt). Everyone's having a good time, thinking about the old moments they used to have, and how they wouldnt even be a group if Ryan didnt come along. But then, marissa has to leave for the airport as she chooses to leave with her dad instead of college, and says goodbye to everyone. As ryan is driving her to the airport, Volchock is drunk and raming ryans new truck off the road! As Volchok rams them really hard, ryan and marissa go flying odd a steep hill! There's an oil leak, and marissas unconcieus. The halleluja song plays as ryan carrys marissa out of the car that explodes behind them. Marissa dies in ryan's arms. This is the most tragis moment in OC history. This episode definatly makes me wanna looks so fun.
  • The students of Harbour graduate!! And Tragedy strikes the heart-land of Newport at the hands of someone SPOILERS!!!

    This episode really made me cry. Not because everyone was graduating but the fact that Marissa died because of Ryan returning to his \'old school Ryan Atwood ways\'. I think Ryan has got to get Trey back next series so they can together take on Volchok, that guy made me angry in this episode considering he had a big part in Marissa`s death. I think Marissa went out heroically which is the way she should have died. All the acting was superb none the less. Ben Mc Kenzie and Mischa Barton were outstanding in this episode and though the whole season. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have had ups and downs this season but they brought alot of energy to season 3 as did the parents Julie became less of Julie the rich woman and more motherly. I`m glad Sandy said Adios to the Newport Group because that storyline was getting boring. Kirsten was really involved with the kids this year, so i hope next year she has just as much to do. Speaking of kids, its great Autumn Reeser is now a regular on the OC effectively in Season 4, Taylor has really come into her own this season. This episode sums up season 3 the best. Roll on Season 4!!!
  • I'll give it a nine...because the worst female actress has finally kicked it.

    I don't understand this show. From about mid-season on, this season has been pretty good. Between Kaitlin coming back, Seth starting to smoke/not getting into Brown/breaking up with Summer, Volchok coming on the scene etc...I've actually quite enjoyed the show. But this last episode to me was just hilarious. Like, are you kidding?! They were trying to turn a teen dramaromcom into a dragged out, Oscar worthy performance. They were trying to make it raw with flashbacks and even sadder and slower music than ever before. I admit; i thought that Marissa might die but I was still in shock...mostly just because of the quality of the episode. It was like a bad pilot; the one that even lifetime wouldn't have picked up. They could've done such a better job with the graduation storyline, and they left so many lose ends that it left you not on the edge of your seat, but just annoyed! Suffice to say, I won't be tuning in much next season. And Ryan, you have a cell phone. Please call someone instead of watching the woman the TV audiences all know that you still leave dearly and oh so sincerely bleed out. Cmon!
  • Graduation day, Marissa gets a letter from her dad asking her to come with her. Strong relationships shown. The end surprises everyone, but it was a beautiful episode

    This season finale was the best ever. I dont see how they could have made it any better. The whole episode was smooth. The way Seth comes out to Sandy, Ryan and his mom, Ryan and Marissa.

    The ending was simply amazing. We all knew she wanted out, and i dont see how they could have done it any better. Simply amazing... Kudos to Josh
  • Good luck Ryan, goodbye Marissa…I will always remember your story…


    I don’t care if Marissa lives, I don’t care if we’ll see her again in the show. Maybe I’ll continue to watch O.C. if it will be interesting,(although with that annoying Kaitlin I’m not sure) but The O.C. that I watched and loved ended with Ryan completing the three year incredible journey from Chino to Berkeley, from meeting high school perfect Marissa to being the last person to hold her alive.

    I’m not a tv person, yet I liked this show like it was a part of my life. Probably because of the resemblance between the character Ryan and me, or because the life that he had in those three years was my ultimate dream. And when I first seen an episode (the model home) I was stunned, and intrigued about what Ryan’s future will be in the apparently perfect world that he’d arrived. It was only a show, but watching it for years, since episode one, and watching Ryan and Marissa grow and mature to such an extent, make me attached to their incredible story and make me relive in a way the tragic-beautiful years of high school. This show was from the first time about Ryan and how his relationship with the world of Newport Beach, perfectly represented by Marissa, develops . Over time, I have watched him taking the heart of the Marissa, fighting for her, almost dying for her, losing her and winning her again. Many moments of joy emerged, many tears, but in the end, it was a memorable time. And I think that, in the world of teen drama, there never was and there will never be another couple like Ryan and Marissa.

    I still feel sad and even sick about this ending, and I’ll probably always be when I’ll watch again this episode, giving the intense nature of the last minutes and the contrast between the joyful moment of graduation and, towards the end, the sad trip down memory lane and the shocking ending with those superbly placed flashbacks , but it was the tragic-perfect finish to the show as we know it. Marissa represented the very essence of Newport , and , as the graduate Ryan completes his voyage, by going to college, he must leave behind this world and, thus, Marissa. It’s a perfect metaphor to how the years of high school fly by and how, when you make a difficult journey, the people that were beside you finally get lost into beautiful memories…
    And now, in the end, all I can say is: Thanks for these three years, it's been a privilege making the journey with you!

    Good luck Ryan, goodbye Marissa…I will always remember your story…
  • The best part about Marissa dying...

    She and Ryan will not be going back and forth between "I love you" - "I hate you" - "I love you"

    I was really sad to see Marissa die. I couldn't help but think "she can't be can she die?" But she's dead, and she's not coming back, and of course we will see everyone upset and depressed over her death for the first few episodes of next season, but they will move on!!! They'll get over her death, enjoy the fact that they are still alive, and have problems that we don't even know about yet. Ryan will be able to get over Marissa and have a new and exciting story. What will it be? We will find out in the fall.

    I liked the Marissa character...I really did! But Misha Barton is not a very good actor in my opinion. I can not wait to see how the show goes on without her.
  • A Heartbreaker! Who'd of thought?

    Just when I thought this show couldn't get any more addictive, it has. I can't believe they killed off Marissa! Why'd she want to leave the show? She was one of the only things that made it worth watching. It wasn't bad enough that she had to shoot somebody last year. Now this had to happen! I can't imagine what's going to happen next season and how Ryan and the rest are going to cope with it.
    Although not as much of a cliffhanger as last year's finale where you were left shocked and guessing what would happen next, this one simply left you shocked and angry! I sure hope that Ryan gets that son of a b***h Volchok!
  • This episode was soooo sad! I couldn\'t stop crying after

    In this episode Ryan, Summer, Seth, and Marissa graduate. Kaitlyn comes back home. Marissa plans to work on a boat with her dad instead of going to college and seth get\'s into the school he applied to.

    The last 5 minutes of the episode were very, very sad. Volchuk follows Ryan and Marissa on there way to the airpost and starts ramming his van into Ryans new car. The car fall of the raod and ryan pulls Marissa out of the car. The car goes up in flames while Ryan is holding Marissa in his arms. Finally, Ryan wants to get help, but Marissa says for him to stay with her. Then Marissa stops breathing and dies in Ryan\'s arms. After watching this I couln\'t stop crying.

    I also, though, that they could of made this episode a little bit better, like a little bit more action... but it was still very, very good!
  • Oh wow.

    Wow - I had heard rumors for a while that Mischa Barton was wanting to leave The OC, but I never thought that they would actually kill her off completely. I also envisioned them doing the "oh, Marissa's on the boat" or something to that effect. Wow. I was completely shocked. The way she died was not only tragic and heartbreaking, but very dark. Having Volchock kill her was really sad and the way they did the flashbacks with Ryan and Marissa was really touching. But such a dark death...a girl justs graduates high school and dies. Wow. I'm anxious for season four, but also a little nervous about where this show is headed.
  • Why did they have to go there?

    I can't believe they killed off Merissa.
    I know many people didn't really like her, but she was a very important character in the show and the only person Ryan's ever loved.
    Ryan and Merissa were perfect together and they had this undying, eternal love for each other. They may have been with other people, but through all the drama, their love just got stronger and deeper. I agree with an earlier review I read on this site: there will never be another couple like Ryan and Merissa. It was really sad to watch her die and see Ryan's pain.
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