The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • terrific finale. please stop hating.

    that was the most emotional thing i've ever seen. i know marissa died and i know they'll get passed it but this leads for a better chance of all the cast being back next season. i think this kind of a cliffhanger will lead to a better first half of the season. last seasons cliffhanger was shocking and everything but it didn't leave much for the writers to write about for the first half of the season. this kind of event effects everyone, not just marissa for once.
  • The only OC character that I hate died, so everything turns out great

    This Episode is one of the best. because it was touching and something really important happens:

    Marissa Cooper died in this episode. I was kind of feeling this was gonna happen, because it was eather this or she was going to europe and we would never hear about her again.

    And since she died, I'm kind of glad to think we will never see Marissa in an other OC episode.

    I am wondering how Ryan Seth Summer and the other people from orange county are going to react. Are Seth Ryan and Summer gonna go to an other College to stay together and close to home???
  • A bad ending!

    All of it turned so good. The kids graduates and everybody was so happy, until the end where Volchok crashed Marissa and Ryan, while they where driving in Ryan\'s new car (as he got from his mother). Then the car went on fire, and Ryan carried Marissa out. She was very weak, and than in the last seconds of the episode she died, I think so. But the question is: how they can now continue if Marissa is dead, and all the kids will also be split up next year?! But wee are just going to have to wait and see.
  • DING DONG THE **** IS DEAD (the absolute WORST thing on TV bar none - take that, slaggart!!)

    The OC has gone downhill like a truck rolling down a hill over orphans. After a successful first season and a poor-to-mediocre second season, saved by a phenomenal cliffhanger ending, the third season brought with it a the kind of apocalyptic writing that should spell CANCELLATION if not for the legion of idiots who still watch it. Initially an intriguing clash of teenage/adult romance alongside actual class exploration (consider that Ryan entering the O.C. was not the catalyst for the upper class to explode, rather the upper class was already a melting pot who was able to use classism to blame Ryan for the problems that ensued) which is, in its horrible third season, reduced to pitiful soap opera complete with class hatred, characters acting out of character, nauseating forced drama and a complete lack of anything interesting. Marissa\'s death isn\'t a nail in the coffin, its the corpse farting.
  • As Ryan, Seth, and Summer get ready to go off to college, Marissa has to decide between college and another offer. Ryan\'s mom comes into town for the graduation. Sandy and Kirsten are finally getting back to good terms. Kaitlin comes home for good.

    I loved this episode! For a while (in the middle of the third season) it was getting kind of boring, but this episode pulled it all back together and proved to myself why I watch this show in the first place. I am, however, crushed that Marissa is done with the show. Micsha Barton claims that her character \'has gone through so much\' and \'there\'s just nothing left for her\' but I still am sad to see her leave. She was honestly my favorite character. I\'m also not too sure what\'s it\'s going to be like adding new characters (like Kaitlin). They are doing it with Laguna Beach too and I think it\'s a mistake. It will just throw the whole show off balance. But, anyway, great episode! **Everyone should go on iTunes and download Imogen Heap's new track "Speeding Cars" (as heard in this episode)
  • In an episode that looks back on the past three seasons before addressing the future, some issues are settled, others are postponed and groundwork is laid for season four.


    Harbor High School’s Class of 2006 celebrates graduation and like all graduates they are happy and hopeful even if everyone’s future is not yet clear

    Previews had foreshadowed the ending (someone will die) and it was public knowledge for some time that Mischa Barton wanted to leave the series so it was logical that Marissa was the victim. However, the story line pointed her toward another fate when Marissa decides to postpone college, join her father and sail around the world.

    This hopeful ending faded away when Volchok, the surf bum, began stalking Marissa and in the end her death and Ryan’s attempt at one more dramatic rescue was anticlimactic.

    The rest of the cast’s performance was unusually flat. I judge acting quality by my reaction to the characters and my belief in the reality of their actions. Using this criterion I found the episode a bit “over the top”. Not “Jumps the Shark” but unbelievable. Even the old pros of the cast, Peter Gallagher and Melinda Clarke delivered their lines with a lack conviction.

    In the end “The Graduates” is less an end of the third season but instead resets the series for season four with Kaitlin moving back to Newport to fill the blank left by her departed sister. The fate of Seth and Summer is also unsure. Seth will spend fall semester at home and Summer will be at Brown (setting up a often doomed long distance relationship) before starting art school in January and will Ryan faces life as a freshman at Cal-Berkley alone.

    My conclusion! Next season may be interesting but it also will be a new series.
  • The O.C.: Episode 76: "The Graduates"- The memorable third season finale that looked into the past, ended present stories and opened new doors for the future... the next day, I changed my opinion on the episode. (Spoiler Alert)

    I haven't really liked the third season but I have to admit that the final episode of the season was, at least, satisfying. The only thing that annoyed is Kaitlin's return. She will be a series regular for the fourth season. I'm happy to see Ryan's mother return. As the graduation takes place, the four graduates look back into the past together and notice how they ended up where they are now. Now, Ryan, Seth and Summer will go on to college and start new lives. As for Marissa, she ends up being taken out of her misery. I started losing interested on the third season but when I heard news that someone was going to die, I got back to watching. News that Sandy would die of a heart attack and Mischa Barton saying that she wouldn't return for a fourth season left me guessing between the two. I thought Sandy would suffer from a heart attack and live but that didn't happen. So, I knew that Marissa was going to get it. After Marissa refuses to talk to Volchok, he starts following her and Ryan. Ryan and Marissa are driving when suddenly Volchok starts ramming Ryan's new toyota his mother bought him for graduation, off the road and tumbles down the hill. At the bottom, Ryan carries Marissa in a memorable scene while the car goes up in flames. Marissa says her final words and passes away. From the previews of the fourth season, it looks very exciting. Great end for the third season. I will be looking forward to the fourth season... (Added the next day)... then I started reading other people's opinions on the episode and it is amazing how I actually agreed with most of them. The graduation scene is now the only part that I found to be memorable. In between that and the end, the episode had nothing interesting and was "dry". Finally the final scene with Marissa dying was at first, shocking, is now considered to be very unoriginal and undramatic. I could've sworn Ryan was smiling, not crying, when Marissa died. I didn't find her death sentimental, despite she's been with the cast since the first episode. A rating of 6.5 for the third season finale is barely passing... I've reflected my thoughts and I think the first and second season finales were better. The O.C.'s ratings will continue to drop and by the series finale, no one wouldn't care to watch.

    *I read a funny question... "Why didn't Ryan do CPR?"... I'm starting to think that this show needs it.
  • A shocking and surprising episode and a tear jerker that i could not predict but leaves the door open for a unknown season 4,

    Firstly there was so much misinformation about this episode i mean sandy having a heart attack and meeting up with Theresa to decide over the baby, the bait shop burning down!!, all of did not appear even the fox text said that sandy will have a hear attack , but no !! The person wring the blurb for fox should be fired for putting misleading info,

    Enough of my rant on to the episode,
    I thought is was really sad the way Marrissa died, (Yes she did die even says that on the fox recap of the ep on the official oc website), i though the way they did it was a bit silly that Ryan did not not even try to stop a crash for happening by slowing down at all he just said it will be OK, but the scene where she dies is excellent, the music picked was excellent making it very poignant and it was right that if she was going to die it was in his arms , that is the 2nd person he has seen die!!! ,

    The rest of the episode was very good reflecting over the past seasons and everybody making up, especially the time in the model home but i herd that ms Barton wasn not turning up on the set on time and wanted to leave and her story line was a bit crap especially the johnny episode so it makes sense for her to leave but i was a bit shocked the way they did it.

    This season as a whole was not as good as s1 or 2 only the last run of episodes was good in my opinion, but now that she is dead, What are they going to do???? i mean everybody is off to uni except Katlin , will be interesting to find out and the first and second ep will decide whether i will watch the rest of the season
    Tear jerking ep on the whole!!!, left me sad feeling and could not believe that she had died!!, how will the others cope??
  • I’ve been waiting for this the whole season and the writers and producers finally managed to do it. The Show is OFFICIALLY RUINED.

    Honestly, I realize the writers and producers have a lot to live up to, seeing as the first two seasons did so well and all, but the season finale ended the show. I’m hoping to god that Ben Kunde, Stephanie Savage, Mc G or the genius behind this all Writer Josh Scwartz sees this…because if in fact Marissa is dead, say goodbye to The OC series.

    I’m not even a huge Marissa Cooper fan, but she was a pivotal character in the show. Her presence gave viewers the hope for better story lines with her in the future. I realize she wanted off the show, but if the writers were smart they would’ve kept it so that she sailed off with Jimmy and would hopefully someday return.

    I really liked the Jimmy character and the moment they got rid of him in the third episode of season 3 the balance would be disrupted on the show. The Cooper family fell apart and that placed the Cohen family under a lot of pressure to deliver drama to the show. That was definitely the first mistake of the season. The stories after that got really dry and drawn out, but fans still had hope that season 3 would pick up in the end. With Marissa telling the group that she was leaving to go sailing with her dad, the stage was set for Mischa Barton (the actress) to make her departure from the show. If they wanted the season to end in a big way they could’ve done the car crash scene but made Marissa have amnesia or put her in a coma. That way at least the fans get a sense of satisfaction in knowing that the character may return. The sad thing is that the writers have now worked themselves into a corner. They haven’t done much with the characters all season, and the new characters they added this season (ie. Taylor, Johnny, Volchok, Sadie, etc.) were used poorly, which will force them to rework old dried out story lines for next season. Seriously guys, keep it simple, and keep it within the old realm of things. Some of the greatest characters on the show (Jimmy, Luke, Anna, Haley) disappeared way too fast, and that forced writers to bring in new characters, but it was obvious even at the end of second season that things were best when it was just the Fantastic Four (Marissa, Summer, Seth and Ryan). Now you’ve eliminated one of the fantastic four members, and nobody’s going to accept Kaitlin as the new Cooper of the OC. So I seriously hope the creators have some ideas as to how to fix this because if not….Josh you messed up buddy!

  • Goodbye O.C

    When I started watching O.C there was 4 things that made me wanna see more: Summer and Seth, Marissa and Ryan.
    First season was great, second aswell.
    The third season was not that good. Ryan and Marissa fell more and more apart from eachother and I didn\'t like it.
    But I knew there was a possibility that they would become a couple again. Things worked out great in the begining of the episode and I thought that Ryan and Marissa would end up on Jimmys boat or on collage together. And what happened??
    BAAAM somebody smacked me right in the face.
    Kill Marissa??
    Coooome on, what were you thinking?
    You need a season four?? Why destroy something that was so beautiful? Remake this episode, make Ryan go to Berkley with Marissa and Seath and Summer go to Brown together.
    The last 5 min of this episode was the worst ever, and I need a miracle in episode 1 of season 4, else bye bye O.C!
  • This episode was crazy

    The epsiode started beautifully and continued to gain from there until the final second when Marissa died and Ryan had her in his arms. I almost cried and once again just like last year the music fits in just right. The graudation scene was pefect with the usual clowing on Seth and before that the scene with Kaitlin talking with Dr. Roberts was also very well done. Also Ryan's mother appearing was also good but I really did want to see Trey but hopefully sometime in the future it will happen. Volchok is also played beautifully and the scene on the road with the music of Imogen Heap standing it off was goal and I'm gonna stop reading spoilers.
  • I loved the 20th first minutes and I was like so Happy that everything finally worked out but then when things started to get messy I really felt sad, But I already knew that Misha Barton was tired of THE OC and that they were going to end her character.

    Ryan: Oh, and thanks again for the car.
    Ryans mother: You bet.
    Seth: Ryan got a car? Really? I\'ve been waiting three years for a car. I\'m supposed to be the spoiled one.

    Hahaha, it\'s theese kinds of things that I just love with this eppisode! Or like this one:

    Summer: I cant belive it for a minute I was interested in Atwood. No offence.
    Ryan: Non taken biatch.
    Marissa: It was untill you realised he was from chino.

    And when they said something like.

    Marissa: Can you imagine if Ryan hadn\'t showed up?
    Summer: Yeah.. I would talk to you! *Pointing at seth*


    Well.... This was some things I liked about this episode, lot\'s of more to come of course but I just cant imagine The OC without Misha Barton. Will the serie continue? Will it end? How will it continue if it do? Theese are questions that I can no longer wait for, I want moooooooooooooooore!!!

    But... I think that this episodes had the moments and it feels like Im saying goodbye to something beautiful in my life now when I\'ve seen this episode and Im just so glad that I started to watch it because it gave me so much joy.

    Just one more thing I would like to add... How come I always start to cry in the end of a season?!

    Very well, thanks for me and OC is the best serie in the whole world.
  • Wow

    Its pointless killing of such a central character but it has been confirmed that she is leaving in a u.k news paper. It was also aired on some holywood show. The fox site also recaps the episode and the last line says she dies!!!
    What else is there to say, there is also a petition people are trying 2 circulate so that the character is not killed of but if the actress doesnt want to do it any more what can we do. It is definate so far she is dead. Its over, there aint much point watching anymore so...
  • This is by far one of the most tense episodes of certanly this series and probabally the whole show!

    I like the episode as a whole and i especially like the fact that Sandy was not killed off as rumour suggested. There are very good ideas in this episodeand also very bad ones. i think that killing off Marissa is going to annoy lots of people, however i think that the show needed somthing big to happen to end this series and make it stand out and draw people back into the next series.

    I am very glad that Sandy survives, would have stopped watching it if he had. I am upset at the end of Marissa but i will just about surbvive!!
  • Good lord. what have u done Josh ?

    The O.C. is probably one of the most popular shows among the teens in tv History,and yet Josh managed to complete destroy the show with that terrible ending, if u had a show named \\batman\\ for example and in the second season batman dies how the hell u will replace him? with hulk? every1 that whats the show knew it that somehow in the end Ryan would be with the only girl he really loved(the sweet and \\lost\\ Marissa)
    but now she is dead... Ok, we all heard she wanted to go away from the series and go to the movies thats fine but c\\mon, dont kill her, just tell us she will be fine after all of that and know she is moving to china or something like that and somehow on the last episode she would show up and tell ryan she loves him. For people like me that whats this show since day 1, the end of \\The Graduates\\ was the wrost thing that ever happened to this show since from it\\s start.

    Now that the fantastic four is gone, the real o.c. is pretty much dead, i think it will be a new show from season.

    I\\m not gonna lie, ive watched the 5 final minutes more then 10 times, and i stillcant believe what they did to Marissa i\\m trying to think if there is any chance she is not dead,but it seems impossible, this would have been an awesome ending if it was the show final episode, not the season finale, well the o.c. is pretty much going downhill now, since marissa took the spill,but i think all of us will always remember the best Show ever till the end of season 3.

    Well i think that it(sorry for my english), thanks for the best \\\'teen\\\' show ever, i will just ignore that end and try to imagine that it was the last episode from the show, and star to create the possibilites about what could ryan do about her death, and summer.. R.I.P. Marissa.
  • Um WTH??????

    Um, what???? Marissa dies. This can't be true. The summary said that Sandy was supposed to have a heart attack and I was waiting for that moment the whole ep but it never did actually happen. Then having Marissa go - like seriously what's up with that? I know there is going to be a spin off of this show focussing on Kaitlin but is this the end of the O.C.? Is it really the end of Marissa? We have seen these types of things time and time again, perhaps she is just in a coma or unconscious but I really don't think she's gone. I sure hope not. What a brutal way to end the season.
  • "The Graduates" completes the three season arc of wonderful episodes and great times. As the OC enters a new realm, fans find themselves asking one question: What next?

    Hats off to the writers, producers, and actors of the OC. This show has been a milestone in my TV experience, and never before have I been so devoted to a show. "The Graduates" was an excellent episode, as Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, Ryan, Julie, Marissa, and Summer look back on the previous years and forward to the years to come. The episode has wonderful moments of nostalgia, particularly the revisit of the Model Home. The cliffhanger was unprecidented and, for the most part, a huge surprise.

    Fans seem to be slip in half about the status of Marissa. Is she really dead? Many people claim that despite all the rumors about Mischa Barton ending her contract with the show, that she still remains part of the cast. However, apart from the rumors, there is very strong evidence that Mischa is now done with the show. Viewers watched and cried as Ryan held a dying Marissa in his hands as the picture faded last night.

    There were some issues that were not resolved. The baby issue was never quite resolved as Theresa did not return. Anna had a sudden dissapearance back to Pittsburg, and many fans were baffled by this. And, will Volchock ever appear again?

    The real question, however, is where does the show go from here. Obviously, most of this depends on whether Marissa really is dead or not. That have been rumors that now the show will focus on Marissa's sister, Kaitlin Cooper, and her friends. However, there is no evidence whatsoever to support this, and very few people actually believe this theory.

    The likely theory, if Mischa is still with the OC, is that Marissa will be in a coma of some sort as the others start the school year. Caitlin will be cast as a season regular and Ryan will stay with the Cohens to watch over Marissa instead of going to Berkley. Summer and Seth will probably decide that they want to watch over Marissa, too, or at least not move away so they both attend Berkley. This way, the cast is not split up and far apart.

    Anyway, this was a great episode, perhaps not as good as "The Dearly Beloved", but fans should not take this show for granted.

    the season finale was absolutlely fabulous. the song selection was great and i loved the story line. The ending however was bitter sweet. amongst all the happiness of graduation and college life the accident really cast a pall over their sunny expectations. But this sudden twist was what made this episode so great. In the end marissa dies and the ending was just amazing . great direction and songs which suit the occasion and blend really well with ongoings. Cant wait for season 4 to come out which will also be the last season! :( THE OC ROCKS! rm.
  • I think this episode was a good one it was the best season finale ive ever seen on any show cant wait to watch the next season

    I think the writers went to far killing off marissa but u never no she could be in coma we cant tell for sure untill season 5 either way i cant wait if she died or not its still good it was defitnely shocking to me i expected someone to leave the show but never that ending cant wait for season 5 going to watch all the seasons all over again this summer
  • WOW! I'm still in TEARS!

    WOW! What to say. WOW, if the VOl scenes were left out then this would have been an top ep! Perfect. You can tell Josh is putting everything into place for a S1 return to form. Now he's back at the forefront in writing. The Sandy PDA position, the Kandy sex! The death really will torment this shows best characters, JUlie, Ryan and Summer. I can't wait to see S4. My hopes for it have risen! I think it could be amazing! I think now it Josh backto his baby, it's all set to go. THe show will be dark, but in a S1 like way! Not in a S3 dark and depressing way. This eisode, even though was so pivotal, was a transition for the show. And for how good it could become in future!
  • This was all in all a good episode. I could have done without the ending but I think next season will be awesome.

    The show starts off with Marissa, Taylor and Summer do prepartions for graduation.
    Then Julie shows up to give Marissa a letter from her father. She walks off to read it and Summer comes in to see her. She tells Summer that her dad is driving yacts for rich people and needs some more crew members and sent her a plain ticket in case she wants to join him for a year. She decides to go.

    Ryan and Seth are sitting in Ryans pool house and Seth is going on and on about how he lied to his dad and he didn\'t want to do \"hard time\" in jail. Ryan says lying to Sandy is worst.
    Seth says he needs to go get his IPOD to listen to some music and Ryan says he will get it for him. He parks Kirstens car on the street and has been meaning to move it.
    While he is getting in the car Volchek comes up and says he needs money to get out of town, because if he goes down, then Ryan goes down with him.
    He wants money. He calls marissa & tells marissa to ask ryan about the car they stole.
    Seth ends up telling his dad that it is his fault that the office caught fire.
    Graduation happens. Ryans mom gives him a truck.
    Marissa starts to tellher mom about her dads offer. Her mom already knows, as well as Kaitlyn.
    Marissa finds Ryan and decides to pawn off the pearl necklace her mom gave her for graduation to get money to give to Volcheck to that he will leave them alone.

    Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer are all going to a party. Marissa has asked Ryan to drive her to the airport afterwards. Instad of going to a party, Marissa has another place for them all to go. An abandoned house (The one that Ryan burnt down in the beginning of the series) that has been rebuilt and abandoned. They swim, talk and all four have a great time.
    Then marissa says she needs to get changed and go.
    Volcheck is down the street with another girl waiting to finish what he and Ryan started.

    He follows them (he is drunk). He gets up really close behind Ryans truck and starts bumping into him. Marissa realizes its Volcheck and starts screaming for him to stop.
    He ends up running Ryans truck off the road and down the enbankment where it flips a few times.

    Ryan is able to get out. Marissa is knocked out.
    Ryan notices that their is a fire..and that gas is leaking.
    He hurries and gets Marissa out of the car and carries her near lifeless body away as the car explodes.
    He sets down and finally gets her to wake up some and tells her that he is going to run and get help. She tells him No, to stay with her.
    He says okay, but then she closes her eyes and stops breathing.

    Seth and Summer walk into Summers room and there is a huge box. SHe says \"Oh a graduation present\" and he says Yes.
    She turns the box over to find out what is in it, and its a letter from RISD. THe college in RI that Seth applied for.
    He was accepted, but not in AUgust, His starts in January.
    They are happy and start kissing.
    The series goes off.

    (I have heard that Misha Barton (marissa) has been wanting to get out and do some movies, so that is probably the reason for her being killed off)`
  • Looking at the Past and Future

    Looking back at the past was pivotal to this episodes storyline. Ryan and Marissas relationship was looked upon in the final. The way they did it was great, showing flashbacks of when Ryan left Newport leaving Marissa in the Driveway (S01). The events leading upto the death scene were a bit too dramatized in my opinion. The way Ryan and Volchok were driving towards the bend wasnt well done because Ryan made no real attempt to evade Volchok. It was obvious that Volchok had some sort of malicious intent so why didnt Ryan speed past Volchok or why didnt he slow down/slam brakes to get behind him? I guess we'll never know.

    The death(call it that atm...she could be alive but i doubt it) scene was heartwrenching. I was waiting patiently for Marissa to declare her love for Ryan (or Ryans love for her). Alas, it didn't happen. I was a bit sad that they didnt share any real last words (or make out in the car before they started to drive :P ) but I guess the writers strived for realism in that part.

    All in all, one of the most saddening OC eps ever.

    GO SEASON 4!
  • Stop!!

    Stop bashing the show because they killed Marissa and start bashing Mischa Barton who wants to leave the show and that\\\'s the reason they killed Marissa...I think it was an ok episode for me. I like The O.C but I think that this season was not its best. It could be better in my opinion. Even though I liked the twist...No one would expect a main character to die! Btw Mischa will appear as a guest star next season...and the writers said that the show will go on a different direction this fall...I really can\\\'t wait...

    btw I love Summer
  • Too short to do it here.

    So I can\'t believe almost everyone who wrote before me doesn\'t get it. Mischa wanted to stop doing the show! I mean it was pretty obvious she was the one to die when they completely wrote her out of everyone else\'s storylines... yeah she\'s going n a boat, harmlessly tugging her away... Also, Mischa has to be a you-know-what and spread it to radio stations and gossip pages that she was going to be the one to die, because she didn\'t give two craps about the show\'s finale being suspenseful. And the preview given on this website was one of the spoiler rumors going around, The OC has no control over it. screwed up, not The OC.

    So I guess no one gets it... why would the OC writers kill off perhaps not the main character on the show, but obviously the biggest draw and most famous actor on the show. It\'s not likely. Shock did get in, however, about half an hour after it happened. Mischa really did ruin it for me. I was driving to work and on the radio they were talking about the finale and the DJ was like \"Mischa Barton says that her alter ego \'Marissa Cooper\' is the one to di......\" before I had a chance to turn it off. Mischa being Mischa.

    But, yeah, like I said, I watched it and it didn\'t phase me. When she woke up at first I thought maybe she\'d make it, but it became so clear she was going to die. I\'m surprised it didn\'t really bother me. They spent about 41 minutes (minus commercials) leading you up to her death: angry Volchuk, no college, Greek Shipping Islands? Please. Could not have been more expected. While I wasn\'t a huge fan of Marissa, I have to admit I\'m holding out that it was a dream sequence. I didn\'t like her character, and much of the crap she pulled all the time, but I always loved that security blanket that from time to time they can throw her back together with Ryan and everyone can get all nostalgic about it.

    So that is the bigger issue here... Ryan. He cried, which really surprised me, but this is going to screw with him so much. He lost another person that he loves, and this time for good. While it isn\'t a cliff-hanger, it does make me wonder how this is going to screw with everyone in the first couple episodes of Season Four. Can Summer bear to go to Rhode Island? How will everyone else take this? How does Ryan explain why Volchuk was pissed without admitting to all the crap he did? Does Volchuk try to get Ryan in trouble? What the hell does Seth do until January? the Cooper-Roberts, how are they going to deal with it?

    If this show becomes all about Caitlin and her generation I will be so pissed off. The enchantment of the OC was the four of them... well when it started it was basically Ryan and Marissa (so the OC\'s old charm is officially gone, and it\'s not the writer\'s faults, Mischa wanted out!), and that\'s over now. Sandy and Kirsten have no more kids... so their roles will probably be diminished. Please don\'t make this show into another 90210, with Ryan, Seth, and Summer all making cameos in Newport between college vacations and it being about Caitlin. All of her little friends we saw this season were nauseating. I watch the OC for Ryan, and his only three friends.

    Also, it was reported that next season, along the Caitlin, two other characters get larger roles: Taylor, and Jessie (Trey\'s girlfriend from late in Season Two, and a couple episodes of Season Three). I\'m not sure how I feel about this... What\'s really there for Taylor? I mean she\'s in college... And who cares about Jessie? We\'re too far removed from her escapades.

    The OC\'s issue really was its revolving door policy on minor characters. I never admitted to this being a problem until now. With people like Zach and Lindsey coming and going, and others like Lance and Carter doing the same for the adults, they had issues bringing people in and keeping them. If Luke, Zach, Alex, DJ, Lindsey, Oliver, or any of those characters had remained, they would have had enough people to all go to college in the same vicinity and keep this show going. Now they can\'t. And with the death of Marissa it\'s a vivid sign that they have done all they could with Ryan\'s generation on the OC. It was about him, and now it\'s not really about him anymore. And I don\'t think the OC can really survive without it\'s Fantastic Fo... I mean Three. I guess we\'ll see.

    And for all the people gushing about it being in Rhode Island next year... I live in Rhode Island, and I am not enthused. That would be so dumb if we lose Summer for half the season, or if it is filmed here when both Summer and Seth show up. It\'s the OC, not the RI. But hey, possible return of Anna? Or, in proper OC fashion, will they just not include Anna ever again and not explain her absense from the area when she goes to a pretty small school (in the smallest state) and have them never run into her until it\'s convienient for the plot.

    Again, I guess we\'ll see.
  • It wasn\\\'t good.

    Come on, people. What did you expect? Her character became so wishy washy this season: After her new dad died, her other dad left, and she was stuck in a public high school, Marissa changed from the other group. They did people a favour by getting rid of her: Now they can focus on the other three, who still have a legitimate story.
  • i can not believe that they killed marissa it\'s just so stupid she\'s being in every episode of the o.c unlike summer who was not even suppose to be a star i mean in a i really don\'t think i can watch the o.c again but i will

    this was a bad show not really bad but what happened in it was bad they killed marissa i mean why really she has been in this show since day one and she has made it so dramatic and know they just decieded tyo kill i mean why not taylor or somthing but marissa it\'s just so sad i mean what\'s ryan gonna do she\'s was like his real first love and know she\'s gone i really don\'t think i can watch the o.c ever again but i will for the show and to see what they do after her
  • Marissa, what the..? I\'m really confused right now. Disappointment never accured to me. I didn\'t think you could get brought down, and angry on an O.C. episode. But i just did.

    Seriously. I am pissed. First of all, what\'s the bs with Sandy\'s heartattack? Ryan visiting Theresa, i mean, non of what tvtome said, was true. I guess it could\'ve been a majure change in the season finale, cause Mischa got fired. Still it was a really lame ending. I mean, I usually cry, but i this time i really didn\'t. Burke, and producers, lousy job.
    I was disappointed, i thought it was going to be like you\'ve written here at tvtome. What ever. I\'m so confused I don\'t know what to say. Hope this wasn\'t the end of all things. Season 4 must come. Without Kaitlyn. Seriosly i\'m very disappointed. VERY! They totally destroyed the whole feeling of it alla being over, with marissas death. Argh!
  • could have been better, but still soo good

    a little disappointed. loved the flash backs too, wow what an episode. i was hoping sandy got a heart attack but marissa dieing was ok too. the whole episode is really good. i loved it when taylor mentioned the three some in the beg of the ep, that was funny. very very sad episode, pretty much everyone cried. loved the graduation scene. the last scene, one of the best scenes ever in tv history. but i dont like where the direction of the story is going, i hope the death of marissa is not the final nail to the coffin of the OC, cant wait to c season 4 though
  • I am so very disapointed! I\'ve been a huge fan of the OC since the very first episode, and now I just feel like the show really let me down.

    Why in the world would they kill off Marissa??? She was one of the main four that made the OC what it was, and now what; Katelyn is going to take her place!!! Give me a break! As a huge fan, I feel totally let down. I\'ve been a faithful fan since the very first episode and every thursday after that. It\'s just not fair! The show as I knew it, is over. I\'m not even looking forward to the fourth season. I\'ll probably peak in once in a while to see whats going on, but the show that I\'ve come to love and appriciate for all these years is officially over.
  • The end of OC as we know it?

    Although a gripping episode with concluding flashbacks, one wonders if this signals the series finale as far as I\'m concerned. Unfortunately for life, all good things must come to an end at some point. The OC has had three spectacular seasons, but it is apparent that something this cool cannot last forever. Hearing of a season four is bittersweet, as stretching it out may ruin its status. It sounds as if a story based on Marissa\'s younger sister may make for another season, but it won\'t ever be the OC I knew and loved. Yea, that one that expressed so many issues of the teenage life in a blatant and incredible way. It has done wonders already, upping travel to California and making Hollister co one of the most popular clothing shops ever amongst us teens. They always made the OC to be a great show. And I only hope it does not become solely a money maker.
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