The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • The O.C., Season Three has come to its end, with a SHOCKING cliffhanger, that could very well, go either way, or might it just stay the way it seemed? Graduation, Schemes, Future planning, and a death, or not. Season Four shall be exciting this fall 2006

    The fab four graduated finally ending their high school years, and getting ready for college, Marissa throwing college away i think is a mistake, but to visit her father may be good, Seth gets into RisD college, and starts in January is good, Kaitlin returns to rule Harbor in a new generation. Volchok still causes trouble with ryan and marissa, that very well leads up to the most shocking O.C. Finale yet of the three seasons, Volchok battles on the road car to car with ryan & marissa, knocking them off the road, leaving Marissa breathless. CLIFFHANGER of the YEAR.
  • marissa dies...

    i cant belive marissa is dead. how can they do that? that is so wrong.. like how can they do that to ryan?? everyone watched it for marissa and ryan.. next year will be awful.. no one is going to watch it. that is the worst thing they could possibly do... arghh!!!
  • The Review that was posted for this show was sooo wrong! What actually happened is that they graduate, Ryan's mother shows up, Marisa decides to go on a trip, but that does not happen thanks to her ex. Marisa ends up dieing!

    Man what a shocker! But seriously another death? That is just to much, if i remember correctly last season (ending to season 2) there was a death which rocked the families! But this death of Marisa is really going to hit the families hard. But it hard to believe that she dies. Marisa, Ryan, Summer, and Seth are what make The OC, The OC! But who knows what sorts of twists are awaiting in season 4! Time can only tell.

    Aside from all these twist, The OC is the best show on TV. There is not a show which has all the twist and turns which you can find on The OC. Its turely one hell of a roller coaster ride.
  • great episode!

    yeah, this episode was quite the tearjerker. i thought seth was gonna die in like a fire or something...but ryan lost the love of his life. i don\'t think he'll be going to berkley next year. he'll probably want to avenge marissa's death. next season will be juicy! and katlin's gonna be quite the little temptress!!!
  • This episode was kind of a tear jerker!

    I thought this episode was very good. However i would have never expected Marissa to die... i was thinking that maybe it was going to be Sandy... actually i hoped it would be Sandy. I still don't believe that she is dead. I am hoping that maybe she is still alive, but i doubt it. I guess we will all just have to wait to see what happens next season. I think that Ryan will take it the hardest, but everyone will have a really difficult time with her death. I just hope that maybe she really isn't dead, i don't know what the show will be like without her. It is so sad to see her die like that! Horible! Otherwise a very good episode.
  • Big mistake... big mistake

    I have a real good feeling that this show has jumped the shark. Killing off Marisa was a big mistake. Although she is not the only good part of the show, her character was part os a group that will never be the same again. She was a big part of the show and the plot lines including her and Ryan's on again / off again relationship is classic TV.

    What will the show do now? Try to replace her character with another your female lead. Good luck! Anyone they bring in will just remind the viewers that Marisa is not there anymore.

    All I know is that if she is dead, the sharks are circling, and I can start to watch another show.
  • Kids graduate, Marissa dies, yada yada yada

    Meh...The entire episode was pointless as a season finale; until the final scene...and who writes the episode recaps on here...someone should get fired. I have yet to see Sandy have a heart-attack. This can play out as last season\\\'s finale w/ Trey, when we thought he was dead, but it turned out he was alive. I heard recently that McG was planning on an entirely new storyline revolving around Kaitlyn, that will be totally different from the last three seasons. Now McG, what have we learned; every season that starts out completely different and takes a new course, pisses off the fans of the show, and you have to bring everything back to order by the end of the season.
    I don\\\'t know if I\\\'ll be returning back for the entirety of season 4
  • Well this one came with somewhat of a shock. The teens graduate only to be struck by a HUGE tragedy. Lives will definetely be changed after what happened so let's hope they will be able to get through it.

    Well the episode was definetely a worth remembering finale. Although the Marissa death was expected, the shock still came when she stopped breathing. This will change the show forever, but the real question is will the show be able to go on? Let's hope. Anyway I thought the ep was done well and everything played out the right way, except the death. S/S moving to college is good. Sandy returning to him old self, also good. And Julie, well I don't know how she will take this. And Ryan, how will he get through this? Amazing finale.
  • What? What? What the heck did I just see? Mischa Barton must have really pissed off the writers.

    9.8 everyone else who saw this freakingly, pulling my hair out shocked. I thought Volchok and Marissa seemed to have great chemistry, but I hate Volchok's gut right now. What the heck?

    Could there be a slight chance that the writers are just fooling us? Could she wake up from her unconsciousness? Cause I'm in disbelief.

    The episode started very happy, but things being solved too easily. Like Seth barely having to face punishment for burning down a house.

    The uplifting music for graduation fitted very well with the happy scene. The proud parents cheering for their kids was very fun to watch.

    When the kids snuck in the new model house and swam and reminsence, I really thought about the incredible first season and I remembered how tortorous my summer was waiting for the second season to come.

    And now, I'm almost feeling the same thing. Seriously, what were the writers thinking? Do they really have a great plan for next season, or have they jumped the shark?

    By far the best season finale I've seen this season. The first was Grey's Anatomy.
  • I am shocked.

    This was a sad episode! Now I'm wondering how my senior year at my high school is going to be. I'd never never expected that Marissa would died in this episode. I thought it was going to be Seth. I thought she and Ryan would get back least in the next season. Still I am curious on how the next season is going to be. I wonder who's going to stay in the O.C?
  • Watch Video Julie and Marissa have a huge disagreement. After having a heart attack, Sandy is rushed to the hospital. Kirsten and Seth are devastated. Taylor and Summer spy on Dr. Roberts. Ryan drops by Theresa's apartment to talk but she is not alone, Ed

    OMG i really hope Mariisa doesn't die like what the hell. I HATE Volloch right now SOOOOO much!!!! She's not going to appear in the fourth season i have 3 sources you can disagree or agree with this review but it's (might be) the truth!!!I hate to say that but it ight! I really hope Mischa changes her mind and acually be's on the fourth season becaue on one of my sources it does say that she is quitting to start acting on movies! But she can't do this like only being 3 characters in the fourth season is retarted!!
  • Wow...I don’t know what to think. Such an amazing yet horrible episode!

    I can’t believe they killed Marissa off!!!!! She wasn’t my favorite character or anything, but she was a main character!! I have a bad feeling about the future of the series. Why couldn’t Marissa just go with her dad or something?? But I do have to say that this episode was amazing. That last scene, while they played Hallelujah… wow. Really emotional and maybe one of the best scenes of the series so far. I just can’t get over the fact that she’s dead! Josh Schwartz better have some crazy good ideas about what to do for season 4, because I was still hoping Ryan and Marissa would get back together! Also, they have to stop killing people. Season 2, Caleb dies at the end (and we spend all summer thinking Trey’s dead). Season 3, Johnny and Marissa die! What happened to the rich teenagers on the beach??
  • OMG!

    I just watched the season finale and OMG I can't believe what just happened! Major spoilers here so if you didn't see it yet don't read this. It's graduation day everybody knows that. Marissa had a proposition from her father to go work on a boat with him for a year because she doesn't want to go to college yet. Caitlin comes back home to take Marissa's place because she's finally leaving. She said to her mother that now that all the olders are gone she's goint to rule on harbor! Volchok is back hauting Ryan because of the car he stole in last week episode and threatens him because of that. Finally, when Ryan is driving Marissa to the airport, Volchok comes by and there's a major accident. Marissa dies! That's how it ends. It's so sad. Well I hope she's not dead well I say she's dead but maybe not, maybe the next season will begin with her in the hospital and doctors will be able to do something and make her come back to life I don't know. All I can say is I can't wait to the next season to begin. I'll be waiting in major anxiety till september!
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