The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Marissa dies on the behalf of V. after the cauz of Graduation.

    Looking out in the sun, for number 1. California, where did she go. This episode was so painful to watch, this should have been the last episode of the SERIES! Goodbye Marissa, you'll be remembered. And I still love the struggles between Seth and Marissa. "Come on guys, hug!", that was one of my favorite parts of the O.C. "The Graduates" episode. Well that's it for now. THis is my review for the O.C. "The Graduates" - Season 3 finale of the series. What will happen next, another frighting episode? This There Goes Halo Three, peace out guys. Peace out, and in!
  • We Say Goodbye To Marissa

    I was really upset in this episode when Marissa died. It was unbelivably sad and it started so happy too. I loved the graduation and the song: 'Speeding Cars' by Imogen Heap because it went so well. Then when they all went back to the Model Home from Season 1 and started to remember everything that had happened. That made me laugh loads and was really special how they all connected in a way. Then I was crying when they all had to say goodbye and the crash! What a crash! I'm glad that Ryan got Marissa out right enough because if she'd been blown up I'd have been even more upset! Then he carried her like he did when she had OD'd in Mexico! I was a mess by the end of that show! It was so touching and amazing!!
    Overall fantastic episode!
  • Well done!

    This episode was extremely well done. Watching the first three seasons over again made me realize that the show did not go down hill. There was never anything wrong with it or with this episode. It was dramatic and sad and full of emotion at every corner. It had everything a good O.C. episode needs, which is laughter and tears. My favorite part has to be when they graduate. It means more to me now because I just graduated and can relate to it more. The music, was great and overall it was just a great season finale, which is something you can always count on from The O.C.
  • Final goodbye to the fab four!

    Wow! Did one of the main characters just died? "The Graduates" marks the last time we get to see the four friends together, in this hard to forget episode, each of them by the end had decided what their near future will be, college for Ryan, Seth and Summer, while for Marissa, her dad asks her to join him & work with him for the next year in a yat. It was a very good season finale, but for me it was the series finale. The OC in my collection has only 3 seasons... Was having a spectacular and shocking episode worth the end of a great show!? Maybe!
  • Probably the saddest episode in the whole show.

    The death of Marissa Cooper was a huge shock to everyone. No one saw it comming i mean she is like the main character in the whole show. Not only did the last scene of Marissa dying in ryans arms make me cry the graduation made me cry to because it made me feel like everything was comming to an end which it was. Not many people like this episode which i think is very stupid even though it isnt as good as the dearly beloved the ends not near its here and the ties that bind it still is one of the best episodes of the oc ever!
  • A well structured episode...a definite favourite as far as season finales go. I used up a box of kleenex however.

    After this episode i stared at the screen for about ten minutes waiting for it to come back on...say that they were joking. I really did not see that coming. I didnt even like the character of marissa too much this season, and still, the ending moved me. Anyway, not to forget the rest of the episode, which was fantastic. I think the graduation was really powerful. The look on Dawn\'s face was truly wonderful, the pride and the joy of actually having a success in the family. Sandy\'s cheer made me laugh as it was such a \"Sandy\" thing to say. Julie beamed, which made me smile even more...lets just say the whole scene left me with some sore cheekbones. Ok...back to the main focus on the episode. I think the way Marissa died was the best way that Josh should have seen fit to end it. Some people say that they should have told each other that they loved eachother...however, i think the silence was very \"them\". They had never been very good with words. Not to say that the silence wasn\'t certainly made me hold my breath. Oh, and then came the tears. Imogen Heap\'s Hallelujah hit me as soon as Ryan started walking away from the car with Marissa in his arms. The flashbacks were extremely well put together and made it even more of a tearjerker. A FANTASTIC episode...and one that to this day makes me blubber like a baby.
  • I still love this show, yet I can handle that it may soon be over.

    We all heard Misha was leaving yet when the time came for her final scene she was very heartbreaking and convincing that it gets to you no matter how “ready” you are. I was angry when they killed off Johnny, but in life you don’t get a say in who lives and who dies. I guess this makes Marissa and Johnny the "star-crossed lovers"

    Lesson: Teenagers can die too.
    Lesson 2: Choosing the wrong boyfriend (or girlfriend) can mess up your life for a long time to come, if not for ever.

    Season 4 should be sad. Summer lost her best friend. Julie lost her daughter. Ryan had to watch her dye. I'm interested to see how they all deal with this.
    I know next season may be the last but I've heard the rumors that it was ending since season 2. No one likes change, especially where our tv shows are concerned. Season 4 will bring a lot of change, hopefully the change will bring new life to the show.

    I’ll be watching on November 2nd with my take out Thai and a heart full of hope.
  • Best. Episode. Ever. <br /> <br /> R.I.P. Marissa Cooper (1988 - 2006?)

    Best. Episode. Ever. R.I.P. Marissa Cooper (1988 - 2006?)

    As Ryan drives, Volchok rams his car from behind. He then pulls alongside and tries to run Ryan off the road. And he succeeds. Ryan barrels through a curve and over an embankment. The car rolls end over end down the hill, finally crashing on another road below. Coming back to his senses, Ryan crawls out of the car. Noticing gas pouring from the tank and a small fire, he grabs an unconscious Marissa and carries her free of the wreckage in a mirror from the time he found her in Tijuana. The car explodes and Ryan lays Marissa down on the pavement and rouses her. He tells her he’s going to get help, but she begs him to stay. And then she dies.
  • this is one the best episodes ever

    Wow marissa dying was very emotional and a big shock! unfortunatly i found out that she died before i watched the graduates which was a little annoying but it was a fantastic episode that everyone should love for ever fgdfg gfcfggfd dfsd sdf sdfsdf sdf sdf sdfm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m nm m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m b
  • one of the best!!

    although marissa is gone, and the show will definately take a different path in the future, it was one of the best episodes this season, and they dealt with marissas death well.
    The episode marks the end of an era for the show, not only with Barton's departure, but the kids will now be leaving for college... supposedly. no more harbour. however this absence at school will be filled by none other than the infamous kaitlin cooper and the ward (ie luke's brothers) twins.
    Although i don't want to have an OC without marissa, it is the oc, and i can't miss an episode! i'll be watching season 4!
  • The end 2 a great season

    I thought this ep was great. I loved how it showed seth, summer, ryan and marissa at the model home having funny for what they didn't know would be the last time. Because it was really were it all started then it was were it nearly all finished. When marissa died i thought it was so sad i couldn't believe it. It was good how it shoed ryan carry her from the car then it showed all the other times her had helped her over the last 3 years it was really a great ending to a great season. I cant wait for season4!
  • Final episode of season 3- time to say goodbye to a main charector

    What can I say about this episode? It was without a doupt the greatest episode of any show I have ever seen.

    It was happy (Graduation), exciting (car crash), and of, course, terrible, terrible sad. Marissa Cooper will be sorely missed by millions of fans around the world (especially me).

    "Hallaluah" was the perfect music to be played for the saddest moment in OC history.

    The writing by Josh Scwartz (sorry bout the spelling)and team was excellent and the cast went above and beyond in what started out as a really happy one, and ends up as the saddest momant in recent TV history.

    Marissa Cooper will missed by many. Farewell Marissa. You will be missed. A great episode. I ended up in tears

    "Its a cold and its a lonely Hallaluah."
  • It is graduation day for Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa at Harbor High School. Ryan's mom, Dawn, gives him a car as a grad. present and Marissa gets into a car accident with Ryan and Volchok....and she dies!!!

    "It is graduation day for Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa at Harbor High School. After graduation they all went out to eat and celebrate their graduation. Ryan's mother gave him a new car as a graduation present. Marissa is going to spend a year on a boat with her father as her graduation gift. Seth finally got into RISD for second semester. Summer is still going to Brown University in the fall. Volchok is still mad at Marissa and Ryan so he decided to crash Ryan's car."

    OMG! this was the BEST and SADDEST epp/season finale EVER!!! i loved every second of this epp 10 outta 10!!
  • last episoide of season 3

    the gang is graduating from harborsummer is going to brown seth starts in january ryan is going to berckley and marissa is going on a her dads boat to greek ryans mom comes back for his graduation and she gets ryan a car and on marissa last day the gang have a party at the model home when ryan is driving marissa to the airport volchok rams them of the road when they land on another road ryan pulls marissa out of the car and she dies in ryans arms
  • It was hard watching MARRISHA GETTING KILLED OFF THE SHOW. ch

    I wonder how will be the show now since Marrisha got killed off.I don't know if i will watch the show now because my farorite character Marrisha is not going to be their.It was hard watching that show.Why Marrisha she is the best character there on the show.I almost cry watching her get carried off by the guy she loved.I don't think they should have took one of the 4 friends.I think the reson she got killed off was because she went through everything and she had to get put out of her pain.I thought they were go th kill of one of the grown ups from the show.
  • this episode and the sound track at the end very clever it made me think about it for days.

    I have not watched every episode this season but this one was a real weepy, the sound track at the end is what did it for me, you know one of those songs that plays on your mind for days, and it will always take you back to that show very clever. This was a good episode there have been a lot of differant characters since this show aired, some of which sick in your mind and some that don't, but all in all the acting on all parts has been pretty good, with excellant story lines and I must say the bands have been fab, loads more of that next season if there is one I have not checked that out yet. any way top marks to all involved in the show looking forward to seeing more.
  • Best episode yet... and the best appetizer for the 4th season... which I think is going to be surprising.

    Ok, i don't know how to start this review... because this episode was for me, the best and the saddest. When it started I thought it was going to be a normal, OC episode. but then when the graduation started it became interesting... but yet not for a 10.0. when they are at the dinner, i started to sense a feeling, that was starting to grow more and more when Julie gives Marissa the necklace... this feeling was not that marissa was dying (im not a phsychic) but it was a scent of the first season, which most of us have been missing... then the model home!!! amazing,.. Marissa's goodbye and the jokes which make everything happier as i cry and laugh at the same time. then................................................................... it happened... OMG!!!! i coudn't believe it!!! Volchok actually send ryan's car to a cliff... then i thought... ok, this always happens. but then i had the feeling that marissa had died,,, i'm still in a dream. Did she really died???? i don't know what to believe i'm still dizzy with all the unwrap scenes we saw, this can't be the end of marissa... its impossible... no no no

  • Best episode yet?

    There isn't much to say about this episode because i believe it speaks for it's self. This episode was well written to be emotional throughout. You can't help smiling as all seems to be well, Sandy and Kirsten have past the problems with their marriage, Seth and Summer will be together in Providence and over all things are good. But the real emotions hit during the painful ending that would have brought a tear to the most emotionally baren of people. Probably, no wait, DEFINATELY the best episode yet. Hopefully there are more like it to come.
  • The best episode in the third season.

    I have been wanting Mischa Barton (Marissa) to be killed off the OC for a year now. She never has anything going on and was turning into quite a slut.

    The new idea for the forth season, having Katlyn and her friends be the new focus, is an okay idea. What would really make the show better would be if Anna became a common main character in the series.

    But besides that I loved the episode and I hope the best for the series. Oh, it would be nice if Julie became evil again!!!
  • WOW! The best episode this season...almost ever! So sad!

    Oh my god! What an episode! Probably the best I have ever seen!! Throughout the entire episode I was near tears!!! It was the perfect way to end an era and begin the new one! I am so glad we'll see more of Taylor next year and of Kaitlin of course! But Marissa! This was probably one of the most drastic things any show has done and hopefully it will work! I can't wait to see what Ryan will do to Volchek if he ever sees him again, but it will be some fight! I will be waiting in anticipation for the next season! RIP Marissa. Long live the OC!
  • the gang graduate, kaitlen's back, marissa's off on a cruise with her father, seth finally gets into college, ryan gets a car and sandy & kiersten seem to be patching things up...oh and most importantly, taylor makes into the 'fantastic four'...or is that

    i honestly dont know where to begin. this episode is another mindblowing season finale. i really dont know what more to say, so i warn you, the rest of this review os going to be randomness. you know, i should be studying for my english exam, but the oc has blown my mind away and added to the fact that i only had 1.5 hours sleep last night means that i cant all!! anyways, minhaz, if you're reading this, i love you. not really, i was joking...i i was joking...hey, look, ive nearly reached 100 words!!...yay!! blah blah.
  • This is the last episode on season 3 of the oc!Its graduation and everyone is excited but not Marissa whos father Jimmy asked her to help him sail a boat will she go? Also seth finally tells sandy he set fire to the newport group how will he react?

    This episode was one of my favourites it was so sad and emotional!Alot of people hated this episode because one of the main characters was killed off the show and that is stupid giving this episode a 1 because your favourite character was killed off. Mischa barton is one of my favourtie actresses and yes I will be sad to see her go but im not going to give the episode a 1 because shes dead that is just stupid. Anyone who hasnt seen it dont be fooled by the people who give it a 1 it is just excellant!
  • Just as Seth and Summer get their crap together, as do Kirsten and Sandy, the fab 5 (now) graduate. But tradegy looms as Volchok can't let Marissa go, running her and Ryan off the road in ryans suv. Marissa dies in his arms, tearjerker!!

    This is the best ep yet! I'm unsure if I'll be a loyal watcher again, because Marissa was my fave. With American TV, inbetween the OC finale and Charmed finale, I'm going to have a breakdown!! HAHA. I was stoked Seth and Summer worked it out, they seem to be the show's template couple, with Sandy and Kirsten. Sadly, just as Ryan and Marissa show some feeling toward each other, she is killed off. How is that for irony? Shows should not kill off central cast til season 5 at least! Goodbye my friend Marissa!
  • haloo i think that it was the best episode i EVER seen

    i just started to cry like a baby i was soo sad....And i am so f**king angry at that f***ing volchek i just HATE him why why why marissa she was the BEST and i don\'t understand why they brocke up ///Am not so good at english //im from sweden can\'t write an mor now so i do like this..... m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m mm m m m mmmm m
  • It's graduation day for Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa at Harbor High School.Marissa is going to spend a year on a boat with her father as her graduation gift.Seth finally got into RISD for second semester.Volchok is still mad at Marissa and Ryan so he d

    This was without a doubt the best episode ever on this show. It all started great, with the graduation (nice music by the way, imogen heap right?) and the diner at the Yacht Club, and Ryan getting his car.
    But then the trouble began, with Volchock interfering with things again, ooohh I hate that guy so much!
    Well then the Model Home thing was up next, so nice, very well done!!
    Another good thing about the episode was Sandy wanting to go back to the DA office!
    It all seemed to go very well, so everybody knew something was gonna happen.
    Then that son of a b*tch Volchock desided to run Ryans car of the road, because he couldn't have Marissa.
    The car tumbled down the hill and when ryan woke up he saw gas leeking and a starting fire. So he got Marissa out of the car and carried here just like the time he found here passed out on her driveway and in Tijuna (nice flashbacks!)well after that Ryan wants to get help but Marissa begs him to stay so he does, he probably sees that no amount of help is going to save her life.
    Then she dies, and Ryan starts crying between some (again) flashbacks, so sad I couldn't help but start crying myself, and the music was great aswell, Imogen Heap with Jeff Buckley's; Halleluja! This definitely was a really tragic episode, but I think it's for the best Marissa is gone, though I still think Ryan and Marissa were ment for eachother.. I'm really curious about next season, I can hardly wait to see how the fab four (now three) copes with this and how Kaitlin and Julie do..( I like it that Caitlins back btw!)
    Well I'm gonna tune in for season 4, thats for sure!!
  • The third season finale of the O.C. paves a way for a brand new show come next season. Graduation, a death, and new cast members are going to lead to a brand new show come fall.

    California here we come. For the past three years we\'ve watched as the folks of the O.C. went through every trouble imaginable. We\'ve seen faces come and go, but never before has the core four been in trouble, except for the cliffhanger between episodes 7 and 8 of season 1.
    The episode was done very well. I found the graduation scene to be amazing. It was the second best moment of the O.C., only second to the Spider-man kiss in The Rainy Day Women. The music and imagery played well together.
    The episode seemed a lot like a series finale, and in a way it was. The scenes at the model home were excellent. It was a nice trip down memory lane for those of us who have watched since August of 2003.
    Unfortunately tragedy struck at the end of the episode. Marissa\'s life was cut short in a car accident. I know many people are angered at this, me included, but it\'s part of tv. Life is not perfect and tv should never make it seem perfect. It was a tragedy to lose Marissa, and it has made us realize that any character can leave. Too many times people get comfortable thinking that things will always work out, but life isn\'t that way and neither is tv.
    I will miss Marissa, I\'m watching the DVDs now in memory. But I will make sure to tune in for Season 4.
    Season 4 promises us new starts. Summer goes to Brown, Seth will join in RI in January, Ryan is off to Berkeley, but not without seeking revenge, Sandy is back as a PD, Julie deals with the death of her daughter, and Kaitlin becomes The OC\'s new trouble child.
  • we find out that seth makes it ito brown for the second semesester and marissa is leaving to go and sail around the world but the gang decide to spend on last night together in the house that they burned down.

    Omg this was amazing. i really cant wait for the new season. The ending was horribly amazing with the car crash and all and ryan walks away holding her when she "dies" he has all of those flashbacks that was great i just think that marissa and ryan belong together and ryan kinda realized that. And i really like the fact that ryan is going to college with summer now, like she kinda changed her dream for him but then he screwed that up and fixed it to. but what i dont understand is how Ryan who was driving when volock drove them off the rode walked away without a scrach and marissa died... how did that happen? I know its possible and all but i was just wondering.
  • Why didn't they just finish the season when the car flipped over ... just so that the next season continues where Ryan takes her out of the car.. then what ever happens happen she lives or dies & if so let her die in the 4th season.

    Personally I think that they may have really hurt the O.C by killing off Marissa. Like she is dead 4 sure I just finshed reading an article about it on Fox WebSite. Anyway I guess we will see if the O.C died with Marissa. It very well could have. I think if Mischa Barton really wanted to leave they should have just found an alternative.
  • That was a great episode. Maybe the greatest at all. I was crying all the time I watched it. It touched me deep inside.

    This episode was really good. I was crying all time. At first the graduates. It was so touching. Than all these hugs and memories. And at the end Marissa is dead. I felt so strange. She was a big part of this movie and would be dificult to forget her. But part of me is happy that Peter Gallagher will be with us for the next season. He is a wonderful actor and this show would fall away without him. I hope next season would be more fresh and the dead-rate will decrease. I will be waiting for the next season with all my impatience.
  • thank GAWD Marrissa is DEAD!!! *dances on table* She was not such a great actress,Marissa was a weak irratating charectar who caused Ryan problem (eg- oliver) thank gawd she GONE!!!!! I give it a 10cos Marissa is DEAD!!!

    It is graduation day for Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa at Harbor High School. After graduation they all went out to eat and celebrate their graduation. Ryan\\\'s mother gave him a new car as a graduation present. Marissa is going to spend a year on a boat with her father as her graduation gift. Seth finally got into RISD for second semester. Summer is still going to Brown University in the fall. Volchok is still mad at Marissa and Ryan so he decided to crash Ryan\\\'s car.
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