The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Is that a joke?

    Ok so... a friend from US told me that this episode was the worst ever! Ok I can say the same!

    That was AWFUL, nothing happened and Marissa is dead! Are you kidding? I am sure you are, you can\\\'t give us a so bad season finale. It WAS NOT a season finale, it was a boring episode. When a season finale is coming, you must be behind your screen saying \\\"oh god!!! no!!!\\\" (like for smallville and One tree hill for example!) C\\\'mon that was so bad, I was sure that Mischa Barton was going to die especially when I heard that Kaitlin was back. Season 4 is going to be awful. Julie is going to cry all day and Kaitlin will be the bit... bit... of the \\\"all new serie\\\". Ahahaha Josh swartz (or something) you are so a looser. You can\\\'t even create a good season finale! Return watching your classics! Your episode was awful!! You lost all your fans!
  • who think that marissa and ryan arent the perfect couple and shouldn't end togher? really in a god show you don't do things like this kill one of the principal carecters and whith this kill the ipots for ryand and marissa end up togther

    i love the oc i have senn this show since the frist episod and for me ryan and marissa are trly the perfecr couple althoug some times i'm seak of they broke and get toghether a lot of times in one sesan but afeter all they look so quite that all passe for me the greats moments of them was in the firts episods like the model home But in the end i realy expect that they will and togher so this sesan and especialy this episod was realy desepointg for me because althou they havent be togther in a long time marissa in suposted to get way and as this isn't enouth they kill her???? really whats mater whith you guys the principal careters never dies and alwas end up togther
  • Its about freakin time!!

    I\'m sorry for all of you who love this show and love Marissa, but thank GOD that she got pwned!!! I mean it was about time SOMEONE died on that show...she can do better tv!! The O.C used to be good, really good I was addicted to the first season and couldn\'t stop watching it, then season two hit and it all went to crap, then season three rolled around and just far to much drama for a drama show..there\'s drama and then there\'s just ludicris story lines and people sleeping with each other, which was what the show pretty much was.

    So in closing good for you Marissa for dieing in a car crash, finally the writers did something right!!
  • This was bad, bad, bad! The acting absolutely sucked, but to the actors' credit, they didn't have much to go on from the writers. It was a bad season finale. I have never seen anything so disappointing.

    This was bad, bad, bad! The acting absolutely sucked, but to the actors' credit, they didn't have much to go on from the writers. It was a bad season finale. I have never seen anything so disappointing.

    I cry SOO easily and I never cried once. I mean why did Marissa not have some loving dying words for Ryan? They set it up that way with all the flashbacks and a little of making up in the foyer.

    This show will never make it another full season. It's gotten to be a disgrace to the comparisons people make to 90210. Disgusting.
  • Horrible finale

    What the hell happened ... When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??When is the next season ??
  • What marissa dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is like the worst ending ever!!!You Had me watching 3 entire seasons just to see this?Whoever wrote the senario did perfect in ruining the show.Why should anyone watch a 4th season?I hope there wont be one unless you find a way to put marissa back in the show beacause otherwise no reason to be a 4th one.In season 4 Ryan would definitly kill that guy,he would go to jail and theres summer and Seth left.Well no Ryan no Seth,No Seth no Summer.Since there isnt anyone left there is no OC!!!!!!!!!!!.I thought OC and Smallville were my favorite shows but now OC isnt even close!!!!!!!!!
  • I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.

    I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.
    I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.
    I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.
    filled 100 words yet?
  • Graduation is coming, and eventhough there have been some troubles within the Cohen family, Kirsten and Sandy are proud of their boys who are going to get graduated. Dawn has come to visit Newport and has a gift for Ryan. Marissa receives a letter from Ji

    I hate The OC! I loved it for two years, but I promised myself, unless Marissa is still alive, whitch I seriously doubt, I will never watch this idiot serie. It is really the most f*cked-up end of something I loved I have ever witnessed. I really hate this serie! How could you do this Josh Schwartz? I could you kill-off the best thing that is thill alive from season 1. With Marissa\'s dead their has been an official end of everything that was ever good of The OC. Taylor and Kailtin taking over, what a **** Ryan and Marissa never together, what a crap! I seriously hate this episode! Why can\'t I give this episode an 0? That\'s really what it deserves.
  • WTF did i just watch? help me? am i the only one left so confused? it was painful. not cause of death or that bs but...

    where do u go from here. i watch the show for 4 reasons. marissa, ryan, summer, and seth. their friendship. marissa is dead and that is sad yes. but this episode was so horribly put together without any real flow to it i really wasn\\\'t affected by it like previous seasons. there was too much going on that they tried to cram into less than an hour of tv. im sorry this episode dissapointed me because of that. and where does the show go from here. marissa is gone. but for the other 3 remaining friends who are (except for seth who isnt going til the spring semester) to college. will the show follow these characters to their seperate schools? and the littlest cooper is joining the cast?!?!!?! is this laguna beach???!?!?!!? (lc\\\'s sister is the focus of the 3rd season) seriously i\\\'m just frustrated cause im watching what was once one of the greatest show on tv decline to something i don\\\'t even know if i want to watch anymore! the o.c. is not the o.c. without ryan and seth, the two main characters! dont loose them! if i want to watch crap on tv than i will watch cbs. but come on people what are you doing?

    i just cant wait for season 4 to start up to see where they are going with all this and how they will handle the chaacters going to college....
  • DING DONG THE **** IS DEAD (the absolute WORST thing on TV bar none - take that, slaggart!!)

    The OC has gone downhill like a truck rolling down a hill over orphans. After a successful first season and a poor-to-mediocre second season, saved by a phenomenal cliffhanger ending, the third season brought with it a the kind of apocalyptic writing that should spell CANCELLATION if not for the legion of idiots who still watch it. Initially an intriguing clash of teenage/adult romance alongside actual class exploration (consider that Ryan entering the O.C. was not the catalyst for the upper class to explode, rather the upper class was already a melting pot who was able to use classism to blame Ryan for the problems that ensued) which is, in its horrible third season, reduced to pitiful soap opera complete with class hatred, characters acting out of character, nauseating forced drama and a complete lack of anything interesting. Marissa\'s death isn\'t a nail in the coffin, its the corpse farting.
  • Goodbye O.C

    When I started watching O.C there was 4 things that made me wanna see more: Summer and Seth, Marissa and Ryan.
    First season was great, second aswell.
    The third season was not that good. Ryan and Marissa fell more and more apart from eachother and I didn\'t like it.
    But I knew there was a possibility that they would become a couple again. Things worked out great in the begining of the episode and I thought that Ryan and Marissa would end up on Jimmys boat or on collage together. And what happened??
    BAAAM somebody smacked me right in the face.
    Kill Marissa??
    Coooome on, what were you thinking?
    You need a season four?? Why destroy something that was so beautiful? Remake this episode, make Ryan go to Berkley with Marissa and Seath and Summer go to Brown together.
    The last 5 min of this episode was the worst ever, and I need a miracle in episode 1 of season 4, else bye bye O.C!
  • marissa dies...

    i cant belive marissa is dead. how can they do that? that is so wrong.. like how can they do that to ryan?? everyone watched it for marissa and ryan.. next year will be awful.. no one is going to watch it. that is the worst thing they could possibly do... arghh!!!
  • The reason the series should have ended a long time ago.

    This episode is like most of the ones from series 3. Series one and two were awesome, fantastic, but series three was like the producers just ran out of good ideas and wanted to compete with One Tree Hill, and reuse old plotlines. This episode, the rest of season 3 should be avoided. The fact season 4 only has 16 episodes shows the producers realise the show has had its day. The show is reasonable, the actors are good, but the show tries to do more than it can. It's gone too Hollywood, it's trying to beat every other show rather than be it's own one.
    The show has bitten off more than it can chew and suffered the consequences.
  • This may not have been the series finale, but it basically sent the show straight for it!

    This is probably the dumbest episode ever made. This episode is the reason the show got cancelled. You can't just kill off the star of show and expect it to be accepted. That was a horrible move and the show payed for it in the end...after that episode things were never the same. The show was quickly set to be cancelled. Why didn't they just let Marissa leave instead of killing her. At least that way they could of brought her backed when the show bombed...which it did. This show could have gone on for plenty of more seasons had they not made that mistake.
  • I am so very disapointed! I\'ve been a huge fan of the OC since the very first episode, and now I just feel like the show really let me down.

    Why in the world would they kill off Marissa??? She was one of the main four that made the OC what it was, and now what; Katelyn is going to take her place!!! Give me a break! As a huge fan, I feel totally let down. I\'ve been a faithful fan since the very first episode and every thursday after that. It\'s just not fair! The show as I knew it, is over. I\'m not even looking forward to the fourth season. I\'ll probably peak in once in a while to see whats going on, but the show that I\'ve come to love and appriciate for all these years is officially over.
  • This is the most worst season finale The OC have ever made. What\'s the point of continuing to watch this. All they\'ll show in the next season is everyone being emo about Marissa\'s death and then they\'ll focus on her sister like who cares about her. Ca

    This season finale was very disappionting in my opinion. They just end it Marissa dead and that\\\'s all. No conclusion nothing. Well, of course there is no conclusion but it\\\'s obvious what will happen next. Without Marissa on the show what\\\'s the point of watching it anymore. I think how the end it was horrible, they is other ways to pull off a better ending. But this, it was a piece of crap. Sorry for being rude but this is my opinion and I am able to say whatever I feel like saying.
  • The episode honestly made me feel strange at the end and a little depressed. Killing Mischa Barton off the O.c. may have been a mistake. She will regret leaving the show. The ratings may even be poor next season. But we will just have to wait untill Nov

    I honestly thought this episode was medeokre. I was pleased that Sandy and Kirsten made up and that eveything looke good in the Cooper house hold and Ryan\'s mom has honestly been trying to clean up. It was surprising how she could afford her son a car though. I was just upset about the Marissa dying thing. She was always a victim and bad stuff hapened to her. She was supposed to finally be happy but now she's dead. She will probably be happier up there though than down her. There should have been a farewell kiss with Ryan & Marissa.
  • I’ve been waiting for this the whole season and the writers and producers finally managed to do it. The Show is OFFICIALLY RUINED.

    Honestly, I realize the writers and producers have a lot to live up to, seeing as the first two seasons did so well and all, but the season finale ended the show. I’m hoping to god that Ben Kunde, Stephanie Savage, Mc G or the genius behind this all Writer Josh Scwartz sees this…because if in fact Marissa is dead, say goodbye to The OC series.

    I’m not even a huge Marissa Cooper fan, but she was a pivotal character in the show. Her presence gave viewers the hope for better story lines with her in the future. I realize she wanted off the show, but if the writers were smart they would’ve kept it so that she sailed off with Jimmy and would hopefully someday return.

    I really liked the Jimmy character and the moment they got rid of him in the third episode of season 3 the balance would be disrupted on the show. The Cooper family fell apart and that placed the Cohen family under a lot of pressure to deliver drama to the show. That was definitely the first mistake of the season. The stories after that got really dry and drawn out, but fans still had hope that season 3 would pick up in the end. With Marissa telling the group that she was leaving to go sailing with her dad, the stage was set for Mischa Barton (the actress) to make her departure from the show. If they wanted the season to end in a big way they could’ve done the car crash scene but made Marissa have amnesia or put her in a coma. That way at least the fans get a sense of satisfaction in knowing that the character may return. The sad thing is that the writers have now worked themselves into a corner. They haven’t done much with the characters all season, and the new characters they added this season (ie. Taylor, Johnny, Volchok, Sadie, etc.) were used poorly, which will force them to rework old dried out story lines for next season. Seriously guys, keep it simple, and keep it within the old realm of things. Some of the greatest characters on the show (Jimmy, Luke, Anna, Haley) disappeared way too fast, and that forced writers to bring in new characters, but it was obvious even at the end of second season that things were best when it was just the Fantastic Four (Marissa, Summer, Seth and Ryan). Now you’ve eliminated one of the fantastic four members, and nobody’s going to accept Kaitlin as the new Cooper of the OC. So I seriously hope the creators have some ideas as to how to fix this because if not….Josh you messed up buddy!

  • Good lord. what have u done Josh ?

    The O.C. is probably one of the most popular shows among the teens in tv History,and yet Josh managed to complete destroy the show with that terrible ending, if u had a show named \\batman\\ for example and in the second season batman dies how the hell u will replace him? with hulk? every1 that whats the show knew it that somehow in the end Ryan would be with the only girl he really loved(the sweet and \\lost\\ Marissa)
    but now she is dead... Ok, we all heard she wanted to go away from the series and go to the movies thats fine but c\\mon, dont kill her, just tell us she will be fine after all of that and know she is moving to china or something like that and somehow on the last episode she would show up and tell ryan she loves him. For people like me that whats this show since day 1, the end of \\The Graduates\\ was the wrost thing that ever happened to this show since from it\\s start.

    Now that the fantastic four is gone, the real o.c. is pretty much dead, i think it will be a new show from season.

    I\\m not gonna lie, ive watched the 5 final minutes more then 10 times, and i stillcant believe what they did to Marissa i\\m trying to think if there is any chance she is not dead,but it seems impossible, this would have been an awesome ending if it was the show final episode, not the season finale, well the o.c. is pretty much going downhill now, since marissa took the spill,but i think all of us will always remember the best Show ever till the end of season 3.

    Well i think that it(sorry for my english), thanks for the best \\\'teen\\\' show ever, i will just ignore that end and try to imagine that it was the last episode from the show, and star to create the possibilites about what could ryan do about her death, and summer.. R.I.P. Marissa.
  • Is it me or did anyone else get duped? My TV listings went on about Sandy having a heart attack! Did they do this to hide the real story from rumour mongerers?!

    Is it me or did anyone else get duped? My TV listings went on about Sandy having a heart attack! Did they do this to hide the real story from rumour mongerers?! Otherwise I though it was pretty awful and they\\\'ll be losing a loyal fan of 3 seasons id they angle the plotlines around Kaitlin next year :{
    All of this time I have spent watching the OC, all the highs and lows, all just to whizzle out and fade away like this just cos mischa Barton got too big for her boots. Sure her acting was abysmal anyway, but that last look Ryan gave her when he said \\\'You never know\\\' as in we may get together in the future really got my hopes up!
  • I don't think I'm going to watch next season.

    That ruined it for me. She was one of the main characters. She brought so much drama to the show. It's going to be so different next season, and not for the best. I wish it never happened. They should have just made Marissa move or something, so if she had to come back she could. But whatever, i think it ruined the show.
  • A frustratingly weak finale.

    The third season finale of The O.C. triggers on an event--the occurrence of an act that will irreversibly change the series as we know it. Shamelessly advertised by FOX the preceding week to contain the death of a major player, the episode falls victim to its own insatiable need to shock in an example of what happens when you focus on the twist above all else. The ensuing events amount to nothing more than a few scattered notes all building to a pre-ordained crescendo, in an episode so dependent on its cliffhanger ending that it fails to make the first 40 minutes worth their weight. Viewers would be treated to three acts of teaser material, all crammed in to serve as exposition before the grand finale, the usual writing genius prevalent in all the best O.C. episodes sorely lacking. Resolutions to season-long plot lines come in the form of deeply unsatisfying scenes, wrapped up with seemingly no effort, shoved aside in preparation for a finale that would fail to live up to expectations. The ending--a shocking idea on paper--transpires as a watered-down mess on screen that lacks any of the emotional impact it should have after three year's worth of viewing. The end result is an extremely unsatisfying episode, made all the worse by the hype involved. But all is not lost--there are a few moments of genuine O.C. bliss. The Fab Four graduate in true O.C. glory--a bittersweet, heartfelt ceremony all set to the perfect song. It is the light in darkness in this otherwise abysmal episode. Watch it for the biggest event in The O.C.'s entire run, but don't say I didn't warn you when you walk away with a bad taste in your mouth. This episode truly deserved better.
  • they graduates!!have fun... Seth n Summer will go to rhode island while marissa decide to go with his dad as a maid... but everything turns upside down.on the way to airport,Marissa n Ryan got a car accident that killed Maris

    this is a sad eppisode. i knew that marissa will be dead in the end (i read it in magazine) but i couldn't believe it till i watch the episode...

    marissa has saying goodbye to everyone,feels like she's saying goodbye to the audience too..,

    it's a sad one..especially when ryan hug marissa n there is a flashback the first time ryan met marissa...i felt like wanna cry,still want to if i remember it

    u know it's weird the oc without Marissa coz she is one of OC's core four...
  • no review... i'm pissed off.......

    omg, what are the writers thinking? Are they that mad to Mischa Barton... i love this show but now that the ryan-marissa love theme is dead, i don\'t know if im gonna watch this show again... their story is what livens the show and your killing one of them!!!!! bad choice...Well i hope some kind of ressurection will happen to marissa cause many fans of the show will disappear, i know i would...

    So do some ressurection people....
  • Stupid Episode!

    I don't get it! Why do they have to kill Marissa off? So what if Mischa Barton want's to get out? You don't go and kill someone so "special", that's not right. If Mischa want's to try her wings elsewhere put Marissa in a coma, or let her be with her father on that boat like it was said, but to kill her? Jeeesus.

    I didn't really like this episode, not only for the killing of Marissa but also for the way it all went. Before dying she got "the fab life", all problems with Julie was solwed, she graduated from High School (and there were doubts about that), she re-bonded with Ryan, it all went to get a nice exit! And that made it too much, I think I would like it much more if she just got an ending, not that happy one like she did.

    I don't know if 'OC' will keep the same good quality now after the death of Marissa, the focus will change to Kaitlin and her life, and it will be the same thing over again. So if i will continue watching "The OC" after this is still a question!
  • Finally everything is not gonna be about Marissa anymore!

    Until the last second of the episode I thought we would've to wait until next season to know if she's alive but no clearly she's already dead and I think this can be great for the show. Until now it was all about Marissa, I didn't like her character she was too selfish and she has always done silly things just to piss off her mom! She didn't care about her friends and Ryan who would've done anything for her. I'm happy she's gone! Hopefully by the end of the summer Ryan, Seth and Summer will move on.
    About the episode itself I didn't like it I thought it would be breathtaking like the One Tree hill Season finale (I was so shocked!) but it wasn't at all. I really wonder: What is next???
  • How far down hill can this series roll

    They should have ended this series by now. There is nowhere left to go and the characters are not interesting enough to sustain us into college, unlike Dawson's Creek where they all had interests and believable issues to deal with.

    I am glad Marissa is gone, her character had disintegrated into soap opera (not Micha Barton's fault and she did well to get out when did). The actors are ok but not talented or skilled enough to cope with such absurd material.

    In ten years everyone is going to look back at this show and cringe. Not unlike we do for 90210.
  • Marissa's death - best thing ever happened on the set. Ryan, move on. Kaitlin, stop being a wannabe. Anna, come back now. Sandy and Kirsten, you make me watch this show. Taylor, you rock.

    Funnily enough, I didn't realise this was going to be the season finale until Marissa kind of, you know, died in Ryan's arms. Then again, as unexpected as it was, I didn't feel profound sadness or anything close to that, because my mind was preoccupied with Ryan's future. Finally! He can get on with his life and stop finding substitutes to occupy him while Marissa and him have the latest timeout. Maybe there's hope for the show after all, if Ryan finds someone decent like Sadie again.

    Bring Anna back! Spark the Seth-Summer romance again! We definitely need to do that because despite Seth's innumerable transgressions, the end result is the same: Summer forgives, Seth forgets. It's so rehashed and utterly inane.

    Taylor needs more screentime for sure. And stop Kaitlin already for her desperate wannabe plot to take over Harbor. It's so high-school and totally boring to watch her being Marissa: The Sequel. Seriously, just bring back Jimmy and Hailey, let them move in with Julie to take care of Kaitlin or something. Then the show should just end at Season 3, because the plot's getting nowhere.
  • The last 10 minutes were the best; the rest of this episode was ok.

    I had another chance to watch this episode on the TV this morning and I didn’t.
    Not because Marissa’s death made me cry but because this episode wasn’t one I wanted to see again. The final 5 or 10 minutes were the only ones that really gripped me the rest of the episode was ok but I didn’t think it was worth a 10. Marissa wasn’t my favourite character because she always seemed to be dragging Ryan into her mess. Now the O.C can concentrate more on the other characters.
  • This episode was so so so sad. I hated seeing Marissa die.

    I don't know how good the show will be next year. Even though i really only watch the oc because of seth and summer, marissa is part of the core four. What is summer gonna do without marissa? When there's really only 4 leads, you can't kill one of them off. They can't replace marissa. nobody else is marissa. I think they made a mistake, but we'll see what happens. Otherwise, i think it was a really good episode. I couldn't stop crying through the whole thing. When Ryan was carrying marissa, that almost killed me. It was so sad.
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