The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • DING DONG THE **** IS DEAD (the absolute WORST thing on TV bar none - take that, slaggart!!)

    The OC has gone downhill like a truck rolling down a hill over orphans. After a successful first season and a poor-to-mediocre second season, saved by a phenomenal cliffhanger ending, the third season brought with it a the kind of apocalyptic writing that should spell CANCELLATION if not for the legion of idiots who still watch it. Initially an intriguing clash of teenage/adult romance alongside actual class exploration (consider that Ryan entering the O.C. was not the catalyst for the upper class to explode, rather the upper class was already a melting pot who was able to use classism to blame Ryan for the problems that ensued) which is, in its horrible third season, reduced to pitiful soap opera complete with class hatred, characters acting out of character, nauseating forced drama and a complete lack of anything interesting. Marissa\'s death isn\'t a nail in the coffin, its the corpse farting.
  • who think that marissa and ryan arent the perfect couple and shouldn't end togher? really in a god show you don't do things like this kill one of the principal carecters and whith this kill the ipots for ryand and marissa end up togther

    i love the oc i have senn this show since the frist episod and for me ryan and marissa are trly the perfecr couple althoug some times i'm seak of they broke and get toghether a lot of times in one sesan but afeter all they look so quite that all passe for me the greats moments of them was in the firts episods like the model home But in the end i realy expect that they will and togher so this sesan and especialy this episod was realy desepointg for me because althou they havent be togther in a long time marissa in suposted to get way and as this isn't enouth they kill her???? really whats mater whith you guys the principal careters never dies and alwas end up togther
  • Graduation is coming, and eventhough there have been some troubles within the Cohen family, Kirsten and Sandy are proud of their boys who are going to get graduated. Dawn has come to visit Newport and has a gift for Ryan. Marissa receives a letter from Ji

    I hate The OC! I loved it for two years, but I promised myself, unless Marissa is still alive, whitch I seriously doubt, I will never watch this idiot serie. It is really the most f*cked-up end of something I loved I have ever witnessed. I really hate this serie! How could you do this Josh Schwartz? I could you kill-off the best thing that is thill alive from season 1. With Marissa\'s dead their has been an official end of everything that was ever good of The OC. Taylor and Kailtin taking over, what a **** Ryan and Marissa never together, what a crap! I seriously hate this episode! Why can\'t I give this episode an 0? That\'s really what it deserves.
  • Its about freakin time!!

    I\'m sorry for all of you who love this show and love Marissa, but thank GOD that she got pwned!!! I mean it was about time SOMEONE died on that show...she can do better tv!! The O.C used to be good, really good I was addicted to the first season and couldn\'t stop watching it, then season two hit and it all went to crap, then season three rolled around and just far to much drama for a drama show..there\'s drama and then there\'s just ludicris story lines and people sleeping with each other, which was what the show pretty much was.

    So in closing good for you Marissa for dieing in a car crash, finally the writers did something right!!
  • Finally everything is not gonna be about Marissa anymore!

    Until the last second of the episode I thought we would've to wait until next season to know if she's alive but no clearly she's already dead and I think this can be great for the show. Until now it was all about Marissa, I didn't like her character she was too selfish and she has always done silly things just to piss off her mom! She didn't care about her friends and Ryan who would've done anything for her. I'm happy she's gone! Hopefully by the end of the summer Ryan, Seth and Summer will move on.
    About the episode itself I didn't like it I thought it would be breathtaking like the One Tree hill Season finale (I was so shocked!) but it wasn't at all. I really wonder: What is next???
  • As Ryan, Seth, and Summer get ready to go off to college, Marissa has to decide between college and another offer. Ryan\'s mom comes into town for the graduation. Sandy and Kirsten are finally getting back to good terms. Kaitlin comes home for good.

    I loved this episode! For a while (in the middle of the third season) it was getting kind of boring, but this episode pulled it all back together and proved to myself why I watch this show in the first place. I am, however, crushed that Marissa is done with the show. Micsha Barton claims that her character \'has gone through so much\' and \'there\'s just nothing left for her\' but I still am sad to see her leave. She was honestly my favorite character. I\'m also not too sure what\'s it\'s going to be like adding new characters (like Kaitlin). They are doing it with Laguna Beach too and I think it\'s a mistake. It will just throw the whole show off balance. But, anyway, great episode! **Everyone should go on iTunes and download Imogen Heap's new track "Speeding Cars" (as heard in this episode)
  • The only OC character that I hate died, so everything turns out great

    This Episode is one of the best. because it was touching and something really important happens:

    Marissa Cooper died in this episode. I was kind of feeling this was gonna happen, because it was eather this or she was going to europe and we would never hear about her again.

    And since she died, I'm kind of glad to think we will never see Marissa in an other OC episode.

    I am wondering how Ryan Seth Summer and the other people from orange county are going to react. Are Seth Ryan and Summer gonna go to an other College to stay together and close to home???
  • Watch Video Julie and Marissa have a huge disagreement. After having a heart attack, Sandy is rushed to the hospital. Kirsten and Seth are devastated. Taylor and Summer spy on Dr. Roberts. Ryan drops by Theresa's apartment to talk but she is not alone, Ed

    OMG i really hope Mariisa doesn't die like what the hell. I HATE Volloch right now SOOOOO much!!!! She's not going to appear in the fourth season i have 3 sources you can disagree or agree with this review but it's (might be) the truth!!!I hate to say that but it ight! I really hope Mischa changes her mind and acually be's on the fourth season becaue on one of my sources it does say that she is quitting to start acting on movies! But she can't do this like only being 3 characters in the fourth season is retarted!!
  • This was bad, bad, bad! The acting absolutely sucked, but to the actors' credit, they didn't have much to go on from the writers. It was a bad season finale. I have never seen anything so disappointing.

    This was bad, bad, bad! The acting absolutely sucked, but to the actors' credit, they didn't have much to go on from the writers. It was a bad season finale. I have never seen anything so disappointing.

    I cry SOO easily and I never cried once. I mean why did Marissa not have some loving dying words for Ryan? They set it up that way with all the flashbacks and a little of making up in the foyer.

    This show will never make it another full season. It's gotten to be a disgrace to the comparisons people make to 90210. Disgusting.
  • What marissa dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is like the worst ending ever!!!You Had me watching 3 entire seasons just to see this?Whoever wrote the senario did perfect in ruining the show.Why should anyone watch a 4th season?I hope there wont be one unless you find a way to put marissa back in the show beacause otherwise no reason to be a 4th one.In season 4 Ryan would definitly kill that guy,he would go to jail and theres summer and Seth left.Well no Ryan no Seth,No Seth no Summer.Since there isnt anyone left there is no OC!!!!!!!!!!!.I thought OC and Smallville were my favorite shows but now OC isnt even close!!!!!!!!!
  • Well Marrisa is finally dead and it's sad but at least it gives us something to look forward to next season.

    Well you kind of knew when an OC episode starts off all happy you just know something is going to go wrong in fact Marrisa actually cause that situation to develope-when volchuk asked to talk to her she should explain it's over instead of running away. She kind of forced his hand

    Yeah it's going to be intresting to see what happend in season 4 because now that they moved away, how will it all be set in, will it be 2 diffrent places?, anyway i'm happy to see kaitlyn back. it look like she going to cause trouble in season 4-espically that line'now marrisa gone-i can rule harbour'

    Still they no-way Marrisa is coming back and i'm probably guessing Ryan going to go on a rampage and find Vlochuk and finish it off. Julie going to be upset and crying-that's what i call acting Racheal (summer) & Adam (seth) weren't crying because marrisa was leaving they were crying because she going die. They knew it in advanced

    Sandy back to his D.A job kirsten is happy and apart from marrisa death everything back to where it's suppose to be.
  • It wasn\\\'t good.

    Come on, people. What did you expect? Her character became so wishy washy this season: After her new dad died, her other dad left, and she was stuck in a public high school, Marissa changed from the other group. They did people a favour by getting rid of her: Now they can focus on the other three, who still have a legitimate story.
  • read on

    OMG it\'s so obvious she\'s dead! they told us in the newspaper ecause she hates palying marissa. So get over it. This season has been terrible. this was the only episode i acually like. Volchuk is a mess up.. like who does that? He screwed up wiht Marissa any girl would be stupid to take someone like taht back. I just feel bad for Ryan because he still liked her and everytihng always happends o him (his brother, dad, mom, marissa, fights, etc. ) and he is always there when someone dies.. like marissa AND Johnny. man i hated johny.. ok im out!

  • A shocking and surprising episode and a tear jerker that i could not predict but leaves the door open for a unknown season 4,

    Firstly there was so much misinformation about this episode i mean sandy having a heart attack and meeting up with Theresa to decide over the baby, the bait shop burning down!!, all of did not appear even the fox text said that sandy will have a hear attack , but no !! The person wring the blurb for fox should be fired for putting misleading info,

    Enough of my rant on to the episode,
    I thought is was really sad the way Marrissa died, (Yes she did die even says that on the fox recap of the ep on the official oc website), i though the way they did it was a bit silly that Ryan did not not even try to stop a crash for happening by slowing down at all he just said it will be OK, but the scene where she dies is excellent, the music picked was excellent making it very poignant and it was right that if she was going to die it was in his arms , that is the 2nd person he has seen die!!! ,

    The rest of the episode was very good reflecting over the past seasons and everybody making up, especially the time in the model home but i herd that ms Barton wasn not turning up on the set on time and wanted to leave and her story line was a bit crap especially the johnny episode so it makes sense for her to leave but i was a bit shocked the way they did it.

    This season as a whole was not as good as s1 or 2 only the last run of episodes was good in my opinion, but now that she is dead, What are they going to do???? i mean everybody is off to uni except Katlin , will be interesting to find out and the first and second ep will decide whether i will watch the rest of the season
    Tear jerking ep on the whole!!!, left me sad feeling and could not believe that she had died!!, how will the others cope??
  • This isn't the series finale, but it should be treated as if it was...

    Marissa Cooper says goodbye to everyone and then dies... Summer and Seth are going to Rhode Island to further their studies...
    Everyone is leaving, and how does the show continue?? Somehow it manages to.. By bringing in new cast... Sounds like Ally McBeal and Alias... Those two shows klled characters and brought in new ones to give the show a new spin.. But how will that be enough when past examples have shown that the show wouldn't last very long after that?? Of course, we learn that Seth and Summer don't really leave Orange County, and Ryan is studying in Berkley, which isn't that far off... So, not everyone is gone... But Marissa stays dead... It's like Destiny's Child continuing as a duo without Beyonce in it... The star drama queen is gone... Who is going to replace her?? And would the drama be recycled from what has happened in the past?? Well, we'll have to see...
  • sad sad episode if you cry at sad movies dont watch this it will scar u if you love the oc.

    it was sooo sad i started cryin i cudnt help it i nearly wanted 2 stop watchin oc cos of it but i didnt cos i lyk it 2 much b4 i watched series 4 i had this insane idea that she might get better that ryan might take her to the hospital and thyed fix it but oc will never be the same again summer changes after marissa s death and so did i ! soooo sad i cant belive she s gone it will make me paranoid after all she went thru it was soooooo sad i coul;dent belive it pooor ryan and summ i just thought i hated oliver turns out compared to volchec hes a tree hugger!
  • I'm totally shaking as i type this..i just finished watching this episode (for the first time) about 2 minutes ago.. =[[ WHY DID THEY HAVE KILL HER!??!

    Though i admit i knew this was going to happen because a few years ago i remember this being questioned on E! news the day after it aired about whether marissa really died or not..i just started watching this show only 2 weeks ago (all eps in order)

    I hate to admit it but i've been wanting to watch this episode really badly (to see how she dies)ha...its 4:30 am right now.

    The way she dies is really emotional (or at least it was for me). It was all slow motion and the flashback part made me almost cry (i was too busy shaking from shock). i was hoping deep inside that it was all a joke and that it was like this thing all fans did to get others to watch it or something..

    Anyway back to reviewing, Mischa Barton and Ben Mckenzie (i hope i spelled his name right)did an awesome job working together. i admit i was really disappointed when the time came when she died that they weren't really together, but you could totally tell they had feelings for each other.

    If there is any fan out there who hasn't watched this episode, i think they def should consider it. A death of a main character is definitely not the best idea for a show (since this is mostly why the show went completely rock bottom after this-mischa no longer here).

    That's all i have to say. I'm going to watch a bit of the first ep of season four. I heard something about ryan crying in a bar so it sounds interesting.
  • Graduation for marissa summer ryan seth and taylor approaches but marissa deals with volchoks appearences and choosing if she wants to go work with her dad (bye bye newport) ryans mom comes back clean and a with a new car! but all that changes when they w

    Is this gypped? i mean how many oc episodes have marissa nearly dying? and the same song over and over! Things go slow in this season finale but its still funny only when willa holland appears with her boob-talking humor. In the oc everything cant go well but always does. So bye bye marissa shes long gone off the show after her suprise death at the end of the episode seth and summer can still be together but poor ryan everything goes wrong for him. Maybe next season kirsten and sandy will divorce after they stop fighting and stop drinking themselves to a horrible life.
  • A foreshaodowing of Marrisa's demise, which I think was a great plot decision because it gave us new material to work with for a 4th season.

    Doesn't get any better than this.....As I quote Sany Cohen from this episode: Thers has been tragedy, comedy, loved found and love lost...need I say more. i get all happy when they are in the pool at the model home playing, laughing, crying, bittersweet. Then the life w/out ryan converstaion....there would be no Seth or Summer. Phew I am so glad that brooding young man fell onto the Cohen's doorsteps. I think the ending was a little over the top, Ryan carrying a dead Marissa, just like in the TJ episode season 2. Kinda of symbolic of their relationship, Ryan was always there for her in an over the top kind of way.
  • OK... this is what The OC is about... evolution.

    OK... this is what The OC is about... evolution. Moving characters on more than any other show of its kind has dared to before. I normally hate this kind of show but with such clever writing and well orchestrated plot lines I find myself actually caring about these characters and I thought that this was a great way to, as it were, close this group off making way for the new batch of players to come forward in season 4.
  • Final episode of season 3- time to say goodbye to a main charector

    What can I say about this episode? It was without a doupt the greatest episode of any show I have ever seen.

    It was happy (Graduation), exciting (car crash), and of, course, terrible, terrible sad. Marissa Cooper will be sorely missed by millions of fans around the world (especially me).

    "Hallaluah" was the perfect music to be played for the saddest moment in OC history.

    The writing by Josh Scwartz (sorry bout the spelling)and team was excellent and the cast went above and beyond in what started out as a really happy one, and ends up as the saddest momant in recent TV history.

    Marissa Cooper will missed by many. Farewell Marissa. You will be missed. A great episode. I ended up in tears

    "Its a cold and its a lonely Hallaluah."
  • haloo i think that it was the best episode i EVER seen

    i just started to cry like a baby i was soo sad....And i am so f**king angry at that f***ing volchek i just HATE him why why why marissa she was the BEST and i don\'t understand why they brocke up ///Am not so good at english //im from sweden can\'t write an mor now so i do like this..... m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m mm m m m mmmm m
  • It's graduation day for Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa at Harbor High School.Marissa is going to spend a year on a boat with her father as her graduation gift.Seth finally got into RISD for second semester.Volchok is still mad at Marissa and Ryan so he d

    This was without a doubt the best episode ever on this show. It all started great, with the graduation (nice music by the way, imogen heap right?) and the diner at the Yacht Club, and Ryan getting his car.
    But then the trouble began, with Volchock interfering with things again, ooohh I hate that guy so much!
    Well then the Model Home thing was up next, so nice, very well done!!
    Another good thing about the episode was Sandy wanting to go back to the DA office!
    It all seemed to go very well, so everybody knew something was gonna happen.
    Then that son of a b*tch Volchock desided to run Ryans car of the road, because he couldn't have Marissa.
    The car tumbled down the hill and when ryan woke up he saw gas leeking and a starting fire. So he got Marissa out of the car and carried here just like the time he found here passed out on her driveway and in Tijuna (nice flashbacks!)well after that Ryan wants to get help but Marissa begs him to stay so he does, he probably sees that no amount of help is going to save her life.
    Then she dies, and Ryan starts crying between some (again) flashbacks, so sad I couldn't help but start crying myself, and the music was great aswell, Imogen Heap with Jeff Buckley's; Halleluja! This definitely was a really tragic episode, but I think it's for the best Marissa is gone, though I still think Ryan and Marissa were ment for eachother.. I'm really curious about next season, I can hardly wait to see how the fab four (now three) copes with this and how Kaitlin and Julie do..( I like it that Caitlins back btw!)
    Well I'm gonna tune in for season 4, thats for sure!!
  • i can not believe that they killed marissa it\'s just so stupid she\'s being in every episode of the o.c unlike summer who was not even suppose to be a star i mean in a i really don\'t think i can watch the o.c again but i will

    this was a bad show not really bad but what happened in it was bad they killed marissa i mean why really she has been in this show since day one and she has made it so dramatic and know they just decieded tyo kill i mean why not taylor or somthing but marissa it\'s just so sad i mean what\'s ryan gonna do she\'s was like his real first love and know she\'s gone i really don\'t think i can watch the o.c ever again but i will for the show and to see what they do after her
  • I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.

    I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.
    I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.
    I LOVE KAITLIN! The one good thing in this episode, AND next season. I hope they don't kill her off or send her away too.
    filled 100 words yet?
  • The episode honestly made me feel strange at the end and a little depressed. Killing Mischa Barton off the O.c. may have been a mistake. She will regret leaving the show. The ratings may even be poor next season. But we will just have to wait untill Nov

    I honestly thought this episode was medeokre. I was pleased that Sandy and Kirsten made up and that eveything looke good in the Cooper house hold and Ryan\'s mom has honestly been trying to clean up. It was surprising how she could afford her son a car though. I was just upset about the Marissa dying thing. She was always a victim and bad stuff hapened to her. She was supposed to finally be happy but now she's dead. She will probably be happier up there though than down her. There should have been a farewell kiss with Ryan & Marissa.
  • Is it me or did anyone else get duped? My TV listings went on about Sandy having a heart attack! Did they do this to hide the real story from rumour mongerers?!

    Is it me or did anyone else get duped? My TV listings went on about Sandy having a heart attack! Did they do this to hide the real story from rumour mongerers?! Otherwise I though it was pretty awful and they\\\'ll be losing a loyal fan of 3 seasons id they angle the plotlines around Kaitlin next year :{
    All of this time I have spent watching the OC, all the highs and lows, all just to whizzle out and fade away like this just cos mischa Barton got too big for her boots. Sure her acting was abysmal anyway, but that last look Ryan gave her when he said \\\'You never know\\\' as in we may get together in the future really got my hopes up!
  • A frustratingly weak finale.

    The third season finale of The O.C. triggers on an event--the occurrence of an act that will irreversibly change the series as we know it. Shamelessly advertised by FOX the preceding week to contain the death of a major player, the episode falls victim to its own insatiable need to shock in an example of what happens when you focus on the twist above all else. The ensuing events amount to nothing more than a few scattered notes all building to a pre-ordained crescendo, in an episode so dependent on its cliffhanger ending that it fails to make the first 40 minutes worth their weight. Viewers would be treated to three acts of teaser material, all crammed in to serve as exposition before the grand finale, the usual writing genius prevalent in all the best O.C. episodes sorely lacking. Resolutions to season-long plot lines come in the form of deeply unsatisfying scenes, wrapped up with seemingly no effort, shoved aside in preparation for a finale that would fail to live up to expectations. The ending--a shocking idea on paper--transpires as a watered-down mess on screen that lacks any of the emotional impact it should have after three year's worth of viewing. The end result is an extremely unsatisfying episode, made all the worse by the hype involved. But all is not lost--there are a few moments of genuine O.C. bliss. The Fab Four graduate in true O.C. glory--a bittersweet, heartfelt ceremony all set to the perfect song. It is the light in darkness in this otherwise abysmal episode. Watch it for the biggest event in The O.C.'s entire run, but don't say I didn't warn you when you walk away with a bad taste in your mouth. This episode truly deserved better.
  • they graduates!!have fun... Seth n Summer will go to rhode island while marissa decide to go with his dad as a maid... but everything turns upside down.on the way to airport,Marissa n Ryan got a car accident that killed Maris

    this is a sad eppisode. i knew that marissa will be dead in the end (i read it in magazine) but i couldn't believe it till i watch the episode...

    marissa has saying goodbye to everyone,feels like she's saying goodbye to the audience too..,

    it's a sad one..especially when ryan hug marissa n there is a flashback the first time ryan met marissa...i felt like wanna cry,still want to if i remember it

    u know it's weird the oc without Marissa coz she is one of OC's core four...
  • no review... i'm pissed off.......

    omg, what are the writers thinking? Are they that mad to Mischa Barton... i love this show but now that the ryan-marissa love theme is dead, i don\'t know if im gonna watch this show again... their story is what livens the show and your killing one of them!!!!! bad choice...Well i hope some kind of ressurection will happen to marissa cause many fans of the show will disappear, i know i would...

    So do some ressurection people....
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