The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • WTF did i just watch? help me? am i the only one left so confused? it was painful. not cause of death or that bs but...

    where do u go from here. i watch the show for 4 reasons. marissa, ryan, summer, and seth. their friendship. marissa is dead and that is sad yes. but this episode was so horribly put together without any real flow to it i really wasn\\\'t affected by it like previous seasons. there was too much going on that they tried to cram into less than an hour of tv. im sorry this episode dissapointed me because of that. and where does the show go from here. marissa is gone. but for the other 3 remaining friends who are (except for seth who isnt going til the spring semester) to college. will the show follow these characters to their seperate schools? and the littlest cooper is joining the cast?!?!!?! is this laguna beach???!?!?!!? (lc\\\'s sister is the focus of the 3rd season) seriously i\\\'m just frustrated cause im watching what was once one of the greatest show on tv decline to something i don\\\'t even know if i want to watch anymore! the o.c. is not the o.c. without ryan and seth, the two main characters! dont loose them! if i want to watch crap on tv than i will watch cbs. but come on people what are you doing?

    i just cant wait for season 4 to start up to see where they are going with all this and how they will handle the chaacters going to college....
  • It was brilliant. But I can never watch it again. No way. The OC is dead.

    Goodbye OC, that's all I can say. I never thought I'd say it. I've had a three year love affair with this show. Through the good the bad, the love the hate, the smiles and the cringes. Sometimes the writing was brilliant, and sometimes it was just crap. They created the idea of the perfect couple in Ryan and Marissa then they destroyed their own creation. But I went through it all, all in the faith and hope that Ryan and Marissa would pull through in the end... after all that's how it's spozed to go right? So why the bloody hell is Marissa dead?!??! I mean come on Josh, if you wanted viewers, firing Mischa Barton was definately not the road to take. Firstly, the OC is about FOUR people. Seth, Summer, RYan and MARISSA. It's about TWO TEEN COUPLES: S/S and R/M. It is NOT about "out with the old, in with the new because our scriptwriters didn't pass their college finals." Love or hate Marissa, she was the glue of this show; her and her relationship with Ryan. She was the character who kept it interesting. The bottom-line is, I watched this show, and I loved this show for Ryan and Marissa. And now they are gone, so I am gone too. I am not going to hang about watching Ryan move on and find someone else. I am not going to endure watching Kaitlin attempt to fill the shoes Mischa has left for her to fill. It's not worth it. And Josh it's your own bloody fault. You created this show and now you've killed it. You've killed the original couple, and you've lost what I thought was a TRUE and ETERNAL fan. Goodbye OC.
  • This may not have been the series finale, but it basically sent the show straight for it!

    This is probably the dumbest episode ever made. This episode is the reason the show got cancelled. You can't just kill off the star of show and expect it to be accepted. That was a horrible move and the show payed for it in the end...after that episode things were never the same. The show was quickly set to be cancelled. Why didn't they just let Marissa leave instead of killing her. At least that way they could of brought her backed when the show bombed...which it did. This show could have gone on for plenty of more seasons had they not made that mistake.
  • I am so very disapointed! I\'ve been a huge fan of the OC since the very first episode, and now I just feel like the show really let me down.

    Why in the world would they kill off Marissa??? She was one of the main four that made the OC what it was, and now what; Katelyn is going to take her place!!! Give me a break! As a huge fan, I feel totally let down. I\'ve been a faithful fan since the very first episode and every thursday after that. It\'s just not fair! The show as I knew it, is over. I\'m not even looking forward to the fourth season. I\'ll probably peak in once in a while to see whats going on, but the show that I\'ve come to love and appriciate for all these years is officially over.
  • A well structured episode...a definite favourite as far as season finales go. I used up a box of kleenex however.

    After this episode i stared at the screen for about ten minutes waiting for it to come back on...say that they were joking. I really did not see that coming. I didnt even like the character of marissa too much this season, and still, the ending moved me. Anyway, not to forget the rest of the episode, which was fantastic. I think the graduation was really powerful. The look on Dawn\'s face was truly wonderful, the pride and the joy of actually having a success in the family. Sandy\'s cheer made me laugh as it was such a \"Sandy\" thing to say. Julie beamed, which made me smile even more...lets just say the whole scene left me with some sore cheekbones. Ok...back to the main focus on the episode. I think the way Marissa died was the best way that Josh should have seen fit to end it. Some people say that they should have told each other that they loved eachother...however, i think the silence was very \"them\". They had never been very good with words. Not to say that the silence wasn\'t certainly made me hold my breath. Oh, and then came the tears. Imogen Heap\'s Hallelujah hit me as soon as Ryan started walking away from the car with Marissa in his arms. The flashbacks were extremely well put together and made it even more of a tearjerker. A FANTASTIC episode...and one that to this day makes me blubber like a baby.
  • Good luck Ryan, goodbye Marissa…I will always remember your story…


    I don’t care if Marissa lives, I don’t care if we’ll see her again in the show. Maybe I’ll continue to watch O.C. if it will be interesting,(although with that annoying Kaitlin I’m not sure) but The O.C. that I watched and loved ended with Ryan completing the three year incredible journey from Chino to Berkeley, from meeting high school perfect Marissa to being the last person to hold her alive.

    I’m not a tv person, yet I liked this show like it was a part of my life. Probably because of the resemblance between the character Ryan and me, or because the life that he had in those three years was my ultimate dream. And when I first seen an episode (the model home) I was stunned, and intrigued about what Ryan’s future will be in the apparently perfect world that he’d arrived. It was only a show, but watching it for years, since episode one, and watching Ryan and Marissa grow and mature to such an extent, make me attached to their incredible story and make me relive in a way the tragic-beautiful years of high school. This show was from the first time about Ryan and how his relationship with the world of Newport Beach, perfectly represented by Marissa, develops . Over time, I have watched him taking the heart of the Marissa, fighting for her, almost dying for her, losing her and winning her again. Many moments of joy emerged, many tears, but in the end, it was a memorable time. And I think that, in the world of teen drama, there never was and there will never be another couple like Ryan and Marissa.

    I still feel sad and even sick about this ending, and I’ll probably always be when I’ll watch again this episode, giving the intense nature of the last minutes and the contrast between the joyful moment of graduation and, towards the end, the sad trip down memory lane and the shocking ending with those superbly placed flashbacks , but it was the tragic-perfect finish to the show as we know it. Marissa represented the very essence of Newport , and , as the graduate Ryan completes his voyage, by going to college, he must leave behind this world and, thus, Marissa. It’s a perfect metaphor to how the years of high school fly by and how, when you make a difficult journey, the people that were beside you finally get lost into beautiful memories…
    And now, in the end, all I can say is: Thanks for these three years, it's been a privilege making the journey with you!

    Good luck Ryan, goodbye Marissa…I will always remember your story…
  • In an episode that looks back on the past three seasons before addressing the future, some issues are settled, others are postponed and groundwork is laid for season four.


    Harbor High School’s Class of 2006 celebrates graduation and like all graduates they are happy and hopeful even if everyone’s future is not yet clear

    Previews had foreshadowed the ending (someone will die) and it was public knowledge for some time that Mischa Barton wanted to leave the series so it was logical that Marissa was the victim. However, the story line pointed her toward another fate when Marissa decides to postpone college, join her father and sail around the world.

    This hopeful ending faded away when Volchok, the surf bum, began stalking Marissa and in the end her death and Ryan’s attempt at one more dramatic rescue was anticlimactic.

    The rest of the cast’s performance was unusually flat. I judge acting quality by my reaction to the characters and my belief in the reality of their actions. Using this criterion I found the episode a bit “over the top”. Not “Jumps the Shark” but unbelievable. Even the old pros of the cast, Peter Gallagher and Melinda Clarke delivered their lines with a lack conviction.

    In the end “The Graduates” is less an end of the third season but instead resets the series for season four with Kaitlin moving back to Newport to fill the blank left by her departed sister. The fate of Seth and Summer is also unsure. Seth will spend fall semester at home and Summer will be at Brown (setting up a often doomed long distance relationship) before starting art school in January and will Ryan faces life as a freshman at Cal-Berkley alone.

    My conclusion! Next season may be interesting but it also will be a new series.
  • I thought Sandie was supposed to die?

    Killing off Marissa was the last thing that I expected from this show but with all of the dying that happens in this show I guess it can be expected. I agree with Marissa leaving the show, but I think that dying went a little too far. From the beginning it was obvious that their relationship was to be the center of the show, and now what? I mean I know that Marissa was not the best girlfriend for Ryan, but I don\'t think that a lot of the fans or Seth are ready to see the nail in the coffin. Plus all of Ryan\'s good relationships never seem to last, like with Lindsay or Sadie. And I am not too happy with the idea of Marissa\'s sister becoming a series regular. If she becomes the main focus of the show then my watching the show stops here.
  • The end of OC as we know it?

    Although a gripping episode with concluding flashbacks, one wonders if this signals the series finale as far as I\'m concerned. Unfortunately for life, all good things must come to an end at some point. The OC has had three spectacular seasons, but it is apparent that something this cool cannot last forever. Hearing of a season four is bittersweet, as stretching it out may ruin its status. It sounds as if a story based on Marissa\'s younger sister may make for another season, but it won\'t ever be the OC I knew and loved. Yea, that one that expressed so many issues of the teenage life in a blatant and incredible way. It has done wonders already, upping travel to California and making Hollister co one of the most popular clothing shops ever amongst us teens. They always made the OC to be a great show. And I only hope it does not become solely a money maker.
  • Good lord. what have u done Josh ?

    The O.C. is probably one of the most popular shows among the teens in tv History,and yet Josh managed to complete destroy the show with that terrible ending, if u had a show named \\batman\\ for example and in the second season batman dies how the hell u will replace him? with hulk? every1 that whats the show knew it that somehow in the end Ryan would be with the only girl he really loved(the sweet and \\lost\\ Marissa)
    but now she is dead... Ok, we all heard she wanted to go away from the series and go to the movies thats fine but c\\mon, dont kill her, just tell us she will be fine after all of that and know she is moving to china or something like that and somehow on the last episode she would show up and tell ryan she loves him. For people like me that whats this show since day 1, the end of \\The Graduates\\ was the wrost thing that ever happened to this show since from it\\s start.

    Now that the fantastic four is gone, the real o.c. is pretty much dead, i think it will be a new show from season.

    I\\m not gonna lie, ive watched the 5 final minutes more then 10 times, and i stillcant believe what they did to Marissa i\\m trying to think if there is any chance she is not dead,but it seems impossible, this would have been an awesome ending if it was the show final episode, not the season finale, well the o.c. is pretty much going downhill now, since marissa took the spill,but i think all of us will always remember the best Show ever till the end of season 3.

    Well i think that it(sorry for my english), thanks for the best \\\'teen\\\' show ever, i will just ignore that end and try to imagine that it was the last episode from the show, and star to create the possibilites about what could ryan do about her death, and summer.. R.I.P. Marissa.
  • Goodbye O.C

    When I started watching O.C there was 4 things that made me wanna see more: Summer and Seth, Marissa and Ryan.
    First season was great, second aswell.
    The third season was not that good. Ryan and Marissa fell more and more apart from eachother and I didn\'t like it.
    But I knew there was a possibility that they would become a couple again. Things worked out great in the begining of the episode and I thought that Ryan and Marissa would end up on Jimmys boat or on collage together. And what happened??
    BAAAM somebody smacked me right in the face.
    Kill Marissa??
    Coooome on, what were you thinking?
    You need a season four?? Why destroy something that was so beautiful? Remake this episode, make Ryan go to Berkley with Marissa and Seath and Summer go to Brown together.
    The last 5 min of this episode was the worst ever, and I need a miracle in episode 1 of season 4, else bye bye O.C!
  • I still love this show, yet I can handle that it may soon be over.

    We all heard Misha was leaving yet when the time came for her final scene she was very heartbreaking and convincing that it gets to you no matter how “ready” you are. I was angry when they killed off Johnny, but in life you don’t get a say in who lives and who dies. I guess this makes Marissa and Johnny the "star-crossed lovers"

    Lesson: Teenagers can die too.
    Lesson 2: Choosing the wrong boyfriend (or girlfriend) can mess up your life for a long time to come, if not for ever.

    Season 4 should be sad. Summer lost her best friend. Julie lost her daughter. Ryan had to watch her dye. I'm interested to see how they all deal with this.
    I know next season may be the last but I've heard the rumors that it was ending since season 2. No one likes change, especially where our tv shows are concerned. Season 4 will bring a lot of change, hopefully the change will bring new life to the show.

    I’ll be watching on November 2nd with my take out Thai and a heart full of hope.
  • The third season finale of the O.C. paves a way for a brand new show come next season. Graduation, a death, and new cast members are going to lead to a brand new show come fall.

    California here we come. For the past three years we\'ve watched as the folks of the O.C. went through every trouble imaginable. We\'ve seen faces come and go, but never before has the core four been in trouble, except for the cliffhanger between episodes 7 and 8 of season 1.
    The episode was done very well. I found the graduation scene to be amazing. It was the second best moment of the O.C., only second to the Spider-man kiss in The Rainy Day Women. The music and imagery played well together.
    The episode seemed a lot like a series finale, and in a way it was. The scenes at the model home were excellent. It was a nice trip down memory lane for those of us who have watched since August of 2003.
    Unfortunately tragedy struck at the end of the episode. Marissa\'s life was cut short in a car accident. I know many people are angered at this, me included, but it\'s part of tv. Life is not perfect and tv should never make it seem perfect. It was a tragedy to lose Marissa, and it has made us realize that any character can leave. Too many times people get comfortable thinking that things will always work out, but life isn\'t that way and neither is tv.
    I will miss Marissa, I\'m watching the DVDs now in memory. But I will make sure to tune in for Season 4.
    Season 4 promises us new starts. Summer goes to Brown, Seth will join in RI in January, Ryan is off to Berkeley, but not without seeking revenge, Sandy is back as a PD, Julie deals with the death of her daughter, and Kaitlin becomes The OC\'s new trouble child.
  • Best episode ever! period.

    Its graduation time!! This is probably the happiest moment in OC history for the gang. It was such a merry moment with all the picture taking, families coming together, ya and everyone is having a jolly time. The happiness doesnt end there though! Marissa decides to have a private little party in the pool of the model home (the one that ryan burned down, then was rebuilt). Everyone's having a good time, thinking about the old moments they used to have, and how they wouldnt even be a group if Ryan didnt come along. But then, marissa has to leave for the airport as she chooses to leave with her dad instead of college, and says goodbye to everyone. As ryan is driving her to the airport, Volchock is drunk and raming ryans new truck off the road! As Volchok rams them really hard, ryan and marissa go flying odd a steep hill! There's an oil leak, and marissas unconcieus. The halleluja song plays as ryan carrys marissa out of the car that explodes behind them. Marissa dies in ryan's arms. This is the most tragis moment in OC history. This episode definatly makes me wanna looks so fun.
  • Why did they have to go there?

    I can't believe they killed off Merissa.
    I know many people didn't really like her, but she was a very important character in the show and the only person Ryan's ever loved.
    Ryan and Merissa were perfect together and they had this undying, eternal love for each other. They may have been with other people, but through all the drama, their love just got stronger and deeper. I agree with an earlier review I read on this site: there will never be another couple like Ryan and Merissa. It was really sad to watch her die and see Ryan's pain.
  • Too short to do it here.

    So I can\'t believe almost everyone who wrote before me doesn\'t get it. Mischa wanted to stop doing the show! I mean it was pretty obvious she was the one to die when they completely wrote her out of everyone else\'s storylines... yeah she\'s going n a boat, harmlessly tugging her away... Also, Mischa has to be a you-know-what and spread it to radio stations and gossip pages that she was going to be the one to die, because she didn\'t give two craps about the show\'s finale being suspenseful. And the preview given on this website was one of the spoiler rumors going around, The OC has no control over it. screwed up, not The OC.

    So I guess no one gets it... why would the OC writers kill off perhaps not the main character on the show, but obviously the biggest draw and most famous actor on the show. It\'s not likely. Shock did get in, however, about half an hour after it happened. Mischa really did ruin it for me. I was driving to work and on the radio they were talking about the finale and the DJ was like \"Mischa Barton says that her alter ego \'Marissa Cooper\' is the one to di......\" before I had a chance to turn it off. Mischa being Mischa.

    But, yeah, like I said, I watched it and it didn\'t phase me. When she woke up at first I thought maybe she\'d make it, but it became so clear she was going to die. I\'m surprised it didn\'t really bother me. They spent about 41 minutes (minus commercials) leading you up to her death: angry Volchuk, no college, Greek Shipping Islands? Please. Could not have been more expected. While I wasn\'t a huge fan of Marissa, I have to admit I\'m holding out that it was a dream sequence. I didn\'t like her character, and much of the crap she pulled all the time, but I always loved that security blanket that from time to time they can throw her back together with Ryan and everyone can get all nostalgic about it.

    So that is the bigger issue here... Ryan. He cried, which really surprised me, but this is going to screw with him so much. He lost another person that he loves, and this time for good. While it isn\'t a cliff-hanger, it does make me wonder how this is going to screw with everyone in the first couple episodes of Season Four. Can Summer bear to go to Rhode Island? How will everyone else take this? How does Ryan explain why Volchuk was pissed without admitting to all the crap he did? Does Volchuk try to get Ryan in trouble? What the hell does Seth do until January? the Cooper-Roberts, how are they going to deal with it?

    If this show becomes all about Caitlin and her generation I will be so pissed off. The enchantment of the OC was the four of them... well when it started it was basically Ryan and Marissa (so the OC\'s old charm is officially gone, and it\'s not the writer\'s faults, Mischa wanted out!), and that\'s over now. Sandy and Kirsten have no more kids... so their roles will probably be diminished. Please don\'t make this show into another 90210, with Ryan, Seth, and Summer all making cameos in Newport between college vacations and it being about Caitlin. All of her little friends we saw this season were nauseating. I watch the OC for Ryan, and his only three friends.

    Also, it was reported that next season, along the Caitlin, two other characters get larger roles: Taylor, and Jessie (Trey\'s girlfriend from late in Season Two, and a couple episodes of Season Three). I\'m not sure how I feel about this... What\'s really there for Taylor? I mean she\'s in college... And who cares about Jessie? We\'re too far removed from her escapades.

    The OC\'s issue really was its revolving door policy on minor characters. I never admitted to this being a problem until now. With people like Zach and Lindsey coming and going, and others like Lance and Carter doing the same for the adults, they had issues bringing people in and keeping them. If Luke, Zach, Alex, DJ, Lindsey, Oliver, or any of those characters had remained, they would have had enough people to all go to college in the same vicinity and keep this show going. Now they can\'t. And with the death of Marissa it\'s a vivid sign that they have done all they could with Ryan\'s generation on the OC. It was about him, and now it\'s not really about him anymore. And I don\'t think the OC can really survive without it\'s Fantastic Fo... I mean Three. I guess we\'ll see.

    And for all the people gushing about it being in Rhode Island next year... I live in Rhode Island, and I am not enthused. That would be so dumb if we lose Summer for half the season, or if it is filmed here when both Summer and Seth show up. It\'s the OC, not the RI. But hey, possible return of Anna? Or, in proper OC fashion, will they just not include Anna ever again and not explain her absense from the area when she goes to a pretty small school (in the smallest state) and have them never run into her until it\'s convienient for the plot.

    Again, I guess we\'ll see.
  • If you cry during sad movies, you'll be crying by the end of this episode.

    I am usually not one to be emotionally affected by TV shows, but there are a few season finales that have gotten to me. This was one of them. Since I already owned season 3 on DVD, I knew that it was Marissa who was going to die at the end of the episode. I just didn't know that it was going to affect me to the degree that it did. Everything started out as incredibly happy; our favorite four characters graduate from Harbor and are ready to embark on the next big thing: college. Marissa decides she's going to spend the summer with her father and the four celebrate. While all of this is going on, Volchok decides he still wants to see Marissa one last time and if he can't, he tells Marissa that he'll make life rather difficult for Ryan. After saying goodbye to Marissa, Ryan begins to drive her to the airport, but sees that someone is following them. They see that it's Volchok. He ends up running Ryan's car off the road and drives away. Ryan quickly gets out and then hurries to get Marissa out just before the car explodes. Holding her in his arms (much like when he did when she OD'd in Tijuana), she dies. Cue the song Hallelujah. At the same time, cue me breaking down into tears.

    While this was a great season finale I think in a way it was the series finale. Season 4 was very good, but it wasn't the same without Marissa. I have watched this episode about four times now and every time I watch it, I cry. One of the best episodes, but at the same time definitely one of the saddest episodes.
  • Every once in a while, there comes a pivotal episode of a television show which can make even the most casual of fans burst into tears. The O.C.\'s season finale is one of them. To put it simply, this episode was downright fabulous.

    In mid-May, I had visited the Yahoo website and what was that? Marissa\'s dead? Did they REALLY need to post it up on the front page so soon after the episode aired in its home country? I suppose so.

    And so the whole of Australia was exposed to the tragic conclusion of the third season, and our domestic television network also spoiled the finale 4 episodes prior to air. Which was unfortunate for those who hadn\'t yet known, or are only able to watch the show on DVD.

    Naturally curious, I watched some brief snippets of Marissa\'s death on YouTube, but I had muted the sound so I wouldn\'t ruin any of the dialogue, and didn\'t watch the scene in full so I can enjoy it when I watch it on television.

    I even downloaded the episode a few weeks before it went to air, but I still decided not to view it and deleted it as I\'m patient enough to wait for the show to air on TV. It\'s more fun that way. :-)

    Anyway, the episode itself was beyond my expectations. The characters were back to their usual quirky selves, and it was wonderful to see Sandy and Kirsten rekindle what has been a rocky relationship for the couple this past year.

    It was from the graduation scene on that I simply couldn\'t contain my tears. As a guy (pardon the generalization), I have NEVER cried whilst watching a TV show. Okay, maybe I shed a few tears watching The Simpsons (notably the episodes Mother Simpson and Lisa\'s Subtitute), but when Julie broke down into tears at her eldest daughter\'s graduation, I simply lost it. I was crying. :-p The first time a television show had ever done that to me. The photo montage worked beautifully and it was nice to see the characters put behind what has been a major part of their lives.

    Then came the \"Core Four\" swimming (first time we see Summer in a bikini lol) and reflecting on the past three years of their lives. Marissa crying as she decided to leave behind her friends and family to sail with her dad was a nice touch and I really felt for her.

    Another highlight of the episode is when Marissa and Julie reconciled. Marissa telling Julie that she loves her was a really touching moment in the episode, hell the series.

    And then comes Volchok and his lady friend Heather as he realizes that she is the best thing that ever happened to him so he rams his car into Ryan\'s (which was a gift from his mother), and ends up killing Marissa. Way to go, bastard. :-p

    Marissa\'s death sent chills down my spine, and the flashback prompted a few more tears. Wonderful. The episode wouldn\'t have been the same without Marissa\'s death, and I\'m most certainly looking forward to how each character will react to her death. Particularly Julie.

    Here\'s to more The O.C.!!! Yes, I loved Marissa just as much as the last person, this could change the show drastically, and for the better. Although this season has been relatively weak, I still enjoyed each and every episode thoroughly, and I can\'t wait until the new season begins!!! w00t! :-D

    I just hope the show doesn\'t focus solely on Kaitlin should she become a regular next season.
  • Um WTH??????

    Um, what???? Marissa dies. This can't be true. The summary said that Sandy was supposed to have a heart attack and I was waiting for that moment the whole ep but it never did actually happen. Then having Marissa go - like seriously what's up with that? I know there is going to be a spin off of this show focussing on Kaitlin but is this the end of the O.C.? Is it really the end of Marissa? We have seen these types of things time and time again, perhaps she is just in a coma or unconscious but I really don't think she's gone. I sure hope not. What a brutal way to end the season.
  • Marissa, what the..? I\'m really confused right now. Disappointment never accured to me. I didn\'t think you could get brought down, and angry on an O.C. episode. But i just did.

    Seriously. I am pissed. First of all, what\'s the bs with Sandy\'s heartattack? Ryan visiting Theresa, i mean, non of what tvtome said, was true. I guess it could\'ve been a majure change in the season finale, cause Mischa got fired. Still it was a really lame ending. I mean, I usually cry, but i this time i really didn\'t. Burke, and producers, lousy job.
    I was disappointed, i thought it was going to be like you\'ve written here at tvtome. What ever. I\'m so confused I don\'t know what to say. Hope this wasn\'t the end of all things. Season 4 must come. Without Kaitlyn. Seriosly i\'m very disappointed. VERY! They totally destroyed the whole feeling of it alla being over, with marissas death. Argh!
  • The show says goodbye to series regular Marissa.

    First of all I would like to say that this is an extremely gripping and emotional episode of the OC, brillantly acted by all, particularly Ben McKenzie, and is an extremely moving experience for all OC fans.
    The issue I take with the episode is the unsatisfactory way that Marissa is killed off; her death is one that is meaningless, there is no "reason" for her death, she is effectively murdered by Volchok. Josh Schwartz spent 3 seasons developing (and destroying) the character of Marissa, and it seems he has sacrificed all of that simply to create a "spectacular" finale to Season 3, to really grab viewers. Killing of a main character is naturally very shocking and is bound to grab a lot of attention, but her death could have had a bigger impact on fans if it had a more sophisticated cause than a car crash.
    Personally I believe the OC should have only go on for 3 seasons. Its aim was to tell the lives of kids growing up in Orange County, and by the 3rd season this could have been completed, with the lives of Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa all have being neatly tied up, with their issues resolved and they all looking forward to bright futures together. It may not have drawn in the huge viewing figures, but it would have been a fitting ending, and one that would sit much nicer with the real OC fans.
    As can be seen from season 4, it would clearly have been beneficial for the show to be ended at Season 3.
  • Big mistake... big mistake

    I have a real good feeling that this show has jumped the shark. Killing off Marisa was a big mistake. Although she is not the only good part of the show, her character was part os a group that will never be the same again. She was a big part of the show and the plot lines including her and Ryan's on again / off again relationship is classic TV.

    What will the show do now? Try to replace her character with another your female lead. Good luck! Anyone they bring in will just remind the viewers that Marisa is not there anymore.

    All I know is that if she is dead, the sharks are circling, and I can start to watch another show.
  • The reason the series should have ended a long time ago.

    This episode is like most of the ones from series 3. Series one and two were awesome, fantastic, but series three was like the producers just ran out of good ideas and wanted to compete with One Tree Hill, and reuse old plotlines. This episode, the rest of season 3 should be avoided. The fact season 4 only has 16 episodes shows the producers realise the show has had its day. The show is reasonable, the actors are good, but the show tries to do more than it can. It's gone too Hollywood, it's trying to beat every other show rather than be it's own one.
    The show has bitten off more than it can chew and suffered the consequences.
  • The best episode in the third season.

    I have been wanting Mischa Barton (Marissa) to be killed off the OC for a year now. She never has anything going on and was turning into quite a slut.

    The new idea for the forth season, having Katlyn and her friends be the new focus, is an okay idea. What would really make the show better would be if Anna became a common main character in the series.

    But besides that I loved the episode and I hope the best for the series. Oh, it would be nice if Julie became evil again!!!
  • terrific finale. please stop hating.

    that was the most emotional thing i've ever seen. i know marissa died and i know they'll get passed it but this leads for a better chance of all the cast being back next season. i think this kind of a cliffhanger will lead to a better first half of the season. last seasons cliffhanger was shocking and everything but it didn't leave much for the writers to write about for the first half of the season. this kind of event effects everyone, not just marissa for once.
  • "The Graduates" completes the three season arc of wonderful episodes and great times. As the OC enters a new realm, fans find themselves asking one question: What next?

    Hats off to the writers, producers, and actors of the OC. This show has been a milestone in my TV experience, and never before have I been so devoted to a show. "The Graduates" was an excellent episode, as Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, Ryan, Julie, Marissa, and Summer look back on the previous years and forward to the years to come. The episode has wonderful moments of nostalgia, particularly the revisit of the Model Home. The cliffhanger was unprecidented and, for the most part, a huge surprise.

    Fans seem to be slip in half about the status of Marissa. Is she really dead? Many people claim that despite all the rumors about Mischa Barton ending her contract with the show, that she still remains part of the cast. However, apart from the rumors, there is very strong evidence that Mischa is now done with the show. Viewers watched and cried as Ryan held a dying Marissa in his hands as the picture faded last night.

    There were some issues that were not resolved. The baby issue was never quite resolved as Theresa did not return. Anna had a sudden dissapearance back to Pittsburg, and many fans were baffled by this. And, will Volchock ever appear again?

    The real question, however, is where does the show go from here. Obviously, most of this depends on whether Marissa really is dead or not. That have been rumors that now the show will focus on Marissa's sister, Kaitlin Cooper, and her friends. However, there is no evidence whatsoever to support this, and very few people actually believe this theory.

    The likely theory, if Mischa is still with the OC, is that Marissa will be in a coma of some sort as the others start the school year. Caitlin will be cast as a season regular and Ryan will stay with the Cohens to watch over Marissa instead of going to Berkley. Summer and Seth will probably decide that they want to watch over Marissa, too, or at least not move away so they both attend Berkley. This way, the cast is not split up and far apart.

    Anyway, this was a great episode, perhaps not as good as "The Dearly Beloved", but fans should not take this show for granted.
  • The Review that was posted for this show was sooo wrong! What actually happened is that they graduate, Ryan's mother shows up, Marisa decides to go on a trip, but that does not happen thanks to her ex. Marisa ends up dieing!

    Man what a shocker! But seriously another death? That is just to much, if i remember correctly last season (ending to season 2) there was a death which rocked the families! But this death of Marisa is really going to hit the families hard. But it hard to believe that she dies. Marisa, Ryan, Summer, and Seth are what make The OC, The OC! But who knows what sorts of twists are awaiting in season 4! Time can only tell.

    Aside from all these twist, The OC is the best show on TV. There is not a show which has all the twist and turns which you can find on The OC. Its turely one hell of a roller coaster ride.
  • This episode was kind of a tear jerker!

    I thought this episode was very good. However i would have never expected Marissa to die... i was thinking that maybe it was going to be Sandy... actually i hoped it would be Sandy. I still don't believe that she is dead. I am hoping that maybe she is still alive, but i doubt it. I guess we will all just have to wait to see what happens next season. I think that Ryan will take it the hardest, but everyone will have a really difficult time with her death. I just hope that maybe she really isn't dead, i don't know what the show will be like without her. It is so sad to see her die like that! Horible! Otherwise a very good episode.
  • Well this one came with somewhat of a shock. The teens graduate only to be struck by a HUGE tragedy. Lives will definetely be changed after what happened so let's hope they will be able to get through it.

    Well the episode was definetely a worth remembering finale. Although the Marissa death was expected, the shock still came when she stopped breathing. This will change the show forever, but the real question is will the show be able to go on? Let's hope. Anyway I thought the ep was done well and everything played out the right way, except the death. S/S moving to college is good. Sandy returning to him old self, also good. And Julie, well I don't know how she will take this. And Ryan, how will he get through this? Amazing finale.
  • I am shocked.

    This was a sad episode! Now I'm wondering how my senior year at my high school is going to be. I'd never never expected that Marissa would died in this episode. I thought it was going to be Seth. I thought she and Ryan would get back least in the next season. Still I am curious on how the next season is going to be. I wonder who's going to stay in the O.C?
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