The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 25

The Graduates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • The OC. Episode 25

    When it comes to the OC, you never know. :D
    The whole graduation day was sweet, everyone was - unbelievable - happy and/or - big surprise - out of troubles. The highlight was the Fabulous Four joking in the swimming pool. And then... bang... Marissa is dead.

    Well, Coop’s death represents the moment in which the OC writers decided they have been ruining her character for too long. Besides, her death means:
    1. A new beginning for this show ---> Good point.
    2. Less whining story-lines ---> Even better point.
    3. Ryan is going to kick Volchok’s a$$ ---> the best point.
    For the record, I’ve always had controversial thoughts about Volchok. I’m aware he has definitely been acting like a b@st@rd but, sometimes, I couldn’t help finding him kind of hilarious and nice (for instance, when, after Ryan’s pep talk, he tries to become the best boyfriend ever for Marissa LOL). By the way, this time he has definitely crossed the line, so he had better emigrate everywhere else. The moon or Mars might be safe. :D

    It doesn’t matter if spoilers had already unveiled what was going to happen: the last scene was a shock, anyway. In my opinion, Marissa dying in Ryan’s arms was just epochal and heartbreaking. :(
    Classic finishing strokes:
    - The way Marissa whispered to Ryan “Stay”. Such a sad moment. Sigh.
    - Flashback’s snapshots. Well, it would be nice to remember Marissa like that: beautiful, happy and, chiefly, clear-headed. :D
    - Imogen Heap’s song in the background. “Love is not some victory march, it’s a cold and a broken hallelujah” was just perfect.