The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 2

The Gringos

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on FOX

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  • Brings back shades of the first season!

    Hopefully this concludes the Volchock saga, but it did open up an interesting story; Seth Cohen who already has it hard with his drifting relationship with his girlfriend, and now a rift has pierced his relationship with his only friend in Newport, Ryan. There are some interesting character development instances too, but what really gave this episode life was the witty writing that made the first season one of the best seasons on any television show. It wasn't just funny, it was just really smart. It feels like a well oiled machine where all of the parts are doing their jobs and roles.
  • ...But this was a nice nod to it.

    When Kirsten asks Sandy how many more times they would have to get the boys out of trouble, sadly we all know the answer is "one more season".
    Taylor Townsend provided some classic comedy moments in this episode, Seth continues to be back on form, Luke's twin brothers provide a nice understated quality and the darkness continues to descend over Ryan and Julie. Oh, and Summer really hasn't dealt with Coop's death yet.
  • Seth and Ryan go to Mexico to kill Volchok....and there wasn't even the 'what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico' quote...

    So the boys go after Volchok...we fine out that Taylor got married, Caitlin has been stealing, Julie knows that Neil is cheating on her....

    The season has started off on a real low and I'm thinking that the only way they can now go is up....the only thing I liked about this episode is Summer....and also how Chris Pratt is playing Che because Chris is amazing! If anyone's seen him in Everwood they'll know exactly what I mean...

    The storylines have just become really silly so I hope it picks up.....because the show will lose a lot of viewers over here in the UK!!!
  • Excellent Episode but it definitely didn't topple The Avengers!

    Another really good episode. Much better than last seasons horror episodes. I really hope that this is the start of a new OC.

    This episode really was all about Ryan. After Ryan realized he had been set up and Seth let Volchek go, you could really feel how far he would go for Marissa. Even though in some parts he didn't have muh dialogue, Ben McKenzie did a wonderful job of showing Ryans emotions. He showed a tougher side with Seth, as he didn't put up with Seths antics anymore. He also showed a softer side with Kirsten in the car.

    Seth on the over hand was showing some of his typical antics from the first season. Seth was in a bar and got really drunk with a bunch of Marines. Even though this was funny it just got even funnier when he got a tattoo. I cant wait to see what Summer thinks of it! His scene with Sandy in the car was also fantastic and it didn't even seem that Sandy minded that his son got a tattoo. My dad would completely kill me!

    Julie and Melinda Clarkes portrayal was also wonderful. When you thought that she was about to get out of her moping phase, it started again when she got the bad news from Ryan that Volchek was gone again. Her relationship with Kaitlin was also really good. It was much better than Julies and Marissas which was just "I Hate You Mum", "I Love You Daughter". Kailin maybe rebellious but shes a good type of rebellious if you know what i mean. Her scenes with the Wards were pretty funny aswell even though you kind of felt like they were her lapdogs but I couldn't stop laughing when they were shaving eachothers chests and having the fight with one another about slutty mums and gay dads.

    Summer and Taylors storyline was a bit of a weakness in this episode, but I still enjoyed it to some extent especially taylors comment about Hobbit Feet.

    Overall, not really the same kind of episode as the first, a bit more tough and a bit more funny, but for me it didn't really have the edge The Avengers had.
  • Cleverly followed on!

    Ryan and Seth travelled to Mexico in search of the murderer Kevin Volckock. You can't really predict anything that will happen in this episode and the end result is a surprise and well written and directed.

    Julie and Kaitlin participiating in the clothes drive is funny to watch as Julie is still unaware that one of her daughters really is still alive, and stealing clothes from charity by the look of it.

    Taylor visiting Summer at college just puts the whole change in Summer in perspective we also learn about why Taylor has been hanging around in Newport without telling anyone.

    The staging and acting in the last scenes was phantasmagorical! It really makes you wonder if Ryan will hold a grudge or just let Volchock and Seth go.

    Definietly more good things to come
  • Main character death limbo!

    We're still in that weird place in a show, between the death of a character and the appropriate time to move on. Honestly, even though it's only been happening for two episodes now, the tension is so high that I'm ready for people to start the healing. With the return of Taylor, and Summer opening up a little, this may not be too far off.

    I'm curious, though, because from this point you can't really tell which direction the show will go. Will Ryan forgive? Not likely. Will Summer and Seth work things out? Who knows! Will Julie get a handle on her grief? I hope so.

    I'll be glad when the dark cloud of Marissa's death lets a little sunshine through.
  • it appears the writers are attempting anything for ratings

    The lack of marissa has proved a near fatal blow for the show. It seems the writers are attempting to ditch seths \"little b*tch\" persona in order to create some gay tension in the cohen house. With marissa gone and seth always having been verging on gay they may do a retake on the marissa/alex saga. the other relationship i see developing is between luke\'s brothers and, yes you guessed it, julie, i know the eyeing-off was painfully obvious but i thought i should just point out incase some of our dimwitted friends didnt pick up on this particular nuance. the writers are clearly desperate and in need of new ideas.
  • The OC. Season 4. Episode 2

    Well, Seth might have saved Ryan’s life, letting the surf Nazi go, but... I just wonder why he didn't call the police. It wouldn't have been the most difficult action ever.

    However, there were some remarkable moments:
    * Sandy and Kirsten’s night talk. Firstly they reminded each others that Seth and Ryan were adults but, then, they couldn’t help but leave for Mexico anyway. LOL
    * When Julie told Kaitlin her general thoughts about the world. :D
    * Seth’s drunken way of speaking. And what about his new tattoo? -
    * Julie telling Sandy “At least you still have all your kids”. Definitely a highlight.
    * When Taylor made clear how much she does love trees. :D
    * Kaitlin’s line “Some of us are still alive”. Well, I am not Kaitlin’s biggest fan, but I’m actually starting to like her subtle irony. :)
    * Summer’s outburst. At least she admitted that things aren’t exactly going great. By the way, I’m divided about Summer’s tree hugger phase. It’s kind of funny and weird, contemporaneously.
  • "Back to the Basics"

    Always expect a good episode if the 'OC' is in Mexico! It never fails, not even when they went there on '90210'! Way to bounce back from the first week. As people on this site had problems with those who didn't care for the season premiere, it showed in the ratings and the "professional" critics had the same feeling. This show IS the modern day 'Beverly Hills 90210'. And all of us who were around 10 years ago, don't want to see the 'OC' fail so soon because the show has tons of potential. After this episode I think I can forget about the first one. As long as it doesn't too often or at all! Way to get back to the basics, let Ryan be himself, allow Seth to be sarcastic in every way. Is it just me or did Taylor go to France and get HOTTER!!!!!?! Someone tell Summer(Rachel Bilson), she looked better WITH the extra 5-10lbs. I mean she's still gorgeous(facial) but her body looks like she's in Junior High School. Kaitlyn is the most realistic on the show, with her compulsive theft and weed smoking, she mirrors teens in real life! Once the producers stop expecting her to be like Marissa, the show will get that much better. Now I have to keep watching, GOOD JOB, things are looking up. Remember, it's good to live on the edge as long as you're not trying to "sleep" there!!
  • God damn Seth!!

    I wasn\'t sure what to think of this season when it started. Season 3 was an utter mess, it\'s kinda giving me a phobia just watching this show. This season started off strong in episode one. However with this episode, I\'m disappointed. With Seth mainly. I was hoping, praying, keeping my fingers crossed that there\'s a Ryan Volchek confrontation. If Ryan doesnt kill him, at least let there be a man to man showdown. Instead of wimpy Seth trying to HELP the Volchek. \"My father is a lawyer\"??? How lame can that be? Seth, you forgot who you\'re speaking to? I understand that he\'s doing this \"for Ryan\'s own good\". But for god\'s sake, grow a pair, man! If Seth doesn\'t want Ryan killing Volcheck, at least call the police. What the hell. Volchek just walks away? But I\'m sure Volchek will show up later and justice will be done. I just want this to be sooner rather than later. Ryan\'s right not to speak to Seth when they come back. Taylor is very good in this episode though. Her meeting with Summer\'s roomie was funny! And Summer. Her acting is getting better and I can actually feel her pain sometimes. About mini-cooper, some people say she\'s just a Marissa wannabe and that she lacks acting skills. But I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt. Let her grow into her role. She\'s not too bad. About infinite times better than that Johny guy at least (although that does not say much). I\'m so hoping something happens in tomorrow\'s episode. Because this episode, nothing much happened. We\'re all back to square one on the Volchek\'s whereabout thing, Ryan\'s still pissed, Seth is still getting in the way. Fingers crossed, tomorrow will be better.
  • Good continuation

    Rarely I give two episodes that air from each other the highest mark in my personal scale, but this was a darn good episode. I understand why Seth did that, but I would prefer to see Volchek's ass kicked out by Kid Chino. The part of "Angry Nudfo Chocolate Love" was hilarious, It had to be Seth to write something like that. The Taylor/Summer scenes are working perfectly, I hope that everyone will accept Taylor as a substitute to Marissa, in the core four and in Ryan's life.. It would be great. Kandy are great, they are really in love with each other, make a great pair, very season one-ish, just thinking in protecting their children. And Julie, what an actress... Gosh, that women can make us angry, be sorry for her, laugh... everything. Really, Melinda deserves an Emmy... The best part of the episode (at least the funnier) was Seth's conversation with the bartender.. "I've got a tattoo man, A TATTOO!".. Just hilarious... Those two first season episodes were great, now let's just hope that season 4 keeps this level.. For the good of all (and for a season 5!)
  • Part 2 of 3

    Is it just me, or does this episode seem very out of the box?

    I know that Ryan is angry at Volchock, and who wouldn't be, but I don't think he has it in him to kill anyone, even that a**hole. Out of all of the fights that we have seen Ryan in, he was always provoked, and he would usually stop before he went too far. Ryan cares about his future and getting as far away from his old life as much as possible, it just doesn't seem like him to go to Mexico and follow vauge leads with a lead pipe on the word of Julie Cooper. And even though he is trying to avenge Marissa's death, she wouldn't want him to ruin his life, and I think he knows that.

    The episode, like last week's was of good quality. The scenes with Summer & Taylor were very funny, Sandy & Kirsten chasing the boys to Mexico was a good example of a heartwarming storyline, and the climax was very exciting, even if it did turn out to be a red herring.

    But, I felt that the writers are scrambling to fill in the drama that Marissa left behind with strange and somewhat unbelievable plots. Besides Rayan's character change, I don't think that Seth would actually warn Volchock and let him get away. Last season, he would have sent Ryan to the wrong address and then told the Mexican authorities where to find him. Even if they didn't arrest him or extradite him back to the U.S. for some reason, he wouldn't let him run off like that. I also felt that making Caitlin a shoplifter is really pushing it. Yes, she is a "wild child," but her sister was already caught stealing in the first season. It seems as though the writers are using the same scripts and just changing minor details. It shows that they are struggling to keep the show new.

    I predicted last week that this episode would be the defining moment where Fonzi would land on the water and the shark would officially be jumped. I was wrong, only because the Volchock story has not concluded. But, if the coming attractions from tonight are acurate, the next episode will be the end of The O.C.
  • The hunt for Volchek!

    I'm so glad this season starts good with it's storyline, but the viewers are sadly not enough. I think this was even a better episode then the one last week. Too bad Sandy and Kirsten came to Mexico and try to rescue them again (always the same) but it was exciting enough to keep me interested. This episode was the perfect combination of drama and comedy, so keep it that way! Please Fox, don't just cancel this show. It's too special to let it go just like that. I will definitely keep watching and buy the season set. Not to be missed, season 4... :)
  • Ryan goes to hunt down Vulchuck and Seth tags along on their trip to mexico. (their parents do not know). Kailtlin's principal confronts Julie about her behavior. And makes her and Kaitlin donate clothes to find out that Kaitlin is selling the clothes.

    OMG! This episode was an utter mess. I mean what was with Kaitlin talking mono tone all the time. Ryan had a good story going but Seth spoiled it. Julie is trying her best and kaitlin thanks her by stealing clothes?? Not understandable at all. Summer and Che are so cute together and seem like nice people in person and it shines out. But kaitlin is acting like Marrissa before she was killed off. I'm crossing my fingers that it happens to her. Come on I know each of you are thinking the same thing. She just does nothing.... oh well.
  • This is a series not to be missed.

    What a great second episode to start off a new season it was well balance it went from a dark first episode to a more humor and laughter for the second episode. I believe this will be the best season ever from what I have seen so far. I am wondering if the volchuk storyline will continue on if not then I hope the producers still stay with a old school atwood because I like the meaner ryan personallly.
    And I also hope the push for the wednesday timeslot brings more viewers after the season finale of Lost. Bring on next episode.
  • Definitely intense at some moments

    So as much as i really do want Ryan to kill Volchek, Seth does have the right idea, it would ruin Ryan's life. So all the going behind his back to call Sandy and Kirsten is therefore justified. However, now there is a rift between Seth and Ryan and that just is never fun to watch. Kinda like the huge hole that is now between seth and summer! thats horrible! and Taylor is married? huh? interesting i guess. Julie was just being straight up rude to sandy in the end about the whole Ryan/ Volchek situation, she had no right to play on Ryans emotions like that. Caitlin is.....well she's a Cooper, i'll put it that way.
  • This episode was a lighter stpe in a great direction. I loved the premiere but this was true OC greatness.

    This episode was amazing.

    I thought it was better than The Avengers, althoguh not by alot, as that was an amazing episode in its own right. I thought every character was very true to itself and very much part of this episode.

    Ryan was very angry,so much so he barley uttered a word all episode. I hope he can grow though and realise that violence is not the answer (I here that could happen in thenext episode!)

    Seth was superb! At his best, IMO. I loved that he cared so much for Ryan, to stopworring about his Summer duties and chase after him.

    Summer was again playing the hypie part vey well, HOWEVER, the final scene was heartbraking. I like how the writers showed her wasting copious amounts of paper, showing that she isn't a greenie at heart, and that it's just a cover, as she can't face dealing with her best friend's death. The Kandy, what can I say, I want them as my own parents. LOVED THEM! 'Is that Nudfo, Nudefo?' HEE~ Silmply hillarious!

    Julie was very unbalanced in the episode. She was hollow one minute and firey the next. Props to the writers and Melinda for beautifully showing us Julie's pain!

    Taylor... I LOVE! If I had to picja favourite character, Taylor would be it! I love her so death. Autum Reeser, will you marry me?

    Kaitlin is an awesome addition as well. She had some great funny lines 'Gay dad always trumps slutty mum' and some real tear jerkers 'Some of us are still alive you know'. WOW. Great episode. It FELT like the OC again. It really did.

    Grade: A
  • what a fine example of how this show can balance comedy and drama without making it corny.

    season 4 continues with another great episode. the intro began with the tension between ryan and seth that continued throughout the season. seth ends up saving ryan in the end, but ryan is less than happy for him doing so. the ending was rather sad. summer and che are hilarious. i really enjoy the whole tree hugger tidbit. taylor was also terrific in this episode. shes gonna need someone to get rid of her husband...ryan? that\'d be nice. kirsten and sandy rush to ryans rescue again. i\'m anticipating a better kirsten/sandy storyline tomorrow night. kaitlyn gives julie more problems than she needs and julie spills her heart to kaitlyn. melinda deserves an emmy. this was a terrific episode. 23 hours until the next new one! i\'m pretty sure i\'m in heaven.
  • Season 4... so far fantastic, the avengers was a dark episode but this episode is much lighter and funnier

    I really liked this episode because it was a step forward for Ryan since the last episode. He was going to deal with Volchok, which i don`t think will get resolved until the end of this series to be honest. It was also a big episode for Seth as well, because he lied to him about Volchok and he gave him a head start, so Ryan didn`t kill him. It was great also because Taylor was around, and she was telling Summer to speak to Seth and to move on from Marissa`s death. I liked how Steve-0 was in the episode, that scene with Seth was really funny. \"I love you man\" lol. I thought the scene between Julie and Sandy at the end of the episode was chilling but superb. What also interested me was that Ryan and Seth have fallen out pretty badly and it looks as though it will take a long time for them to recover from it, that last scene where Ryan locks the poolhouse was very strong and it said alot about where he is as a character, now Marissa is dead. But it had loads of funny bits. The best episode so far this season, aside from the Avengers.
  • "Qui Mabla? I Seth?" Brilliant continuation of the first episode, the characters new vocations all made even more sense. If The Avengers made you cry with sadness, The Gringo's will make you cry with laughter.

    "Qui M'abla?"
    "I Seth?"

    Those are the just some of the lines uttered from Taylor's ever more bilingual mouth as she opens the phone to 'Miguel' in this episode. And Steve-O's "First, we do more shots! THEN we look for your friend!!" is so hilarious. Julie Cooper's immediate reaction to Tia Carrere's (The new dean) accusation of Caitlin's transportation of clothes for refugees "Amy Bennet buys used clothes?!?!" Side splitting comedy all the way.. but it mellows at the end, and you really feel Ryan's desperation. The scene in which he appears outside of Volchock's door is stunning, the show continues with their trademark gambles, and this season, they pay off. The time split's and border crossing antics not only work fine, they pull the show up to a level previously seen only on Season 1. If The O.C. continues like this, I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful life. The only barrier left is thursday nights, but if the new wednesday slot proves succesful, we won't have that problem again.
  • Ryan goes down to Mexico to find Volchek and is forced to bring Seth along.

    Another wonderful episode.

    This one was a lot different from the first one. I don't think anyone could compare the two to each other. The Avengers built up for the story line. It had a lot of character development. As always, Julie's scenes were wonderful. I feel she was slowly moving out of the moping stage. She seemed to be coming back into the world. I think this was mainly because she thought Ryan was going to kill Volchek. After Ryan called her with bad news, she moped around watching TV and said a very uplifting line about the world being a giant toilet bowl that would one day be flushed. I loved her scene with Sandy: "At least you still have all your children."

    Ben McKenzie does a wonderful job of portraying emotions without saying anything. After Ryan realized he had been set up and Seth let Volchek go, I could feel his anger as if I were there. I could tell how much Ryan just wanted to pop Seth in the face. If he were anyone else and Kandy weren't there, I think he would've.

    Seth in a bar, Seth drunk. We all know how bad of an idea that is. But it's entertaining, nonetheless. I loved his scenes with the Marines and Steve-O. And the "Angry Nudfo Chocolate Love" note. And Señorita Vixen, of course, with the gay vibe. I was amused that Sandy didn't freak. He's probably one of the coolest dads. Too bad he's fictional.

    I miss the old Summer, I must say. But this is her way of dealing with it, and I know I wouldn't want her recovery to be rushed and unrealistic. I liked Taylor, and though her storyline really didn't go anywhere, I feel it was more of a setup for later episodes. Taylor's the most comical person in the series at the moment, and though she's just a teensy bit crazy, I enjoy her.

    I like Kaitlin as well. She brings in a completely different character, probably most like Julie once was, but in a teenage version. I love Eric and Brad Ward (especially the curly-haired one, he's adorable!) The only thing I don't like about them is their acting, and the fact that they're basically just Kaitlin's lapdogs. She has them wound around her little finger. I loved Seth's bar scene. I loved the donkeyshow scene. I loved Sandy's confrontation with Julie. I loved Eric and Brad shaving their chests, and Julie's face when she walked in on them. I loved how Seth gets all whiny when he's drunk. I loved Melinda and Ben's acting, they've been phenomenal so far this season. I can't wait for the next one!
  • Ryan is searching Volchok to kill him :O

    Volchok tries to hide in Mexico, while Ryan is going after him, with help from Julie, who hired a private investigator to find Volchok. When Ryan, and Seth who insists on coming along, go to Mexico Ryan is unable to find Volchock. Seth does find him, and tells him that Ryan is also looking for him, Volchok shows no remorse for his actions. After hearing this, Volchock decides to flee. Ryan can't find him and feels betrayed by Seth.