The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 12

The Groundhog Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2007 on FOX
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Sandy, Ryan and Seth prepare for Kirsten's upcoming 40th birthday party, however Kirsten learns some news that will change her life forever. Kaitlin tries to stop her mother having a secret love affair. Taylor visits a therapist and Ryan pretends that he doesn't miss her. Elsewhere Che finally learns that Seth isn't his soulmate.moreless

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  • As always, another great episode of the O.C.

    An episode decorated with funny and witty dialogue, some colorful and unique characters? Yep, that's The O.C. for you. So far the fourth season is proving to be on par with the first season which many consider to be the best. What highlights this episode is the odd choice of characters that were together throughout the episode, most notably Che and Seth. A lot of them produced some knee slapping hilarious jokes. Most importantly though while some obvious issues were introduced in the beginning, it goes onto a more serious tone in the second half and really gives this episode a wholesome package. Sandy's present to Kirsten was a shocker, but somehow it is topped by Kirsten finding out she is pregnant, and Frank Atwood wanting to marry Julie Cooper. As always, another great episode of the O.C.moreless
  • Great episode. Kirsten's pregnant, Che found his soul mate, Summer saved a groundhog, Taylor and Ryan are back together. AWESOME!

    Very good episode!i guessed right from when Kirsten felt sick that she was pregnant. It was really funny how Che thought Seth was his soul mate. Also kinda weird. Haha. And i really wish Julie would marry Bullit (does she?) because it would be really good for Kaitlin and also like Julie said, they won't have to eat anymore frozen dinners. And lastly, i am soooooooo glad that Ryan and Taylor got back together, they're actually kind of a cuter couple than Ryan and Marissa, but i am very sad that she's dead.

    By the way, when Kaitlin sees Ryan and Sandy in the mall i swear she says to Sandy, "Hi Mr.Gallagher." haha. goofed up.moreless
  • Why the bad reviews? This was a great episode after two mediocre ones.

    I loved this episode. It encapsulated everything about this season that has made it so great. The 'Groundhog day' contained a perfect mix of comedy, drama and heart. This is a formula that the show successfully employed throughout seasons one and two but departed from (for the most part at least) in season 3 as a result of its heavy focus on Marissa and the dramas that surrounded her character. I loved Taylor’s stalker antics. She is freaky but in an adorable way and I think that her and Ryan are wonderful together. The drama surrounding Kiki and her pregnancy was great, particularly when she revealed all to Sandy and the boys. Sandy's efforts with regards to Kirsten’s birthday were touching (re the mail truck). They truly are the perfect couple. Seth and Che's scenes were hilarious and the Bullit...well, needless to say, he was fabulous. In all an excellent episode.moreless
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 12

    I'm so torn about the whole Bullit/Frank/Julie thing. I mean, Bullit is irresistibly funny but, on the other hand, Frank is Julie's perfect bad guy.

    The only certain point is that Kaitlin and Bullit are such a crazy team. LOL

    Yep, it seems like another Cohen jr. is in store! What a wonderful moment (and hilarious, as well) when Kirsten informed Sandy and the boys about this unforeseen news. Well, I guess Kirsten and Sandy have already had their fair share of tough time so a new baby is what they deserve.

    I'm not Taylor's biggest fan but I've to admit that Mrs. Townsend stalking Ryan was just priceless.moreless
  • Kirsten is pregnant , taylor and ryan are back together again and summer saves a beaver?

    This epi was a very good storyline it was better than the previous two.

    Kirtsen is pregnant omg! totally shocked me i can't work out if she's happy or not it was hard to read her expression whereas sandy was totally overjoyed, some much needed happiness!

    Summer , seth and che saved a beaver? resulting in two of them getting put in prison but che found his soulmate aww..

    Taylor went to a councilor but couldn't resist the temptation to stalk ryan it made me lauf when he took the mick out of her by saying you can stalk me home but i'm glad to see them back together again!moreless
Alison Laplaca

Alison Laplaca

Dr. James

Guest Star

Elayn J. Taylor

Elayn J. Taylor

Dr. Harris

Guest Star

Amy Shelton-White

Amy Shelton-White

Event coordinator

Guest Star

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Winchester "Che" Cook

Recurring Role

Gary Grubbs

Gary Grubbs

Gordon "The Bullit" Bullit

Recurring Role

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo

Frank Atwood

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Taylor: Were you just trying to stalk me?
      Ryan: Yeah. I guess I need a little bit more practice.
      Taylor: That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!

    • (Boys get into Range Rover)
      Ryan: You don't think she knows about the party?
      Sandy: What? No! Are you kidding me? Nobody plans a surprise party like Sandy Cohen, I could've been with the CIA.
      (Seth pops head between front seats)
      Seth: I hear they're known for their birthday parties.

    • Newport publicist: What paper did you say you're with?
      Summer: Aah, Groundhogs Day Weekly, which comes out once a year, usually around ...
      Newport publicist: Groundhog Day?
      Summer: Yes, thank you so much.

    • (Bullit shows Kaitlin the ring he bought for her mother)
      Kaitlin: Wow, is it the most expensive one?
      Bullit: Well, Bullit bought it, of course it is and your momma deserves it.

    • Seth: I was going to run and pick up Summer, so...
      Ryan: Oh, could you give me a ride, because I gotta...
      (Seth cuts him off)
      Seth: Go tell Taylor that you love her and can't live without her?
      Ryan: Yea, something like that.

    • (After Seth and Ryan find out that Kirsten is pregnant.)
      Seth: Oh my God.
      Ryan: Oh my God.
      Sandy: That's what I said!
      Kirsten: I know this isn't what everybody expected.
      Sandy: That's family. There's nothing more important than that. I mean, you're pregnant!
      Seth: That's so weird!
      Ryan: Yea, well, congratulations.
      Seth: Yea, it's great. (Kirsten, Ryan, and Seth share a hug.) Especially since it makes me getting arrested seem trivial now.
      Kirsten: You got what!
      Seth: (Sarcastically) Thanks for preppin' her dad.
      Sandy: Oh that. We'll deal with that later. But right now, we've got some guests inside.

    • Sandy: Is everything ok?
      Kirsten: I went to the doctor.
      Sandy: Are you sick?
      Kirsten: Yes... but only in the mornings.
      Sandy: What?
      Kirsten: I'm pregnant.
      Sandy: Wait, one more time.
      Kirsten: Sandy, we're having a baby.
      Sandy: We're having a baby?!
      Kirsten: Everything's going to change.
      Sandy: You're not kiddin'. (they share a meaningful look) I love you.
      Kirsten: Well, that's good because there's gonna be a lot more of me to love.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Slovakia: June 7, 2009 on Markiza

    • Music:
      "Gronlandic Edit" by of Montreal
      "Lazy Eye" by Silversun Pickups
      "Leave Home" by Chemical Brothers
      "High Lonesome Moan" by Pajo
      "And I Was A Boy From School" by Hot Chip
      "The House We Live In" by The Stills


    • Che: ... where the winds of liberty blow over the mountain tops.
      Seth: To Chicago or something.

      The nickname for Chicago is "The Windy City".

    • Kirsten: Watching a movie about a guy eating a live octopus? I think i'll pass.

      The movie is "Oldboy" from director Chan-wook Park with Min-sik Choi in the role of Oh Dae-Su. This korean movie won the grand prize at Cannes in 2004.