The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 12

The Groundhog Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Taylor stalking Ryan, even though she was the one that wanted the time apart. It doesn't last very long because the security guard kicks her out, although she does point out she was practising bird-watching.

Julie is short on cash and this is a situation Kaitlin isn't very happy with. Meanwhile, Julie gets a suspicious phone call where we learn that she is having a secret relationship. Fresh news: Kaitlin has been writing sexual emails to Bullet for a month - pretending to be Julie - yep, it seems like Little Coop is definitely leading him on. Besides, Kaitlin, having hinted that Julie might be seeing someone, tells Julie that Bullet might still think they are going out. Kaitlin also encourages Bullet to propose to Julie.

Che wonders if Seth is his soul mate and so enlists him to steal the "Newport chuck". Although, at first, Seth doesn't seem that thrilled, he ends up accepting. Of course, Che and Seth fail their mission to rescue Chuck and they end up in jail, where Che meets his real soul mate, the girl who has actually set free the Chuck and ended up in jail, as well. Finally Sandy comes to bail Seth out, as usual.

Taylor goes to a doctor and admits she doesn't feel ready for a mature relationship. Then she also owns up to the doctor that whenever she likes a guy... she kind of stalks him. Someone else is going to a doctor, but for different reasons: Kirsten, who wants to find out if there is something wrong with her.

Taylor puts all the things that reminds her of Ryan in a box. Summer suggests she and Ryan figure their differences out together. So does Ryan, but Taylor and her doctor dont't seem to agree with them.

Kirsten's 40 th birthday is approaching. Sandy is planning a surprise for Kirsten. The mail truck they used to have when they lived at Berkeley and two round-the world-first-class-tickets.

Kaitlin tricks Julie to come home so that Bullet can propose to her. When he mentions the emails Julie realizes what Kaitlin has been up to. Julie and Kaitlin have a heart to heart which is actually quite sweet. Kaitlin tells Julie she wanted Bullit to propose to her because she thinks Bullit is a great guy that really loves Julie. It's not only because he's rich; well, maybe just a little bit. In the end, Julie decides to put her own needs before her daughter's and agrees to marry Bullet, even if not immediately.

Taylor dresses up in a costume just to stalk Ryan, but she gets caught by him; then, she runs off. Kirsten tells Sandy, Seth and Ryan that she is pregnant. After that, Ryan catches us with Taylor. They get back together and agree on times which they could stalk each other.

Julie tells her mystery man that she is back with Bullet because she has to do what is best for her family. We see that the mystery man is Frank Ryan's dad and that we is holding a ring in his hand meaning that he was also going to propose to Julie.