The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 12

The Groundhog Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2007 on FOX

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  • As always, another great episode of the O.C.

    An episode decorated with funny and witty dialogue, some colorful and unique characters? Yep, that's The O.C. for you. So far the fourth season is proving to be on par with the first season which many consider to be the best. What highlights this episode is the odd choice of characters that were together throughout the episode, most notably Che and Seth. A lot of them produced some knee slapping hilarious jokes. Most importantly though while some obvious issues were introduced in the beginning, it goes onto a more serious tone in the second half and really gives this episode a wholesome package. Sandy's present to Kirsten was a shocker, but somehow it is topped by Kirsten finding out she is pregnant, and Frank Atwood wanting to marry Julie Cooper. As always, another great episode of the O.C.
  • Great episode. Kirsten's pregnant, Che found his soul mate, Summer saved a groundhog, Taylor and Ryan are back together. AWESOME!

    Very good episode!i guessed right from when Kirsten felt sick that she was pregnant. It was really funny how Che thought Seth was his soul mate. Also kinda weird. Haha. And i really wish Julie would marry Bullit (does she?) because it would be really good for Kaitlin and also like Julie said, they won't have to eat anymore frozen dinners. And lastly, i am soooooooo glad that Ryan and Taylor got back together, they're actually kind of a cuter couple than Ryan and Marissa, but i am very sad that she's dead.

    By the way, when Kaitlin sees Ryan and Sandy in the mall i swear she says to Sandy, "Hi Mr.Gallagher." haha. goofed up.
  • Why the bad reviews? This was a great episode after two mediocre ones.

    I loved this episode. It encapsulated everything about this season that has made it so great. The 'Groundhog day' contained a perfect mix of comedy, drama and heart. This is a formula that the show successfully employed throughout seasons one and two but departed from (for the most part at least) in season 3 as a result of its heavy focus on Marissa and the dramas that surrounded her character. I loved Taylor’s stalker antics. She is freaky but in an adorable way and I think that her and Ryan are wonderful together. The drama surrounding Kiki and her pregnancy was great, particularly when she revealed all to Sandy and the boys. Sandy's efforts with regards to Kirsten’s birthday were touching (re the mail truck). They truly are the perfect couple. Seth and Che's scenes were hilarious and the Bullit...well, needless to say, he was fabulous. In all an excellent episode.
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 12

    I'm so torn about the whole Bullit/Frank/Julie thing. I mean, Bullit is irresistibly funny but, on the other hand, Frank is Julie's perfect bad guy.

    The only certain point is that Kaitlin and Bullit are such a crazy team. LOL

    Yep, it seems like another Cohen jr. is in store! What a wonderful moment (and hilarious, as well) when Kirsten informed Sandy and the boys about this unforeseen news. Well, I guess Kirsten and Sandy have already had their fair share of tough time so a new baby is what they deserve.

    I'm not Taylor's biggest fan but I've to admit that Mrs. Townsend stalking Ryan was just priceless.
  • Kirsten is pregnant , taylor and ryan are back together again and summer saves a beaver?

    This epi was a very good storyline it was better than the previous two.

    Kirtsen is pregnant omg! totally shocked me i can't work out if she's happy or not it was hard to read her expression whereas sandy was totally overjoyed, some much needed happiness!

    Summer , seth and che saved a beaver? resulting in two of them getting put in prison but che found his soulmate aww..

    Taylor went to a councilor but couldn't resist the temptation to stalk ryan it made me lauf when he took the mick out of her by saying you can stalk me home but i'm glad to see them back together again!
  • Can't help to love them all....Kirsten is pregnant(!), Bullit proposes to Julie(!), Che finds his soulmate(!), Taylor and Ryan are back together(!)... a truly great episode!

    I love how they make things work out....

    Kirsten being pregnant is possibly the greatest move since Taylor became a permanent character, I could never have guessed it! Sandy is also possibly the most well-written character in the history of television...

    The Ryan and Taylor stalking scenario made me giggle on many occasions, bless little Taylor, she can't help loving him!

    I was a bit disappointed with the fact that Che's soul mate wasn't Seth, I was really liking the direction they were taking that it. I suppose that it would have been heart-breaking if he'd had to be on his own after Seth had told him that he doesn't like him like that though.

    The relationship between Caitlin and Bullit confuses me slightly. It's almost like she doesn't want Julie to have him but she wants him for herself. Bullit is an amazing character though, I'm so glad that he still keeps coming back. The twist with Frank at the end was slightly disturbing, it doesn't exactly put Julie in a great light, but we'll have to wait and see how it goes in the last batch of episodes.

    Personally I hope she marries Bullit because I think they would make a great and crazy family!
  • Everyone acted kinda flaky in this episode..but it was funny.

    I loved how Taylor hooked up with a therapist to control her self around Ryan..but it only served to prove that she really did like Ryan and that she didn't need to distance herself from him for her own sake.
    Che' comfusing an Otter for a Ground Hog was a clever way of disguising his confusion over his sexuality...I knew he wasn't gay.
    Julie Cooper grappling with her conscience and choosing the safe path rather that follow her heart was a sign of maturity..I think she won a few points with Caitlin along the way too....I bet it doesn't last though.
    Funny how frank was going to propose to Julie as she wasn't expecting that.
    Seth & Summer suddenly seem like ships in the night...wonder if splitsville is imminent.
    Sandy and Kirsten....I wonder why they never thought about another kid before???? Oh well Seth will be cute as the big brother.
  • Such a sad sight to see this show getting lower and lower

    I can't remember when the last time the OC was good, maybe it was way back at the series premiere, but then its hard to get those wrong.
    Yet again we are expected to believe this frankly silly relationship between Taylour and Ryan and that these characters actually want each other, not even the actors can believe it, and that's their job. I feared this season would be a dark depressing one after Marissa died and hoped for a come back of the season one comedy and happy faces, I was wrong to hope that because the writers got it wrong, almost as if they new the show was doomed while they were preparing this season. With only four more episodes remaining I can't see how they are going to resolve anything properly, but hey they could always take a leaf out of sci fi and use a time travel story, that would surely spice it up towards and epic finale.
  • Fine example for what???

    This episode is the fine example for why this show going to be cancelled...
    There is nomore suprise thing. Whatever you see, whatever you hear you can't forget something: This show will end at 22.02.07. Nothing excite you, whatever happened you cant be shocked. This is really a fine example to the producer I think. If you want to say something then wait a little bit...
  • this episode sucked (sadly)

    I thought that this episode was ok, but i mean shouldn't the episodes leading up to the SERIES finale be more than ok? I felt like the shows writers are just trying to fill up the time until its over, and also instead of tying up the loose ends they are just making things more confusing. Kaitlin is soooo annoying and so is Che, i wish they would just leave the show, and Taylor is so stupid she needs to make up her mind and stop playing with Ryan, the one good thing about this episode is that Sandy actually had some lines!
  • Can see the reason for cancelling, sadly :(

    Been a fan of The O.C from the start and never reviewed one or submitted a score on an episode but, this whole taylor and ryan thing is just not working and i couldnt bring myself to watch it until the end. The other characters and their storylines are great, but the focus has always been on ryans love life and still is, and this sadly is what i think the shows failing. Sorry to say but i wont be watching the show until the last episode to see how everything pans out. The show has run out of ideas.
  • Save Newport Chuck!!

    A few months ago, when the title “The Groundhog Day” was released, I was hopeful of certain Bill Murray movie homage. Alas, that hope disappeared after the “Christmas Carol” episode (you can only do the alternate reality so many times), but this episode did not disappoint. Comedy wise, especially. I still can’t get over Taylor in that groundhog costume! That was too funny. And the stalking? Anyone else but Taylor (but maybe Summer) and it would just be creepy. Che and Seth on a stakeout = hilarious! (It was a bit surprising Seth wasn’t more enthusiastic though, considering he was All-Camp Capture-the-Flag Camp Tahoe.)

    For the non-comedic parts…I’m actually liking Kaitlin! While her e-mails were a tad creepy, it’s pretty sweet, how she likes Bullit. But I don’t think Julie likes him the way she does Frank! That, I wasn’t expecting. I thought he was gone for good. It’ll be interesting to see what goes on.

    Ryan and Taylor are together again, which is great. And neither is stalking the other. It’s just…peachy! (wink wink)

    And the biggest bomb dropped this episode…Kirsten’s pregnant! There’s gonna be a mini-Cohen! Just hope we get to see it! It would be very unfair to us to end the show without Kirsten having the baby and naming it.

    Another episode down, only 4 left to go…now’s a good time to start preparing emotionally for that fateful night. :D
  • This is one of the main reasons I watch this show!!! and now they are cancelling it??? Not fair.

    kaitlin E-mails Bullit pretending to be her mom while he away. Taylor looks towards a psychiatrist for help in the Ryan matter. Che gets Seth in trouble... again. Summer realises there is something between her and Che. Sandy and kirsten find out some great news before Sandy throws Kirsten a 40th birthday surprise party. Bullit proposes to Julie and is told it would take time for her to love him. She has secretly been dating Frank Atwood who is still in town. taylor realises she doesn't need someone telling her how to love Ryan and they get back together. YAY!
  • back on track

    After a few weeks or kinda crappy episodes the OC finally got back and had a above average if not good episode. I enojyed this one alot as there was lots of surprise in the episode, with trying to find out what was wrong with kirsten and then trying to figure out who juilie is seeing. This added something to show show that wasnt there the past few weeks, a reason to watch. I enjoyed those surprises alot as they kept my attention throughout the episode because i wanted to know what they were. Also there was alot of good comic relief in this episode with the whole ground hog day incident, which i found really funny. Overall this episode kepy my attention the whole time and made me laugh alot, which in return i give a good review
  • Julie receives a proposal from the Bullit, after Kaitlin sends him e-mails from "Julie". Kirsten finds out she's pregnant, ryan and taylor get back together, and seth gets locked on a roof with Che trying to free a groundhog, and subsequently arrested.

    Che was hilarious as usual. Unfortunately, his storyline ended badly. the love at first sight was cute, but I really wanted him to tell Seth. I'm so frustrated because i don't think that storyline went the way it should have. in a perfect world, he would have been around at least one more episode, told seth in this one, there would have been a freak out and then it would have been resolved- without the girl. I loved ryan and taylor- his look leaning on the car door when taylor was with the therapist was to die for- i wouldn't have been able to withstood that- I would have melted on the spot. I love that kirsten is pregnant, and the stalking in the groundhog suit was hilarious. Kaitlin and Julie was ok, but I get sick of them.
  • Kirsten finds out something about herself and the whole fammily celebrates. Julie acts out of character for once!

    Finally!!!! Some Sandy and Kirsten again !!! This was a great episode, even though Kirsten's pregnancy was posted as a spoiler all over the net, seeing it happen was fantastic. It showed that The O.C. is not Dawson's Creek or One Tree Hill, it's not just about the young kids (men and women actually)'. It's about family and love and the older generation, as young as Sandy and Kirsten are, is still important.

    Nevertheless, there were positive developments for the younger people too: Che found his soulmate (shocking that he doesn't know the difference between a woodchuck and an otter), Summer showed she still has some environmental issues left from her days at Brown and Ryan and Taylor seem to have Taylor's insecurities worked out.

    This episode also showed that Julie Cooper may be a manipulative "female dog" at times, but she loves her daugher deeply. She's willing to give a relationship with Bullit a chance because she knows, and Kaitlin told her so, that Bullit will be an awesome step-dad, and that he truly loves Julie.
  • Proposals, birthdays, new family members, criminal activities, finding love and stalking.

    So The O.C. is towards it’s end and they try to pull off as much stunts as they can. This episode was just OK. I loved some story lines, some were too predictable and some I really liked. The Ryan and Taylor story kind of got draggy, but I loved that in the end they finally got together and they were humorous. I disliked the Che and Seth storyline, it was just a little weird, personally I hope Che is gone for good. I would like to see Sethmer develop their relationship more. What about Kirsten? Well I kind of new early on she was pregnant, so too predictable, but I like the fact that she is pregnant though. Sandy has just been working his a$$ off to give Kirsten the best birthday present and well… he’s done it. Caitlin has been sending Bullitt e-mails and Bullitt pops the question to Julie. Julie rejects the proposal, but tries to work things out with Bullitt. Who’s her boyfriend? This was way too predictable. He was no other than Frank. Anyway, this episode was not too good. They could do better.
  • Didnt see that coming!

    Well, this episode was amazing in my opinion, a great example of what has made The OC last as long as it has. Although i must admit that i was a bit concerned when the issue of Kirsten's 40th birthday arose, i half-expected it to be the same sad excuse for an episode that the last few were, but i was pleasantly surprised, it seems the old Sandy Cohen was back to save the day :) The Taylor plot scared me slightly, i knew she was a bit weird, but weird enough to stalk? did not see that coming. The Seth and Che plot was funny for me, the way that everything just seemed to go wrong until the end where Che finds his soul mate, a very pretty soul mate may i add, and they put the whole days events down to just fate. Ryan didn't really have a main story in this episode, just took part in Sandy's and Taylors. While Kaitlin got up to her old dirty deeds, emailing Bullet pretending to be her mother, im sure she didnt expect it to go as far as to end up with Bullet proposing. And it seems that Julie and Bullet are back on, regardless of the rejected proposal.
  • Chey isn't gay What a releif LOL.

    I honestly was looking forward to Chey going after Seth thinking that they were soul mates but i am glad that Chey really isn't gay but that he would even think about it makes me question him. Summer is finding herself and I am glad, she is still trying to save animals and I think its really good. I found it funny how Taylor was being Stalker- Taylor. I can actually sorta relate to this plot line...anyway, I was surprised to see that Taylor turn around from "being with herself" to going after Ryan so quicky. I really thought that she would actually take some time to find herself. All in all, great episode but its soooo sad that it will have to come to an end soon.
  • Here's what I mean

    This was better already, even though I still can't see the bigger picture. You know, like where the story is supposed to be leading for the big finale.
    The only thing I know is that I actually like Julie for once in her life. She's grown on me a lot lately and the fact that she would put her emotions aside for her family is even more astonishing than the fact that she was gonna chose love over Bullit's money. But I think it's not over between her and Frank, I knew they had chemistry.
    I knew from the spoilers that Kirsten was getting pregnant, so this didn't hit me.
    Taylor once again was the funniest thing alive in this episode!!
  • Its GroundHog day and this episode dug perdictable plot holes and love reunites and only 4 episodes left till Orange County as we know it disappears forever.

    A witty episode I like Taylor but shes gets on my nerves the whole storyline with her is just a bad comedy becasue its so unrealistic and goes to to much extreme lengths to be funny. Che and Seth steal a hedgehog and get caught in jail and che finds his soulmate great! Im so happy that The O.C had so lost its invetibale touch. I thought it would of been taylr in jail but no and Summer rescues the Hegdehog. How many times does Julie have to get proposed to I mean shes the ultimate gold digger on TV. but of course the triange is Bulit and Hercules Ryans father. Caitlins role was too much but it was nice for the character to be nice shes totally Julies daugter which is awesome did anybody catch Caitlins Laguna beach shout out. Kristian Pregnanent what a nice surprise though its predictable but it was nice to see Sandy and Kristian bond. Overall Ill wacth OC till the series finalie and remember Season in with all its glory this show just comes to show, that theres such thing as beginners luck in the television buisness.
  • Che and Seth...Soulmates?! Kirsten reveals life changing news, Julie gets e-mail dirty with the Bullit, Taylor the stalker, and all's well that ends well ... in jail

    This, to me, was one of the better episodes. I mean, usually when I watch the show there are some storylines I would rather fast forward but this episode was interesting from beginning to the end

    Was it just me or was I the only one thinking the worst for Kirsten. When she went to the doctor and they called her telling her the news had to be in person, I just thought to myself "Oh, God! If she ends up getting cancer or something, I'm NEVER gonna watch this show again" b/c she was so sad throught the episode, but she's pregnant so that makes me happy because her and Sandy are my favorite OC Couple

    I had always heard that there was going to be an un-expected love triangle in the O.C so I put my mind to work mixing the most random couples: maybe Sandy, Kirsten and Julie or probably Taylor, Ryan and Kaitlin EVEN Julie, Bullit and Kaitlin ... I know, gross but I never thought of Che, Summer and Seth b/c that was obvious, I would have never, ever! expected that Che would think Seth was his soulmate, wow, at least that problems over with, to bad it resulted in being sent to the clink

    It showed Julie was maturing as a mother when she picked her daughters happiness over her own, it was adorable to see what a good relationship Kailtin and the Bullit have, it was sweet to see them dancing, but when Julie was seeing someone secretly I was expecting Bullit's son or maybe even Jimmy Cooper but I had forgotten about Frank Atwood

    Taylor is, crazy, but she obviously loves Ryan and she was hilarious in this episode. Hanging out at the mall for 7 hours, wearing a ground hog costume to get closer to him, only Taylor. I thought when Marissa died I'd hate the show but Ryan and Taylor get my approval
  • This episode should have been called "The Julie Cooper Who Stole the Show" because Julie was absolutely fantastic. This is a definite Series Classic. Sandy and Kirsten (Mailtruck + baby = a very happy OC fan)...

    The Groundhog Day was utterly FANTASTIC in every way an episode of the OC should be this season. The oepening montage which tied together the dreadful previous (two) episodes with comic genius a touch of drama was what we've all grown to love about the show.

    Taylor obsessing and stalking Ryan was HILARIOUS. i nearly peed my pants when she was creeping behind him in the groundhog suit and once he saw her, she ran and tripped - pure hilarity! I thought the fact that they touched on Taylors insecurities more in a realistic and "Taylor" like fashion was great. It wasn't just about her "finding herself" like Summer, it was about her needing to feel secure enough with herself to be secure with someone else, and Ryan gave her that at the end when he called her pretending to stalk her. The exchanges between them was fabulous. I'm hoping that they are back together for good, Ryan deserves to be happy, and i think Taylor truly does that for him, in her own weird ways.

    Seth and Che...what can i say? I love Che!! I'm pretty sure that this was his farewell episode to Orange County, but he will defintely be missed. He brought something to the show and brought out something in Summer's character that no character (but Seth) had before. I'm glad Che got closure and didn't get shipped off to Zack-land...first (great) OC guest character to have real goodbye since Anna and Luke.

    Kirsten and Sandy - MAILTRUCK!!!!!!!!! back to being front and center, and let me say that it was well worth the wait. I love the chemistry Peter and Kelly have together and the Cohens have a fantastic family dynamic. It was excellent to see Sandy and Ryan bond, and Kirsten being pregnant. I'm really looking forward now to the finale (which is rumored to take place 6 months ahead, which will give us a chance to see the baby!).

    Julie Cooper was amazing in this episode. Kaitlin was fabulous (although it really scares me sometimes how much Willa looks like Mischa, and i swear that at two particular moments in the episode i was staring at Marissa Cooper). I've always loved Julie, but this episode took her character to a whole new plateau. I mean, she always did what she had to do for the sake of Marissa and Kaitlin, but now we see in her how much she really has changed since first season. Kaitlin opening up the way she did about Bullit really makes me wish that she picks Bullit, because Kaitlin really does look up to him as a father figure, and he does seem to make Julie happy by making Kaitlin happy; it just shows Julie's roundness and complexities. When she cried at the end watching Kaitlin and Bullit dance, i really felt the emotion. It's a damn shame she's never been nominated for an emmy or a golden glove for her portrayal of Julie Cooper. (I can't wait to see what happens with Frank Atwood and her in the next episode, seeing as how they've been secretly dating for like two months in OC time - since Bullit left).

    Summer was kind of lacking a major storyline, but everything else really made up for it...

    OC, back in tip top form!!!!!!