The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 15

The Heavy Lifting

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on FOX

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  • Johnny dies! Episode 15

    YES johnny is finally gone. This gained marks for this episode. Sadie seems ok and i think she and ryan will become more involved. it doesn't look good for ryan and marrisa or seth and summer! i find sandy and kirstens storys very boring as with julies and dr roberts!
    this episode was good enough it gained more marks for jonnys death!
  • Too many stories aagghh!

    Really wished that The O.C. would have went back to what made it so successful in the first season. Instead it's quickly gripping into what made season two inferior. Too many damn stories! It was nice when only two things were going on; the teenagers and the adults, but now it's several teenagers and several adults. The quality is thus spread out and the episode instantly becomes less enjoyable. Not to mention Marissa is seriously starting to become the epitome of a drama queen. Emotional and irrational, makes you want to punch her in the face if you ever saw her in real life.
  • Wow. Johnny's gone, and the guest stars are mostly Cullens!

    I bet that not even the Twilight fans realize that three of the main stars all appear in this episode. When Jackson first started to guest star, I thought 'This is weird, Cam has been on this show for a while, and that makes two Twilight stars.' Then within ten minutes of the start of Heavy Lifting, Nikki Reed shows up, making three of the stars that few people had even heard of before the movie. I was shocked, simply because it seemed that so many people had their career boosted by this show!

    After watching the pilot, I couldn't understand why Seth would like Summer. There was a lot of partying and self-centeredness, but now everything has changed. I want Seth and Summer to be together forever because they are so cute together, partying only leads to Johnny's death, and only the Coopers are self-centered. This show has really changed for the better, and man am I enjoying it!
  • In the aftermath of Johnny's death Ryan and Marrissa's relationship hits some rocks, while Kaitlin feels responsible for his accident. Elsewhere Seth tries to make it up to Summer for his lying ways.

    Probably one of the saddest episodes of The O.C. ever! Johnny's death really affects each of the characters in a different way. Marrissa is confused and slightly depressed, which causes her to take it out on Ryan, who is already feeling horrible for not being able to grab him in time before he fell. I felt for Mrs. Harper, Johnny's mum, as she has lost her only son. But I was most sympathetic for Chilli and Kaitlin. I thought it was really sad when Marrissa and Chilli were talking on the beach and she called him Chilli and he said something like "It's not Chilli anymore. I'm going back to Dennis. Johnny never liked that nickname anyway so...". I thought that was really touching. As for Kaitlin, after the memorial when she said "Oh yeah am I just meant to go over there and be like 'Hi I'm Kaitlin, I'm the one who killed him!'." that made me really feel for her.
    I really liked the memorial. I thought it was very reflective of Johnny being at the beach with a row of surfboards, and his own surfboard being sent out to sea. It was really sad, had me in tears!
    A really well done episode!
  • The OC. Episode 15

    Not my favorite episode but there are still some good points:
    1. No more whining sick looking surfer. Well, don't get me wrong, Johnny's funeral was kind of sad but he does remain the worst character ever.
    2. The presents switching was a highlight. When Sandy and Seth realized what has happened, their face were just priceless.
    3. Finally Kirsten said some complete sentences. It was about time.
    4. Summer is definitely always more mature. I liked the way she handled the whole Seth's pot&lies thing.
    5. Neil made up his mind about Julie. I figure Julie's trailer times are done.
    6. It turns out Kaitlin - Little Coop - does have a heart. At least, a half, I guess.

    I have to say it. Marissa's storyline is just painful to watch. Now it's like she has always been loving Johnny. Please. And in the meantime Ryan might have found another romantic interest. Well, Sadie is Johnny's relative but, at least, thank God, she's not that depressing.
  • Jonny dies and Marissa and Ryan drift further apart.

    The irony of Julie and Kirsten hosting a Valentines Party just as their childrens friend has died is terrible.

    Jonny's funeral was inspiring adn memorable, the right music definitely was chosen.

    Kaitlin has returned to boarding school with the promise that we will se more of her, I hope so as I have grown to like her.

    The arrival of Sadie threatens Marissa and Ryan's bond, I can't beleive Ryan spent Valentines Day with Sadie, he should have been more compassionate to Marissa.
  • So Sad!

    this was probably the saddest episode of the season because i really liked johnny. he was such a likable character and it was so sad on how they re-acted to him dying. this was a great episode and now on my list of favourite episodes. this episode was a real tear-jerker because of all the sadness that the other characters are experiencing. it was wierd to see Kaitlin just run off with Justin after watching her almost-boyfriend die. it must be hard for Marissa because she has been through alot in this series. this episode really made me cry because of all of the mourning happening around Orange County.
  • Everyone is sad about Johnny's death and Marissa is feeling it the most. Ryan tries to comfort her but she's having none of it. A new arrival enters town in the form of Sadie, and Julie tries it on with Neil once again.

    This episode just didn\'t seem to cut the standards that the OC normally reaches to. Johnny died but the characters didn\'t seem to care at all that much. Even Marissa, who was meant to be going through a rough time wasn\'t exactly grieving - she was more annoying than usual and that shouldn\'t be the way we feel towards her in this episode. The Valentines thing with Kirsten and Julie was just put there and didn\'t really make me feel warm and happy. I don\'t know, there were moments in this episode where the actors could have been amazing and they could have really showed off their talents but it just didn\'t happen for me.
  • A very clean episode that raps everything up and doesn't leave us lingering with a cliffhanger, but just enough to wonder what's next.

    Starting by bringing Katlin's ex-boyfriend into play, even after he learned that she is a little on the young side, things started to come to a head.

    Ryan finally takes charge and lets Marissa know that he's not to be toyed with. He had gone out his way the whole season, as most guys do in the same situation...sadly, and he has finally put his foot down. Good to see.

    Julie still attempting to get together with Dr. Roberts, but using a completely indirect approach, as always. Being the Valentine's Day episode, there had to be good news, and of course, things were set straight as the new, nicer Julie gets what she wants.

    The Seth and Sandy situation, with the lingerie switch-ups was very "sitcommy" feeling. It seemed like there should have been the studio audience complete with "oooohh" sounds.

    Also, Katlin's "You'll be seeing a lot more of me" seemed like such a dirty promo, you know that's going to be on the commercial when she returns to the show.

    Outside of those two little problems, everything was set right in THE OC universe and I'm looking forward (way forward) to where the show is heading.
  • Valentine's Day hits the OC!

    Valentine's Day episode of The O.C. Well to be honest this episode was "average" although the addition of Nikki Reed was fantastic- her character Sadie is great. Marissa is becoming unlikeable every episode. Summer and Seth and Sandy and Kirsten- I laughed at their plotline... it was hilarious and when Summer realised she was wearing Kirsten's underwear- haha! Well it was sad to see Kaitlin go because not only was she hot but she was a good character. I miss Kaitlin Cooper. The Valentine's dance was excellent- I loved that heart display! Finally Julie and Neil get it on. I actually want Ryan and Sadie to get together. The funeral was a good, touching scene. It sucks about this 1 month break but I hope we get episodes without breaks soon. Overall, a nice average episode that makes Season 3 even more excellent!

    Episode Grade- B.
  • a good average episode

    a good valentines episode, marissa now becomes annoying and now obsessed over johnny now hes gone and ryan is doing his best but realizes marissa doesnt care as much ryan goes to sadie which is good for him, seth makes it up to summer, julie and neil get closer and sandy and kirsten continue to do well
  • there is a funeral for johnny. it is valentines day but marissa doesnt want to do anything with ryan because she is grieving over her "bestfriend". Kirsten and julie organise a valentines party+dr.roberts manages to clear the air

    DAMN!!!! i dnt like johnny but i did not want him to diebecause of some girl. i mean why didn't he like kaitlin. shes cool.....kinda, and she liked him. But i now things are getting worse as usual in the o.c world and the relation between marissa and ryan arent very good. and most of you may disagree with me but i think he has a thing for sadie which is good since marissa has been annoying ryan with hanging out with johnny and being real nice to him, she even probs knew that he will fall in love with her, even she shld no. she like asking for trouble. so now its kinda like a revenge for ryan to have this thing with sadie. this is so like the thing in season 1 with oliver. exactly the same.

    where summer and seth on the other hand things seem to be alrite although i'm not sure seth is gonna get a new interview for college and things wont be so fine after all. summer has got a lot of patience to stand all the lying. And pot??? marawana(i cant spell!) seth you gotta chill dude and just let it go.

  • Nice episode. I deffinatelt feel the show is changing now for the better! I can just feel the last half of this season really building up!

    WOW! cool peisode. Not all brillaince but it was enjoyable all the same. Marissa is so unlikeable this season. WHy I don't kow, She was my favourite girl in S2. Loved her angstyness. But I did love the Ryan/Kiki time. I wish more peopple would have reacted to Johnny's death. I wish it was more bout Ryan with Marissa's reaction second to him. Juju was a bad mother this episode. Common girly, your girls have seen something so sad, REACT! Kaitlen's departure was fast but very heart felt. I love her character. Can't wait for her return. I am looking very forward for the rest of this season!
  • The gang is reeling over Johnny\'s fate, then Johnny\'s mom phones to tell everyone he died. Trying to deal with Johnny\'s dead, both Cooper girls, seem distant, especially Marissa. Valentine\'s day is upon the O.C., and Kirsten works her moxie, match-ma

    Yet another great episode from this great season. I am glad that there was actual emotion and a chance for some acting chops to come to play. I LOVED the humour and the overall feel of the episode. Both of my favourite quotes from this season so far have come from this episode…

    Summer: (whispering) I\'m wearing the thong!
    Seth: Um....yeah...that\'s actually my mom\'s...
    Summer: Ew!

    Seth: Beneath this manly exterior, beats the heart of a 14-year-old girl.

    The “EW” was long over due…& a welcomed blast from the old Summer!....thoroughly enjoying this season and can not wait to see what it progresses into
  • Why is marissa such a loser

    Marissa cooper is a silly little girl. she needs to grow up and stop saying \"johnny\". caitlin cooper is equally as frustrating. she needs to die so that her and johnny can both be dead. then marissa can be dead too and they\'ll all be dead together. die i say, die.
  • Great relationship development.

    I've gotta say, I'm a little sad Johnny's gone (I missed the previous episode). I actually really enjoyed Johnny and Chili's characters. I really wish Marissa could have had the slightest revealation about her feelings for Johnny before he died, but I guess this must have been the safest route for the writers to take without ruining Marissa and Ryan forever. I thought all of the relationships played out very nicely in this episode and we weren't just seeing more of the same old thing like we have been most of this season. Aside from the sad Johnny part, it was a feel-good valentine's day episode. And Kaitlin actually became a likable character. Woohoo!
  • This is nice episode of this show. Again we see a lot of relationship drama and I got surprised by some facts.

    So Johnny is dead. I didn’t thought that would be, but still he’s dead!!
    The most interesting thing about it is that Marissa finally seems to realize how much she loved Johnny.
    But how will that change her feelings towards Ryan? I don’t speak about his new interest yet…
    Seth might get over his problems, his fears and doubts. But just look at Summer. She has to take care of him more and more.
    The thing with the lingerie was quite funny, especially because Summer decided to wear it.
    But where is the relationship going. I can’t see it. And how will they act, with Julie Cooper in her fathers live. Because I think the only person Dr. Roberts trusts 100% is Summer.
    Ryan is up to new girl. That’s going to be interesting. Especially because in his relationship to Marissa, she always caused the problems - but now he might be the one.
    Sandy and Matt are still working together, but still I have the feeling, that the whole thing might not work out after all…
    Kirsten got something to do in this episode. Somehow I miss her in this show.
    Kaitlin is leaving again. I really enjoyed her presence. Although I’m still a bit disappointed, because of what we saw in several FOX trailers before her first appearance.

    After all I have to say, I enjoyed this episode, but I still think they could do a much better job. But I give a lot of credit to finally try some new things…
  • After the gang receives the news of Johnny's death, Sadie, Johnny's cousin comes to town to help keep Ms. Harper company and help clean out Johnny's room. Ryan and Marissa's relationship is further complicated over Johnny, and Summer and Seth don't see e

    Great Episode, things are finally starting to heat up in the OC back like in Season 1 and the end of Season 2. I'm glad Johnny died, it finally brought an end to most of the mix of the Harbor School and Newport Union relationship. Can't wait for the upcoming rivalry between Volchok and Ryan and Sandy's decision whether to keep Matt or not as the Hospital Project further complicates it's plot. The relationship between Dr.Roberts and Julie Cooper should also heat up, once Summer finally finds out or when she may finally place a demand for a woman for her father via Julie and Kirsten's dating service.
  • This show was sad and it happened on Valentine's Day, the holiday of love.

    I knew Johnny was going to die after his fall from the cliff but I was still sad when I saw it happen. I liked Johnny and am sad to see him go. I love that Summer is starting to trust Seth more, and the napkin thing that he did was kind of sweet although overly cheesy. The beach memorial they held for Johnny was sweet and I think that's exactly what Johnny would want. I think that now that Johnny is dead, Marissa is finally realizing how much she actually liked him. When he was alive, she never really realized. I agree with what Chili said about him and Marissa being the only ones who understand what they're going through.It's sad that Marissa and Ryan are fighting a lot, but that happens every time they get together-everything's fine for a while and then something happens to destroy their relationship. I also think that Ryan is falling for Johnny's cousin Sadie. I'm guessing that she dated Volchuk, because he keeps showing up but I wonder what happened between them. I'm glad Kaitlin is going back because she seemed to make Marissa's life hell, but in this episode you saw a nicer softer side to her. Sandy and Kirsten's relationship is going well after the rocky period they went through after Caleb's death. I like the fact that Julie and Dr. Roberts' relationship is finally advancing because I think they're an adorable couple. Overall, an ok episode but definately not as suspenseful as last week's.
  • OMG Johny died.

    Last week, I said Johny wouldn't die, but obviously, I'm wrong.

    To be totally honest, I don't remember very much about this episode because I had a phone call and I was playing games.

    But I liked what I saw. When Summer said she was wearing the langerie Seth both, and Seth told her it was his mom's...the reaction was very funny.

    The thing that Ryan and Sadie, Johny's cousin, has going on is interesting, but I really really want to see Ryan and Marissa have troubles in their relationship without a third person involved.

  • Kaitlin isn't all that bad...

    I saw a somewhat different side of Kaitlin in this episode and I'm glad she showed it before she left...

    +Seth and Sandy acidentally mix up valentines day gifts. Kind of funny
    +Neel decides he's settled for Julie.
    =Johny's funeral. Tearjerking moment but gives me the chillibumps just watching it and listening to the soft surfer music in the background.
    =Kaitlin departs and even sheds a tear while she's driving back to school.

    Great acting and I'm especially looking forward to see the next few episodes.(Start March 9)


    2nd review!! :)
  • might as well call this a season opener, set the stage for what is to come.

    so out with the first half of the season, and in with the new. johnny is gone, and they actually made it a sad goodbye. ryan and marissa are done, thank the lord. volchok is back, that should be interesting. sadie is going to stirr a lot up. hey kirstin, you actually had lines tonight! that made me happy. julie and dr. roberts...finally! seth and summer are still happy. which means that something soon will happen to them. and we all know that something will go wrong with the hospital plan shortly. i really hope ryan fights volchok. but if not, i hope he fights some one.'s to the second half of the third season. great opener.
  • Johnny dies in this episode. and its Valentine day.

    The episode shows whats happening to the show. It was horrible. I was so bored. The only thing that kept me from switching the channel was the hope that it would get exciting like season one. In every show Marissa crys. In every episode you see the bad acting of Ben Mckenzie.