The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 9

The Heights

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2003 on FOX
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Back to school for the O.C. kids. No one really wants to be there, except for the gossips. Ryan doesn't feel like he fits in at his new school, and Luke doesn't make the situation any better. Sandy accepts a case at his new job, a case that will test his relationship with Kirsten and her father. Anna and Seth hatch a plan. Marissa chooses her man.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the oc summer time is over and its back to school no one really wants to be ther but the gossips who spread rumors and ryan is going back and has to deal with luke who goes to the shcool and marisa has to make the choice between ryan and luke and they both get mad at each other also in this ep sanyd finds out about the case he has to handle aginst kirstens father and can there marriage handle the situation this was a good ep i thought and very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9moreless
  • Summer is over and school is here!

    Ryan and Marrisa finally kiss. Seth uses Anna to get Summer to notice him. Anna likes Seth but Seth likes Summer too much to notice. Luke and Marrisa make up but just to be friends. Sandy takes a case against Kirtsens dads company.

    It was good to see them at school and it made the sjow even better.

    Great episode!
  • Ryan and Luke should just decide whether or not they should like each other.

    Not the most dramatic, but the writing once again pulls through to create some very interesting situations. A lot of conflict but hilarious situations. As if the love triangle between Luke, Marissa and Ryan wasn't enough, another one is brewing between Anna, Summer, and Seth. Though this one is cooking up to be better. Ryan and Luke should seriously decide if they like each other or not; at one point they hate each other's guts, the next episode they're shaking each other's hands? I've never seen two people so bipolar about each other. On the other hand, Anna is looking to be a great enemy to Summer and I love the role that Anna is playing as the secret lover to Seth who is also training him to be a true man. On the adult side of things, looks like the Cohen family is a house divided as Sandy's new firm is pitting him against his wife. Not as exciting as Jimmy Cooper's little financial troubles but it'll be interesting to see how things progress from here on out. In this episode my least favourite episode might actually be the one with Marissa and Ryan. At least they finally got it over with and made out!moreless
  • Summer is over (School has started)...

    We knew it would lead back here. What kind of teen drama would the O.C. be without the school in which they all reside?Its time for sports tryouts and carnivals. On a side note, Sandy's new job leaves him with an unexpected case file on his desk.

    Marissa,Ryan,Summer and Seth are all back in school. Marissa feels alienated from previous friends but busys herself with planning the school's carnival. Luke tries to apologise to Marissa but she wont take him back. Ryan gets upset when Marissa lies to him,which lead to a blowout on the soccer field. Marissa and Ryan then gets into a big argument.

    I found this main plot especially tired. It has been done before and it has been done better. Marissa threw the word 'trust' too soon into their relationship. It was unexpected but felt trivial and petty, to the point when you'd wish they'd just shut up and get on with it.

    Of course, nobody does anything without reason. So the payoff came quick. The main plot culminated in a memorable scene atop a ferris wheel. Their first kissing scene was great and perfect in ways that would probably define the series and the relationship between Ryan and Marissa for years to come.Ryan's fear of heights was a nice touch.

    Seth and Summer go back to school forever transformed after T.J.But Summer soon remembers old rules still apply, which leaves Seth spending time with Anna(whose back Tahiti).I find Anna an interesting and great character in the series.She gives the O.C. a much needed face-lift and gives the series a first.A likeable female character.Unlike the snobby Summer or the doomed,whiney Marissa,I dont need to have Anna on-screen in doses.And the chemistry between Anna and Seth Is Undeniable.

    Sandy gets entangled in an environmental lawsuit which puts him butting heads with Caleb Nichol.This is a situation which the series first foresaw when they came up with the character of Sandy Cohen.And it was a good foresight.I could see why Sandy still took the case.The fight between Sandy and Kirsten was believeable and showed us the relationship between the two.And the apperance of Rachel never fails to amuse.

    A pretty good episode in general, with the subplots bettering the main plot.However,it does show a clear direction of which the series is moving. And I can't wait.

    "We're doomed"moreless
  • Things are looking up!

    It's 1st day of schools for the kids in the oc. Marissa is living with her dad. Ryan and Seth are going to school. Summer tells off the girls that are making fun of Marissa and the girls meet up with the guys. Summer then tells Luke off for Marissa. Ryan and Marissa are going to hang out after school. Anna is in this episode! YEAY! She talks to Seth about Summer and promises to help him with her. Rachel is now putting Sandy on one of Kristens fathers cases. Marissa gets made fun of because of her overdose. Marissa then tries to get out of planning the carnival and has to reschdule her date. Sandy and Kristen are seeing each other less and less and Ryan feels like he doesn't belong in Harbor. Luke tries to talk to Marissa at Jimmys apartment but he says no. Ryan decides he's going to try out for soccer. Anna and Summer have a small confrontation and Sandy has a fight with Kristen about his case. Ryan is going for striker in soccer and turns out that Luke plays the same position and he's the captain. Luke then has an arguement with Marissa and Ryan overhears everything about how Luke loves her and how he still does but Marissa told him that he didn't love him but Ryan didn't hear that part. Kristens father finds out that Sandy is working on his case. Ryan and Seth talk about Marissa. Marissa lied about talking to Luke. Summer then decides that she wants to be Seths lab partner but Anna comes in and stops Seth from being so needy. Rachel and Sandy talk about the case. Marissa goes to see Ryan play and sees Marissa talking to Luke and he gets jealous and takes Luke down while playing soccer and gets in trouble. Marissa goes to see Ryan at his house and they have an argument and they say that it's not going to happen. Sandy lays down the law with Ryan after getting the a phone call from the soccer coach. Marisssa avoides Ryan at school. Sandy and Kristen reconcile. The guys are at the carnival. Ryan apologizes to Luke and gets on the Ferris Wheel which he's terrified of with Marissa. Anna kisses Seth and Seth thinks as it as part of the plan but Anna really likes Seth. Seth then goes on and chases Summer. Ryan and Marissa KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!! they did it..... finally!moreless
Keri Lynn Pratt

Keri Lynn Pratt

Girl #3

Guest Star

Eric Allan Kramer

Eric Allan Kramer

Soccer Coach

Guest Star

Melissa Strom

Melissa Strom

Girl #1

Guest Star

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson

Summer Roberts

Recurring Role

Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong

Anna Stern

Recurring Role

Rosalind Chao

Rosalind Chao

Dr. Kim

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (13)

    • Summer: (Referring to Marissa) Stay away from her.
      Luke: How? We all go to the same school.
      Summer: You shoud've thought about that before hooking up with one of her friends. Ass!

    • Ryan: (referring to his first day of school) We're doomed.

    • Summer: (to the girls who were talking about Marissa's near overdose in Tijuana) Hey whores! Why don't you go work another corner!

    • Seth: Anna just sailed to Tahiti.
      Summer: Sailing is so not the fastest way to get anywhere.... I mean, if you would have flown, you would have gotten there a lot sooner.
      Anna: You should be on the debate team.

    • Summer: Don't be nervous.
      Marissa: I'm not nervous. I'm just not going.
      Summer: Coop, you have to go. You own the school. And what about Kickoff Carnival? You're still the social chair.
      Marissa: Hm, let's see. Be humiliated in front of the entire school or hire someone to do balloon animals?
      Summer: (gasps) You have to hire that guy who makes the balloon octopus.

    • Ryan: Why would I be nervous?
      Seth:Because we're going to school with like 300 Lukes minus the redeeming social qualities.

    • Seth: I like to think I can convey everything with a look.
      Kirsten: Well, you look adorable!
      Seth: No.
      Kirsten: Cute?
      Seth: No.
      Kirsten: Dope?
      Seth: No.
      Kirsten: Rad?
      Seth: Please, please, this is so painful for me!
      Kirsten: Hey Sandy, doesn't Seth look rad?
      Sandy: Oh, you do look rad! Mad props son!

    • Seth: Open your mind here, dad. This isn't me we're talking about. With Ryan here, we have a chance to have a real athlete in the family. Someone to achieve all that your Jewishness has prevented me from accomplishing.

    • (Ryan and Marissa are stuck at the top of the ferris wheel)
      Marissa: Are you okay?
      Ryan: Yeah. (Marissa looks down and causes the cart they're sitting in to move) Had to get the cheap ferris wheel didn't you? What kind of carnival is this Cooper?

    • Marissa: Is that something burning?
      Jimmy: Okay, new oven, haven't quite figured out how to make French toast.
      Summer: Not in the oven would be a good place to start.

    • Ryan: Seth has his women.
      Sandy: Seth Cohen?

    • Sandy: We're trying to figure out an extracurricular activity for Ryan here.
      Seth: Okay.
      Sandy: Harbor's got a great archery program.
      Seth: Archery? No. Absolutely not.
      Sandy: Fencing?
      Seth: What century are you in?

    • Anna: Seth doesn't understand the whole 'hard-to-get' strategy.
      Ryan: That's because he's not.

  • NOTES (1)


    • My Girl

      Luke states that he hasn't cried this munch since Macaulay Culkin died in My Girl.

      My Girl was a 1991 movie in which Culkin and Anna Chlumsky befriend each other. At the end of the movie, Culkin dies from an allergic reaction to bee stings.

    • Sandy (to Seth): Don Juan, we're trying to figure out an extracurricular activity for Ryan here.

      Don Juan was best known as a womaniser.