The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 17

The Journey

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on FOX

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  • ryan thinks about not inviting Marrisa to his 18th birthday.

    Overall i thought this episode was good but not as good as last weeks. marrisa and Ruan are completly broken up 100% in this which i think is a stupid thing though i still like sadie. Volchock just annoys me like johnny did not as much but he still does. the julie and dr roberts thing is a bit weird aswell. Now marrisa is haning out with volchock i am expecting some rifts in ryan,seth and summers relationship with marrisa.
    Good enough
  • Rises above the average stuff we've been getting the past couple episodes.

    Although The O.C. has been faltering as of late, it sort of reminds us of why we all watch it in the first place with this episode. For once the stories are interesting and there's some worthwhile drama that keeps you watching. Julie and Neil's relationship has finally let loose between their daughters and it created a pretty interesting confrontation between Summer and Julie. Plus there's also Dawn Atwood's little situation along with Ryan's 18th birthday. It was pretty neat how the episode portrayed how Marissa and Ryan's now ended relationship using flashbacks. Cutting off the melodic music midway and Ryan facing the picture of her and Marissa down was really really neat.
  • The OC. Episode 17

    Amazing events in Newport Beach.
    1. Surf-Nazi Volchok reveals perfect nursing skills. And stalking aptitude, as well.
    2. Ryan's mom is back in prison.
    3. Marissa is drowning in self-pity and tequila.
    4. Sandy enjoys practising the good Samaritan in New Mexico, while Kirsten's storyline is like stiller than Himalaya.
    Actually this show is definitely turning into a tragic soap opera. :D

    Well, there are some highlights, anyway.
    - How Seth organized Ryan's party. He always comes up with such crazy ideas. Little "Ryans" (fireman, cowboy and scientist) were totally hilarious. LOL
    - Summer confronting Mrs. Cooper Nichol (and soon to be Roberts, I guess).
  • Oh, what the O.C. used to be and what it is now...

    I haven't been enjoying the O.C. for the past ten weeks, or something, but the fact that this episode had flashbacks made me realise how good the O.C. used to be and how average it is now.

    Let me start by saying, and this might sound weird, that the changes they did in the music of the show have a huge impact on the pleasure of seeing the episode, the music they've been using now is depressing, pretty much along with the storyline.

    And how uncool is the fact that for some episodes nothing hasn't been really happening. Now it's all about break ups and new romances, when in the first season was about houses burning down, people drinking at parties, crazy kids, love triangles, jail, concerts... now it's all plain and boring.

    I own the two first seasons DVDs and I'm probably end up buying the third but I keep seeing this tv show for what it was, not for what it is now... so unless it changes back to normal I am just going to get tired and flee... like Ryan... but for good.
  • Loved the flashbacks!!!

    This episode was great,it made me cry when the flash backs came and when Ryan and Marissa just couldn\'t seem to talk to eachother because they found it so hard. Both Ryan and Marissa found someone to help them get through it so this was cool. But i definaley think that ryen and marissa should get back together.....They are the perfect couple!!please get back together!!!plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz!!!This episode was one of the best in series 3 cause it refers back to the first series...which was great!! I luv the OC!!!!
  • Ryan has the opportunity to get Marissa back.

    Ryan debates about asking Marissa to his birthday party, which Seth has organised. He changes his mind a lot before coming to a conclusion. In the end Marissa isn't there anyway so his toil was pointless.

    Seth organises a Future Ryan birthday party complete with cardboard cut outs.

    We find out how Ryan's mum is doing, apparently not very well as Sandy has to get her out of prison.

    Neil and Julie's relationship goes public with Marissa and Summer, not a major reaction came from either of them.
  • marissa and ryan split and not getting back togetha !!! omg

    i mean sure da flash back scenes were awesome but wtf ryan and marissa belong togetha oh and it was pretty cool wat seth dd 4 ryans bday im so bumed out about ryan and marissa and sadies way cool but she seems to old for ryan im just saying praying for an oc miracle
  • Ryan thinks about not inviting Marissa to his 18th birthday after their falling out but Sandy tries to get him to invite a relative. After months of avoiding telling Summer and Marissa the truth Neil and Julie tell Summer and Marissa the truth.
    this episode was OK. It's quite strange that ryan and marissa aren't together anymore and I don't think they will in the near future, maybe in the next season but not in this one I think. It would suprise me if they would! And the cruise thing was quite funny, and I already guessed that marissa and summer would be ok with it! I like Sadie and Ryan, and Marissa and Volchok are nice too although I don't think it will last that long. Overall I think this was a nice episode not very special, but average though!

  • Pulling at straws a little.

    So we have the first breakup for the first time in like half a season. unfournatetly it doesn't seem all that real or dramatic. marissa doesn't seem that affected and ryan and sadie just seem a little awkward. The plotline with sandy trying to get ryan's mom to come to his party was pretty lame as well. The summer and dr. roberts plotline was the only exciting development. the party was really anticlimatic. The oc has really been losing it's punch recently. also what has happened with the college plotline??? how could this show possibly work if they go to college anyway?
  • Ryan ponders on who to invite to his 18th birthday, and thus finally makes a choice between Sadie and Marissa. Not the best episode of the season, but still a great episode.

    I feel that this season of The OC has been a little indifferent; I don’t think it really got going until “The Sister Act.” There were a few good episodes before this, but nothing on par with what we’ve been used to from with the first two seasons.

    This episode demonstrated both the good and bad of the show, Ryan as always was faced with difficult decision, whilst Seth decided to approach Ryan’s birthday invitation problems from a comedy angle (as always).

    I really enjoyed this episode as it moved the story and relationships forward, forcing Ryan to make a choice between Sadie and Marissa and potentially creating a rift between Kirsten and Sandy (the best parents ever!!!!!) Also the relationship between Neil and Julie, has, albeit unintentionally taken a big step forward.

    The bad... can't help but feel we've been here before with Ryan, in the will he won't he split with Marissa story?

    As I say not the best episode so far, but the series is really starting to heat up now. It’s certainly looking good for the remaining episodes
  • WOW!

    Loved this episode. Great flashbacks. Love the Kandy, the Ryan, The Sethummer, and really love how this show is only getting better!

    I give it an A. AT times a little anticlimatic but the drama, comedy and wit is all there. This season is really starting to really improve. I am hoping th w qaulit of this show only gets better!
  • so far best episode this season

    Who ever gave this episode a bad review should slap themselves. This episode was by far the best this season. Every character was involved excpet for Taylor which sucked. The whole model home flash back was done so well, when i saw that i so got the chills and the oc feeling all over again. every part of this episode was so good. volchok should stay away from marissa but other than that this episoded rocked ur pants off.
  • Give it some credit

    Hay no matter what, this series has me comming back for more and more. There is a few let down's here and there, but nothing major.

    Credit has to be given for the 'Seth & Summer' pair. They are soooo sweet together. They are like the tipical over-the-moon-with-each-other couple, which is adorable. Ryan, tries his best to be still friends with Melissa even though thing between them did not end on a high note. I think he's not sure where he stands with her with regards of their friendship.

    Julie and Niel should take things slow now that everyone knows about them. I agree with Melissa, Julie should NOT go and screw this one up too. If she really loves Niel she should be honest with him from the start and take things one step at a time. I'm a bit dissapointed that Ryan's mother did not come to his party. On one hand I feel she should not have deserted her child like that. No mother should ever do that to their child, no matter had bad things are. but on the other hand, I feel kinda sorry for her. I just hope the two of them get together again soon, cause it was clear from the episode in which she letf again, that Ryan really does love his mother very much.

    No, all in all, I love this show, it's packed with drama, comedy, intrege, and a whole lot of interesting charecters!
  • A hard time for Marissa and Ryan... they're really over!

    This is really the first time that Ryan and Marissa are this far apart. Even when they weren't going out in season 2, they still hung out, or at least, didn't avoid each other. Kinda sad. I really liked the flashbacks to the Model Home, they contrasted how far Ryan and Marissa have come since then. Loved the cowboy/ athlete/ fireman Ryan!
  • Not the best episode of the season, by any means. Although there is a lot of important character development here, I can't help but feel that we've seen this all before.

    This is starting to look a lot like Season 2. Do you remember Season 2 when Ryan and Marissa split up? Probably the worst set of storylines in The OC's short history. It looks like we're getting a second serving.

    It was somewhat entertaining to see what Ryan and Marissa would do with their new relationship, but in the end, nothing changes and shows that this episode was mainly to keep you watching until they think of something.

    The interesting plot line, which seemed like they have been delaying it for a couple of weeks now, is the story of Dr. Roberts and Julie. It's nice to see some actual development in their story and there's a nice tease to the coming episodes regarding their relationship.

    I am definitely not looking forward to Ryan and Marissa's new mates and just waiting for the episode like "The Rainy Day Women" to set everything back to normal and give us a good couple episodes before the end of the season.

    Really could have done without the last half of this episode with Ryan and Marissa, but the Julie/Dr. Roberts story kept me watching, and kept the score relatively high.
  • This episode was ok, but I cannot believe that Marissa would be getting close to Volcheck! He hated Johnny!!

    This episode was definately a typical The O.C. episode. Some drama, some emotion, and some comedy. It's so sad that Ryan's mom got too scared and didn't come to see him for his birthday. I think it would be nice for Ryan to start communicating with his mother again, since she's been out of his life for a few years. I'm glad that Neil and Julie finally got their secret out in the open, and I'm also glad that Marissa and Summer seem to be okay with it. If they weren't ok with it, it could have ruined their relationship, and I think they're really cute together!! It's nice that they're going on a cruise together, but I definately don't think he should propose to her. They haven't been together for long, and Neil just got out of another marriage. They shouldn't rush into something, event though they care about each other. Seth and Summer are so cute together, and it's so nice to see that they're really happy together, and don't seem to be having any problems. Seth's party was really nice, and a good way to recognize Ryan becoming an adult. It was so funny when he got a different band (I cannot remember which one-memory slip!!OOPS!) instead of Journey like Ryan wanted. This was an ok episode, but not the best one ever.
  • Ryan's legal!!!!

    Ryan's officially 18. He invites Sadie to his party and Marissa... only Sadie comes. Marissa went to the model home and had a flashback... and the fell down the stairs. She was this close to going to Ryan's party, but didn't. Summer ran into Julie at her house and awkwardly confronted Julie and her and Neil's relationship. Julie finally tells Marissa and Marissa tells her not to screw up. At the end Julie and Neil go on a cruise.
  • A nice episode with nice stories, witch would have deserved to be worked out better. Otherwise well done and lets things open for the future.

    I’m just glad after this episode. Even though this wasn’t a great episode, I enjoyed it, because it doesn’t focus enough on the different parts and storylines. So what do I mean? Let’s take a look at the story between Sandy and Ryan’s mother. Everything is well done and then she leaves again, we don’t now why and don’t see any critical dealing with it.
    Then why is Summer the strongest person in this entire show, so week suddenly? Sure she looks out for her father and for Marissa, but why doesn’t she face Julie more? She’s the only one able to do it, but she just doesn’t do it. I don’t get it.
    Ryan/Marissa are finally over and it looks like that they are over for good this time! Ryan moves on to someone he can relay much more to and Marissa wallows herself in trouble and self pity.
    Julie and Mr. Roberts might even get married or at least engaged. Well I don’t know, but it’s obvious, that both need someone in their lives. I’m not a fan of Julie, but maybe this time it works out.
    But just let us explore the whole thing a bit further. Theoretically and only that, Seth and Summer were related when Julie and Mr. Roberts get married. Well even Ryan and Marissa, but just let’s forget about the whole thing again.

    It’s interesting to see that this season tries to close a circle again (remember season one).

    After all a nice episode, but for away from being outstanding.
  • This episode was kind of lame.

    Ok Its Ryan's birthday and he's decicding if he should invite mellisa to his party. Meanwhile Summer tells Miss coupper about how she knows about her and her dad. And then Sandy is locating Ryan's mom who's in mexico and wants her to be there. Oh and on the end, Mellisa doesn't go to Ryan's party and now she's in this depressing state again and might be hooking up with that sufer guy.
  • It is ryans birthday. seth plans a party and sandy goes in search of ryans mom. marissa and ryan seem to go back and forth with their feelings. julie and neil are ready to set sail. sadie meets the parents

    This episode was brilliant I think. Right from the beginning it had the season 1 feel. There was lots of emotion and different kinds of emotion. Seeing Dawn so upset and concerned about Ryan broke my heart. Its nice to see her back in the picture at such an important time and she did become a 'forgotten' character who must be on the island of Lost.

    Volchok was quite the jerk for a while. Must be his way of dealing with things. IT will be interesting to see what kind of turn his relationship with marissa will take. I see a bad road coming, but thats just my opinion.

    Seth and Summer were not in it enough but they were each great in their roles. Seth was amazing with Ryan, i love how much he loves him :) Summer was also great in her roles. I liked that her and marissa were mature about Neil and Julie. I was expecting some flip outs but i was impressed that didnt happen. Maybe they are finally starting to grow up in the OC.

    Sadie and Ryan are adorable. Im a huge Maryan shipper but they do have chemisty and you cant help but love watching them. they each made a choice tonight, now they have to follow through with it. It should be good though. I still wished Marissa would have approached Ryan but I guess that may have led to a reunion type situation which the writers are avoiding. I was happy to see Ryan having some feelings about this. I was worried he wouldnt care at all. You could really tell that he misses the past he had with Marissa. The model home montage scenes between marissa and ryan were great. Marissa especially played the part well. It also seemed that was the spot Ryan made his decision, his definite one.

    Sandy and Kirsten Dancing was entertainment as well as all the 'what Ryan could be' pictures. They were priceless. We should be able to order them. Regardless, it was a great episode. It was nice to see things heading back to GREAT. It was also nice to see Sandy being Sandy as opposed to Caleb juniour. Great installment
  • Marissa's going with Volchek guys! I predict it.

    Marissa's going with Volchek guys! I predict it. Wow...that's all I gotta say. Although I do agree w/ the person who reviewed this badly (that she found it hard to believe that Marissa would go for another guy so soon--and I only agree with that), the producers/writers do only have till May (I think) for what they want to they do kinda have to make things move fast. I was also wondering what was up with Volchek...I guess Johnny's death really messed him up or something since they used to be friends and all. I thought Marissa going back to the model home was an interesting plot device. Ryan and Sadie are a boring plot to talk about...although we know they're gonna get together. I wonder if Marissa's going to get in trouble w/ the law again...I guess we'll just have to wait and see! (and Seth and Summer better not break up! Did you see next week's previews? And yes I know how preppy I sound...sorry about that. I get like that sometimes.)
  • Ryan's 18th birthday and everything that happened... My God What did they do to the O.C?

    Marissa has become the new bitch of Orange County, her mother is very out of character, Ryan is a still sad rebel with a bad family back drop after so many years, and seth is a borderline homosexual. The entire plot was contrived and the idea that Marissa would so easily start going out with this new guy is very bad. Julie cooper, once the best element of the O.C, has become so drawn down and her characterization no longer brings thrills or chills. Kirsten and Sandy are still the foundations of normalcy, but that does not make a series. I don't want them to cancel the series, but episodes like this are the reason why less viewers are tuning in to the O.C nowadays.
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