The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 22

The L.A.

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2004 on FOX
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When Summer and Marissa run into Grady Bridges, the star of Summer's favourite prime-time soap 'The Valley', he invites them to an LA party, and they accept. On the road trip to LA, Seth, Summer, Marissa, and Ryan run into Hailey, now working at a strip club. Jimmy and Sandy present their restaurant to Newport's finest and approach Caleb for some financial help.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc marrisa and summer are on the beach and they bump into a tv star name grady briges and he is t he star of the hit show the valley and they get invited to a party and ryan and seth also go and they happen to see haley there working as a stripper and during this ep sandy and jimmy are showing off this restrunt to a huge group of pepople and they ask for kirsten father for help money wise and they bring haley back from the club this was a good epmoreless
  • When you break up with your girlfriend, what do you do? Go after her mother.

    Compared to the previous twenty one episodes, this is probably near the bottom, and yet it was still wildly entertaining and fun. Luke getting caught red handed with Julie Cooper, Ryan and Seth running into their aunt working as a stripper at the club they happen to be in, and Seth getting Paris Hilton's number? Well, the last part probably isn't the hardest thing to do. As always The O.C. is backed up by some fabulous, hilarious, and well thought out dialogue. There just isn't a single moment where you get bored; you're always looking for the next witty and clever thing that Seth or Sandy has to say. Though as great as the writing is, the story felt forced. Hailey conveniently running into Hailey working as a stripper in a club when there are hundreds of different clubs in Hollywood and LA, and the timing of Luke telling Ryan he ended it with Julie Cooper. Plus who the hell rushes into a room with the first thing they say "I'm done having sex with Julie Cooper." Things felt forced, but fortunately those are just simple small stepbacks from yet another great episode of The O.C.moreless
  • All's well that ends well, actually, not really.

    Busted! Seth and Ryan go to get Ryan’s watch from the motel when they see Luke and Julie kissing. Summer sees a guy she is a big fan of from T.V. on the beach, and Ryan confronts Luke about Julie. I just think the whole Luke and Julie thing is a bit disturbing, I know I said that before, but that’s when I thought it was a one or two time thing, not an ongoing sexual relationship. Marissa decides she wants to spend some time on her own to gather herself, while Sandy and Jimmy run into financial problems and seek help from Caleb. While at the T.V. stars party, Ryan unexpectedly meets up with Hailey, who has taken up striping. Luke decides to listen to Ryan’s words, and breaks up with Julie, but when he comes back to tell Ryan about it, Marissa over hears what he had been doing. This episode was almost going to end on an awesome note, but then this happened, and spoiled the happy. I don’t mean it ruined the episode, but it sure made it go sour, I was pretty sure Luke’s ending the relationship would make things die down, but I guess not. I just hope that Marissa (being weak and known to do things to hurt herself) doesn’t do anything stupid, knowing how she has reacted to other things, this can’t be good.moreless
  • Everything happens in this episode!

    Luke's affair with Julie Cooper is finally discovered by Ryan and Seth while they are at the motel to retrieve Ryan's watch after he was there with Theresa.

    The next day Summer and Marissa meet the star of the fictional soap 'The Valley', Grady Bridges, who invites them to his birthday in L.A. The girls then get Ryan and Seth to go to.

    With this Ryan confronts Luke and tells him to end his affair with Julie while Marissa is in L.A.

    Meanwhile Sandy and Jimmy throw a dinner at the Cowen residence to get intrest in their restaraunt and to get Caleb's backing.

    Back in L.A. Ryan and Marissa find Hailey working as a striper in a club. Ryan phones Sandy for advice but Sandy suggests to stay out of it. AT this point Jimmy leaves the dinner to got to L.A. to help Hailey himself.

    As Ryan, Marissa and Seth get Hailey out of the club they get thrown out by the manager, but Jimmy arrives just in time to thier rescue.

    Every one goes back to Newport where Hailey is welcomed back and Marissa over hears Luke telling Ryan he broke up with Julie. Marissa is distraught and runs out.

    A very good episode with a great sound track.moreless
  • The LA is one of my all-time favorite episodes!

    Okay, this episode just rocks! It's such a fun and there is ALMOST no drama and, well, we don't have that very often in The OC :) I love the whole idea of trip to L.A. and everything what happened there, with Ryan getting kicked off the club (twice! lol), Marissa pretending Ryan's a filmstar LOL. Well, Paris Hilton as a guest star was kinda lame, but whatever. And it's also a re-start for Ryan&Marissa. And Fab 4 as The Beauty, The Brain, The Boobs and The Brawn - cool! (Marissa: Hey, how come you're the brains? I'm the one who talked us back into that club.

    Seth: I'm sorry. I'm the brains.

    Ryan: You can be the beauty.

    Marissa: Okay, thanks.

    Summer: Great, and what am I, Cohen?

    Seth: Uh, the boobs?

    (Summer hits him)

    Seth: Uh, the b*tch?

    Summer: Okay, I'll take the boobs.

    Seth: Hey. So will I.)

    And Hailey is back, lol:) And Julie&Luke get caught and Marissa finds out, so we HAVE some drama in the end! This episode is just soo enjoyable, I love it from the beggining to the end! I LOVE The OC!moreless
Al Sapienza

Al Sapienza

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Marc Perkel


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Steffany Huckaby


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Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti

Hailey Nichol

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Alan Dale

Alan Dale

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Summer and the actor from The Valley are caught by his girlfriend, Summer makes a comment about how them dating wouldn't be good for the show. Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody were dating at the time.

    • Goof: Marissa says to the star of The Valley that she had never seen his show. In fact, she watched it in the episode "1.20 The Telenovela" and this scene also appears in the beginning of the actual episode, in the "Previously on The O.C."

    • Goof: When Luke comes over at the end of the episode to tell Ryan that he has broken up with Julie, it seems weird that he did not run into Seth and Summer who could tell him that Marissa was there, and Kirsten didn't tell him that Marissa was there. I know this is part of the show, but it seems pretty unbelievable

    • Goof: When Marissa comes by the Cohen house to talk to Ryan about them taking some time apart. When Ryan opens the door you can see a car on the driveway (Marissa's 4WD) but when they change view to the outside and you see Ryan walk out there is no car there.

    • Goof: The words that Ryan uses when he leaves the phone message for Luke don't match the words that Luke hears when he listens to the message. Ryan says "I want to make sure you took care of it... take care of it!" and Luke hears "I'm just calling to make sure you took care of it... take care of it!"

    • Goof: Ryan and Seth went to the hotel at the beginning of this episode to pick up Ryan's watch that he supposedly left behind in "The Goodbye Girl" after spending the night with Theresa. But Ryan didn't leave his watch behind. He can be seen wearing his watch later in that episode after he left the hotel.

    • Goof: You can only hear Ryan's voice in the voice message sent to Luke. But wouldn't Luke be able to hear all of the music and noise in the club in the background of the message?

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Seth: I like to leave the watch on Ryan, I like to leave it on and see how I'm doing, if I'm beating my own time. The thing is it's sort of a sex marathon, not a sex sprint.

    • Seth: Right on. I'm hoping for a little Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, maybe Kate Bosworth myself- (Summer smacks him) Ow! What? It's okay for you to pine over Legolas?
      Summer: Yeah, he's an Elf. He saved Middle-Earth. That is a huge part of European history.

    • Kate: Relax. All you L.A. chicks are so lame.
      Summer: We're not from L.A. We're from Orange County.
      Kate: Orange County? Ew!

    • Marissa (pretending Ryan is an actor): You are actually a little shorter than I imagined.

    • Ryan (about Grady): How does that guy play high school?
      Seth: Hollywood, man.

    • Marissa: Okay, you're starting to sound like Seth.
      Ryan: I know. It rubs off.

    • Ryan (about Grady): He's kinda like you.
      Seth: What? Handsome and charming?
      Ryan: No. Geeky and sarcastic.

    • Seth (about Luke and Julie): Maybe they're not having sex. Maybe they just go to spoon and watch Charlie Rose.

    • Seth: My mom's gonna freak
      Hailey: So don't tell her; not that she'd care.

    • (Hailey lap dancing at the Luna Chiks)
      Hailey: Hey there, having fun yet?
      (they both look surprised)
      Ryan: Hailey?
      Hailey: Ryan?

    • Marissa: Since you showed up, it's been pretty intense. Good and bad. But intense.

    • Seth: We're not going to L.A. I'm gonna lose Summer to the real life TV me.
      Ryan: No, we are going to L.A. We're taking the girls. Luke's breaking up with Julie while we're gone.

    • Julie: Caleb could help.
      Sandy: This is my happy place. It's my oasis from the rich and insufferable.
      Julie: It'd be a good investment for him. And the best thing for you two.
      Sandy: No, it would be the worst. it would be--no. Kirsten please back me up.
      Kirsten: He could be a silent partner.
      Sandy: A silent assassin. He would ruin everything.

    • Kirsten: So you want a designer on the cheap? How cheap? Like free?
      Jimmy: Free is cheap.
      Kirsten: Julie.
      Jimmy: No. No way.

    • Seth: I think I'm gonna declare this month Angst-Free Ryan Month.
      Ryan: Month? Think it's gonna last all month?
      Seth: Angst-Free Ryan Week, with an option for an additional week, if you like it.
      Ryan: Oh. Okay. Thanks bud.

    • (Seth speaking to Ryan)
      Seth: Finally, you have no women to protect from violent, goated factory workers or pill-popping manic-depressives.

    • Seth: Dude, since day one of you getting here, it's been nothing but ladydrama with you. Marissa, Theresa, Luke, Oliver, Eddie.

    • Marissa: See, I think I should be the brains.
      Ryan: No, Seth's the brains.
      Marissa: Well, you're clearly not the beauty.
      Ryan: Oh, and now someone's the bitch.

    • Marissa: Hey, how come you're the brains? I'm the one who talked us back into that club.
      Seth: I'm sorry. I'm the brains.
      Ryan: You can be the beauty.
      Marissa: Okay, thanks.
      Summer: Great, and what am I, Cohen?
      Seth: Uh, the boobs?
      (Summer hits him)
      Seth: Uh, the bitch?
      Summer: Okay, I'll take the boobs.
      Seth: Hey. So will I.

    • Sandy: That is unbelievable, Hailey got a job.

    • Jimmy: Well, we've basically blown through our entire budget.
      Sandy: Well you're really not so good at managing the money are you Coop?
      Jimmy: No, I'm...really not.

    • Luke: Hey man, what's up?
      Ryan: Nothing. So ... did you have sex with Julie Cooper today?

  • NOTES (3)

    • The song played in the trip to LA is "How Good Can It Be" by The 88, and is the same song used to open the episode "The Heights."

    • Music:
      "Ride" by The Vines
      "How Good Can It Be" by The 88
      "Born Too Slow" by The Crystal Method
      "Road Leads Where It's Led" by The Secret Machines
      "Start a Fire" by Radio 4
      "To Get Down" by Timo Maa
      "Get Krunk" by K-Dub
      "All The Boys" by The Plus Ones
      "Espionage" by Kid Gloves
      "Out of LA" by Jude

    • Seth makes a comment about self indulgent actors with instruments. Adam Brody has his own band called Big Japan.


    • Orange County Theme
      This whole episode is a take on the Orange County movie. Obviously, there is "California" in the opening credits, which is the end credits music for the movie. Colin Hanks, who starred in the movie, guest stars and as we all know, The O.C. stands for 'the Orange County'.