The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 4

The Last Waltz

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

A range rover is driving up to Newport Union High's parking lot. In the car there are Ryan, Marissa, Summer and Seth. Even if, at first, Ryan, Summer and Seth try finding some positive aspects about Marissa attending Newport Union High, they're really worried about that. She tells them that all it's gonna be fine because the important thing is that there nobody knows every little detail about her life. She gets out of the car and she starts walking toward the school. All kids are staring at her and she looks a little upset. From the car, Seth can't help stopping his wit:"And that was the last they ever saw of her."

At Harbor High School, Seth and Summer are in the student lounge. Dean Hess comes along and he tries finding out who helped Seth steal the tiki hut. Seth doesn't say anything. As a result, he has to clean up school's toilets next day. When Dean Hess walks away, Summer wants Seth to let her tell what really happened. He refuses. Ryan asks Sandy to let him attend Newport Union High with Marissa but Sandy doesn't give in. Sandy sees Kirsten's gardening. That's not the only news: she announces also she wants to confront her fear of cooking. Then they kiss and seem clearly very happy. In the meantime, Julie Cooper Nichol finds out it's required that Caleb's house and its contents be seized for repayment of debt. She looks stunned and dazed.

At Newport Union High School, Marissa bumps into a girl, Heather, who doesn't act friendly; she wants to know why Marissa thinks to be better than her. Marissa tries to change Heather's mind but she doesn't succeed. Finally another girl, Casey, comes over and Heather goes away. Marissa can't understand why Heather's got it in for her and Casey points out the expensive way Marissa is dressed.

Taylor offers to help Summer with organising the dance. When Summer points out she doesn't want anything from her, Taylor whines that she has no friends because her own character drives away everyone. Summer sympathized with her and then allows her to help.

After school Marissa meets Johnny, who is Casey's boyfriend. Casey, Johnny and a friend of theirs, Chili, ask Marissa to get lunch together. When she phones Ryan, he has already arrived at Newport High School to pick her up but he doesn't want to ruin her possibility to make new friends, so he greets her and drives back home.

Julie asks Marissa to move into Summer's. Marissa figures they're getting kicked out of their house. Julie promises the Coopers will make it and Marissa is confident about Julie's survival skills.

Charlotte asks Kirsten to get lunch together at the "Newport Bay Yacht Club" and she accepts. Marissa is moving into Summer's when she remembers about her breakfast she was supposed to have with Ryan. She calls him and explained what's happened; they plan on meeting later.

Summer is informed by Taylor that if Seth doesn't tell Dean Hess by the end of the day who the other "thief" was, the new Dean is gonna suspend him. As a result of this, Summer tells Dean Hess she helped Seth "borrow" the tiki hut. Immediately Dean Hess says that Summer can't be the social chair anymore: Taylor is gonna replace her. Summer figures out that it was all a trick. However, as Summer says to Taylor: "War is not over!"

Sandy lets Kirsten know that the Newport Group is going broke. She decides to sell everything. Julie wants a loan from Newport Group but Sandy tells her what's happening. Then he says he and Kirsten could lend her some money if she needs, but Julie refuses and walks off.

Johnny asks Marissa to go to the school dance with him, Casey and Chili. She is going to give in but Heather enjoys putting her down about the whole Trey thing. She runs away shocked and crying; Johnny tries to cheer her up. Ryan comes over and when he sees Johnny around a really upset Marissa, he goes offf on him. Marissa looks embarrassed by Ryan's behavior and she walks off. Ryan stands alone again. Then Ryan relates to Seth what has happened; Seth suggests a simple apology, pointing out "it's not rocket science, man, you home-school kids are pathetic!". In the meantime Marissa and Summer are at Summer's swimming pool and they're talking about the dance. Marissa doesn't want to go. Ryan calls Marissa and they make it up.

Charlotte and Kirsten have lunch together. Charlotte is planning on stealing money from Kirsten thanks to a fancy rehab house she's pretending to build. Kirsten tells her about Newport Group's financial troubles and Charlotte starts looking worried. Meanwhile Julie Cooper is getting kicked out of her house.

Johnny, Casey and Chili show up at Summer's because they want Marissa to join them to the dance. When she gives in and she's heading to the car, Ryan and Seth's car show up. As Seth says: "See, that's the problem with the surprise pop in!" Ryan looks kind of mad but then, after Marissa tells him about the dance, he figures Marissa needs to make new friends and he tells her to go ahead. As soon as the car -with Marissa and the others- goes passed, he looks sad. Seth and Summer are worried about him but Ryan waves it off. Kirsten wonders if selling the Newport Group is like she's hiding her past. Sandy tries persuading her that it definitely isn't like that. At the dance, all kids are staring at her and that's making Marissa uncomfortable but Johnny, Casey and Chili reassure her. Finally she starts not caring about people who might glance at her.

Taylor, the new social chair, takes all credit for the school dance, even if it was totally organised by Summer, who is clearly mad at her. Seth calls Ryan - who, by the way, is sitting alone in a diner - because he'd like to persuade him that he's not gonna lose Marissa after that night. Ryan gets out of the diner.

Charlotte reassures her boyfriend that she will be able to steal a lot of money from Kirsten "the princess of Orange County". At the same time, Kirsten is looking at some old pictures because she wants to say a final goodbye to the Newport Group. Sandy looks very happy about that.

Ryan runs up to the Newport Union gym doors. When he sees Marissa laughing with Dennis, Johnny and Casey. Seth goes over to him, carrying his skateboard and saying: "I'm here to stop ya man, and if that means throwing myself between you an the gym...I'm only gonna ask that you spare my face". Ryan realizes it's better to go. When Summer is waiting for Seth's return, she witnessess a kiss between Taylor and Dean Hess. She is stunned.

As soon as Ryan comes back home, there's Marissa waiting for him. She tells him she spent all the dance wishing he were there. Then, Marissa wants to choose 'their' song, so she turn the radio on. Ryan grins: "oh yeah, I like it, definitely us!". The second song is "Forever Young" and they start dancing. The music is still running and there are some silent scenes: Charlotte's smoking in bed; Seth and Summer are dancing at the Harbor High School dance; Taylor looks at Dean Hess while she's dancing with another guy; Dean Hess Jack blinks then looks away; Kirsten and Sandy are having dinner, sitting on the floor. A last close up of Marissa and Ryan dancing.