The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 4

The Last Waltz

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on FOX

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  • Public School Special

    Marissa starts *gasp* public school, and we are treated to a hilarious portrayal of our public education system. Haha, girl gangs? War-torn lockers? A social atmosphere where shooting a guy DOESN'T automatically earn you a ton of cool points? What is this, bizarroworld? I liked the alternate Ryan, Seth, and Summer, but for some reason they missed all the "Warning: this chick is the worst" signals and latched onto Marissa like a fat kid onto a chocolate bar. WHYYY would anyone want to be friends with Marissa that badly?? That was the hardest thing for me to believe this episode; even harder than the school.

    We've also reached that part of the season where things start coming between Ryan and Marissa and Ryan turns into this jealous, controlling, serial-killer-vibey guy. I hate serial killer Ryan! Stop stalking Marissa everywhere and popping by five times a day and threatening to punch guys in the face for talking to her. Seriously, just GTFO, Ryan. No side-eye, that ain't gonna help you this time. And Marissa, quit apologizing for shit! Those two are in a really twisted, co-dependent, borderline abusive-but-minus-the-violence (for now) relationship. WTF show, why are you teaching kids that this is normal??

    And YESSS! Dean Hess and Taylor! We all saw that coming, right? As soon as she pulled that childish pouty face at him last episode and he did her bidding like an evil flying monkey? I hope Summer efs them both over HARD! All mildly friendly feelings towards Taylor have vanished. Girl needs to be taken out like last week's garbage. Along with Dean Douchebag.

    And finally, Julie the wicked bitch of the west loses her huge mansion. Karma'd! We finally see Summer's mansion! I hope we see the stepmom soon. And the kids have their respective school dances. Sigh. It ain't a school dance until Forever Young plays, and this episode accommodated quite nicely.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc marriss has having a diffitcutl time attending public school and she meets new friends but those make ryan jealious and charlotts plan for getting money is over when she finds that kirsten got no money and then julies mansion is being reposed and she will have nothing again and summer is no longer the chair for social and then she also finds out that dean hess has a thing with the social chair this was a good ep i thougt and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9
  • How they can make a public school in NEWPORT BEACH look so ghetto, well, I can't imagine the warzone they would try to make the actual ghetto schools in Southern California look like.

    Some pretty interesting new developments. Although Marissa's first day at the notoriously bad Newport Union hasn't been pleasent for her, she is making the best out of the situation by trying to make new friends. It's so sad that her mother, although has often been portrayed as the manipulative snake of the show, isn't doing as well. Seeing her getting kicked out and crying by herself in a motel room, for all the wrong she has done, the show has done an effective job of making you sympathize with her. The other storylines, such as Taylor Townsend's affair with the new Dean and Kirsten's new stalker trying to capitalize on her money, have been quite interesting themselves. Though what this episode lacks that the others have been in full nourishment of has been humour.
  • Taylor's only reason why I gave this episode such a low score. She was such a pain in the butt. This characterization really sucked and was plain stupid.

    The Roberts have a mansion! Oh my goodness! It's gorgeous. We never saw the house until now. Summer's bedroom is really adorable and everything, but the house, oh boy, leaves me speechless. I sincerely hope I can marry someone who's that rich.

    Kirsten's story is getting kind of interesting. I wonder what will happen. I mean, Kirsten is supposedly a very intelligent, powerful 'dragon lady' figure. Yes, she is probably very weak right now because of her addiction. However, her brain should still work really well. I would be very disappointed with the writer if she actually falls for the trap. Also, it just doesn't make any sense if she does fall for it. Sandy's there, and he's got trust issues and will never allow Kirsten to make such investment. He even drove away his own mother's fiance, man. This guy's good.

    Seth and Summer are so cute! Soooo cute! Sighs, I wish Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson were still together in real life. They look just as cute as their on-screen characters did. As much as I am craaazy about Adam Brody, I really like seeing him with Rachel Bilson. I will not support him having a relationship with any other woman!
  • A okay but not great episode!

    A okay but not at all great episode! I really enjoyed the Charlotte / Kirsten storyline & the Julie being broke one too. I thought the public school storyline could have been done a LOT better & so could the two dances, but the real reason for the 8.4 instead of a 8.1 was because of Melinda Clark's powerful performance in the trailer park crying scenes. The Summer / Seth / Taylor / Dean Hess storyline was really boring, unfufilling & dragged on in this episode which is sad because it was really great in the last 3 episodes!
  • The OC. Episode 4

    Episode full of big shockers. :D

    1. Marissa complicates her life for nothing, as usual. But we cannot blame her: introducing her new friends to Ryan - and then going all together to the dance school - it was definitely such a insurmountable thing. LOL

    2. Ryan overreacts like always, but he did NOT punch anybody. I cannot believe that's happened. :D

    3. Marissa's new friends are totally Summer, Seth and Ryan's photocopy.

    4. The most perfect couple ever >>>>> Dean Hess and TayloBrAT! Nothing was more predictable. Anyway, when Summer found out the little "educational meeting", her facial expression was priceless.

    5. Gee, Newport Union looks like more a jail than a public school.

    6. It's clear who is gonna represent the new Oliver. At least Johnny is nicer. :D

    7. Julie Cooper hit bottom but I bet her b!tchness (plus a very rich man) will rescue her. -

    By the way gotta admit I rated this episode more than 8 because its last minutes were just great. Marissa finally came to her senses ('s never too late...), and the whole "Forever Young" thing was so nice.
    Scenes with no words but only music & close ups are definitely the best finals.
  • I thought it was a good episode.

    I thought The Last Waltz was a good episode of The O.C. but it wasn't great. Marissa struggles in her new school with horrible kids who find out about the shooting incident involving Trey. Luckily she managed to make some new friends though. Typical jealous Ryan stormed in, I found him really annoying and possessive. Summer and Taylor's bitchyness was once again over the top. Summer's comments make her look like a try hard, no one would actually talk like that, there are better ways of putting people in their place. And surprise surprise, Taylor and Dean Hess are seeing each other secretly. Yeah, I never saw that one coming, not. But I really thought the saddest part of this weeks episode was seeing Julie's mansion repossessed, leaving her with absolutely nothing. To me Julie is one of those people who is supposed to be rich, now she has no home, no job and worst of all no money, not to mention her fiancée left her. I hope the tone improves next week.
  • The season was beginning to look promising. Now I'm not so sure.

    Okay, so, there was a great deal of mystery prior to this episode. What was going to happen to everybody, and what were all their aims? This episode has frankly left me with no hope whatsoever.

    Firstly, is it just me or is this Dean and student making-out story-line a classic 'jump the shark'? I mean, puhlease! We really don't need this to keep us watching, if only you'd concentrate on keeping the main story-lines good instead!

    As for Marissa, she may be a spoilt little rich girl, but I'm sure she'd have more sense to wear such expensive rubbish to a state school! Especially with her mother to guide her. And do friend packages always come in fours? What's with the buff and apparently clearly very nice couple wanting to adopt Marissa into their gang anyway? Things just turn out naturally perfect, right?

    And Charlotte. You know, I thought there might be an interesting story-line there, with her and Kirsten, but no. It's the basic money grabber plan. Nothing of any more substance to it. Well I'm bored with it already! Plus, the actress has decent chemistry on-screen with Kirsten, but put her in a room with that guy, and I'm suddenly not as big a fan.

    Anyway, all in all, a poor episode. The only redeeming factor was the separate dances at the end, and that wasn't too much to get excited about!

  • This episode felt all to familiar. Far too many similar plot features to previous episodes, and not really anything that gripped me. A few interesting scenes but few and far between, and any revelations were seen coming a mile off.

    It's a sad day when you realise that one of the shows that you used to really enjoy and look forward to seeing, is starting to go downhill.
    So far this season on The OC, there has been nothing to really shock me, no moments that have made me laugh out loud, and nothing original whatsoever. In this episode, we have Julie finding out that she is completely broke and has nowhere to stay etc (where have we seen that before. Jimmy anyone?). I must admit it was kind of sad to watch her crying towards the end, but its just all been done before! I am just waiting for her to find ANOTHER rich older man, and marry HIM for his money. I wouldn't put it past the writers.
    We also have, Marissa making new friends at her new school, 2 of which are male, and...oh big shocker! Ryan gets jealous! We have seen this so many times before with Oliver and Trey! I mean, come on! Think of something new!
    The Seth and Summer relationship is perhaps a little more interesting, but Seth has lost his trademark wit, for something much more sarcastic and cliche. I also think that the fact they put Marissa into another school was a big mistake. I was actually kind of looking forward to seeing how she dealt with life outside of school, and was really disappointed when the writers didnt have the guts to change the dynamic of the show.
    Perhaps, the most intriguing plot thread of the new season, is Charlotte and her scheming mind, surrounding Kirsten. I can see this being good, and it has the potential for some good story, but I really hope they dont blow it by having her dealt with too quickly and easily.
    The thing that annoys me the most, is that The OC has lost its ability to shock me, and I dont mean that in a good way. Everything that happens that is just so blatantly aimed at a big shock horror reaction from the audience can be seen coming. The biggest example in this episode, is when Summer catches Taylor and Dean Hess having a 'student-teacher conference'. As soon as I saw Taylor go off behind the curtain, I said to myself 'She is with the teacher!'.
    Despite what I just said, there was one thing that did shock me in this episode! Ryan didnt punch anyone! That's right, not one person! I was so expecting it when he saw Marissa and her new friend and went up to them all suspicious, but nope! Even with this welcome absence of fisticuffs, this episode wasnt to exciting. I mean Ryan punches someone in pretty much every episode now! It used to be something which you cheered on and thought how cool he was. Now its like, get a life! Get some anger management councelling!
    Anyway, despite a few interesting points, this episode fails to impress, as is becoming a theme with The OC. It's sad because it is a great show and I know it can be good, but if it continues to go the way it is going, I dont know how long I can hang around for. Never before have I given up on a TV show, but unless The OC pulls out some serious stops and serves up some serious quality soon, then it just might prove to be the first.
  • Excellent episode

    Excellent episode!

    We finally find out Charlotte true intentions.

    Marissa new friends are really great... and hot!

    I found Ryan more agressive than usual...

    Julie without a penny... What is her next move?

    Kirsten finally taking her own decisions.

    Summer discovers the awful truth!

    And we get to see her mansion...

    Loved the ending song, by the way.
  • The 3rd season is off to a great start. However, this episode falls way behind the other three.

    This is such a good show. I'd just like to say that before I write anything else.

    Okay, anyways, while this episode was quite good, it still wasn't good by OC standards. A lot of people are complaining about the new characters because they think that change is bad and blah blah blah. Whatever, I don't have a problem with the new characters. The problem that I do have with this episode, though, is Newport Union. I mean seriously! They live in Newport Beach! I seriously doubt that a public school in NEWPORT BEACH is going to be so "terrible" and "dark". While Harbor has these theme dances, the N.U. dance consists of a 70's looking gym, some fruit punch, and clumps of kids completely separated from each other. I mean come on!

    The story line itself wasn't great either. It was nice to finally see Kirsten come home and to see Charlotte's plan revealed, but otherwise....

    Again: good episode, not great, though.
  • julie goes BROKE (goldigger). And marissa goes to a school dance.. things are not so good with her and ryan since she joined the school.

    I think it was quite a good episode and the series is off to a good start!! Julie tottalyy got what she deserved. Also I dont really like the way Ryan is so protective of and obsessed with marissa. She should be able to make friends at her knew school. And what is with the home-scooling and the weird goldigger charlotte lady OMG. But i luv the OC.
  • Marissa adjusts to attending a public high school; Julie's mansion is repossessed, leaving her with nothing.

    Well, for some odd reason this season ain't really good yet of The O.C. but with this episode, slowly but surely im guessing it will get better. This being the last episode before the MLB break it had to have some sort of "thing" to draw you in with the characters and help you want to see what will happen to them. Although i dont think this was quite achieved in this episode, i think that the very predictable twist with the new Dean will most likely be the next story arc for a couple of eps and this ep sets it up nicely.

    i don't know i sure hope it gets better because it slowly getting monotone!!! But don't worry i have complete faith that it will!!!
  • The Cooper's and Cooper/Nichol get evicted. Marissa experiences her new school. Summer finds out the truth behind the Dean Hess/Taylor Townsend "Affair".

    I loved this episode. I knew all along about Dean Hess and Taylor Townsend. And now it\'s out!! Hooray, Finally!! lol. I loved seeing new scenery (Summer\'s house) instead of just the Cohen\'s house and Caleb\'s mansion (which i will miss, because it was so beautiful). A very good episode. And I love Ryan and Marissa's song. It fits them so well!!!!
  • All the storylines end strong.

    I have a confession to make. I loved the first season, and then I bailed on season 2. But I'm glad I'm back for Season 3 (I'm ditching Survivor) because, this show has considerably changed. It's quite refreshing. I thought I'd find the same thing again; I was mistaken.

    The beauty of this episode is how organic it flowed; no nonsense, no stupid stunts. It even get serious. But it's pretty light so far this season and I surprisingly find it agreeable. It's wonderful to see our cast a bit calm, without losing their sense of humor.

    All the storylines end strong. Trust saves Ryan and Marissa from having a fight over a misunderstanding. The potential was there (and admit it, the show tends to go in that direction). Kirsten decides to let go of the company, although it's almost as if Charlotte persuaded her not to. While it might be unfortunate for Julie to have lost just about everything, it was powerful to see her cry. And while Summer might have been ousted as Social Chair, things are looking up when she has reasons to blackmail Dean Hess and Taylor.
  • I only say "A very special episode" as it is the only episode out of the 54 BEFORE this one I actually predicted something and it happened. Taylor and Dean Hess, they might as well have rented a billboard!

    Seriously, I love the OC, and I just reflect all the big vibes I hear and read about how it's on "downward spiral" as I personally don't think it is.

    The second series was "boring" because it was meant to be the time Ryan had to be "cool, calm and collected". Series 1 Ryan got into a bunch of fights and only thought AFTER his actions were made. But Series 2 Ryan is a "think before you act" kinda guy and the sooner people realise this, the better!

    Ok, sorry... back to the episode. Not a filler as you get to see Marissa's school, it's traditions and mischiefers as well as new characters. But at the same time it showed Newport Highs own dance and the relationship that has been yelled from the rooftops but only by a deaf-mute... Taylor and Dean Hess' "affair". Is it just me but did you realise this a good two episodes before this one?

    This is easily the worst of the 55 episodes I've seen (just finished watching this episode you see), and I won't say it was pointless, but at the same time I can't say that it will last long in my memory.
  • Three new actors are added, two of them being good additions. With the exception of some characters, this episode was poorly acted and the show continues its downward spiral.

    As a whole, this episode was poor and an accurate reflection of why I'm not excited by the show anymore.
    The show has some good points, but not many. Summer called Seth "Cohizzle," which was really clever, and featured a good song that I've never heard before. Furthermore, three new actors were added. Two of them are the typical O.C. attractive kind and should fit in well, while one is just downright stupid.
    Now, let me get to the episodes flaws, and there are many. The acting on the show is substandard, with actors portraying characters as if they were caricatures and not really real relatable people. The storylines have been done before, and I’m getting rather tired of the Ryan and Marissa arc. We all know there’s going to be trouble between them soon. They are not the darling couple that a fan wants to stay together anyways, so get them apart and keep them that way.
    Hardcore fans will continue to watch, but for the casual viewer, the show is making it very easy to walk away.
  • Ugh.

    The OC used to be a good show. What happened? Last season was starting to go downhil but this episode truly marks how awful this show has become. The writing is horrible, and the characters are lame, self obsessed, and about as intelligent as a fruit fly. Even the adults are stooping to the level that the kids have. All the plot lines have been used before, and as exciting as it is to see all the characters follow around eachother and Ryan punching another person and Marissa having money and social problems is, I doubt I'll be watching another episode. I just don't like pain and excruciating boredom enough to do so.
  • ryan is worried about marissa, again. shes trying to make friends at public school. charlotte is creepy, again. taylor is sneaky, again. dean is a jerk, again. that annoying guy is trying to be like seth even though he doesnt know him....not my favourite

    not the greatest episode of the oc. the plot had potential,but ended up being kind of numb. the acting first of all was not good. the new kids at the public school are cheeeeeeeeeeesy- whats with that girl "bully" stereotpye, and the blond guy/hi im annoying seth was a bad idea. the cool surfer guy works well with the rest of the cast though. charlotte storyline has taken a cliched turn by turning her from what i thought was going to be kikis stalker into a con artist? (seems a little strained) I was super happy that ryan didnt bust up the dance, the whole him and marissa thing is going awesome, and their perennial screw ups get somewhat annoying. the taylor/dean hook up was predictable, but it looks liek something deeper may come out of it since summer was somewhat reluctant to tell seth. not the greatest episode, but its just a post-filler build up to another season of intense oc drama
  • This was an episode with lots of revelations who helps us understand why certains things happened. Everyone did a great job in this episode . The O.C is the best show and each episode prove that the success of the show is the actors and everyone w

    In this O.C. episode some revelations are made. Charlotthe the supposly friend of Kirsten is in reality a woman who wants the money of rich peopleand now it's the Cohen's turn. While Julie learn that her house with everything will be taking away from her, she have to move, Marissa go to her new school and make some friens but some ennemies too. Summer is out of school project because of Taylorwho takes the place . At the dance Summer discover that the man who put Marissa and Ryan out of the school is involve in a relation with Taylor, she saw them kissing that night in a class. Kirsten decided that she wants to sale the Newport Group with the support of Sandy.
  • I like it..after season 2 being a huge dissapointment and while losing alot of their previous fans Oc season 3 has been great so far. This episode in particular was quite good, they worked the plot up a bit of ryan feeling left out as marissa is getting u

    I like it..after season 2 being a huge dissapointment and while losing alot of their previous fans Oc season 3 has been great so far. This episode in particular was quite good, they worked the plot up a bit of ryan feeling left out as marissa is getting used to..her new school and then sandy/kristen part is not overdone, becuase i don\'t like it when they overdo their part adn seth and summer are a bit in the backgorund but it\'s fine.
  • The O.C. goes dancing, but this won't be the last waltz it takes.

    For the most part, “The Last Waltz” was a decent episode. In this episode the all the characters are starting to take a new shape. Marissa leaves the Harbor School to transfer to the public Newport Union School and hopes to make a fresh start while getting away from all the craziness surrounding Trey's shooting. Unfortunately for Marissa, word travels fast in the O.C., and just about everyone at Union already knows why she is there. While at Newport Union, Marissa makes a few new friends, a skater named Johnny, his girlfriend Casey and their boy Chili (must be a nickname) who's definitely into Marissa. Did anyone else get the sense that these three are kind of like Ryan, Marissa and Seth respectively. Meanwhile, Ryan gets an at-home tutor. Thank god, Sandy stood up and said no to him going to Union with Marissa. It is about time he didn’t cave to Ryan. I wish that Ryan would bring back his bad boy persona a bit more. Being all nice and promptly picking up Marissa as if he were the designated car-pool driver is not his character.

    I think we all saw it coming from miles away. Summer catches the Dean "disciplining" Taylor at the dance. Of course this wasn’t too hard to figure out. I just wonder what Summer is going to do with this info. I don’t think she told Seth yet, probably for his own good. At least it was nice to see Ryan and Marissa make up at the end. Let’s just see how long it lasts this time.

    Enough with the teens; let's get to The O.C.'s adults. Charlotte's in cahoots with the scruffy flower-delivery guy. She wants Kirsten to give her a loan on a no-doubt faux rehabilitation clinic. But we also see that her being in rehab was a scam to pick a vulnerable rich woman to cheat out of money. Charlotte is definitely trouble. Little does she know that Kirsten's not as rich as she looks now. Poor Julie Cooper Nichol. She doesn't have a nickel to her name. And instead of asking the Cohen’s for a loan, she lets her pride get in the way of ever affording any fancy shoes again. After hearing the options from Sandy, Kirsten decides to liquidate The Newport Group. I am glad she did this, maybe Kirsten will finally be able to get over her dad now. Sandy and Kirsten are always so good together. I am glad things are starting to look up for them.

    It should be interesting to see what happens next week. With Julie and Marissa broke, I wonder where they will stay and do. I guess Coop could keep staying with Summer, but really, how long can that last. It will also be interesting to see how the whole Charlotte story line will end up. I assume she won’t get any money and will be found out. I think that Sandy is on to her.
  • The drama continues....

    This episode wasn't a bad one although some plots were obvious. First up, the deviant Julie Cooper finds out what it means to "do without" when she has her home repossessed. Although she is getting what she deserves, it was still sad to see her lose everything and had to move into a hotel.

    Marissa adjusts to her surroundings at her new school, Newport Union. She meets Casey, her boyfriend Johnny and Chilli while having a run-in with a school bully. These kids are obviously a watered-down version of the O.C. gang. The writers need to come up with an idea of getting Marissa and Ryan (who's now being home-schooled) back into Harbor High. It's not the same without Marissa and Ryan being by Seth and Summer's side.

    And just as you'd think the rivalry between Summer and Taylor to be resolved, Taylor once again devises another plan to become host of another Harbor High event. But it's Summer who has the last laugh when she catches Taylor in a lip-lock with.....Dean Hess (although I kinda knew that this union was going to happen in last week's episode). I can't wait to see how this news gets out. We all know that Orange County is a small town.

    And finally but now least, Kirsten returns home and to her family a new person. I'm happy for her. Besides Ryan and the gang, Kirsten is another character that happens to be one of my favorites. It was depressing to see her slip into alcohol abuse which led into a car addicent last season. But the drama continues still when her "friend" Charlotte Morgan is trying to abuse her friendship with Kirsten. I knew that something was fishy about that woman.

    And after purchasing the first and second seasons on DVD to catch up with new episodes this year, I am now upset that I'll have to wait until November to watch brand-new episodes. At least I'm finally caught up on all the drama on the O.C.
  • little bit better than the previous three eps. new characters and a new development in the storyline.

    I was really reluctant of watching this episodes, bearing in mind the quality of the first three episodes of season 3. but after watching the show i see potential to get this show back to the old standards. marissa starts attending newport union. she meets a couple of new characters. this means that season 3 has finally started, because the first episodes were actually to much focused on the second season. i also would like to see were the taylor-dean hess-summer thing is going. will summer spread the word around town and have dean hess sacked? i'm now actually looking forward to next week's episode. i didn't have this after the first three episodes. if they can keep this up, the O.C. will go back to being a great show!
  • I've watched every episode of the OC up to this point religiously. But this episode, well it hurt. The lines were horrible, the Union school's version of the OC gang was incredibly annoying. I just kept wanting to stab myself in the eyes.

    I've watched every episode of the OC up to this episode religiously. But this episode... well it hurt. My friend and I kept looking at each other wondering if someone new had written it. The lines were horrible... the Union school's version of the OC gang was incredibly annoying. If this keeps up, my streak will break, and I don't think I'll ever come back.
  • CALLED IT :)

    So - Dean "Smarmy b*stard" Hess and Taylor "What a complete b*tch" Townsend get it on - ok so not such a surprise, but I really wanna see Summer 0wn Taylor! Question is - why didn't she tell Seth about them - I mean it's not as if she's the brains of the couple and will probably cock up any sort of revenge against them.

    So the questions are -

    1) When will Melissa and Ryan break up because of his jealousy? (Version 6)

    2) Will Ryan's new love (when she arrives) be as hot as Lindsay!!!!?!?!

    3) How will stalker bird's plot turn out against Kirsten?

    4) When will Sandy and Kirsten's relationship turn sour (as hinted by Josh Schwartz!)

    Oooh - give me more :)
  • New Friends, lunch ins, new school, 2 dances, dean and taylor kissing, its going to be okay

    i loved the oc this week, i was expecting taylor and the dean to kiss, wasnt it obvious?? I want ryan and marissa to stay together, keep seth and summer together, kill taylor off!!! Show more of the Dean and Taylor stuff.. this was one of the best episodes probalby. 10
  • I feel like latly the OC has been going downhill. This episode however was filled with good information and change is story lines that will make me keep watching.

    I kind of feel like the OC is a show that is done in installments. There is a really big show that makes everybody want more. Then there is a bunch of filler episodes that aren't that great until the next big one comes around. This was definatly one of those big episodes. I was just about ready to give up on this series again until i watched this episode. when it was over i turned to my friend and said, "wow the OC is getting good again." I'm so glad to finally have the oc back that i once loved and i hope that it continues this way.
  • I was hoping this season would be more light-hearted than the second season, but i didnt want it to be silly.

    I liked this episode but i dont like the new characters. There cliche and stupid and trying to hard to be funny. I was hoping this season would be more light-hearted than the second season, but i didnt want it to be silly. It was still a good episode and i like the whole summer vs taylor and dean hess story.
  • This was one of my favorite episodes. It probably is the best one I ever saw.

    I loved this episode. I felt really sorry for Ryan the way Marissa was neglected him but it was still great. I can't wait until they start it over in November. I can't wait to see what happens with Marissa and the new kids. I wouldn't want to miss an episode of this season.
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