The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 16

The Links

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2004 on FOX
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Oliver plans a trip for the gang, but things don't go as well as everyone might have hoped- except for Oliver of course. Summer really plants herself into "friendship" within Anna and Seth's relationship. Jimmy and Sandy decide to go into business together. Caleb and Julie return from Europe, and Hailey and Kirsten butt heads. Ryan finds himself in the cold.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc oliver plans a trip for the gang but things dont go as planed alest for oliver they do ryan is becoming over potective and he thinks something is wrong and that oliver tried to run him off the road also in this ep sandy and jimmy go into business togeather for a restrunt and summer wants to become friends with with seth and her but thing is seth finds it weird and is still talking to her this was a good ep i thought and that is why i gave it 9moreless
  • Is it still the third wheel episode?

    Interesting episode with lots of different issues being solved. There's the continuing Jimmy Cooper case which seems to have evolved into him finding an occupation finally, Summer cockblocking Seth Cohen because she's jealous of Anna, Hailey leaving the Cohens alone, and of course, Oliver manipulating the relationship between Ryan and Marissa. The episode does a great job of further intensifying the drama for each of these scenarios. Oliver is really starting to turn into the teen version of Julie Cooper; cunning and manipulative with his words, and it's working. Although Oliver is the one doing all of the work here trying to separate Ryan and Marissa, Ryan's temper and questionable choice of words also didn't help him win Marissa over either.

    It's a great episode but what really bothered me was that there were just too many different scenarios being played out at once. The episode would have flown a lot more smoother if it just concentrated on say, Oliver deceiving Ryan and Marissa and Jimmy Cooper opening up a business.moreless
  • Things are tee-ing off in Palm Springs

    This was a good episode. I enjoyed the interplay between Seth, Anna and Summer. Although I really think Summer is overdoing her jealous antics. I've always loved her, but right now she's getting a bit on my nerves. I say give the two of them (Seth and Anna) a fair chance and if it doesn't work, well then - maybe I'll have my fair chance. If I were Summer, that's what I'd do. She just looks sorta silly doing what she's doing. I like her and I'm sad for her. But I like Anna, too. Be a good friend and let them have their chance at love, already.

    I really liked Luke in this episode. More laid-back than I've seen him in previous episodes. There wasn't a whole lot going on with him other than his beer and golf episodes, but I liked him in this episode.

    Oh, I see bad things happening for Ryan and Marissa soon. That Oliver is a jerk. What a lying, cheating, ugly little man-turd he is! I wish Marissa would kick this friendship to the curb already.

    Wasn't Sandy just too darn cute when he came drunk and then passed out in Kirsten's arms? I'm really glad he's going into business with Jimmy. I really like those two guys. They're fun, loveable and sweet. They're good guys.

    I'm glad Hailey's gone. Good riddance. Hope we don't see her for a while.

    Hate Julie's new haircut. Ewww. I liked the long straight look on her. She's beautiful no matter what, but I definitely like her with her silky long tresses straight.moreless
  • The start of this episode makes you think everything is going to be okay, but sometimes, looks can be deceiving.

    The start of this episode makes you think everything is going to be okay, but sometimes, looks can be deceiving. When Oliver comes in and says how sorry he is, and that he wants to take the gang out to Palm Springs, it seems as if Ryan made Oliver change his ways. That is, until Oliver is left alone and hides a picture of Ryan and Marissa, at this point its pretty clear that Oliver does not like Ryan at all, and the happy changed face he puts on is all a lie. Summer is jealous, but doesn’t want to show it, and Jimmy is having trouble with work. It’s nice to see that Sandy is friends with Jimmy, I like that they can get along now, and its also nice that Sandy offered Jimmy a job so he wouldn’t have to leave Newport. Oliver says his girlfriend broke up with him, if he ever had one, and Marissa gets a ride with him to cheer him up. I really don’t trust Oliver, I think he is making up lies to get Marissa to go with him, he is so desperate for attention and she is the first person to give him any. A person like Oliver spells trouble because he was left all alone at home, and you never know what kind of trouble you can get into if you have no one parenting you and you have all the money you could dream of. Julie and Caleb come back from France, and Oliver sets things up on his own turf, it seems to me like Oliver is trying to mess up Marissa and Ryan’s relationship by telling Ryan lies. Somehow Oliver knows a lot more about Ryan then he should, his antics are getting to everyone and Marissa can’t see it. Jimmy and Sandy go into business together, and we see that Oliver is still a liar, as he drives to Newport and lies about swallowing a bunch of pills to get Marissa and Ryan alone with him. Well in the end Oliver gets what he wants, Ryan and Marissa not on the best terms and Marissa alone with him, lets just hope she is okay and finds out soon about who Oliver truly is, a liar.moreless
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Oliver plans a new trip for the group by inviting them to Palm Springs for the weekend to play golf and travel around. But things don't go well for everyone, except for Oliver when his erratic behavior begins showing itself to Ryan and Luke, but Marissa brushes it off as just playful behavior. But when Ryan tries to tell Marissa that Oliver is not what he appears to be, he gets left out in the cold. Summer tries to plant herself into a "friendship" with Seth and Anna leading to a competition of wills over both of them. Meanwhile in Newport, Jimmy and Sandy decide to go into business together of opening their own restaurant while Caleb and Julie return from a two-month vacation in Europe. Also, Kirsten and Hailey continue to butt heads over Hailey's irresponsible behavior leading her to finally move out of the Cohen household.

    - Alexmoreless
Michael Reilly Burke

Michael Reilly Burke

Tom Willington

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Taylor Handley

Taylor Handley

Oliver Trask

Recurring Role

Alan Dale

Alan Dale

Caleb Nichol

Recurring Role

Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti

Hailey Nichol

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: When the four are driving the golf carts toward each other, there are discrepancies between the position of Oliver's hands on the wheel. In full golf cart shots, they're on the sides of the wheel, while in his personal close-ups, they're both on top.

    • Goof: Where Summer and Marissa are talking about Seth and Anna and the trip to Palm Springs you can tell they stopped in the middle of the scene. Summer's says something to Marissa. Her hair is out in her face. When it flashes to Marissa you can still see her hair. When it flashes back to Summer. Her hair is pulled back behind her ears. Which she wouldn't have time to do.

    • Goof: When Oliver is in Marissa's house and she goes to call Ryan, he is left alone in the living room, and he starts looking at pictures. One of them is of Ryan and Marissa, this picture is clearly from the pilot. They didn't even know each other enough to be taking pictures together. This is probably a picture the producers put just for the sake of putting one of Ryan and Marissa together.

    • Goof: When Oliver is shown in his hotel suite dumping out his pills, there are no flower arrangements on his coffee and side tables. When Ryan and Marissa enter the room, there is an impressive pink flower arrangement on the coffee table, and a pot of yellow (mums?) on the side table near the clock. Then, when Ryan is shown snooping around the floor, the yellow flower pot is gone, and the coffee table is not only also bare, but has been turned around from perpendicular to the couch to parallel.

    • Goof: In "The Third Wheel", Jimmy says that he only has one line for his resume: the financial planning business that he started right out of college. But in this episode he says that he used to manage the Lighthouse restaurant as well, which would be an additional line for his resume.

    • Goof: When Seth is in the pool the diving mask moves while he is talking to his dad and Ryan.

    • Goof: The Jenga game is low in Seth's room, but when Summer walks in, it's much taller.

    • Goof: While Seth and Anna are in bed in the hotel, sometimes he has a robe on and sometimes he does not.

    • Goof: When the gang is loading up the vehicles for their trip one second, Ryan and Marissa put down their bags and Summer was sitting on the tail gate of the truck and the next second Summer was on the side of the truck and Ryan and Marissa had all their bags on their arms and were about 20 feet from where they were one second before. Nobody can move that fast

    • Goof: When Oliver pours the pills onto the table, the blue red and yellow pills are all mixed together but when he is getting ready to hide them, they are in seperate piles according to their colors.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Oliver: I think your ball is in the tree.
      Marisa: That's bad, right?

    • Hailey: Julie Cooper's not coming is she? I can't believe dad is with her. She's only with him for his money.
      Sandy: And that is such an unattractive quality.

    • (While watching TV)
      Anna: Ooh, Egg McMuffins! Sounds so good right now!
      Seth: I know! Why can't they serve them all day?
      Anna: I know totally! Like, what technological innovation is preventing that?
      Seth: Okay, they can put a man on the moon, correct?
      Anna: Right.
      Seth: And they can't serve an Egg McMuffin past 10:30 a.m! Can't figure it out. It doesn't make sense.

    • (Whacks golf ball)
      Summer: Oh...uh! Cohen...Could you help me find my ball? Anna, stay back. There might be poison ivy!
      Seth: Um Summer, I don't wanna get poison ivy.
      Summer: Cohen, I thought you were my friend?

    • Sandy: You don't golf, you don't spa...what do you do Ryan?
      Seth: Yes, Ryan, what do you so aside from musicals and punching people?

    • Seth: I'm not weak okay, I'm just delicate.

    • Marissa: You don't have a problem with Oliver do you?
      Ryan: No, I mean, guy shows up out of no where and suddenly he's hanging around all the time.
      Marissa: Yeah, guy shows up out of the blue, knows no one, abandoned by his family. Sound familiar?

    • Seth: (to Anna) If the orthopedic shoe fits.

    • Caleb: How is she? How's she looking? Too thin?
      Kirsten: Oh, she looks good. Her spirits are high.
      Caleb: She's high?
      Kirsten: No, her spirits. Her mood. She's up.
      Caleb: So, she's on uppers.
      Kirsten: She seems... balanced.

    • Seth: Did you rob a liquor store, Luke?
      Luke: Cohen, you can't play golf without a buzz on.
      Seth: Hey, good tip Bagger Vance.

    • Seth: Do you know how tall smurfs are? Anna: No, how tall?
      Seth: Three apples high.

    • Sandy: (to Kirsten) Oh, God. The ugly Americans are coming back home. So when's your father and Julie coming in?

    • Seth: Oh, dinner at six, in bed by eight. Anna, my old Jewish man is very happy right now.

    • Anna: (to Seth) How come when she says 'friends' it sounds like a threat?

    • Ryan: I don't play golf.
      Seth: Not true, buddy! You just don't play well.

    • Hailey: Julie, your hair.
      Julie: Hailey, you're here.

    • Summer: I can't sabotage the trip if I'm not there.
      Marissa: Summer..
      Summer: (Getting more and more excited as she talks) Okay, what do you think about laxatives in his coffee? Huh?
      Marissa: Umm...
      Summer: No! Okay, dead frog in his X-Men underroos, that's good, no.. No! Got it! While he's sleeping, I slip his hand in cold water. It totally makes you pee your bed, then Anna wakes up, sees he's a bed wetter, and that is AWESOME! Then it's just awesome..
      (Marissa gives her a funny look)
      Summer: Mhm.. lost my mind haven't I?
      Marissa: Yeah, a little bit.
      Summer: And over Seth Cohen..

    • Marrisa: I was being sarcastic.
      Summer: Yeah me too. Which we never were till Cohen showed up and taught us all irony. Jackass.

    • (After Luke hits on Summer)
      Summer (laughing): Oh my God, ew. Oh, God, I'm sorry, Luke. You're cute and everything, but there's just no way.
      Luke: No worries.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The song "Addicted" featured in this episode is the same song Mischa Barton got in trouble for. In the music video Mischa takes off her top while dancing and is seen topless.

    • Summer says that maybe she'll put a dead frog in Seth's X-Men underoos. This is a reference to the fact that in real life Adam Brody put a dead frog in one Rachel Bilson's gift box (it was her birthday) from when they were filming "The Heights". It was from the dissecting scene, and she didn't find it until later on that day.

    • Music:
      "Away From Me" by Puddle of Mud
      "Quiet Village" by Martin Denney
      "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones
      "Love Dance" by Martin Denney
      "Addicted" by Enrique Iglesias


    • Seth: Hey, good tip Bagger Vance.
      Bagger Vance is a fictional, mystical golf caddy featured in the book and movie The Legend of Bagger Vance. The movie starred Will Smith, as Bagger.

    • Sandy: "You don't play golf, you don't spa. What do you do?"
      When Sandy says this to Ryan, he's paraphrasing the lyrics of the song "Goody Two Shoes" by British singer Adam Ant ("You don't drink, don't smoke. What do you do?"). The 1982 song was a number one hit in England (#12 in the US) for Adam and the Ants.