The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 12

The Lonely Hearts Club

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc its valentines day again but this time its really even more dramaitic then the last time ryan wants to spend time with linsay on valentins day so he tries to apolozie with kalob meanwhile sandy is working on the case about his first love and things are going well with kirsten about it and seth and summer and zack go up to sandiago but thing is they get out of control and he has a meltdown and he is left alone on this . this was a really crazy valentines day ithought and that is what made it a good ep having all this drama to happen during a romantic day
  • The only thing saving this episode from mediocrity was some lesbian kissing at the end.

    The whole Rebecca side-story just sucked. It was sad seeing Max die right there but it just felt so unnecessary, filler actually. And for what, to create this drift between Kirsten and Sandy's relationship? And Rebecca was right, abandoning his Valentine's Day dinner with his wife is probably the most un-Sandy Cohen thing ever. Well, that sidestory came and went. Sandy's son isn't any better; he's getting more annoying as the episodes go on. His jokes aren't as funny and he just can't seem to butt himself into everything. If Seth isn't funny than The O.C. isn't funny which is basically half of the show's charm. What saved this episode from being as bad as the season two premiere was the story between Alex and Marissa, and it's not because they made out to end the episode. It's just that it's so much more refreshing than the other stories that are going on right now.
  • This episode starts out well and has a lot of potential. It ends terribly, though. Is it a different writer that takes over half-way? It really sucks.

    Sandy kisses Rebecca. Eww x 10000. Let me tell ya one thing, ladies. Don't ever get married. The man who lives in your house under your roof ends up screwing other women. Seriously, if Sandy has more time, he would end up in the same bed with Rebecca. During all this time, Kirsten's been faithful and well-behaved. Honestly, don't ever get married. I know I won't. Okay, moving on from the eww's, I still really dislike this whole Ryan and Lindsay plot. It isn't as gross as Sandy Cohen's pig + dog behaviours, but close enough. Well, thank God Summer and Seth will get better soon. Otherwise I really think I've wasted my time watching this show.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    On Valentine's Day, Sandy and Kirsten's conflict about Rebecca continues. Ryan tries to make peace with Caleb in order to spend Valentines Day with Lindsay. Meanwhile, Seth, Zach, and Summer head to San Diego in hope to make their comic book idea succeed. But it all falls apart when Seth has a emotional breakdown and he ends up in a lonely state. Marissa and Alex decide take a step forward in their romantic relationship, while Julie returns from her trip to Paris in a vain and futile hope to reconnect with Marissa.

    - Alex
  • Not that happy Valentine's day.

    this episode made my day. sandy cohen is all i look for in a guy and all i have (i think) in my guy and watching him resisting the chance to spend a night with his first love was really moving. sad episode, though, seth and summer, i believe, realised they belong to each other.
  • Great but a letdown from the build-up of great episodes before this & a letdown from last years Valentines episode!

    Great but a letdown from the build-up of great episodes before this & a letdown from last years Valentines episode! My fave part of this episode was Julie's return, it was I don't know why but just very entertaining, Marissa really annoyed me in this episode & I hated the Zach / Summer / Seth storyline for once! But the Kirsten / Sandy / Rebecca storyline remains great, and Lindsay & Ryan's relationship is the only reason this episode didn't get a seven as it was very cute, romantic & highly entertaining.
  • As Valentine's Day nears Sandy fills the house with red roses for Kirsten’ Seth, Summer and Zach drive to San Diego; Ryan tries to make peace with Caleb for Lindsay's sake and finally Marissa and Alex share the most over promoted kiss of the twenty-first

    Before I discuss other details of the story lines first I must a comment about FOX's promotion of this episode. All week they have been saying don't miss the last ten minutes ending any speculation about the well-leaked lesbian kiss between Marissa and Alex. It's not that I consider the behavior is so scandalous, but for a network whose news division proclaims an agenda of family values and an anti-gay political agenda to promote so heavily for ratings sake behavior the Murdock networks criticize seems to be, no, is hypocritical.

    The other thing the promotion didn't say was to forget the first fifty minutes. For most of this season the spark that made season 1 of THE O.C. so much fun has been missing. Gimmicks like Marissa and Alex's kiss have taken the place of sharp dialogue and witty repartee that made this show such a hit in its first season. The Lindsay/Caleb story line is useful for filling in the character of Caleb and giving Ryan a love interest beyond Marissa. But Rebecca coming between Sandy and Kirsten is a juvenile attempt to create drama which comes across as phony.

    The Seth/Summer/Zach is in interesting twist on last season’s Summer/Seth/Anna storyline but does anyone else want Seth to just grow up. But then these are high school juniors so I guess the behavior is appropriate. All in all I could have done without this episode but as E! Online noted; "The final five minutes of Fox's The O.C. (the ones with the girl-smooching) was watched by, rough estimate, a bajillion hormone-raging teenagers. The episode as a whole averaged 8.1 million (60th place)".

    So I guess Fox accomplished what they wanted to for sweeps week.
  • Tensions are high and all relationships are dealing with problems ahead. hate to see them all sruggling so much for love. :(

    Everyone in this episode has a diffuculty in a relationship to deal with. Seth is unable to get over Summer, so he resorts to keeping her and Zack apart.

    Tensions between Ryan and Calab lead to a drift in ryan's relationship with lynsey. he decides to reconsile with cal to save his relationship, but this is not as easy for him as it may seem. He is unable to apoligize so they play pool to decide who will back off and accept what the other wants.

    Sandy faces Kirsten, who now knows about Rebecca and is not very happy with him. Through appoligies and promises not to take her case in order to save their marriage. After her father dies, however, rebecca decides that it is best for her to leave again. Sandy goes to say goodbye to her, but winda up staying there into the night, abondoning the valintines dinner with kirsten.

    Marissa stuggles to deal with julie as her relationship with Alex moves to a new level.

    I think that the tensions between all of the couples (or others such as Seth and Summer who i will always consider as one in some way or another) are what make this eppisode so good. Anyone can relate to the jeously that Seth is feeling, the desiration to be with someone no matter who is standing in your way, or the anger that kirsten is feeling when her relationship with Sandy seems to be falling from under her. having situations that people can relate to, along with the humourous comments made throughout the show are what makes this show so special.
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