The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 15

The Mallpisode

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2005 on FOX

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  • Bottle Episode!!!

    What was shaping up to be an especially angsty episode instead turned out to be FUN!! Ryan put on his leaving-town hoodie (he must have misplaced the leather jacket), so we knew he was feeling so many feels despite his gruff exterior. I never really got what Ryan saw in Lindsay except maybe for her extreme normal-ness, but nonetheless he was really upset about her leaving town so he booked it for the bus station to go win her back. Seth went to talk him down, and before the opening credits were over that crisis was averted and instead the gang got locked inside the mall. Bottle episode! Secrets were revealed, relationship statuses were re-evaluated, a Mighty Ducks re-enactment happened, and it was a lot of fun!

    Early on, Seth spoke aloud our greatest fear: "maybe now that Lindsay's out of the picture, Ryan and Marissa will get back together!". Noooo, shut your face Seth Cohen! Don't tempt fate like that. Sigh. We all know Marissa and Ryan are doomed to happen again, but surprise of all surprises, in the end they were actually incredibly adorable and not-irritating while throwing french fries at each other! The waitstaff was probably irritated, though, because that's just plain rude. Also, Ryan actually had some really great comedic timing this episode, which threw me for a loop. You don't do funny, you do emotionally charged side-eyes! But I'll allow it.

    Meanwhile, in adultville, Kirsten was still throwing a hissy fit over Sandy trying to help his old lovah beat a rap. She "lost" her wedding ring and flirted a ton with Billy Campbell. Get outta here, Billy, there ain't room for two raven-haired DILFs on this show! Sandy was desperate to win her back even though he hadn't really done anything wrong, and he and Caleb had some bro bonding time over their lady troubles and carnival games. Those guyyyss. Cute.

    Also, Julie had a little secret: she was the saddest little amnesiac in some hilariously '80's porn! But seriously, the guy blackmailing her was super scuzzy, and basically it's really uncool to blackmail someone over porn they only did to pay their mom's hospital bills. Wah wahhh. I was surprised by how much I liked Julie this episode, mostly due to all the hard truths she was throwing down about Marissa, her spoiled spawn.

    All in all, really great episode. No episode is a perfect ten, but I thought it deserved better than a 9.5. On an OC weighted scale, obviously.
  • this was a good ep i thought

    in this ep of the oc its the mall episode this was a really good one. in this ep of the oc ryan is heartbroken when linsay and her mother go back to chicago and ryan is really upset and so seth summer and marrisa they take ryan to mall and they get locked inside it and stay over night thing is while playing lots of games and making a tent in the mall the alarm goes off and they must find away out with out getting caught and while this is happening sandy is tring to find her wedding ring in the sinc and calbo is also tring to help find it too . this was a good ep and alot of people fantacy is to stay in the mall over night this was a good ep i thought
  • Fantastic four once again fantastic.

    Finally the show goes to what made it successful in the first season, which is the four main teenagers of Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer all hanging out together. It's good that we aren't splitting off the stories between all four of them for once. Them hanging out in a closed mall is every teens fantasy and it was just so rewarding seeing them just having fun and causing havoc around the mall. Seeing Marissa and Ryan back together is something that was way too long overdue. Julie though is in a pretty interesting situation herself, can't believe she starred in a porno once.
  • yay, my first review for an episode:D

    I really liked this episode. I dunno if it's my favorite of the oc exactly, but I must say it was one of the best in this season:)
    The four friends locked in a mall with SO much to do was really entertaining!! And in this episode there was a lot of "big" happenings!! like: Julie starring in a porn movie and beeing blackmailed, Marissa still has a thing for Ryan.., Seth and Summer are FINALLY together!!!!, Kirsten and Sandy worked things out, and Ryan doing the "whoever you want me to be" scene with a french fries in his mouth xD .. I loved that part!!

    I'm SO glad Seth and Summer finally got back together!! they're just SO perfect for eachother:)
    I'm really excited for the next episode..
  • An episode were the four get locked in a mall.

    This episode is another personal favorite of mine. It is funny and is one of the best O.C. episodes. Even though Ryan was sulking for Lindsay there are a couple of Ryan-Marissa moments that are so sweet. Like when Ryan eavesdrops while in the ventalation and hears Marissa say she misses him. This epsidoe also starts another Sandy/Kirsten problem (Carter) even though they just cleared up the whole Rebecca thing. I also love when Julie tells Alex that Marissa was only in love once and he looked better in a wife beater. That quote is one of my favorites. Every scene after they realize they're trapped in te mall is funny, the hockey, and food, and fake logs. Also Seth and Summer are officially back together and are so funny in this epsiode.
  • Marissa and Ryan

    All through - out this episode there was Marissa and Ryan chemistry which was very special. After the brillant episode The Rainy Day Women i didnt expect the next episode to be as good as it was but this episode is really starting to put all the peices together, now that seth and summer are back together marissa and ryan can get back together and they can all become the fan 4 again. This is around the point when season 2 starts getting excellent and even pushes in front of the highest quality of episodes that season 1 delivered which is a very good achievement.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    After Lindsay moves away to Chicago with her mother, Ryan is heartbroken and Caleb's confused. Seth, Summer, and Marissa invite Ryan to the local mall to get his mind off things. But things take another turn when they get stranded in the mall after hours. Meanwhile, Caleb tags along to vent his frustration when Sandy tries to make amends with Kirsten by searching for her wedding ring or even a grand gesture that will take her back to when Sandy first proposed. Alex begins to learn that Marissa might not be as into her as she thought. Also, Kirsten and Julie call an editor for their new magazine, Newport Living, but at the same time Julie's Riverside past catches up to her in the form of a former boyfriend with an incriminating video tape of her.

    - Alex
  • This is one of the best, most fun episodes of the series.

    Forget about Alex's worries about Marissa; forget about Julie's porn debacle; forget about the leftover doubt held by Kirsten. They were relatively small parts to this otherwise fun episode.

    Having Summer and Seth back together was great, although it's unfortunate for Zach because by this point he was really becoming a great character. He could have had more development but looking past that, he was really cool. It was also the first episode without Lindsey since she came into the show and although she was okay at times, I'm glad she left.

    The whole thing in the mall was great. The scene where they were calling their parents was great - Seth's blunt honesty was hilarious. The hockey game was fun to watch, but the best part was where Seth was debating with himself whether or not to read the postcard.

    The only real downfall to the 'core four' story was Ryan's hair! God, and I'm not a fashionista or anything but Ryan's hair was horrible in season 2, and it hit its peak in this episode. The only season where his hair looks consistently decent in season 4, short and simple. Ryan never seemed like the kind of guy to "do" his hair and I always hated when Ryan had crazy hair styles. Ugh.
  • The Core Four, back together again & stuck overnight in a mal = a GREAT OC episode!!

    The Core Four, back together again & stuck overnight in a mal = a GREAT OC episode!! The 3rd best of the season (so far) just so much harmless fun & so refreshing to see Summer & Seth together again, and the awkardness between Marissa & Ryan was too funny! And who could forget the best quote of the whole episode said by Alex to Julie, "It's cool a little porn on a Saturday night is fine!" just so good to see The OC be the best it's been since Season 1 & yes I admit I did love the last two episodes as much as Season 1!
  • This is one of mi favourite episodes of The OC. mi al time favourite is The Rainy Day Women. this episode is reli good..n its a diffrent kind of episode. i havent reli seen a show doo an episode lke this. i reli lke this one!

    Ive watchd this episode many times. n i reli lke it. i lke the end how it ends upp with the 4 of them, just lke old times. this episode is reli good. i luv when theyre playing sports in the mal, n when theyre trying to find food fore survival. i luv summer's reference to mcdonalds, when she says "wee can al get McMuffins." this is a kool episode..n i reli lke it a lot!
  • The Seth/Summer plan to help Ryan shake his Lindsat blues is..a mall visit? Hey, it can work. BEcause Marissa comes along. And everyone gets locked inside the place. An extortionist targets Julie.

    When Seth and Ryan are crawling through the vent trying to find a way out of the room they are stuck in Seth finds a way out as Ryan hears that Marissa still has feelings for Ryan more then she likes Alex her new girlfriend! When they finally find a way out of the room they are stuck in the mall. They play hockey for the beds. As they do that a ball falls down the escalator and going down the escaltor Marissa turns on a camera! Marissa and Ryan end up getting the tent. As Seth and Summer are talking they hear people coming so they get Ryan and Marissa fast. As you think they get caught when there in the tent. Its actully a DVD of The Valley. They get out safley.

    But Julie is going through a hard time as well. Her sex scandal is going on as her ex has a video of porn she did when she needed money and he wants money so he dosen't air it! Julia needs to tell Caleb or the porn gets aired!
  • Very!!

    This episode is so funny especially when Ryan, Marissa, Seth and summer are playing hockey when they get stuck in the mall,tut tut seth you shouldn't have tried to read the postcard though!!Ryan and Marissa should get back together it's obvious that they still have feelings for eachother!!

    Aw Sandy is so sweet when he tries to win the plastic ring for Kirsten to prove how much he loves are very lucky woman Kirsten!!

    Naughty Julie you are a very nasty piece of work but you do make the show more exciting,the past has come back to haunt you!!

    I love the OC!!Series Classic!!
  • lil ryan marrissa a lil seth and summer alex in the dumps linsay gone and julie and the past coming bak to bite her

    i really liked this episode it was great a really fun one of my fave episodes because its alot of fun i love the hockey that was great. julie julie julie hmmmmm where to start gosh shes definatley a peice of work but she makes it that little bit more interesting that totally makes oc the best its so so so so great and i could honestly say u simply must watch this if you havent it cracks me up lol but really seth shame on him sneaking a peak at the post card tut tut tut

    i love da oc it rox
  • lil ryan marrissa a lil seth and summer alex in the dumps linsay gone and julie and the past coming bak to bite her

    i really liked this episode it was great a really fun one of my fave episodes because its alot of fun i love the hockey that was great. julie julie julie hmmmmm where to start gosh shes definatley a peice of work but she makes it that little bit more interesting that totally makes oc the best its so so so so great and i could honestly say u simply must watch this if you havent it cracks me up lol but really seth shame on him sneaking a peak at the post card tut tut tut

    i love da oc it rox
  • This was definetly a fun episode.Its definetly a favourite to most people.They get locked in a mall.EVERYBODY\'S DREAM!

    Ryan is devastated after Lindsey leaves,that he decides to go to Chicago to surprise her for the weekend.Seth then stops him and tells him to go hangout at the mall with him,Summer and Marissa.Ryan agrees.When they arrive Seth and Summer are all over eachother while Marissa and Ryan are looking at the clothes.When they get locked in Seth and Ryan climb in the vent to try and get out to open the door.Seth falls and runs to go open the door while Ryan goes back.He over hears Summer and Marissa\'s conversation.Summer asks Marissa if she misses Ryan.Marissa says everyday.Ryan starts to feel guilty when he finally realizes he has\'nt kept in touch with her.When Marissa sees him she\'s shocked.When they finally get out they realize the mall closed early today.Summer persuades them to stay overnight.They have lots of fun and play hockey.Summer and Seth share a tent and Ryan and Marissa do as well.When Seth looks in Summer\'s purse he reads the postcard that Zack gave her and gets the wrong impression.Ryan and Marissa find it awkward hanging out but then they start to talk and it gets easier.When a police is in the mall he thinks theres someone hear.When Summer and Seth are talking they hear someone coming so they go get Ryan and Marissa but Seth had to play a trick on the cop!When they leave Summer explains what the postcard says and Ryan and Marissa are eating at a fastfood restaurant.When summer and Seth Make-up(and makout)they go join them.
  • The "fantastic" get locked in a mall after then all decide they want to get away from their problems..Mainly Ryan's..They try to get out and Ryan over hears the fact that Marissa still has feeling for him,and always have. They get caught run out.

    THe show is exactly what it needed. So old stuff brought into a new episode. I especially liked this episode when they got locked into the room and seth try to get out and he falls. Ryan also over hears something he shouldn't have. This episode was packed full of Juicy secrets and so called "lies"
  • when lindsay leaves for chicago to live with her mom, ryan is heartbroken. but it doesn't take long to cheer him up when seth suggests that ryan goes to the mall with him, summer, and marissa. so the gang hits the mall, then gets locked down. fanstasic fo

    i really loved this episode because it showed the fantastic four finally back together! no more lindsay! YESSS. and i loved the hockey scene and all the ryan/marissa scenes. i missed them soo much =] and it was so cute in the end when they did they whole \'who are you?\' \'whoever you want me to be\' thing. it makes viewers realized all over again what an awesome couple they make and how they are meant to be together. you can tell how much they like each other! i wish josh would stop putting them through so many drama. i hope season 3 is more like season 1!
  • Action in "The Mallpisode" involves Summer, Seth, Marissa and Ryan who get trapped in the mall and spend night in a department store. Sandy and Kirsten are still unhappy and a shady character from Julie’s past attempts to blackmail her.

    The Mallpisode while entertaining is still an example of much of season two. We keep missing the sharp writing that made season one so much fun. Instead we get inane dialogue tempered with dubious plot lines.

    Take this episode. The four principle characters are reunited for the first time since the middle of season 1 and we get a feel for the chemistry that made THE O.C. click. However, the snappy dialogue between Seth and Summer is dampened by the long looks and silent sighs between Ryan and Marissa. This script threw the two couples back together; it gave them an appropriate conflict to produce the drama and then … nothing. Is it the soap opera format is to blame? Other teen soaps have managed remain entertaining while confounding their characters with personal and romantic crisis. Dawson's Creek is a prime example in the genre and another is One Tree Hill. I have tried not to compare Daws0on's Creek and similar series but I no longer can stay away. Unlike Dawson, these characters do not over analyze each moment and action but maybe they should try to analyze something. The only one who has thought of another character is Ryan. Marissa is constantly pouting while Seth and Summer are totally self-absorbed. It was fun for a while but it is getting tiring.

    Staying with the teenagers for a moment Marissa, the fragile beauty, says she misses Ryan "everyday" but what does she miss. She never really committed to him. In her relationship with Alex, Marissa is a fish out of water. She must take care of more than her personal hygiene and contribute to household tasks that have been done for her all her life. If she can't sort coloreds from whites what will she do about dishes, cooking and cleaning a bathroom. Call for her mother's maid to come over? Even more telling is that again, Marissa proves that she is not ready for a committed relationship. She is sexually attracted to Alex and that attraction is mutual. Alex, however, has emotionally committed to the relationship and Marissa is treating it more like a one night stand.

    Mischa Barton is an experienced actress capable of handling far more that the writers throw at her. However, the talent and vision behind this series has so far been unable challenge her. Creator/Producer Josh Swartz is at his best writing for Seth. Unfortunately this leaves the other characters flat and uninteresting.

    The introduction this week of Carter Buckley and Lance Bradley shows promise. Carter is definitely interested in Kirsten and in a tit for tat over "le affair" Rebecca Kirsten seems interested back. I still never believed Kirsten's jealousy over Rebecca, but since it happened we might as well go along for the ride. Hopefully it will be better written than the clumsy dialogue between Rebecca and Sandy.

    Lance on the other hand gives our favorite bad girl Julie another chance to shine. Added to her other "adventures" porn queen is not a stretch for her character and it will be interesting to watch as she enlists Sandy to extricate her from yet another crisis. She may even transform into a victim of female exploitation segueing into a more sympathetic character… but then… nah! This series needs as much vintage Julie as it can cram in. Boy! Her two weeks in Europe really dragged down the Newport fun and games.

    On another front Alex is not long for this series. Previews show her in a jealous confrontation with Ryan over Marissa. Just wondering, will "The Bait Shack" leave the series with her departure? And what is this male bonding between Sandy and Caleb. Talk about squeezing all the fun out things. A sympathetic Caleb…what's next? Oh well it's hard to be the evil point man consistently. Hum… evil developer. Seems kind of redundant.

    The Mallpisode was entertaining and an improvement over all the episodes since "The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't." Particularly enjoyable was the roller hockey sequence as one by one Marissa, Summer, Ryan and Seth donned roller blades and goalie masks grabbed hockey sticks and for one brief moment all the angst was erased. They were just four kids enjoying being alive and together.
  • The gang get locked in a mall. However, when police come, they run away to the diner and leave. R/M moments are shown as are S/S moments. Fantastic four's back! Sandy and Caleb try to find Kirsten's ring and S/K moments. Carter comes & we hear about Julie

    This episode is not a series classic, but it is so special. This episode finally lets the fantastic four back. The whole 2nd season up till this had only two episodes where the fantastic four were all hanging out (The SnOC & The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't) and none of them were even dating each other. In this episode, we get a grasp that the fantastic four needed space, but now they are better than ever. This episode turned around the season (well "The Rainy Day Women" did, but if "The Mallpisode" never existed, the show would still be the same as before). Ryan and Marissa are so cute with the "Who" thing. I love the frie in Ryan's mouth representing a cigarette. Anyway, their storyline was perfect. Meanwhile, Sandy and Kirsten finally have an episode where they seem happy. I love how Kirsten got the ring out after hearing Sandy's wonderful story of looking for it. They are so cute. Although I personally found Kirsten's storyline in the end very interesting, I am happy they had an episode of being the happy married couple. However, this episode does involve Carter. We get to see him here and anyone can tell that they will get feelings. Meanwhile, Julie. I love her plotline. This year, Caleb and Julie both got haunted from the past with Lindsay and now the porn tape. I love the story, finding it hilarious and sad at the same time. It lets us know that Julie has always been crazy. They even forshadowed it in the 1st season finale with Jimmy telling her that she was some sort of stripper in the 80s. Hmm... and now we discover the truth. Amazing episode, I will always love it, if you download on the computer, download it! Also, a reminder. Even if season 1 is cuter and better than season 2, buy season 2 on DVD. You won't regret it and "The O.C." would be nothing without it. Personally, I love them equally. They are both completely different, but completely enjoyable, both seasons having good and bad episodes. Anyway, "The Mallpisode" is one of the good ones. Watch it!