The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 24

The Man of The Year

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 04, 2006 on FOX
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Ryan and Volchok make a deal after a fallout at prom. Sandy is chosen as Man of the Year, but this sparks the DA to dig deeper into his involvement with the hospital problems. Marissa goes and sees Kaitlin at her boarding school and Seth visits the Newport Group HQ and lights up the joint.moreless

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  • OMG fantastic

    This episode is so amazing the way it is done is just wow especially the end when you dont know who the police are comming for ryan,seth or sandy it turns out they came for seth because of him burning down the newport group building. The last scene is perfect when everyone is watching seth get taken away in the police car. This is one of my favourite episodes and it sets the graduates up perfectly DONT miss this episode u will not regret it, its also very emotional for all the characters like kirsten who has to deal with drinking again.moreless
  • omg exciting.

    Who is going to die? the previews for this episode tell us that next week some one is going to die. Well going back to this episode which was amazing so much happened Kirsten cracked from the pressure and went back to drinking, Seth set fire to the newport group on accident, Ryan has to go along with volchek on a deal they made at prom plus miny coop is back well Marissa goes to visit her at school but thoose parts were very funny at the end of this episode Seth was arrested for starting the fire at the newport group!moreless
  • Sandy is voted man of the year.

    Back to the best once again. i actually enjoyed marrisa's story in this one which hasn't been the case for a while, i thought it was good to see her like herself again. ryan and volchock's sturny was ok but i oiked that ryan didn't get in. Sandy is back which is great. seth being arrested i think my cause rifts between him and others. Can't wait for the finale!
  • Great episode but expected more.

    It must be that time of the season. That's right, it's getting closer to the season finale! Although a lot has happened in just a single episode, most specially legal troubles, the execution didn't feel like it was up to par. A lot of things felt out of character. Seth in particular didn't seem so Seth Cohen--even though he was high. He did have his shining moments, like his confrontation with his dad, but other than that, he seemed a bit out of character. This episode feels like a doorstep to what will be a crazy season finale, as always in The O.C., but this episode in particular feels like it should have been much much better.moreless
  • One of the best episodes of the O.C I have ever seen.

    This episode was great.

    Every character had their story and their part and each story was just great.

    Starting with some humor, Marrissa going to her sister's school to save her butt in a very funny scheme.

    Moving on to drama with Kirsten's drinking problem, Sandy suffering arrest and everyone finding out about Seth's smoking pot.

    Other aspects and things in the show were fun like Summer trying to get back the sin filled tissue from Seth. This is a very good episode.

    Quite eventful and fit to be a close to series finale episode.

    Romance was not much of an issue unless you consider Sandy and Kirsten's marriage problems a romance issue.

    The newport fire was a great twist in the end and all in all it is a great episode filled with surprises like Ryan and Kevin's almost arrest by the police.

    Many secrets were revealed in this episode not to us but the characters to each other like Seth telling Sandy about Kirsten drinking alcohol again.

    Bravo for this episode which is deffinately taking my top 10 episodes ever.

    A for direction.

    A for writing.

    A for acting

    Just Brilliant and in the incident of Seth's arrest would leave us hanging to our seats for the next episode so deffinately well plotted.moreless
Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale

Hadley Hawthorne

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Brock Kelly

Brock Kelly

Trevor Knightly

Guest Star

Frank Latten

Frank Latten


Guest Star

Navi Rawat

Navi Rawat

Theresa Diaz

Recurring Role

Willa Holland

Willa Holland

Kaitlin Cooper

Recurring Role

Cam Gigandet

Cam Gigandet

Kevin Volchok

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Kaitlin's roommate, Hadley, says "Dad! I told you to stay away from the message board!", she is actually making an inside joke about Josh Schwart, the series' creator and executive producer, who is addicted to message boards, as said on the DVD's extras, especially to know the fans' opinions about episodes on the show.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Neil (to Julie): If you feel so strongly about family, how could I not want to be a part of yours?

    • Julie: You changed your mind.
      Neil: No, you changed my mind. You're a very passionate woman. And surprisingly principled.
      Julie: I'd like to think so.

    • Ryan: Whatever you're into. Drugs, guns...
      Volchok: That's none of your business.
      Ryan: I know. And I don't want it to be.

    • Summer: He told me that he wasn't going to Brown. And then I saw him there with Anna.
      Sandy: He said he wasn't going to Brown?
      Summer: Well yeah, because he didn't get in. But that was before RISD.
      Sandy: What do you mean, he didn't get in?
      Summer: I thought he only lied about it to me.

    • Summer: Oh my God. Mr. C. you totally scared me.
      Sandy: Sometimes I scare myself, Summer.

    • Julie: He can be self-righteous, pompous and annoying, but Sandy's very moral.

    • Kaitlin: I'd really hate to get locked up in the summer.
      Hadley: Obvi! I get so horny in the summertime.
      Kaitlin: Honey, you're always horny.
      Hadley: Shut up.
      Kaitlin: You shut up.
      Marissa: Ok, both of you shut up!

    • Seth (outside Kirsten's bedroom): Are you decent? If I come in am I inviting years of therapy?

    • Theresa: I had fun. And after you left things got pretty interesting in the limo with Taylor and the date. I don't know what the Korean word for threesome is, but I'm pretty sure it was used.

    • Sandy: You smoked pot in our home.
      Seth: Would you rather I do it somewhere else? Like my college dorm?
      Sandy: That would require you getting into college.
      Seth: Do you think it's such a great idea me going away to college when mom's been drinking again?
      Sandy: What are you talking about?
      Seth: Maybe if you paid attention to anything other than that stupid hospital you'd notice mom's been passing out before dinner.
      Sandy: Don't talk to your father like that.
      Seth: That would require you to act like my father.

    • Marissa: Hey, Sum. How are you?
      Summer: I wish I could pluck out my eyeballs with a fork and rinse them in a tall glass of ice water.
      Marissa: Yeah, that's a hangover.

    • Marissa: So what's the deal with this crest thing?
      Kaitlin: I'm pretty sure it's in his room but there's no way that he or his army of probably-gay-and-totally-in-love-with-him homeboys would let me in there.

    • Kirsten: Why don't you say good morning to Newport's Man of the Year?
      Seth: I knew it was only a matter of time before this town recognized my contribution to the community.
      Ryan: Have to be a man first. Congratulations Sandy.

    • Summer (making out with Seth): Where was your dad going this morning?
      Seth: You're thinking about my dad.
      Summer: He had his briefcase with him, does he usually keep important papers in there?
      Seth: Oh, you're turning me on.

    • Seth: Hey man! So this is a good day for me Ryan. I finally came clean, told the truth about not getting into Brown, and things are great. Life is so much better when you're honest. You mean what you say, you say what you mean. I feel like you.
      Ryan: Well now that you're on a roll, you gonna tell Sandy and Kirsten about Brown too?
      Seth: Yeah, I don't think so. I'm gonna wait a little bit on that one.

    • Kaitlin: His name is Trevor Knightly, and he's the captain of the lacrosse team.
      Hadley: Uh, those girls are like his groupies. Lacrossetitutes.

    • Kaitlin: Thanks again, that was pretty cool.
      Hadley: Yeah, I mean the way Kaitlin talked about you, I thought you'd be totally wasted and have all these problems…
      Marissa: Right.

    • Taryn: Ryan, is that you?
      Ryan: Hey!
      Taryn: Well I was just coming back from my tennis lesson and I thought, isn't that the Cohen's car?
      Ryan: It is!
      Taryn: Well, save me a dance at Sandy's party tonight! And, uh, bring your friend! (whispering) He's hot!

    • Seth (finding Summer snooping around Sandy's desk): What are you doing?
      Summer: Nothing. Looking for stamps.
      Seth: You mailing a letter?
      Summer: Not without stamps! Let's go make out upstairs.

    • Marissa (with British accent): Hi, are you Trevor?
      Trevor: Yeah.
      Marissa: I'm Marissa, the new foreign exchange student. I just got here from London.
      Trevor: I love London.
      Marissa: Well I was hoping you could give me a tour, starting with your dorm room?
      Trevor: Sounds good, but I did my junior year abroad at Oxford. I don't buy that phony English accent for a second.
      Marissa (drops accent): Ok fine, I'm a stripper. Your friends hired me for your birthday.
      Trevor: My birthday's not for 6 months.
      Marissa: Do you want to see me take my clothes off or not?

    • Kirsten (at AA meeting): The only thing worse than relapsing, is that my husband doesn't know. He's involved in this business deal and, it's gotten very ugly, and, uh, well he might even be arrested. And I'm not blaming anyone. I'm the only one with the power to drink or not to drink. I just really need the man I married right now.

    • Ryan: Nobody's going to believe you.
      Volchok: I don't care if they do. 'Cause I got nothing to lose, and you got everything.

    • Kaitlin (on the phone): So how's your life, how's Ryan, what'd you do last night? Give me all the deets.
      Marissa: Well, Ryan and I broke up, and my prom date got with another girl.
      Kaitlin: Oh really, that's great. Actually I'm calling you to ask you for a favor.
      Marissa: What, your friend Megan needs another abortion?
      Kaitlin: I wish.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      "The Pioneers" by Bloc Party
      "The Pioneers" by Tunng
      "Some You Give Away" by La Rocca
      "Spaceship" by The Vines
      "Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways
      "Flames Go Higher" by Eagles of Death Metal
      "I Don't Care What My Friends Say" by Chris Holmes


    • Theresa: It's hard for a 28 year old to get Prom.
      Ryan: I get that.

      A reference to both Ben McKenzie and Navi Rawat being in their late 20s when this episode aired.

    • Trevor: (to Marissa) I don't buy that phony English accent for a second. In-joke: this is a play on the fact that Mischa Barton, who plays Marissa, is actually British and would've been able to do an authentic British accent.

    • Volchok breaks into a car and tries to encourage Ryan to get in.

      Volchok: Get in! Don't be a little bitch.

      This is remenicent of the opening scene of the first season where Ryans older brother Trey breaks into a car and also encourages Ryan to get in.

      Trey Quit being a little bitch. Get in!

      The only diffence is Ryan listens to his brother and ends up getting caught and thus giving us the basis for why Ryan is in Newport any way.

      The copying of this scene shows how Ryan has grown and no longer succumbs to peer pressure.

    • Hadley (on the phone): Daddy, you can't do this to yourself everytime you get the ratings. (Turns to Marissa) It's my dad, you know The Valley, it's his show. (Turns back to the phone) What do you expect when you beat the same love triangle around for three years? Dad, I thought I told you to stay off the message boards!
      The Valley is a fictional TV show used to make references to The O.C.. The dialogue pokes fun of the show's storylines throughout their three seasons. Josh Schwartz, the creator of the show has also mentioned that he is addicted to reading O.C. message boards.