The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 24

The Man of The Year

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 04, 2006 on FOX

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  • OMG fantastic

    This episode is so amazing the way it is done is just wow especially the end when you dont know who the police are comming for ryan,seth or sandy it turns out they came for seth because of him burning down the newport group building. The last scene is perfect when everyone is watching seth get taken away in the police car. This is one of my favourite episodes and it sets the graduates up perfectly DONT miss this episode u will not regret it, its also very emotional for all the characters like kirsten who has to deal with drinking again.
  • omg exciting.

    Who is going to die? the previews for this episode tell us that next week some one is going to die. Well going back to this episode which was amazing so much happened Kirsten cracked from the pressure and went back to drinking, Seth set fire to the newport group on accident, Ryan has to go along with volchek on a deal they made at prom plus miny coop is back well Marissa goes to visit her at school but thoose parts were very funny at the end of this episode Seth was arrested for starting the fire at the newport group!
  • Sandy is voted man of the year.

    Back to the best once again. i actually enjoyed marrisa's story in this one which hasn't been the case for a while, i thought it was good to see her like herself again. ryan and volchock's sturny was ok but i oiked that ryan didn't get in. Sandy is back which is great. seth being arrested i think my cause rifts between him and others. Can't wait for the finale!
  • Great episode but expected more.

    It must be that time of the season. That's right, it's getting closer to the season finale! Although a lot has happened in just a single episode, most specially legal troubles, the execution didn't feel like it was up to par. A lot of things felt out of character. Seth in particular didn't seem so Seth Cohen--even though he was high. He did have his shining moments, like his confrontation with his dad, but other than that, he seemed a bit out of character. This episode feels like a doorstep to what will be a crazy season finale, as always in The O.C., but this episode in particular feels like it should have been much much better.
  • One of the best episodes of the O.C I have ever seen.

    This episode was great.

    Every character had their story and their part and each story was just great.

    Starting with some humor, Marrissa going to her sister's school to save her butt in a very funny scheme.

    Moving on to drama with Kirsten's drinking problem, Sandy suffering arrest and everyone finding out about Seth's smoking pot.

    Other aspects and things in the show were fun like Summer trying to get back the sin filled tissue from Seth. This is a very good episode.

    Quite eventful and fit to be a close to series finale episode.

    Romance was not much of an issue unless you consider Sandy and Kirsten's marriage problems a romance issue.

    The newport fire was a great twist in the end and all in all it is a great episode filled with surprises like Ryan and Kevin's almost arrest by the police.

    Many secrets were revealed in this episode not to us but the characters to each other like Seth telling Sandy about Kirsten drinking alcohol again.

    Bravo for this episode which is deffinately taking my top 10 episodes ever.

    A for direction.
    A for writing.
    A for acting

    Just Brilliant and in the incident of Seth's arrest would leave us hanging to our seats for the next episode so deffinately well plotted.
  • The OC. Episode 24

    Emotional implications are definitely speeding up.
    - After having totally lost it, Sandy is finally returning the old good Kandy. The turning point was when he turned down the whole “Man Of The Year” thing.
    All in all, I think he is going to make it up.
    - Kirsten's relapse made her stronger.
    - Seth's fragility was pointed out. He ended up smoking pot again because he couldn’t bear Sandy’s behavior. As a result, Newport Group is burnt down and Seth himself is pushed into the back of a police car. By the way, this was an amazing final.
    - Ryan and Volchok’s deal sounds creepy because the surf Nazi is literally turning Ryan into Chino Kid Before Cohens Era.
    Best parts:
    1. Marissa helping out little Coop was such hilarious. LOL
    Besides Marissa looked kind of happy. Finally!
    2. The beginning of the episode, when Ryan was driving Volchok toward the hospital. Music in the background fits perfectly.
    3. Theresa saying she was leaving Newport Beach for good. Of course, till the last part of the fourth season...
  • This episode reminds me why i love this show!

    I have been wanting to review this episode for quite a while so here it goes. 'The Man of the Year' had it all; drama, action, humour and heart. Without question this is one of my favoite O.C episodes, and along with the 'Graduates'it is by far the best episode of this season. The scenes with Ryan and Volchok stealing that car provided a powerful flahback to the pilot episode. Kirstin's relapse in light of the growing gulf between her and Sandy was powerful and when combined with the music these scenes were incredibly moving. What capped it off for me though, was the final scenes at the Yacht club where the police arrive and due to the clever ploting, one is left unsure as to who they are going to arrest; Seth, Ryan or Sandy. Excellent writing! Not since the 'Dearly Beloved' have I been so impressed with an O.C episode. While this season was in my opinion a little dissapointing it had its moments and this was definatly one of them. Fantastic!
  • An interesting plotline and a great ending for an episode.

    This episode totally made me chew my nails off. Kevin stealing a car, what was Ryan gonna do? Greg at the party, was he gonna arrest Sandy? And who would've thought, Seth smoking pot burnt down his own grandfather's company?

    The police cars came to arrest somebody, was it Seth, Ryan or Sandy? I found it interesting they were all men. And how the camera focused on all of them as Seth was being taken away?

    Ryan, Marissa, Sandy, Kirsten, Summer, Julie, Neil. It really goes to show they're all one big family and how lucky they are to have each other. I'm glad I saw this episode, it was awesomely exciting.
  • Ryan and Volchok make a deal after a fallout at prom. Sandy is chosen as Man of the Year, but this sparks the DA to dig deeper into his involvement with the hospital problems. Marissa goes and sees Kaitlin at her boarding school and Seth visits the Newpor

    Well another great episode, that whole boardingschool thing was funny, and it was nice to see Kaitlin again.
    Poor Seth, he was so mad at Sandy that he lighted a joint in his office, causing the whole newportgroup to be set on fire. At least he and summer are back together, I really like that, I hope the fire doesn't cause problems for his college plans at that art school..
    Ryan having to steal a car with volchock ( I liked the start as well, with Ryan looking at his hands and stuff and they were using the same music as in the first episode of this season, when Trey was brought into the hospital) If he didn't wanted to be charged with assault, that was quite tense, but where did the Cohens car go, he was driving that when they went there and after he ran away he didn't go back I guess??
    Well, maybe i've missed something, but anyways I am sooo looking forward to the season finale, which is Thursday, that should be amazing! I can hardly wait!
  • Back to the series roots.

    This episode really takes us back to what we remember the o.c. being like in season 1 and 2. We have ryan beating people up and getting into trouble. We have the family drama which with the cohen's which is very touching and well done. We have the fun pranks with Marissa and Caitlin. This episode has so many touching moments and moments of excitment and glee. It also wraps up on a really good cliffhanger, not the literal type this time. Episodes like this is why I watch the o.c. If only the rest of the season was like this.
  • The best episode this season

    There is no doubt about it, this episode was the best of the season. Everything about it had me glued to the screen, the development of the storyline was supurb. So much happened this episode and so much changed. I guess certain aspects were a little unrealistic (not uncommon to the OC), but the fact that so many things changed led to the finish being totally unexpected. I am very, very curious as to what the season 3 finale will have to offer. I was very frustrated with this show earlier in the season, but I've got to say the last 5 or 6 episodes have really stepped up and renewed my interest in the show.
  • Well, this episode is pretty interesting

    Well, this episode is pretty interesting. But i don\'t understand what is the problem btw Sandy, DrGriffin and the hospital ? why are they investigated ? can anyone tell me ?
    Also, do you thing Ryan and Merissa will back together {later} , or wit Theresa ? By the way, Merissa was \"kind of\" hot in the scene at her sister\'s school ey ... :). also, what was ryan and volchok\'s deal ? i though they were kind of drug dealing , but what happenned is volchok broke in and stole a mercedes {nice car anyway} ? ? ? ?
  • Well, if you watch the show you know what happened.

    This episode was quite good. I thought the part with Marissa and Kaitlin was hilarious. I love having Kaitlin back in the picture. Looking forward to seeing her more next season. It was sweet to see Ryan and Marissa finally getting back on track with each other however Ryan's bad boy scene began to resurface with his carjacking with Volchok (I know he didn't want to do it, but still brought back old memories). I'm getting kinda of bored with the whole Volchok storyline anyways hopefully he is almost out of the picture. Sweet to see Summer and Seth finally getting back on track, however I was distraught when Seth started smoking that joint at the Newport Group. And same with Kirsten's relapse with alchol. I found myself screaming at the screen yelling DON'T DO IT! The ending with Seth getting arrested was quite obvious since they showed Seth being pushed into the poilce car in the promos. Yet, the reason why he was arrested was quite surprising considering I thought he was getting arrested due to the fact that his Dad was in trouble or since he found out that Seth smoked some joints thanks to Summer's revenge. Loved the episode and can't wait for the next one!
  • Amazing this episodio!

    Otimo the episode, a script of same cinema. All the Nuclei had been good, were diverse hooks for the end of the season. Reamente a very good episode. Optimum it ties now, Amazing!!!
    Good very good,amzing,It proved that the series this in form, the Seth coming back to smoke, the Marissa and the sister, the Ryan having that to help the Kevin, the Sandy.Still it had our Summer beloved.
  • Finally...

    Finally after all this time a descent episode.
    Well a great episode actually.

    Seth is smoking weed again and is arrested for burning down the Newport group. Kirsten starts drinking again. And Sandy is being investigated.

    I\'m glad it worked out partially. I think Kirsten will stop drinking now that Sandy is back. I hated him like this and he is a lot better of being a \"super\" dad.

    The only problem right now is that Ryan and Seth are both in trouble and I don\'t believe this is the last of it.

    Overall, this was a great episode and I felt like I was watching a quality episode again that could live up against some of the episodes from season 1.
  • This was a great episode!!!!!

    I absolutely loved this episode. The ending with Marissa and Ryan driving up to the party and them watching as the cops took seth away....Great!!! I cannot wait until the season finale!!!!! Why do we have to wait 2 weeks?? :( lol oh well. I can do it. I loved how Volchuk didn\'t turn Ryan in but then blackmailed him. I\'m so happy he didn\'t get in that car with him though!!! Go Ryan!
    I was happy that Kirsten confessed to Sandy, and thought that what Seth said to Sandy TOOK GUTS!!! Wow...This was definitely one of the better ones this season.
  • sandy hopefully turning good again, marissa goes to see her sister at boarding school, seth gets arrested, kirsten drinks again....

    This episode was actually good, i rele liked it, the beggining with ryan and the camera style they used was great, volhek threatening ryan to steal a car in chino was interesting, luckily he didnt get caught and got marrissa to cover for him,speaking of which, marrisa went to see her sister kaitlan at boarding school cos she was in trouble, neways when she dressed up as a school girl she looks sexy, lol. seths parents found his secrets because they read the letter he did. kirsten drinks again and seth finds out and tells sandy which makes him realise he was being an idiot with the hospital and quits to be with his family, he also doesnt accept the man of the year award which was intersting. and seth smokes pot in the newport group and sets it on fire so he gets arrested. overall great episode, i hope marrissa doesnt leave the show shes gr8 xx
  • Seth smoked Weed, and lit New port Group, Ryan is scared that hes in trouble. Sandy is becoming another Caleb Nickle, Kirten is getting drunk lol . That covers it .

    Amazing episode, I was starting to think season 3 was going to be the worst season, but just when things became really predicitable, things on this episode went great. I love the way the start of the episode was shot, and mixed with them usic, it was just amazing . Lets just hope the last episode of the season is just as good.
  • wow ! wow ! wow !

    I could not believe what Ryan did.. I was so happy when he didn't get in that car. He probably had a flash back of when him and his brother stole that one car. He's probably really freaked out ! I felt so bad for Seth, but I was lauging so hard when he got arrested. I mean seriously: who ever imagined Seth in a police car? - Not me. I loved seeing Marissa's sister.. she's so funny.
    And "OmG"! 2 weeks until the season finale.. && someone dies ! Uh I'm gonna cry so much !
  • Amazing episode! Had a Season 1 feel to it, and covered all characters brilliantly.

    Finally! It may have taken like 20 episodes, but season 3 is finally beginning to impress me! This episode was just wonderful, from start to beginning. The beginning took off exactly where last week's episode ended, with brilliant cinematography mixed with ban mcKenzie's great talent portraying Ryan's utter fear at what he did to Volchok. It was a great scene that brought parallels to the Trey/Ryan fight in Season 2, as well as showed Ryan's "Chino" side. It was great! And that was only the first 3 minutes or so! Summer offered the line of the episode moments afterwards in her hung-over state in which Marissa (experienced in the hang-over department) shows her sympathy. Speaking of Marissa, she takes a road trip to see Kaitlin, who's, Suprise Surprise, landed herself in more trouble. Marissa heads down to help her out before two strikes for Kaitlin become three strikes and "you're out of boarding school!" I thought at first, when reading spoilers that it would be pretty stupid, the whole Marissa/Kaitlin thing, but it was surprisingly funny, and gave long-time fans a taste of the tweenager scene, like season one. The drama injected comes mostly from the Seth/Sandy/Kirsten circle. Kirsten's relapse in drinking is made candid in the household, but a brave Kirsten comes through stronger than the grog by the end. Seth, however, lulling over Sandy's lack of fatherly goodness mixed with Kirsten's problem sees him turn to the bag of pot hiding in his drawer. From there, and after a twist of events, an un-killed butt of pot sets the Newport Group on fire, and Seth is wheeled away by the cops. This scene gave great tribute to the second episode in Season One, where the same thing happened to Ryan. It was great to see that contrast. Also in this episode, dost I see the rekindling of the Ryan/Marissa relationship? After a breakfast (date?) and phonecalls, we shall just have to wait and see! All in all, the "OC" is back people! Too bad the season finale is the next episode...!
  • When will all these characters sit down and relax for a wail. Things get from wrong to worse every episode, JESUS, it not even realistic OK authors. Life is not that bad.

    The episode began with Summers hangover and Marissas sister Caitlin calls her to ask a favor from Marissa. And Whats up with Rian's attitude he could have said no to Volchock or figure out something better than to go with him, hello this is not the first time he has deal with stuff like this. In other things, who cares about Caitlin and her school traumas? Only three things i like in this episode:
    1) Seth reaction to his parents problems and the last scene when the police took him away, he looked calm.
    2) Julie's attitude to The Cohen's problem, she is a really good friend of them, just like family.
    3) Rian's and (what's her name?) brakeup, i really didnt like her that much.

    Well overall the episode was good but far from perfect, keep the good work.
  • Deja vu for Ryan?

    This was a pretty intense episode. Ryan basically was put into the same situation we first saw him in in the pilot. I can't wait for next week to see what if anything will happen to Ryan, as well as how Seth explains the fire. I'm a little disappointed to see them write Kirsten's drinking back into the story but it makes for great ratings I suppose. Bring on next week's episode!
  • An episode with great drama and tons of hilarious one-liners.

    Ryan is flung back into his old life of crime and other troubles. Ryan is forced to help Volchok steal a car in exchange for Volchok keeping silent to the police about Ryan's assault.

    Marissa goes back into the show's "hot girl" mode to help Kaitlin. I'm not sure what the point of the story was, but it was very pleasing to the eye.

    The Cohens try and sort out their family problems. Kirsten relapses again, Sandy steps down from the hospital and Seth accidentally burns down part of the Newport Group office.

    Plenty of season one parallels in this episode. The scene with Ryan and Volchok stealing the car is reminiscent of the pilot episode with Ryan and Trey stealing the car. Also Seth burning down the Newport Group is similar to Ryan burning down the model home. Seth's arrest is surprising but probably won't be the big twist for the finale.

    Overall it was a solid and entertaining episode.
  • yeaa, keep on going with the 10's ratings

    wow how awsome was the music in this episode, damn. everything about this episode is soo good. ryan doing his thing with volchok was awsome. lots of drama in the cohen family. seth smoking the reef again, gets in trouble, thats awsome. lol summer looked so cute when she tried to grab the letter from sandy. man i loved the cohen storyline today, everyone knowing the truth now, crazy. in 2 weeks, omg, season finale. the preview doesnt show us anything, omg but its all good, the writers wont disappoint us. best episode this season.
  • Ryan is running from the cops, kristin drinks, sandy might get arrested, seth smokes pot, he DOES get arrested, and catches the newport group on fire..

    Ryan is running from the cops, kristin drinks, sandy might get arrested, seth smokes pot,he DOES get arrested, and catches the newport group on fire, Marissa strips, and Summer lets sandy get a hold of seth\'s napkin confessions..This is the most dramatic episode of the seasaon by far, maybe even the series!!! This episode is a PERFECT example of what the oc is really about!! The beginning of the episode was awesome, with ryan and kevin at the hospital with all the weird effects going on..and then, kevin will rat ryan out if he doesnt do a \"job\" for him witch really pissed me off...this is the most dramatic and best episode yet!!
  • Ryan is forced to go to his old ways. Marissa helps Kaitlin get out of trouble. Sandy/Kirsten face their own problems plus find out about Seth and all the secrets he\'s been hidding. And Julie/Neil stand by Kirsten/Sandy in the time of need.

    This was without a doubt the best episode this season. It was amazing. Ryan\'s storyline was the best. Seeing him going back to season 1 was awesome to watch. Marissa, helping Kaitlin was suprisingly fun to watch. Sandy/Kirsten finding out about Seth, another good storyline. And Kirsten drinking. Good that she\'s getting a storyline again. I\'m glad Theresa is gone, although I doubt it\'s the end of her. There is more to the baby. Overall, this episode was worth waiting for this whole season. And in two weeks, it will be one crazy season finale.
  • Seth smokes pot AGAIN! and burns down the Newport Group while he's at it.

    Overall a very exciting episode. It sort of felt like “classic OC” with the old Ryan shining through. I was so scared those first few minutes… it would have been horrible if Volchok had died! (For Ryan, I would be happy if Volchok was gone.) I really though they were going to show a flashback of Trey yelling at Ryan to get in the car (from episode 1) when Volchok broke into the car. I’m happy that Kirsten, Sandy, and Seth are talking, but Seth just had to go smoke pot again! Lately he’s been ruining everything. Well, as long as Summer doesn’t break up with him again, it might work out (if he's not sentenced to jail or anything). It was good to see Marissa happy! That hasn’t happened in a while. And it was nice to see Kim Oja! She’s so funny.
  • Does anyone know what that song was that was playing at the end when Seth was being arrested? The lyrics were something about time and turing

    GREAT EPISODE I was so scared for Ryan! Although I have to admit he was kinda stupid about the whole situation. He should have handled that way better. Anyway, I have a question about the music in the episode. Does anyone know what that song was that was playing at the end when Seth was being arrested? Ryan and Marissa had just arrived and they see Seth cuffed and going the police car and then the camera goes to Summer and she\\\'s shaking her head. The lyrics were soemthing about time and turing...ahhh it\\\'s driving me crazy! I want it now... I want it yesterday! that\\\'s how bad I want it - pls help me find it. I want it so bad!
  • lots of backstories and plots twists!

    What can I say, no only does thsi esp deliever on every count but it could not have set up a better mood for the finale. Marrissa and Katlin patch this up and honestly Marissa was actually happy. Sandy finally makes the right choice...have been waiting for that. Seth confronts his father and Seths dirty little secrets are all out. Summer was Funny as usual! Kirsten, prop to her, she played a very good role in the esp and her AA meeting speech was really good. The fire at the newport group I was like yes and no! Great esp!
  • Wow! I give a 10 out of 10 to this episode, but it deserves much, much more.

    Another amazing episode. Seth smokes pot again, and burns down the Newport Group; Kirsten drinks again and passes out; Seth finally confronts Sandy and Kirsten about not getting into Brown; Ryan and Volchock steal a car; Marissa visits Kaitlin; Sandy and Kirsten patch up their relationship as Sandy is named 'Man of the Year'; and Seth is arrested.

    I haven't been more impressed with an episode since "The Dearly Beloved." This is AMAZING.
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