The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 4

The Metamorphosis

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2006 on FOX

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  • The O.C. is good again!

    My main complaint about the third season was that there were too many stories firing off at once. This episode is really no different; there must have been at least four different stories going off simultaneously, and you know what? It was awesome! Seems like season three's problem wasn't working on so many stories, just an insufficient amount of great characters. Kaitlin and Julie's little bet on staying out of trouble/not hooking up with guys turned out to be pretty damn hilarious, and Seth and Summer's relationship has really made a turn for the best. Really loving where this is going. And it seems another relationship has planted its seeds in Taylor and Ryan. It opened up strong, continued to stay strong, and ended happily.
  • Back to the basics!

    Marissa is very forgotten about in this episode which is probably a good thing as they show can not rely to keep re living the death of Marissa over and over. This episode has sparks flying over the place between Taylor and Ryan plus Summer is she back to her normal self or not? Many questions were brought up in this episode yet it felt like an episode that you could sit back and relax and enjoy as not many major events occured in this except the start of Taylor and Ryan. Overall very enjoyable and very refreshing unlike the first 3 of the season which were filled with drama.
  • The OC

    i really liked this episode, it is my favorite of the 4th season, at the beginning i was worried that the characters were always going to be really weird but now they are all almost back to normal, i was especially worried about summer, because she is my favorite character and in this episode she started to figure out why she had changed so much and then she realized that she did want to help save the earth but she stayed herselfish.
    i also really liked the taylor and ryan storyline i thought it was pretty good andi like that taylor is starting to be less of a control freak like she was in the previous season.
    i think all the characters are making great progress and i really liked this episode :)
  • 3 episodes in and I think we're getting somewhere... it was a really good thing to have happened but maybe we will never see Summer as her materialistic self again!

    Soo... Seth went to visit Summer at Brown... Summer tries to go back to her old self but she can't do it and she still needs more time to get over Marissa in my opinion.

    Poor Taylor! I feel so sorry for her... I got to say that I hope she does get together with Ryan because they would be really cute together! And I never did like Marissa! She was annoying!

    Aww Sandy's found a friend! It's like little kids! And Julie is being stupid.... why is she going back to pain up the bum Julie? And I hope Kaitlin doesn't turn out to be completely corruptive!!!
  • Chuckles of plenty in this episode! From seeing Summer's tantrum to seeing Julie shake her ass on the dance floor. Well ok maybe that's not funny. But great to see!!!

    This episode was probably my favorite of The OC's fourth and final season. This was my favorite. I knew when I saw Summer crack in that therapist's session I would be laughing my ass off. But it was really great. Seeing Summer so happy again. I think it was great for Seth. When we saw Julie go for the younger guys at the dance club. We saw to ourselves. Uh how long we been waiting for this since Luke??? But it was funny when Kaitlin busted her. I'm sure Marissa wouldn't exactly be surprised and would actually encourage her to do it. One of my favorite songs is played in this episode as well. "Hello Sunshine" Other OC fanatics will know that that song has been played several times in the 4 years the show has been on. First time was in the middle of season 1 when Seth and Summer slept together for the first time. And why not? Beautiful song. I wonder if John Lennon did that song first? Hmm Well anyway folks great episode. I love the episodes that are just damn funny. That usually works. Just write something that everyone will agree with.
  • Comical, drama, fake ID's, slutty moms, lonely dads, Seth, Summer & Che, best kiss...this is what the OC is all about.

    This was a fine example of The OC. I thought that is was very funny watching Taylor substitute "ordinary" words, to take the place of the French "married couple words". That Tayrn is a party girl. But she looks amazing. Julie drinking alcohol at a club is not a good idea at all. I would be scarred for life if I saw my mother dancing like she did with that man. I also found it hysterical how Sandy was lonely and wanted to have a night with just the guys. How Sandy approached Spitts was hilarious. As if watching a teenage boy asking a girl out on a date. I felt bad for Seth while he was waiting for Summer to come out of her rally, and then ended up leaving. Seeing Seth's reacting to a naked Che was priceless. But the absolute best part of this episode was the Ryan and Taylor kiss. That kiss is definitly up there on the list with kissing scenes from "The Countdown, The Heights, The Rainy Day Women."
  • Taylor + Ryan = Great :)

    Well, this one was an example how great season 4 is at this moment. First, the interaction between Ryan and Taylor was great (that kiss... My god). Taylor falling for Ryan was something good to see, finally he will get someone that will give him value and think about him. Second, it was great to see Sandy giving advice to the kids again, what he said really defined Ryan - he's there to help other people. The Summereth story was cute, especially Seth reaction. I would think that he will quit from Summer, but giving him space was something very mature, especially coming from Seth. And Julie/Kaitlyn storyline was sort of a comic relief. The only bad thing was the way that Julie danced... Too muchm especially if your daughter is watching! :P
  • This is how you write an episode of good drama tv!

    Hands down, the best episode this season and in my opinion the whole show.

    I am absolutely loving the new season! With Marissa gone, you really feel like there is nothing holding them back now. I wondered how well the show would go now that the characters are starting to get over the death of Marissa and would soon start focusing themselves on new things. This episode answered all those questions hands down in one word! Taylor!

    Not only was Taylor absolutely hillarious but her character works so well with Ryan (I really didn't think it would). Their relationship was so refreshing and such a change from Ryans boring relationship with Marissa (Yawn) that seemed to go on and on. Im not saying that Taylor and Ryan are perfect for each other but you have to admit, they certainly do have chemistry between them. That kiss between them after Ryan helped Taylor get out of going back to France was pure Magic!

    Julie trying to get hot young boys was also hillarious! I couldn't stop laughing when Katlin found her mum in the club with all those boys. At least the Ice Cream seemed to taste good at the end. Along with Taylor, Katlin is another reason why this show is so good this season! I just love her with Julie, the two just seem to bounce energy off one another and it was so nice for Julie not to have a storyline where she was grieving over Marissa.

    In the other storylines, I (surprise to myself) found Sandys and Kirstens (and his new friends) storyline quite interesting. It was cool that he was trying to get new friends and even cooler that he said that Caleb used to be his friend.

    Overall, I cant complain, this episode was magical!
  • One of the fine examples of great writing we learned to love in Season 1!

    Simply put: dazzling! We finally begin to see Ryan put the past behind him and move forward by helping Taylor to get her divorce granted.

    The beginning showcases an original mix of comedy and drama as Summer battles through the 5 stages of grief. The scene imitates everything we came to love about Season 1.

    Sandy searches for male-bonding and discovers friendship in "Fitzey" and Julie and Kaitlin must resort to their ice cream tradition as neither one holds their end of a bargain.

    A trully sensational and dazzling episode which promises a forecast of Ryan and Taylor romance in the next episode to come.
  • cooper nichol girls do it again :p...

    omg this was a fine example of the cooper-nichol girls in action, the both make a promess they will stay out of trouble, but is just in their nature, jajajajaja is really funny how they ended up in the same place at the same time, and when julie is dancing with one of the under 30 guys all wild and savage (and a little drunk :p )and turns her head upside down, HELLO is little coop, was really funny, I think that flash she had took the tequila right out of her body, also, that kiss ryan gave to taylor, wasn't that friendly, something might be cooking over there. Summer comes back of the trance too, and its kinda funny how they start to count the 5 steps and she finally turns out like the good ol' sum but now she cares for the planet.
  • Excellent!

    This episode was the first great episode of season four, and reminded me why I\'m obsessed with the show. Just a question for any level 2 members: Can you post String Quartet No. 16 in E Flat Major, K. 428: III. Menuetto: Allegro by Mozart as one of the songs in the episode? It was playing during Summer\'s therapy sessions. Other fans might be looking for the song.
  • The OC. Episode 4. Season 3

    Such a funny episode. Good parts:
    - Summer’s five stages of grief. LOL
    - Julie claiming she wanted to give up on men. Please.
    - Sandy willing to find a new friend. :D
    - Seth’s face while he was witnessing Che’s “naked” song. Unforgettable.
    - The Cooper girls’ ice-cream moment.

    Okay, Seth and Summer’s relationship is clearly in crisis but let’s see the positive sides:
    1. No more far-fetched and childish problems: their issues are real for once. It was about time.
    2. Let's face it. If they were always happy, it would be boring.
    3. Anyway, they’ll be together at the end of the season, as usual.

    I’m starting to like the twins and Kaitlin’s scenes. They’re kind of hilarious.
    Last but not least, “Rylor” era can get started. Well, it was a bit unexpected to see Taylor and Ryan together but I guess that when it comes to the OC, everything is possible. Besides, Ryan does need to move on. :)
    Ps. Sandy’s pep talks are never pointless.
  • Brilliant, just brilliant!

    So I have only started watching The OC at the start of season 4, yes, it's way too late but it is still entertaining. I did watch a few of the older episodes so I know rougly what each character has been through and especially what Ryan has been through. Even though I find Taylor so annoying, I adore her and the look on her face when Ryan kissed her, that just blew me away. I hope that they get together because I know that Taylor likes Ryan but not the other way around. I am addicted to The OC!
  • The beginning of a new couple?

    Okay, so I must admit, when i read spoilers that said that something would happen between Ryan and Taylor, I thought they were absolutely ridiculous. However, in this episode, I really liked seeing them together. They have really good chemistry and I completely approve of their relationship. It was nice to see a little bit of the old summer because I kind of miss her, but it's obvious that summer has changed for good. I just hope that it does not affect her relationship with seth, because i love them together. I am loving Che, though. he is really hilarious. As long as he doesn't come between seth and summer (which i doubt he will) then it's totally cool that he's there. I am really excited to see what is going to happen next.
  • I'm lovin the new season. Somehow they have made some of the best episodes without marissa! Seth and Summer finally have a storyline just about Seth and Summer! Julie is learnin from her mistakes and Taylor may just be the one to brighten up Ryan's life!

    This was an anazing episode. Everyone had their own thing going on!
    Seth and Summer sort things out...but then again notm so much!
    Ryan helps Taylor but i think eventually she'll be the one to help him move on!
    Sandy wants to make friends which was hilarious!
    Julie and Kaitlin agree to stay out of trouble but both in end in the same club but Julie has now learnt to embrace her children which was very good!
    And well Kirsten was just there being herself!
    The O.C. is back and hopefully to stay!
  • Who would have thought it eh? Taylor and Ryan kissing...surely not! We will miss you Marissa, but not that much :)

    I loved this episode - it left me feeling sad for Seth, how he missed out on College and now Summer has found a new life without him at the centre of it. I just hope they stay together and make the long distance thing work. However, I have a funny feeling the writers will take Seth down a different path soon - they are bound to open up new opportunities for him to keep his wonderful character going!

    And what about Taylor and Ryan???? I know he was only "helping her out" but wasn't he convincing ladies and gentleman? I hope this storyline has some more life left in it! Taylor is a character I was always hoping would become 3-dimensional...and the writers have obviously agreed it to be worthwhile. Above all, she is gorgeous! But she is a fun character, the complete opposite from Marissa, and maybe that is exactly what Ryan needs...... can't wait to find out! The season starts here!
  • The show is what you would call the real premiere of this season. The whole Marissa ordeal is finally resolved and Ryan can move on.

    It is probable that Ryan and Taylor will never make it, although it will be very cute and exciting to see them together. The duo of Ryan and Taylor is just going to be too much for the show, considering the impact it will have on Seth and Summer, and especially for Veronica Townsend, who may or may not even care. In the next episode\'s preview, we see that Julie has another man in her life, and for some reason, Kaitlin isn\'t really fond of that. Going back to Ryan and Taylor, if they are able to ask the question, \"Are they going to kiss?\", it is unlikely that they will ever hook up, at least not in the next episode. Things with Sethummer will get interesting as their relationship distances. I hope to see Dr. Roberts reappear because his departure was sudden and the OC needs him to keep the Coopers afloat.
  • Summer gets back, and ehm, gets back again in her old habit. Ryan helps Taylor with her divorce. Kaitlin and Julie make a deal.

    This was far one of the best episode i've seen. Everybody has grieved about Marissa,a nd i think it's finally time to move on. Ryan deals pretty good with the situation. Summer in the beginning was funny. We thought she was back in the old her, but she loves who she has become, and I'm happy that Seth has excepted her. That means a lot to me, that Seth loves her unconditional.. Ryan helps Taylor through her divorce. What is pretty funny. I mean, Ryan and Taylor, who would think that? The part he had to sign a paper was really funny. 'doesn't it says we had s*x about 30 times'. Hilarious. I think they would be a great couple, although Ryan and Marissa definately won't be forgotten.
  • I can´t wait to watch it """ Ryan and Taylor""" it´s so funny...... :p

    Because, This nexxt episode will be funy and interesting,... wich taylor going to go in little love....interstes me...
    I´ll not lose the episode many new interesting tings to see and new history appearing...... summer wixh a new life and so commic´s life...wich the new route of life. in facor of the humanity. and i like ryan to follow the new life, and to forguet the death of the person who it was dear.

    BUT i want more episodes for season4...i does´t whant 16 episode,they are so few :( sorry sorry for this ingles.. from portugal a big fann of """THE O.C."""
  • Four episodes in, and life goes on. Funny, isn't it?

    Huzzah! The O.C. is finally back on its feet! Everyone is moving on, and the death of Marissa is behind us at last.

    I love Seth and Summer as a couple. Things seem rocky, but they've been rocky before. I'm really hoping that they'll work it out. Or, if they don't, and they have to break up, at least leave us with a believable reason. Couples don't break up just because one of the pair finds new interests.

    A new love on the horizon for Ryan, maybe? It's a cute coupling that they're nudging us towards. I really like Taylor. She's a little "in-your-face," but she tends to grow on you! I think a new girl in Ryan's life is just what he needs to make his personal healing process believable.

    Is Julie back to her slutty ways? I kind of thought her relationship with Neil was going to work and calm her down a bit. Now that I see it isn't going to, I think that woman should take her vow of no men more seriously.

    This episode reminded me why I love the show, and I'm looking forward to next week's episode!
  • There is now one single reason to watch this show: Autumn Reeser

    I've watched the OC since the first season, then on-and-off for the 2nd and 3rd. I thought it would be over when Marissa died. but this season has been better for it. Its lighter, more entertaining, and more way more interesting. if this episode is signs of things to come, watch out, the magic is back.

    I've always thought i related to Ryan because i liked how he dealt with life, being honorable, struggling to find his place, always helping others, etc. I've always felt like he didn't belong with marissa, and that girl is just all trouble. now taylor, played by autumn reeser, is a much more fun, interesting, and exciting girl and especially without all of marissas drama. great matchup in my opinion.

    plus, autumn is a wonderful actress, hundreds of times better than mischa barton ever was. i think ill be in love with her by the end of this season.
  • Death to Marissa long live Taylor.

    I...I... hardly know where to begin honestly.
    I\'m sitting here watching this show, heartily enjoying the banter between Seth and Summer and then WHAM! It happens.

    The Kiss

    That was AWESOME. Seriously. Taylor is cute and to see her taken off guard by Ryan\'s passionate lip lock was phenomenal. This is one for the ages folks. I can NOT wait to see how this plays out.

    I\'m giddy...and I\'m a old dude. There\'s something wrong with me.
  • i can't wait to watch it... i'm in mexico city and season 4 of THE OC begin this thursday nov. 23..

    i'm worried about the raitings that THE OC has bacause if fox cancel this show i' am going to cry a lot this is my favorite show and i think this is a very good show i just hope that you people who live in USA do not stop watching it well here in mexico 'the avengers' (first episode of season 4) will be on air this thursday nov. 23 and i saw most of the reviews of the first episodes from season 4 and they're very good so i'm very exciting and i can't wait more. ¡plese save 'THE OC'! sorry for my english.
  • Ryan + Taylor = CUTE!!!

    Omg I must say that I really truly enjoyed that episode! Espcially "the kiss" which will be "the kiss" for a while with me! :]] I'm sooooo for Taylor and Ryan together! I mean I honestly... though most of my fellow viewers are the opposite, am very anti ryanxmarissa and anti sethxsummer... I wanted Taylor with Seth last season but now i'm SO on the TaylorxRyan bandwagon! :]] I mean talk about cute! She's in love, and I hope it works out! I mean... he and Lindsey should have worked out but it didn't and now I'm hoping he and Taylor do... I mean maybe it was a truly love kiss! Maybe they'll be together forever! :]] That'd be so cute! I absolutely love Taylor she's my favorite character this season for sure! :]]

    Anyway... Um what else happened? lol I liked that Summer is going to stay true to who she is now! I mean she can shave her legs and be an activist! theres nothing that says you really cant have your cake and eat it too! I mean who buys cake not to eat it anyway? :]]
  • Ahhh, this season is about reveal a new twist in the O.C. drama. Seth and Summer are slowly but surely drifting apart and best of all, it looks as if Ryan and Taylor might be heading towards a fling of sorts. The next episode should be really good.

    I love this episode! I agree with the other users that The O.C. is finally back. They had me worried at the beginning of this season, but now with the whole Taylor/Ryan thing, I think things are finally starting to look better. The fact that this episode left me smiling and actually anticipating the next episode is a GREAT thing - because up until now, I just didn\\\'t have that feeling when sitting down to watch The O.C. so far this season (or the past one for that matter...I just watched it to keep up in case anything exciting did happen). With Marissa gone, Ryan can finally explore his options...and I think Taylor is a perfect start.
  • With this episode, The O.C. is now back.

    I agree with other a few other people on this one. The O.C. has returned. This episode was just excellent. Probably one of the best episodes in quite some time. I hope that the ratings continue to increase, and hopefully there will be a permanent move to Wednesdays. The whole Seth-Summer storyline is beginning to get interesting, and the Ryan-Taylor story is very intriguing. This episode definitely had a Season One feel to it. For fans of the series who thought it was going way downhill, watch this episode, because it could be a turning point in ths series returning to greatness.
  • i like this epiosode it was pretty sweet.including seth and summers new was pretty funny how sandy was trying to make a new friend.and how julie was all over that guy it was kinda sexy if you ask me

    i like this epiosode it was pretty sweet.including seth and summers new was pretty funny how sandy was trying to make a new friend.and how julie was all over that guy it was kinda sexy if you ask me.i can't wait to see what other trouble kaitlin is going to get am intersted where talor and ryan going to go in there little love interstes.i think this epiosode was pretty awesome if you ask me.i thought it was funny was trying to find out what that contract said and it was funny what it said when h found out
  • This is probably my favorite episode so far this season, because it was one of those happy, feel-good episodes that the OC had been lacking.

    This is one of those episodes that you absolutely love to watch over and over and over again. Rylor left me feeling giddy. The last couple episodes had been on the darker side, and it's good to see everyone slowly moving on, even Ryan.

    The only thing I'm a bit disappointed in is the fact that the past few episodes Sandy and Kirsten have been more like guest stars than in the main cast. But I love Sandy even more now. If it hadn't have been for him, Rylor never would've happened.

    I can't wait for the next episode...ugh, I don't want to wait two weeks, it makes me angry. I want to see more Rylor, they're sooo cute! And I want to see how Seth deals with Summer.
  • O.C. is back

    Here it is. For the first time this season I was laughing my ass off, I was moved and here was the Cohen marriage showing me again how I want my future to be like. :)

    Along is great music, a lot of sarcasm paired with this human, what we all long for factor that no other show on TV has ever managed to bring across that well.

    I do wonder what is going to happen to Summer and Seth, but I would hate for them to break up. There has to be some stability even in a TV show.

    Cheers to the O.C.
  • Forgive me for losing faith in The OC, I was WAY wrong.

    I had done a previous review of The Avengers and rated it decently. It wasnt something I was totally interested in because it just didnt feel like The OC. Well this one felt like The OC and then some.

    They are really starting to give me hope that there might be a longer season because at the start I thought this one was gone. We finally get some decent Seth and Summer time. We see Summer reeling after Marissas death and going through the 5 phases of trauma. Summer also goes back to the "normal" Summer. Shopping and clothes and "The Valley". But as it turns out she likes the activism game and feels great putting her time into something like that, something that matters. Really amazing to see her character grow from material obsessed young girl to established young lady. Seth on the other hand supports her but you know its difficult seeing her change like that.

    Now onto Sandy, Kaitlyn, and Julie. Sandy is lonely and needs a guy friend to hang out with. So he finds a guy at work that he used to hang out with often and they go out and have a great time. Sandy finally has someone to hang out with that isnt in danger or needs something. I like the angle on that, giving him time to breathe because we all know there will be peril down the road. Kaitlyn and Julie make a pact that she wont have anything to do with men as long as Kaitlyn agrees to stay out of trouble. As we know Kaitlyn and Julie are built for trouble so that truce doesnt last long. Kaitlyn gets a fake id off some guy and Julie goes out with a friend and gets smashed at a club and dances with younger guys. And of course you guessed, its the same club they go to and they both go home and share some ice cream. Mostly they learned they cant change their ways this easily.

    Now onto I think the best part of the episode. Taylor employs Ryan to help her break of the marriage that her and her french husband have. Shes nervous that he will convince her to come back to France and she will. Ryan reluctantly agrees and because they are speaking French, has no clue what is going on. Taylor actually acts like Ryans girlfriend so that her husbands lawyer believes them. Ryan is not clued in on it so when it comes time to sign the paperwork he wonders whats up. He translates everything on the agreement and finds out she is lying and stating Ryan and her are together. At first he says no, he doesnt want to get involved in things anymore. Then buckles after a talk with Sandy. He rushes in, kisses Taylor passionately and thus ends Taylors marriage. We know that Taylor is now smitten with Ryan and comes over and shares a peach tort with Ryan. I LOOOOOVE Taylor and I cant wait to see where this one goes. I just hope he doesnt hurt her!

    Anyways, this was the best episode of the season. No senseless drama or fighting. People are mostly happy and bonding. I like the feel of this episode. Hopefully it can stay up to par!
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