The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 9

The My Two Dads

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2007 on FOX

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  • Damn close to perfection.

    Where to start? Hilarious knee slapping writing, a steadily growing conflict, but most of all, the pacing was is as close as perfect as you can get. Nothing ever felt out of place and the execution is just phenomenal. What the majority of the third season lacked is everything that is contained in this episode. Despite a myriad of story developments firing off at once, such as Kaitlin's new interesting relationship with Will, Julie's with Frank, Frank with the entire Cohen family, and the heated psychological battle between Summer and Seth, everything was nicely paced and developed. Summer and Seth's little bout in particular was very interesting; created so much humour and laughter that you think to yourself how come they didn't come up with this stuff any sooner? The biggest surprise though? Sandy decking Frank in the face; things just exploded after that. Although probably not as intense and exhilarating as previous episodes in this TV series, such as the ending of season two, it is perhaps the best episode with the best pacing and execution.
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 9

    I absolutely loved Seth and Summer trying to smoke each other out in the whole wedding thing. They are simply so funny! My favorite parts, anyway, were:
    - Julie and Summer scheming.
    - The way Summer and Seth told Ryan and Taylor they were about to get married.
    - Pancakes and Seth moments. :D

    Speaking of Mr. Cohen jr, I have to say that every single sentence said by him was just LOL. Seriously, it was one of his best episode ever. It was obvious Mr. Atwood was anything but a dying man. I like his character and I think he has excellent chemistry with Julie. He is definitely a bad guy, and that’s why he might be the man for Mrs. Cooper Nichol. I like also the way Ryan reacted to his appareance because it was totally realistic. It would have been weird if Ryan had jumped because of the joy right after he found out his ex-con father has just shown up.
    Sandy turning into Chino Kid senior shows how much he cares of Ryan and thinks about him as a natural son. And thats's sweet.

    Kaitlin’s storyline was so hilarious. I like the fact that Kaitlin’s character acts in such a snotty way, at first, and, then, a moment later, she ends up saying kind of deep thoughts. Anyway, Chris Pratt talks in a funny way, but I guess he’s going to calm down Little Coop.

    The happy ending was just perfect. Cohens-on-couch.
    What a great episode!
  • I really liked this episode

    I loved it that neither Summer nor Seth wants to get married but they are too proud to say it.. It was really funny how they try to get the other person to call the wedding off...

    I'm from Israel, and I thoght it was funny when Summer learning the Hebrew alphabet, 'cause she's saying it kinnda wrong.. lol. But when she and Julie were trying to say 'Hotspa'(hopfully thats how its written) and make it sound like it dose in Hebrew, I was laughing so hard I thoght I'll pee in my pants..

    Another thing I thoght was kinna funny was the 'Torah' that we saw Summer tossing on Taylor's bed. Those kind of books are not for personally use. You can usually find it in synagogues.. We have normal books for personal use.

    Anyway, it was a good episode in my opinion :)
  • Fantastic episode. Easily the best this season (so far), full of season one type goodness!

    My Two Dads contained the ingredients for a great OC episode. It built on Ryan's background and gave us lots of Family Cohen+1ness which did not miss the mark.


    Hercules aka Ryan's dad was welcomed into the family, and shut out.

    Punches were thrown, and not by Ryan!

    Ryan acknowledged the Cohens as his family, and vice versa.

    Taylor stood by Ryan and did not meddle or interefere once - Gasp!

    And the ending was gorgeous with the 4 family members snuggling up on the couch to watch 'Meerkat Manor', awww!
  • One of the greatest episode ever!

    Great episode! All the characters well defined.
    The stories envolving the major characters are great, and some of that stories came to an end.
    Summer and Seth - great story! I love seeing these two together, after the period of lack of interess. When Seth stop the car and talks to Summer ( you know what!) I laughed out loud!
    Sandy - great angry face! terrific actor!

    And the ending is a perfect Cohen Family picture! If the series have ended in this episode, I would be pleased!
  • Good Episode, We get to know a little bit more of ryan's past

    Good Episode, We get to know a little bit more of ryan's past It's Weird That an Ex-con can pass as a wealthy buissnes manager in front of bullet's eyes or worst that not even bullet knew his real name

    I Really think he will be back in the next few episodes ryan's famuly has proved to be nothing but trouble for ryans family and Frank hasn't really done to much damage in the OC yet but i think he will

    In another subject it's allso weird that so soon on the season ryan is attached to another woman, it's ok for him to get over marissa's death, but having another serious relationship on the show this early?, doesn't make that much sence to me

    I hope the series takes form again and bring os back that OC we all love to watch!

    Thanks For Reading
  • Yeah Ryan s dad Chris Brown but it wasn t as good as other episodes

    I didn t like this episode very much I think it was a bit boring except the part Sandy and Frank hit each other. Maybe because of the end of episode 8 I thought this one would be more interesting.

    Nevertheless, I have to say I kind of like the whole Sumerreth wedding drama and Seth wanting to ask Dr Roberts for Summers hand it was funny haha. But aside of that I think Ryan s father could be a bit more interesting and Chris Brown(who i really don t know who he is because i live in Argentina) didn t add a lot to the episode but now that he is possibly getting in a realtionship with Kaitlin things could get better.
  • The O.C. now has a deadline, but it delivers a punch to FOX's face by proving it still is a magnificant show

    I was so glad to see Sandy punch Frank in the face. I had only waited since the beginning of Frank's appearane on the show for such a thing, and Sandy's punch not only brought out Frank's pain, but my satisfaction. But that is a totally different aspect of this episode and irrelevant.

    What is relevant, however, is how this show cotninues to shine. This is the first episode that fans have watched, knowing that the OC will be over in a few weeks - forever. The O.C. finally has a deadline.

    But until that deadline is reached, we, the fans, are going to enjoy every OC moment that we can. This episode was a solid entry in the series; it was exciting and kept me watching. The episode lost .9 points because I felt the whole Julie-Frank kiss at the end was unnecessary and meaningless. All in all though, definitely another exciting entry.
  • Ryan's dad... And Sandy's "Ryan Atwood" moment

    First thing. Seth is funny again. Wow, in this season, Taylor had been the source of that excellent humour that flowed in the show since the beggining (but more in season 1), but in this one, Seth stole the spotlight from her. Every sentence that the man said, made me smile at least (and laugh many, many times). Their (Summer/Seth) situation was really amusing to see, I'm really curious to see how Seth is going to get rid of this problem. Other thing that was great was finally they gave us some Sandy/Kirsten issues, even if it's because of Ryan's father. The more spectacular scene on the episode was without doubt the scene where Sandy punches Frank, I think that, despite the great relationship that he always had with Ryan, it was there that he really showed that Ryan is like a natural son for him. Taylor was cute, as usual, although without much participation in this episode, she was there for Ryan (the first girlfriend that Ryan has that is there for him). Kaitlin situation was ok, the Woof part was very amusing. One thing that I disliked a little was the kiss that Julie and Frank shared... I don't know why, but I think that Frank isn't the right guy for her. I hope that either Jimmy or Bullit (especially Jimmy) will return to ask her the question and saving her from making a huge mistake (another one in her life).
  • I thought the swapping of Pancakes was cute.

    You finally meet Ryan's dad, Frank, who lies about having cancer so Ryan will see him. Sandy, being the over protective dad, finds out and punches Frank in the face. That was one of my highlights of the show. :) Then Seth and Summer start planning the wedding when neither of them actually want to get married. So the only reasonable thing to do is try to make each other confess so that they wont feel guilty about calling it off. It was fun watching the two manipulate each other. Anyway, I liked this episode, but I thought it was more of a filler than anything else. With only 16 episodes this season, you'd think they would give a little more.
  • The good thing is that it involves everyone. This episode introduces Frank as Ryans father. I just think that more could have happened and was therefore disapointed.

    The highlight for me was when Sandy punched Frank after he found out that he lied about having cancer. I really like how Ryan is part of the Cohens and this episode captures that so well. I did not like the Seth/Summer scenes. I just hope they do not drag out that storyline for too long as it could be boring quick. Unfortuneatly no Kaitlin/Julie scenes which I love.
  • Haha...RUFFled Presentation!

    Fanastic episode, really. If the show really is ending this season at least its going out on a very good high. Everything worked well in this episode, there was the right amount of comedy, drama and of course punches.

    First the Positives: - Kevin Sorbo. Fantasic. He really made this episode as great as it was. The way he crafted relationships with all the characters was amazing, and the most important thing to me is that I could really see Ryan within him especially with his scenes with Sandy. In my books, even though he lied, he still really does care about Ryan. I hope to see him again.

    Melinda Clarke. Again another highlight in this episode. It was so nice to see her out of her grieving stage and her slutty stage and see a more friendy upbeat and personal Julie. Her scenes with Summer, well to me they were the best of this episode. It was just so nice to see a Julie that we haven'e seen before. Also the chemistry between her and Frank. Wow. That is real chemsitry.

    Seth was actually funny again! Even though I have loved this season, I have just realised that most of the humour was coming from Taylor and not from the normal source, Seth. However this episode weakened on Taylors side and brought Seth back into the fray. He was funny, he was cute and he was just plainly the Seth that we had always wanted.

    A Quick Wrap Up. In the past especially in season 2 and 3. The writers would introduce a character and their storyline would just drag on and on and on until you literally wanted to push them off a cliff. Think Johnny and Lindsey. Even though Frank was only in one or you could say two episodes, his storyline was quick, snappy and to the point. I commend the writers for this.

    Peter Gallagher was also terrific. He showed a new side to his character. In the past, he had given both Dawn and Trey chances with Ryan but in this episode he really didn't give the same opportunity to Frank. Either he still thought he was a threat to Ryan or he felt that he was questioning his manhood, it still was really intersting to see a new side of him.

    Notable Mensions :-

    Rylor. Just cute. They fitted so well together and it was great to see them acting as a real couple.

    And of Course Pancakes.

    Negatives (Though they were very lacking) :-

    Chris Brown. Im not really anti him just because hes not an actor and his music is really bad but im not happy with two things. One, Willa Holland stepped all over him and his acting style (if any) really did not suit the nerdy type. Everytime I saw him I felt that something was really wrong.
    And Second, and the most painfully annoying, how the hell was he credited with Special Guest Star when Kevin Sorbo wasn't. Thats disgraceful. Kevin Sorbo is not only an amazing and experienced actor but also was so badly the best actor in this episode it wasn't funny. Chris Brown cant either act. Thats solely the only reason why I didn't give this a ten.

    Excluding this, it really was a fabulous episode.
  • ryans dad finally comes into the picture. seth and summer try to make each other say that they dont want to get married, and frank lies about having cancer so that ryan will see him. sandy puches frank and tells him to get out of his house.

    Chris Brown, theyre JOKING right?? in my last review i wrote that there is no possible way to make the show go downhill, but chris brown?? come on. they totally RUINED it by..CHRIS BROWN?? OMG ARGGHH how could they do this?? the first few episodes were alright.. like.. when julie sended ryan to go look for volchuck. but now? well.. bringing ryans dad into the picture.. AWESOME idea.. bringing chris brown into the picture.. HORIBBLE idea.. how could they do this?? like seriously..chris brown?????? i think they should bring Chloe back into the picture.. or sadie. or... lindsay!! but still, they ruined it with chris brown, marissa should have stayed on she was(is) the most interesting character on the show, i watch the other seasons all the time cause i have them on dvd and the most interesting was always marissa she never should have left. it only made it worse.
  • It\'s about DAMN time that they brought Frank Atwood into the picture!

    After the INCREDIBLE revealing scene in \"The Earth Girls Are Easy\" where we found out who Frank Perry really was, this episode definitely lived up and delivered. It felt very much like season one in the sense that it went back to its roots and really focused on Ryan. I\'ve been waiting almost 3 1/2 years to hear Ryan call Sandy and Kirsten Dad and Mom, and we finally got it. The jealousy Sandy exhibited was intense and THE driving force of this episode. This is by far one of Sandy\'s BEST episodes. Summer and Seth trying to out bride and groom each other so the other one breaks is CLASSIC Summer/Seth! Summer was HILARIOUS, especially when she went to Julie Cooper for help. Julie Cooper - what do i say about Julie? She was brilliant this semester. Girl deserves a freakin Emmy for her portrayal on this show...she\'s just...brilliant!

    I love Mini-Coop, but her storyline fell a little flat this episode, and i think that\'s because of Chris Brown. I have a feeling that Chris Brown was brought on the show at the request of FOX because they wanted ratings...but Chris Brown is a TERRIBLE actor...he was just painful to watch, and it brought down the brilliance of Mini-Coop. I love her, but let Chris Brown GO!

    And then there was Taylor...she is such a better girlfriend than Marissa ever was. She understands and has compassion, she isn\'t irrational, and all she cares about are Ryans problems and if his father will like her. It\'s refreshing. She brings just so much humor to this show and it\'s a pity that the show is over and Autumn won\'t get a chance to flew more of her acting muscles as Taylor Townsend.
  • Alternating Custody of Pancakes

    I’m glad that Ryan met his real father again and the guy wasn’t a total jerk, but who didn’t see that terminal illness lie coming a mile away? When will shows and movies stop using this? Oh well, the fact that the older Atwood isn’t a bad man anymore is nice, unless you count illegal accounting as bad. What I liked more about this episode was Seth and Summer battling it out. I enjoy a good game between those two and the soon-to-be-broken engagement is kind of fun. I just hope they don’t drag it out too long, and I hope Seth wins because Summer is playing dirty by using Julie.
  • They have brought back the original premise of the show!

    That episode was.... AWESOME! I'm still smiling from that. Ever since The Summer Bummer, the episodes have been so multi faceted. You can really look into the characters' minds and explore their motive. Another 'A' episode for this season.

    I know the Julie/Frank kiss was a little WTF, BUT, I can see why Julie can connect with this guy. Both were from the wrong side of the tracks, and if Julie hadn't played her cards right, she could have been in jail herself. She empathizes with Frank. That to me makes it all the more interesting and believable. Yes she's gone for the guy she's been trying to run away from, BUT he's really the only kind of guy that understands her. If Frank can remain, clean, I can see them flourishing.

    The Cohen dynamics were amazing. AMAZING. I couldn't have asked for much more. Sandy-Ryan, Kandy, and Ryan and Keeks, worked so well together in this episode. DAUM that family has chemistry. They feel like a family. As someone up thread said, watching them interact was like intruding on someones life, and yet you couldn't look away. Sandy's protection over Ryan was awesome. And his analogy of how he and Kirsten are Ying/Yang was SPOT ON! Guys, seriously. Sandy is never afraid to say no and ruffle some feathers. Look at his relationship with Caleb. And he was the same tonight. He put Ryan first, no questions asked, and he didn't care who was involved. And then you have Kirsten. She has always been very protective, but is always wanting to please everyone! Again look at how her relationship contrasted with her father. She was forever trying to please him, and look where that got her? Into rehab. Now look a what she was trying to do with Frank. She wanted to please everyone involved. And that's what made this episode so awesome. This analysis. You couldn't do that with the show before... not even in S1. That's why this family dynamic works so well. Again, the difference in parenting was not more apparent than tonight. And it was so in character. Ryan fans should not be disappointed

    Seth and Summer were just that, Seth and Summer. I found them entertaining, and cute, but not a lot more. I just wish they'd be open with one another. When Summer was so open with Seth about her getting kicked out of college, that was too awesome. I just hope we can see that again and soon. But Pancakes was superb. The Seth/Ryan scenes were fantastic, especially the one involving Pancakes, and I love how Ryan is trying to set Seth straight. Seth was doing it for him after Marissa's death, I like to see that now Ryan is trying to return the favor. See, the analysis in endless.

    Ryan and Taylor were amazing again. Taylor was back in full force. And she barley took over. The insight into her relationship with her father was heartbreaking. I guess I can relate to some extent. And the way she was so supportive of Ryan was just great. I want a girl like Taylor. I just hope their next plot, doesn't ruin their relationship for me.

    I loved Kaitlin in this episode as well. Chris Brown was okay. I didn't get any geekish vibes from him. In fact the way he was flirting with Kaitlin, made me think that's how he tries to pick up women in real life. To me it felt like he was trying to impress Willa more than anything. But I did like how he stood up to her and I hope his unconventional geekishness means he's more of a three dimensional character, but I'm not holding my breathe.

    Just some other things.

    The Summer/Julie scene was superb. Knee slapping good!

    Peter was superb and his intensity during the dinner scene was fantastic.

    Oh and one last thing... Fox, I hate you.
  • A Great Episode! I have no Idea why they wound cancel the series!

    You know this is a great show. It would get better ratings if they could just move the show to another day. I mean it is up against Grey's Anatomy. That is a hard show to beat! Anyways! This was a great Episode. Summer and Seth don't want to be the one to call off the wedding was so funny. They each were trying to come up with reasons for the other not to get married. Seth finally decides that he would rather wait so he could ask Dr. Roberts for Summmer's hand cause he knows that he will say NO! Ryan doesn't want to see his father but Frank tells everyone that he is dying so Ryan feels bad so he decides to speak to his father. Later you find out that Frank was faking it and Sandy punches him. I kinda felt bad for Frank because all he wanted to do is make it up to Ryan for everything he has done in the past. I mean he got clean for Ryan. Saying that he was dying wasn't the right way to go but he was just trying to talk to him. At least Ryan said he would call him! I'm really going to miss this show. :( :( :( :(
  • Nah... kind of a filler, don\'t you think?

    (Summary) Nah... kind of a filler, don\'t you think?

    (Review) Sure, I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as I\'ve enjoyed the last couple of episodes... I thought it was more of a filler. Even though Ryan and his dad made some progresses it felt kind of... laid back. I wanted more things to happen. Didn\'t laugh once during the whole episode, which is less than I can say about the other ones of this season. I like the new comedy twist they\'ve added to this show. Too bad it won\'t last long. If you didn\'t already know it Feb 22nd 2007 is the last date a new episode of the O.C will air.

    I like the idea of kaitlin getting a boyfriend. He seems really sweet. Talks a little funny, but hey, whatever. And Julie dating Ryan\'s dad? That\'s just disturbing to me. I mean the thought of Ryan\'s brother/sister having Julie as a mom is just WEIRD. I mean that would be Marissa\'s sibling too.

    I love Ryan and Taylor together as always, but I didn\'t feel a lot of sparks today. I mean they were cute and all, but nothing really happened. Filler.

    Summer and Seth? Filler.
  • Witty, charming, fiesty... everything you'd hoped for, nothing like you imagined, too bad the Sun's setting one last time on 22nd February

    This episode is another great installment in season 4. This episode balances charming struggle between Seth and Summer, relationship milestones for Ryan and Taylor and Familie issues for everyone but mostly Ryan.

    Seth and Summer are playing chicken and daring one another to back out of the engagement in which neither desire to be. Summer gets some interesting advice from Julie who is helping Summer study Hebrew.

    Ryan and Taylor engage in the first Familie dinner with awaited guest Frank Atwood who gets Ryan to invite him to dinner by lying.

    Julie gets a brand new love interest and none other then- Frank Atwood. What was the saying, like daughter like mother? Kaitlin manages not to be irritating and "delivers" a endearing speach containing 500 same words?! New character is introduced, Will. Will is played by Chris Brown and has the hotts for Kaitlin.

    Can't wait to see what does the OC has in store for us till that fatefull 22nd February.
  • Sandy goes back to his old teenage Bronx ways; Seth and Summer try to out-do each other in the engagement; Kaitlin's little crush; Julie trying to help out the Cohen's; Frank Atwood; and Sandy and Kirsten care for Ryan!

    This episode was simply brilliant. Seth and Summer are not even close to being ready to getting married. I found it hilarious how they tried to make out-do each other in their engagement plans. Ryan and Taylor make such a cute couple. Julie actually tried reuniting Ryan and Frank, which she thought was a good thing, and it was (not for Sandy). Kirsten actually had more than 5 minutes on screen in tonights episode. Frank was just so desperate to see Ryan and have some bonding time that he was willing to do anything, even lie about having cancer. For me, Sandy seemed very protective to Ryan about him seeing Frank. Finally we see Sandy actually punch someone without him getting punched first. Over all, great episode. We finally see how Ryan reacts towards each member of his childhood family.