The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 23

The Nana

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Nana Cohen comes to California for Passover with some sad news. Ryan searches for Marissa, who'd gone missing after learning Julie and Luke's secret, and he finds her in the most unlikely of places. Summer tries to impress Nana. Jimmy and Hailey take a step forward.

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc its passover and the nannay has come to the passover but she has some really sad news she is dieing and ryan has gone to find out were marrisa went because of what happen due to the fac that she found out about luke and her mom and that devestaed her alot and so he goes to chino to get her and they go back togeather also jimmy and haley a unlikely comple are taken a step forward this was a good ep i thought and it had its really good parts in it thats why i gave it a 9moreless
  • Can't be too hard on Luke, Julie Cooper is a frikkin milf.

    Don't think we'll be seeing too much of Luke now, and it's unfortunate too, I was starting to like him as a part of the main cast, hopefully things will work out. For much of this episode I was just thinking about how stupid Marissa's decisions have been so far. Seems like the perfect teenager thing to do; run away when disaster hits and hope it will all go away. Sounds like a neat concept but it will only make things worse. Though it really brought back to life Marissa's and Ryan's relationship again, and the scene where Marissa is weeping was done extraordinarily well. And it's good that Ryan was able to fix his relationship with Eddie again.

    On the other side of the spectrum, we have the adults issue with this infamous Nana Cohen. Although as serious as a matter cancer is, it didn't really absorb my attention nearly as well as what was going on with Ryan and Marissa, and even also Hailey and Jimmy Cooper. We didn't really get to know this Nana well enough to really sympathize with her, although her story is very sad indeed. Not a big setback at all though and this episode is still as solid as can be.moreless
  • The question's we don't want to ask sometimes turn into the answers we do.

    Well, the search begins. Ryan and Julie go and search for Marissa, but Ryan is keen on finding her first. I know Luke did what he should have, but coming to see Ryan to tell him was just plain risky, and the risk became the deciding factor. Luke could have phoned and asked for Ryan, then at least he would have known it was only Ryan who heard what he had to say. Sandy’s mother comes to visit and Sandy quickly tries to prepare everything. Ryan figures out where Marissa is, and Summer tries to impress Sandy’s mom. Sandy finds out that his mother came to visit because she doesn’t have very long to live. This news was shocking to me, and you could see how shocked Sandy was to hear the news after he had been joking about why his mother came. Eddy and Ryan smooth things over with the help of Marissa, and Seth overhears that his nana has cancer and is dieing. Sandy’s mother decides to take treatment to slow her cancer, and Ryan convinces Marissa to go back to Newport. I kind of expected Marissa to not want to see her mother, and to be very mad at her and Luke, but as wrong as it was, it was, it’s not Marissa’s choice of what her mother chooses to do with her life. Though the whole x-boyfriend thing could have been a factor, somehow it didn’t look like much of a factor in Marissa anger.moreless
  • Every meets the Nana this episode and she has something big to say.

    It's Hailey's first morning at the Cowen's and she makes herself usefull by making breakfast. But this doesn't last long as it's the first day of Passover and the Nana is coming to visit.

    Also Marissa has gone missing since the revelation of Julie and Luke's affair and no one has any idea where she might be. Except Ryan.

    Everyone is shocked at the arrival of the Nana as they were expecting a mean old woman, but they get a very sweet kind woman instead. So obviously something is up.

    Ryan goes to Theresa's house as he knows that's where Marissa is but it takes him time to convince her to come home.

    Back at the Cowen's Sandy pushes the Nana for some answers and finds out she has cancer and was only being nice as she doesn't have long left to live.

    In the end everyone comes together for the Seder in a true family environment.moreless
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Sandy's overbearing and obnoxious mother, Sofia "the Nana" Cohen, arrives in Newport Beach to celebrate Passover, but she also brings not only her unattainable attitude, but some bad news that she's dying from cancer. Meanwhile, Ryan searches for Marissa who has gone missing after inadvertently learning about her mother and Luke, and Ryan finds her in the most unexpected of places: at Theresa's house in Chino. Also, Summer tries to impress the Nana by knowing the traditions of Judeaisum, while Jimmy and Hailey take a step forward with their own newfound romance.

    - Alexmoreless
Linda Lavin

Linda Lavin

Sophie "Nana" Cohen

Guest Star

Doug Ballard

Doug Ballard

Peter Johnson

Guest Star

Cynthia Avila

Cynthia Avila


Guest Star

Navi Rawat

Navi Rawat

Theresa Diaz

Recurring Role

Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour


Recurring Role

Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti

Hailey Nichol

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: Marissa is talking to Ryan in Chino about going back home. When the camera is focussed of her face, she is leaning on her arm and her hand is on her neck beneath her hair. When the camera is focussed on Ryan, however, you see the back of Marissa's head and her hand is on the outside of her hair completely vissable. When the camera is on Marrisa again, her arm is back where it was in the beginning and then it happens again when the camera is focussed on Ryan.

    • Goof: When Ryan is talking to Theresa at her doorstep, Eddie walks in from the background carrying a box and says "What the hell is he doing here?". If you look closely, Eddie's mouth is not moving at all when he says this.

    • Goof: Julie threatens Ryan, tells him to bring Marissa home, and then hangs up on him. The shot changes to Ryan, and you hear a dial tone, but cell phones don't have a dial tone.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Sophie: You know, I've been finding homes for kids like Ryan for over 40 years.
      Sandy: I know, Ma.
      Sophie: Yeah, but I never once thought to bring one home with me. Had to show up your own mother, didn't you?
      Sandy: Oh, he's a good kid.

    • Seth: Hey, did you see Luke?
      Ryan: Ah, I don't think we'll be seeing Luke for a while.
      Seth: How'd you manage that?
      Ryan: I didn't. Marissa smacked the hell out of him.
      Summer [to Marissa]: Nice, Coop!
      Seth [to Ryan]: Well, I guess she's been hanging out with you too much!

    • Seth: So what's the G.P. R.A?
      Ryan: I have no idea what you just said.
      Seth: Game plan, Ryan Atwood.
      Ryan: Just using initials now?
      Seth: Yeah, they save time.
      Ryan: Not if you have to translate.
      Seth: G.P.
      Ryan: Game plan?
      Seth: Good point.

    • Sandy: Oh, c'mon, Mom. It's Ryan's first Seder.
      Seth: How do you know that? Don't assume that. They have Jews in Chino. Why do you think they want a P.F. Cheng's?

    • Sandy (about the pancakes): Enjoy them now, because we only have two hours to unleaven the entire house.

    • Seth: Mom, Hailey made three kinds of pancakes and waffles. They're deliciously redundant.

    • Luke (to a sleeping Cohen): Hey, Cohen, get up.
      Seth: It's my precious, you can't have it!

    • Sandy: Who is that women?
      Seth: Not the nana.

    • Seth: I don't know exactly who that woman was Ryan but that was not the nana.

    • Sophie: You I don't know.
      Kirsten: Sophie you remember my sister, Hailey.
      Sophie: Oh, right. The bad seed.

    • Summer: I love old people they're so cute.
      Seth: Well the nana, not so cute.

    • Seth: Me and Ryan don't really have a lot of time. My nana gets into town in, like, an hour.
      Summer: Wait, your nana? That is so sweet. I wanna meet the nana.
      Seth: Yeah, you really don't, though. Believe me.
      Summer: Well, I love old people. They're so cute.
      Seth: Yeah, well, the nana, not so cute.
      Summer: Really, she's ugly?
      Seth: No, she's just scary.

    • Luke: Back off Cohen, it was an accident.
      Seth: Oh yeah Luke, did you accidentally sleep with her mom or did you accidentally tell Marissa about it?

    • Seth: The Nana has never exactly cared for The Kirsten.

    • Nana: Oh God, what am I doing here? I hate this state, I hate the sunshine, I hate the ocean, I hate Schwarzenegger.

    • Ryan: Look, look. I'll try, but...
      Seth: No, no trying. Come home now. OK, I gotta go, Summer's having a Hebrew hernia.
      Summer: Cohen!

    • Ryan: So what do you think of Chino?
      Marissa: I think I can get in more trouble where I'm from.

    • Sandy: So, how was home?
      Ryan: You tell me, I was in Chino.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Seth talks about how Nana and Kirsten are "two people who have nothing in coming and are suddenly getting along". He mentions several super heroes from the D.C comics (Green Arrow and Hawkman)and Marvel (Wolverine and Cyclops).

    • Seth: It's my precious. You can't have it.
      This is a reference to the 2002 movie release of The Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers. There is the one ring that is called "My precious" many times throughout the movie by many different characters. The most notable character who uses this reference is Gollum.