The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 4

The New Era

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2004 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan and seth are going to go on a doulbe date at the club were seth works and he has his boss go out with ryan and ryans science partner is going to go out with seth on the date and also in this ep sandy is still tring to figur out what calob is hiding and kistern has to work with julie and this is a new era for the newport group and the date does not go as they would of thought ryans date falls for seth and seths date falls for ryan this was a goood ep
  • The awkward double date.

    It's interesting how all of the residue that was leftover from the first season is slowly changing into "the new era" here. I mean looks like the four main characters, Marissa, Ryan, Seth, and Summer, have all found different partners, though you have to wonder how long this is going to keep up. That's really the saddest part; it only feels temporary which kind of makes everything that happened in this episode feel a lil' bit wasted, despite how awesomely executed this episode was. Seth pouring out his feelings to Lindsay and Ryan and Alex not talking to each other really gave it the utmost awkward atmosphere you could come by. Pretty brilliant. For it to end the way it did with the four teenagers pairing up with different mates, it was actually kind of sad. You kind of wished everything would go back to normal.

    And then there's of course Caleb making life hard for Kirsten and Sandy. It's like this show is half political and business conspiracy and teen drama. Who the hell knows what Caleb is doing but it's squeezing out those hilarious and witty comebacks that Sandy always has for Caleb. Julie trying to run things as the CEO was a pretty hilarious scene, though it was pretty neat to see how she was able to apply her manipulative ways with her job. Despite her b1tchiness Julie is a character that is hard to hate.
  • A bad example.

    This episode really lured me in & the whole double dating thing was very entertaining! I am really warming to Alex & Lindsay. I still hate DJ though & Zach is even though not a bad character, not a good character & doesn't have very interesting storylines & is kind of boring. Caleb is a highly entertaining character & is played by one great actor. Seth was (even though he's the best character) really annoying in this episode & I just kind of got frustrated with him.
  • A new era in the OC... a double date that ends in differently than people expected.

    Well I have to say this episode was one of the good ones of the first half of Season 2. First off because one of my favourite bands The Killers performed- I love “Smile Like You Mean It” its such an awesome song! Ryan, Seth, Alex and Lindsay double dating was hilarious- Seth and Alex make a weird but kind of cute couple. Ryan and Lindsay- I just don’t like the couple… Ryan needs to be back with Marissa pronto! As for Summer, I like her with Zach because it makes Seth jealous- Seth jealous is always funny on the show! I hated that Julie became the CEO of the Newport Group… I wanted it to go to Kirsten but oh well. Overall, a good episode with awesome choice of music!

    Episode Grade- B.
  • “New eras” dot the landscape of The O.C. Seth declares that he is over Summer. Sandy has started his own practice and is defending Cal, Marissa is single, Summer is trauma (Cohen) free and Kristen’s challenge is keeping The Newport Group afloat while work

    ”The New Era” realigns characters for the second season. Ryan and Marissa are moving in new directions after last season’s repetitive “damsel in distress”, “white night to the rescue”, story lines which defined their relationship, Ryan is looking to take advantage of the education he has been offered and Lindsay, equally studious, offers a much better paring.

    Marissa is still fragile and somewhat self destructive but she no longer has Ryan to lean on so she may grow up and become more self-reliant.

    Summer and Seth are Summer and Seth. Summer’s love/detest attitude toward Seth combined with Seth’s lifelong infatuation with Summer provide a foil to Ryan and Marissa’s characters.

    Sandy attempting to defend the nefarious Caleb against bribery charges that he is sure are true is and interesting contrast to his public defender persona of last season.

    Kirsten and Julie existing together would be against the law in Provo, Utah, but seem right at home in the fictional world of the OC.

    Only Jimmy Cooper living on Caleb’s yacht has no real role in the new season. In a world of couples he is odd man out since Kirsten’s sister, Hailey, left to join the cast of FOX’s North Shore, but that gig should be short lived so we can look forward to her return

    The television audiences and its interest in the life or the privileged and beautiful would seem more at home in the afternoon schedule but the young cast attracts the desired demographics and the Thursday night time slot where the network failed with Skin last season portend large audiences and more of the same teen angst.
  • not sure what to make of this episoide

    I don't know why but i was quite disappointed with this episoide, i understand the point of this episoide but still there was something about it that wasn't enjoyable. It didn't feel like i was watching the OC more like random chacter just hanging out.

    Let's start with Ryan and Lindsey, well i do hope thing go well for these two, still am a bit annoyed that there played music over the conversation which there did same mistake in the last episoide. The Seth and Alex thing won't work out, she just felt sorry for him and is leading him on. Marrisa and D.J, too early to comment on that.

    Speaking of Marrisa, a couple of member were complaining about what Marrisa was wearing at school, yes that outfit did look like she was a french exchange student but is that a bad thing?, that vest she wore on top of white blouse was awful but she managed to get away with it.

    Julie Cooper, still think it's nice seeing her get on with Jimmy, she manged the dinner party quite well and the look on Kirsten face when she told her that she hosting party at her place. it ended quite well.

    i didn't like the way they ended the episoide because there were far too many happy people so next week should be the shocker.

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