The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 15

The Night Moves

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

After the earthquake, we learn that everyone is unhurt but Ryan. Summer and Seth, who were going to the cinema, manages to get out of the car. Taylor and Ryan are at Julies' and the succeed in getting out of the piece of furniture they were trapped. Taylor keeps blabbing she is usually good when a crisis shows up, while Ryan doesn't talk that much. Well he has never been much of talker, but the real reason is actually different: he has a large wound and he is also bleeding a lot. He doesn't say anything about it, because he clearly doesn't want to upset Taylor. Julie and Kaitlin are in the Ice-Cream store. Sandy and Kirsten are also together.

Since Kirsten seems fine, Sandy is helping out other residents of Newport. Then, Sandy tells Seth to stay exactly where he is, but Seth cannot follow his advise, since he has just received a text message from Ryan, who asks for help. Seth and Summer ride by bicycle to Julie's house. In the middle of the ride, Summer asks Seth why they're going to the Julies's house since Sandy told them to stay put. As Ryan ordered him not to inform Summer about his wound, Seth brings up a name: Pancakes! Yep, now Summer is definitely eager to come over the Coopers. Finally Summer and Seth arrive. Since Ryan doesn't want the girls to know, he and Seth claim they have to head out because they need some food supplies. In the end, Ryan and Seth manage to get out of the house, even though the girls gets a bit suspicious about the whole thing.

Summer and Taylor look for Pancakes everywhere and in the end Summer finds out where he is. Unfortunately Pancakes is hurt. Meanwhile, there are weird sounds in the air and the girls think some thieves has just broken into. Taylor grabs a gun, who Jimmy used to own and shoots. It turns out the stranger is none another than... Taylor's mother, Veronica. Thanks God, she is fine but she can't help whining all the way: she can't believe Taylor actually shot her. Anyway, Summer claims Pancakes is getting worse, so they have to go to the hospital. Unfortuntaly they don't have any available car, and Veronica can't walk. They end up going on foot and carrying Veronica on a cart.

After another tremor, Kirsten falls down and feels something is wrong with her baby, so Sandy rashes her to the hospital. Sandy asks the doctor to give Kirsten and the baby priority but the doctor says they've to wait, since there are a lot of injured people. Luckily someone steps out and lets Kirsten take his place.

Ryan's pain is getting worse. Seth tries to keep him awake. Their car broke up, they can't fix it, so Seth helps Ryan walk. Seth continues keeping Ryan awake asking him to make a list of all the persons he punched since he arrived in Newport. Luke, three times... And they keep on, even though Ryan is getting worse and worse. After a while, Ryan has to stop walking and Seth tries to get some help. He manages to take a cart, thank to a tramp he met when he was in jail with Che.

Meanwhile, Julie and Kaitlin are stuck in the Ice-Cream shop, who sing and eat Ice-Cream. With them there is the Ice-Cream guy, who is definitely creepy. He has clearly a crush on Kaitlin since he pretends to have an asthma's attack so that Kaitlin could kiss him. Besides, the Ice-Cream guy also pretends the pier was destroyed so they are kind of trapped in the store. In the end, Frank breaks into, telling them the pier is still there. After saying bye to the creepy guy, Kaitlin gets in the car with Julie and Frank. While Frank is driving, Kaitlin apologizes to him for the whole clown porn thing. Julie is definitely happy about Kaitlin's apology.

Suddenly they see Seth pushing the cart around the road.

Then we see Seth sitting next to Ryan's hospital bed. It turns out Seth has just given Ryan some blood, so now they are real blood brother. Ryan claims he has this strange urge to listen to Death Cabs Kirsten and read comic books. Of course he is just joking. Sandy and Kirsten enter the room. The baby is fine and it turns out it's a girl!

Meanwhile Pancakes is fine. So is Taylor's mom, who tells Taylor she loves her. "After the earthquake happened all I could think about was you." That's why she was at Julie's. Taylor and her mother hug. Then, the Cohens walk out of Ryan's room and they met the girls, Kaitlin, Julie and Frank. Yep, everyone seems fine, thank God.

The Cohens are happy to be home, but as soon as they enter, a bad surprise is waiting for them: yep, Cohen's house is kind of destroyed. Sandy claims: "Oh my God!" while Seth, Ryan and Kirsten can't say a word.