The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 15

The Night Moves

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on FOX

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  • The rabbit actually was checked by a doctor

    This is just insane. After the earthquake, people were suffering (Ryan beign one of them), desperate, trying to survive. The prospects of a dead baby were in the air for Kirsten and Sandy and Seth is just trying to get his brother to safety.

    Yet, Summer actually finds a way for a Dr to check her stupid rabbit... This is Newport at its worst, seriously. What kind of Dr. would dedicate time to check a rabbit in the midst of this tragedy?? This series is off the rails and now I perfectly understand why it got cancelled.

    I remember finding Marissa to be very annoying but now I kind of miss her. I missed the old normal drama The OC used to be :(
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  • Second last episode :(

    With an earthquake that rocked the shockers off of New Port, and most of the cast separated in groups of two at different parts of the city, hilarious, romantic, and dramatic scenes were an inevitability. The whole adventure looking for pancakes was kind of sweet and a bit funny; the dynamic duo of Taylor Townsend and Summer Roberts does not fail. Seth with any combination is always a win. Kaitlin has also risen to the ranks of dominant comedic force. The romance and drama really compliments the humour well. Ryan's injury and Kirsten's baby possibly in jeopardy. What was sweet in particular was Kaitlin's new relationship with Gary, the Ice Cream guy. This episode shows a lot of versatility how so many different things can be happening under the same disaster.
  • The most melancholic episode in the series!

    Who would thought that The OC will be that great in its end.'The Night Moves' is one of the best episodes of season 4 and even one of the best episodes during its entire run. I am impressed with this episode because it is so melancholic and leaves a feeling for ending.
    In the aftermath of the earthquake,our characters deals with the consiquences. Sandy and Kirsten rush to the hospital as Kirsten is seriously hurt and there is high danger for her unborn baby. Their storyline is very compelling to me because in this episode Sandy shows how he feels about the baby. Seth and Ryan are remembering past memories from their years spent together as Seth is trying to help Ryan after the latter has been seriously hurt in the accident. I find this storyline very sad because it reminded me about the past OC moments and characters. Seth and Ryan finally become real brothers as Seth donates blood to Ryan. Summer and Taylor are trying to find Pancakes in the ruins as they run into some good memories too. Taylor shoots her mother accidently and after that they finally make up as mother and daughter. Veronica shows her true feelings to Taylor for the first time. Julie and Kaitlyn are stuck in an Ice Cream shop with a geek who likes Kaitlyn. Their story was funniest as they finally spend some mother/daughter time. In the end Julie is saved by the right man-Frank Atwood. The ending of the episode was compelling too as they were walking together in the hospital and after that seeing their house in ruins.
    Favorite storyline:Seth and Ryan remembering past moments and Seth donating blood to Ryan.
    Favorite moment:Sandy and Kirsten tell Seth and Ryan that the baby is a girl.
    Favorite character:Seth Cohen.
  • I think this is definitely the best episode of season 4. Infact the best episode that they've made in a really long time.

    I really liked the dark look that they were giving this episode. Making everything look very tragic. Ryan bleeding to death but refuses to tell Taylor about it.

    I especially loved how since this is the 2nd to last episode the writers had series of flashbacks to the good old days (when the show was actually really enjoying to watch)such as the list game Seth came up with.

    I thought it was really cute how Summer and Taylor worked together in the house to survive and find pancakes (mind you, im definitely not a fan of taylor)

    Kaitlin and Julie finally get to bond the way that they apparently used to always do when it was 'the good old days'. That was also quite nice that they finally can work things out.

    Ryan and Seth made an awesome pack together. They made this episode so enjoyable. It was as though they really were brothers. Seth was this time saving Ryan, opposing to how Ryan was the one always saving Seth.

    I must say, as painful as it was to watch this season with the decease of Marissa I really wish the show would continue more from this. I think this was a turning point of the season. Yet it's the 2nd to last episode..only one more to go. Even though it's 2:48 am right now i'm going to go finish the series i've been faithfully watching for the past 3 weeks. If only i watched this show when it was on...oh well. Here i go...
  • Good just sad its almost over...

    This was a good next to last episode. The cuts and editing were different, this is true. But I thought that the stiff cuts and fade-ins were very useful, and gave us a feeling of what it would be like to be in the same situation. (Especially in the scenes featuring Ryan.) As an overall episode, I think it worked well, even if it wasn't the next to last one. It would fit in anywhere else in the series just as well. This had a lot of memorable scenes, especially between Julie and Kaitlyn Cooper. The scenes between Ryan and Seth were well played, and showed how well they work together. Everyone was at the top of their game on this episode. It was an excellent chance for everyone's best qualities to shine and give us an emotional view of what they're like when they're only thinking of others, something rare in Orange County.
  • Another great episode. And this time, it's the most remembered episode on the series.

    Earthquake on Orange County!
    While watching this whole episode, i got my eyes locked up to it. It is simply amazing.

    Kaitlin & Julie is stock on an ice cream store. Meeting the ice cream boy (forgot his name) Tricked them that they are stuck on an island. At the end they discovered that they are perfectly on the pier and the ice cream boy's crush is Kaitlin. Frank was the one to save them.

    Summer & Seth is on the road and get their way back tot he Cooper/Roberts house. Summer finds pancakes, and Seth tries to discover what is happening on Ryan.

    Ryan & Taylor was at the Cooper Mansion. Taylor thought Ryan is okay. Taylor, shot her mom accidentally in the foot. In the end the two reconciled. It was the perfect Mother & Daughter moment.

    Ryan's back was affected in the earthquake and he only told Seth. While leaving the car tires get broken and leaves them no choice but to walk. I love the part where theymake a list of Ryan's story & punches when he lived on Newport.

    Kristen & Sandy is at the Plaza. Sandy was helping other people. Kristen was also included in the incidents. She falls on the ladder. Later on at the hospital, she was okay and her daughter. They found out that it is a girl.

    The ending is the best part, Where everyone leaves the hospital. Glad all of them are okay. AWESOME!
  • the OC 'the night moves'

    i really liked this episode. it was really intence and a good episode to kind of start wraping things up. at the end of the episode before this one there was an earthquake and that was really intense and amazing how they played that out. well during the earthquake ryan got stuck under taylor's glass cabnet in her room and had glass stuck all in his back and he was bleeding really bad. he texted seth to come to the house and help him, so seth and summer went to summer's house and seth and ryan left to go to the hospital. when seth and ryan finally do get to the hospital ryan is pretty much passed out so seth gives blood and ryan regains consiousness. meanwhile julie and caitlin are stuck in an ice cream shop wit hthis really weird guy that claims that the whole peer is gone and they are the only ones on it. later on frank comes to save them and tell julie that he loves her and they leave and go to the hospital where everyone else is and kirstans baby is okay.
    well this was a reallly good episode. i really liked it alot and i think they did an amazing job on the earthquake special effects and stuff. :)
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 15

    Earthquake and aftermath.

    The highlight was Sandy begging the doctor to give Kirsten and their baby priority.

    Seth did show how much he cares about Ryan. I think their friendship is so witty and sweet at the same time. I was really worried about Ryan, but it was clear he definitely couldn't die!

    Kaitlin and Julie stuck in a small ice-cream booth was a nice storyline. I like the fact Kaitlin is starting to accept Frank. It was funny when she apologized to him for the whole clown porn.

    And it turns out Veronica Townsend wasn't the monster she has seemed for long years.
  • very exciting

    This episode was probably one of the more exciting oc episodes because it had so much action and it was none stop from the minute it started until the end. This episode was no way near as good as the ends not near, its here but it was still very very gud. I am surprised ow good season 4 is because Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) is not in it, i guess she didnt make the show good(although it did get cancelled after she left! A lot of people thought this episode was very good and so do i it was great.
  • Great episode!

    I haven't seen much of series four of The O.C. but I did manage to catch this episode when it aired. I found Taylor an unusual character, definately different to Marissa; in some ways gives a new edge to the show. Anyway, I laughed when Taylor got out her flare gun and was chatting with Summer about it. Then they heard a noise and Taylor did this kinda James Bond move, shoving Summer out the way and then shooting her own mother. She definately has character than Taylor - good actress. Another good point to this episode was how Seth was taking more responsibility than he usually does, since Ryan was injured; and it was nice how everyone just met at the hospital at the end, even Pancakes.
  • Awesome directing and a mega storyline.

    The filming on this episode was awesome the way the shots kept cutting out and fading in too others was great and added to the tension of the episode.

    Ryan's whole situation with the "spear" of glass in his back was great to watch if not at times cringe.I liked the whole interaction between Seth and Ryan, True "blood brothers" the list was a great addition.

    Julie and Caitlin are stuck with the "Ice cream guy" after he deceives them by saying the pier has been destryoed as a ploy to get closer to Caitlin, aww.The whole asthma attack and him kissing her made me laugh and Julies reaction and singing was hilarious.Frank rushes to them and proves he's really the only one for Julie.

    My personal favourite of the intertwining plots was summer and Taylor.Their whole take on the earthquake and their belief in the zombies was classic and awesome writing.Once again the interaction between the two was revealing and summer crawling into the vent to hide made my day.The conclusion was great ; Taylor showing of her skills with a roll then shoot only to result in shooting her mum... opps!

    Everyone came together and nobody was seriously injured , Kirsten's baby was revealed to be a girl and the scene with them departing the hospital together was heart-warming we rarely see the whole cast together.Then the bombshell is droppd at the Cohen's house as the sheer destruction of the building is made known.My only criticism is that they kept that shot of them with their mouth's opened shocked for too long.

    Otherwise absolutely phenomenal loved the directing/camera shots , writing and acting.A true series classic.!
  • After the Earthquake Ryan is seriously hurt but he doesn't say anything to Taylor.He writes Seth a message who comes to help him,without the girls knowing he tries to get him to the hospital(Not Easy!)Kirsten gets hurt too and has to worry about the baby.

    I loved this episode, it really was on an emotionaly high level... i was really scared ;-) especially the Ryan-Seth-scenes were great ! I like them to be like brothers.
    but it wasn't just the story that made this episode great, the whole camera work and those scenes without background sound, just switching among the main characters, getting the emotional tenseness of the events!!
    Just one word: Perfect !
  • After the earthquake Ryan finds homself to be bleeding, he calls seth who comes to help with summer thinking they were looking for pancakes. kirsten and Sandy are at the shopping center,the coopers are in an ice cream store with frank searching for them.

    A completely heart wrenching episode and one of the best I have ever seen!! It has laughs, tears, and surprises... everthing needed for a PERFECT episode. Ryan is my favorite character, ever since the first episode and this episode really reminded me why. He's a classic Ryan in it... not wanting to worry anyone with his problems even though he's in such danger. I realy thought he was going to die!!! But I am so happy he didn't that would completely ruin it for me. With Kirsten and Sandy's problems with the baby mixed in it was really worriesome. And of course their were some laughs between taylor shooting her mum and seths lack of upper body strength. I can't wait to see the next one... but it is so sad to think its the last, but if its any bit as good as this it will be amazing!!
  • sould have done better

    considering that this was the second last episode of the series i was hoping for something way better than what was shown the previous episodes were realy great but if the series is to end with an episode like this well it would be a great disappointment espeacialy after it was heading back to what we loved about it in season one.
    There's an episode left and hopefuly it will be good enough to convience the networks that it could be picked up for another season
  • Baby girl, shattered glass, pancakes, pier, icecream guy, flare gun, broken down ol' house.

    This episode of The O.C. was very interesting to say the least. The aftermath of the huge earthquake in Newport does not bring out anything, but injuries, deaths and sadness. Ryan manages to take care of Taylor physically and emotionally. Seth and Summer are safe for the most part. Taylor worries about her mother and vice versa. Julie, Caitlin and the ice cream guy are "stuck in the middle of the ocean." Frank saves Julie and Caitlin. Sandy takes charge of the situation and Kirsten gets hurt during the aftershock. Kirsten, Pancakes, Veronica and Ryan are taken to the hospital. Great episode, just missing a little something.
  • Of course I've seen better, but this episode was definitly a good one. Ryann really gave me a scare.

    In this episode, an earthquake has occurred. Sandy and Kirsten are outside the book shop, where Sandy is directing everyone and is in control. Kirsten has a bump on her head but is otherwise fine. Seth and Summer are in a car in the middle of the road, and despite Sandy's orders to 'stay where you are' Seth rides them on the bike to the Robert's house where he has gotten an urgent message from Ryan but has to keep it on the down low. Everyone is fine until we see Ryan-he and Seth leave for the hospital, regarding a huge piece of glass lodged into his furiously bleeding leg. There is an aftershock, of course, and Kirsten feels something is 'not right' with her baby. Julie and Kaitlyn are stuck inside a small ice cream booth with a geek who isn't telling the truth at all. Of course, all in all, everyone ends up okay, and Kaitlyn even begins to accept Frank and apologizes for the clown porn (haha!). I can't wait to see what the dreadful finale will bring-I can only hope that this show ends as well as is started.
  • Well... This was in my oppinion a pretty well written episode. Though, I actually thought the episode before the series finale was gonna be alittle bit better, but this was still a great episode!

    As from where they left us in the episode before this one, "The Shake Up" there is an earthquake that strikes Newport!

    In this episode everyone in Newport is making sure that they all are okay, and fortunately everyone is, except for Ryan and Kirsten who both had some injuries, but nothing happened in the end anyways :)

    I really find the scenes where Seth and Ryan are together in this episode funny, and sometimes I felt like crying :'( You really get to see how they work together as best friends. They really know each other very well! And they are now officialy: Blood-brothers! :D Anyways, Sandy and Kirsten are together during this episode, and Taylor and Summer spends most of the time together. Kaitlin and Julie are "stuck" in the Ice Cream store with a guy called Gary, who is in love with Kaitlin. He makes up lies about that they can't get out etc. Which I think is just boring, I think they did put a little bit too much screentime on them. Although, it is a good thing that Julie and Kaitlin really gets closer to each other as it's all gonna end soon!

    In the end of the episode Ryan and the Cohen's goes back to their house, and when they enter...... The house is destroyed! The roof has crashed down all over the floor, the place is totally wracked!

    My favourite scenes in this episode have got to be the one when:
    - Ryan and Seth makes a list about who Ryan have punched in the face since he got to Newport.
    - Seth exchanges Ryans car against a wheelcart
    - When they all enter the house, and notices that everything is not what it seems.

    There are alot of other funny and dramatic scenes in this episode. And I really enjoyed watching this one... Though, I'm giving it a 9.5 as it was a very good episode, though. It still misses that little extra that makes an O.C. episode perfect!
  • I expected more, but it was still good!

    I can't believe The OC is really ending and I think they could have prepared it a bit better than "The Night Moves" did. Anyway, the episode had a lot of heart. In a crisis, you get to see who the people that you love are and who loves you back and cares.
    So did Taylor and even though it was a bit cheesy that her mum showed up and suddenly realized her mistakes, it was good for Taylor's character. And the scene when the girls were sneeking around the house with the gun was just hilarious!
    Ryan once again was the protective boyfriend putting everyone else's needs before his. I seriously wonder how he could ever mess up in Chino, he has such a good heart!
    But so does Frank. I don't know how he used to be, but I think he's amazing and he's good for the Cooper family. I'm glad Kaitlin realized that, too.
    Kaitlin and that guy from the ice cream parlor were just sooo cute. I knew that she was "it" and as usual (what a chlichee) the dork was in love with the hot girl and the hot girl kinda likes him for being so dorky. :D
    Seth's zombie talking was funny and Sandy organizing everything and keeping things in order was great, too. I wasn't too worried about Kirsten's baby, cause I know the pictures from the finale and I knew it was gonna be okay.

    This season was really great and I'm glad the writers were able to turn things around after Marissa's death. But I think axing the show at this point was not good - not only cause I love it and would have loved to see more of it, but also because there should have been more time to build up certain things, tie up loose ends and for example let the relationship of Ryan and Taylor grow stronger! I guess they'll pull a Dawson's Creek in the finale and I can't wait to see that! Only three more days!
  • I'm sad that the series is ending, but I am glad that the writers were able from saving the show from what it became in season 3.

    This was another good episode. It showed off the closeness in Ryan and Seth's "brother" relationship which was good to see. I also like how Taylor and Summer have become really good friends seeing how much they hated each other last season. Although the earthquake was tragic, they were still able to squeeze in the comedic moments. This episode wasn't as good as the episode before it, but it was still really good. The only thing that dragged this episode down was the side story of the ice cream parlor guy. I'm betting that the finale will be great. One more episode...
  • Workin on our night moves/in the summertime...

    Not much happened in this episode. Certainly wasn’t as strong as I’d like the final episodes to be. The 9.0 rating is because I find the ending really strong…anyway, on with the show.

    Newport recovers after the earthquake. Thankfully, everyone is fine (minus a couple of foot-related injuries).

    Ryan and Seth: blood brothers. I love it. Seth was really sweet, in a brotherly kind of way. I would have liked to have heard the entire punching list, though. :)

    Kirsten’s going to have a girl!! I can’t wait to find out what the name will be. I hope it isn’t Marissa; that will be very cliché. Josh said that every character will be touched on in the finale, though, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

    I’m quite disheartened that the Cohen home is destroyed. I hope they’ll build it up again instead of getting a new place to live. There are too many memories there.

    Kaitlin and Julie singing ‘Night Moves’ were hilarious! It was really nice to see them acting like sisters. Julie and Marissa never had that kind of relationship, that’s for sure.

    The guy at the ice cream shop was kind of creepy…but the fact that Julie and Kaitlin give him a makeover in the middle of a crisis makes up for it. I sure will miss their crazy antics.

    Taylor and her mom were also really sweet. I’m sure that was the resolution of their relationship…I doubt Veronica will appear in the finale.

    The direction of this episode was really different. I didn’t like it at first, but it was perfect at the end. Which, by the way, was really sad! With that song playing, the montage easily could have ended the series.

    With that…one more episode left!! I already feel the tears coming on. What I hope to see: at least one Summer “ew”, Ryan punching someone (why not?), some manic Seth banter, a good Sethummer kiss, and some Seth-Ryan time (in the pool house, if it hasn’t been destroyed).
  • After the Earthquake everyone scrambles to make sure everyone is ok. Sandy tell Seth to stay put but he needs to go to the Coopers after he recieved a text from Ryan. Juile and Kaitlin remain stuck in the ice cream store with Gary.

    Great episode. Second to last episode of The OC. Everyone was saying that the Pancakes took to much time but i think it was good because the aftershock Pancakes went back into hiding. Ryan doesn't even tell Taylor about what happened and Seth has to come over and see. I am so surprised that Seth gave that car away, he should of just asked to use it quick and bring it back and if he didn't he good keep the car. Gary likes Kaitlin and fakes that they are floating out to sea. Taylor shoots Veronica in the foot. That was the funniest part. OMG! The whole inside of the Cohen house is like...WOW!
  • it was an ok episode

    This episode wasnt one of the best the season but it was good in some parts. It is basikly after a earthquake it shows your what everyone went through to reach the hospital. The one that was the worst was ryan he has a peace of class that went into the side of his body around his kidneys.
    Kirstin fell down the stairs and nearly lost the baby.
    Summer and taylor where looking for pancakes the hole episode.
    jully and kaitlin where stuck in an icecream shop with this nerd who liked kaitlin and tryed to put his tough in her mough lol. it was funny
  • The final hospital scene would have made a good end.

    This was a really good episode. However, I honestly think that the final hospital scene was really nice. Everybody was happy and the lighting was really pretty. It really showed the whole "family". I personally don't really want the O.C. to end with everyone leaving Newport. I think that that hospital scene would have been a good end to the show.

    I am SOO sad that the show is ending. The O.C. is my favorite TV show. I watch it absolutely religiously and I have all of the seasons on DVD. I am going to miss it a lot. (Especially Seth).

    I seriosly thought that Ryan was going to die when Seth left him there. I would have been so pissed. It was so cute, their Seth-Ryan time though. I almost cried.
  • A Range Rover for a shopping cart!

    I thought this episode would be intense. I mean, come on the serious is practically over, at least have me at the edge of my seat

    I know Taylor was a little jumpy but how could she not tell there was something wrong with Ryan. He could have been shot in the head and she wouldn't have even noticed and I know he was trying not to freak her out but in real life no guy would have been manly about the situation, they would have been on the floor in pain but with the energy he had he could have lit the house with power

    It's freakin' scary to see how close Kaitlin resembles Marissa, are they sister's in real life and no one else in this world wants to tell me? Yeah, she's to cute for that Ice Cream guy, it was funny how he tried to keep them in there and Frank goes in and with a little force opens the door. Was I the only one who noticed Kailin taking some candy for the road, she better have paid for those j/k

    Kirsten's going to have a girl, aw! ... but I gotta say, Sandy was lookin pretty hot in this episode, if I were only a couple decades older *wink wink*

    Seth traded in a Range Rover for a shopping cart? ... A RANGE ROVER!!! Man, if that where the case for me, I would have told Ryan to hope on my back and I would have skipped to the hospital. But I thought it was funny that Seth didn't know how to change a tire, was it wrong that I was laughing when the aftershock hit and that thing holding up the car bent in half, for some reason I thought that was hilarious. Also funny, trying to get Ryan's mind off his pain by nameing all the people he's punched since arriving to New Port

    The girls where funny, too, and Taylor was Taylor once again. She got a flair gun and tried to protect Summer by pushing her away, adding some sort of "Charlie's Angels" dodge and ends up shooting her mom in the leg ... nice

    Poor pancakes ... needed a cast :( I'll send a get well card

    The ending was pretty lame, everybody walking out like nothing happened, all embracing each other like they just learned a good lesson from watching "Brady Bunch"--but I enjoyed it
  • wow, just wow. this is a wonderful show. i'm just sad it's allmost over

    so, hmh, how could i possibly explain my feelings for this episode in words, i guess i can't. this is truly an amizing show, and an amizing episode. altough i have some difficulties in seeing how they are going to breif things up in the finale. they left things way to open. but it was a really great episode, i mean, ryan allmost dying (feelt like he was). taylor finally solving her problems with her mom. and kirsten, i was so worried about her baby. but yet in the ending, i thought it was kind of cheesy when everyone left the hospital as one big family. but hey, isn't that what it's all about. a big family, as a remaining theme of the episode, it was family is allways in the center, then everything else. it was a great show.
  • Alright, Alright I cant Give the O.C a hard time with this episode but seriously weres the intensity the fire the drama were? I mean everybody seems to be comfortable come on writers lets see some emotion!!

    O.C has taken the same road 7th heaven has in the way that its now all quirky and tries way to hard to be funny and less realistic the only thing different is O.C knows when too end. Ryan saves Taylor I would of liked to see areverse Taylor calm are somthing less Taylor like all I see her Character being is annoying. Summer and Seth riding a bike I think that scene was more to be an awww How cute then Seth cant lie to Summer. Ryan has glass in his back and needs medical attention but dosnt want to tell Taylor. Sandy calms down the raging mob or for another word people who are scared and Kirstin is just there. Seth and Summer arrive Seth and Ryan leave and Summer searches for Pancake. Seth and Ryan take the car and Seth and Ryan talk about how many people he punched, I love these too characters together if anything its the one thing that stays the same. Best storyline this episode only becasue it has heart and its somthing I would be doing if I were in the same situation. with Julie and Caitlin trapped in a Yogurt shop there lied too about being the pier gone becsaue the Yogurt guy wants to be near Caitlin yatta yatta we kinda knew it when he was talking about that girl. An aftershcok happens and Ryan and Seth need to walk too the hospital, Summer and Taylor think theres a looter in the house and Kirstin falls down the staris. Taylor finds a flare and shoots the Lotter who is actually Taylors mom, Taylor ahs a broken leg so does Pancake so they all go to the Hospital together can somone tell me how Seth cant get to the hospital but summer can and shes walking! Kirstin's baby is okay but it takes Sandy to get medical attention The same doctor though jumps at the chance to help Pancakes. Anyway Ryans Father saves Julie and Caitlin who decides to be nice to the yogurt guy. In the end they all walk out of the hospital in a nice montage I found it unneccisary to have Taylors mom there whos hesitant to say I love you to her daugter if anybody should of died is should of been her. The Coopers get home and find there place demolished. Overall great episode the best ep this season hopefully the serise finalie is better.
  • So they left us on a cliffhanger last week where somebody might die and a lot of characters were in life threatening how is everyone just fine and dandy? Wasn't this the second to last episode ever?

    I can't believe everyone liked this episode so much! Last week's was amazing, but this...well this episode flat out sucked. When a show is coming to an end, the show is supposed to wrap up loose ends and giving a fitting ending to their characters (Friends, Dawson's Creek, etc). The second to last episode is supposed to set up all the drama that will occur in the finale by first tying up certain loose ends and divulging further into finale storylines (ex, the o.sea).

    That said, the writers failed again. I wanted to see real storylines being tied up, important stuff going on, such as a death, a previous character, or a ridiculous revelation, but instead all that I got to see was pointless drama. And I say pointless because everything that happened...didn't matter at all. Nothing came of any of it. Like, take for example, Seth going to get the cart, which took like 5-10min. He never even needed it as he saw his dad and Julie driving down the street. Or Taylor/Summer and that stupid animal that wasn't even in previous seasons. How does that storyline justify taking up airtime in the final 2 hours of a show where they should be tying up old loose ends? It flat out doesn't. Or that dorky kid that liked Kaitlin, why in the heck does he get air time in the same way? Or Taylor's mom? She is NOT important enough to be taking up airtime. Friends made sure they focused on their main characters, and Dawson's Creek made a potential "final" episode with their second to last one, what the hell here?

    Aside from the nice wink to the fans with the trading of the range rover, which has been on the show since season 1, and the Ryan/Seth scenes (mainly because for once it was Seth saving Ryan), none of this was interesting nor mattered. Seth/Ryan time was needed before the end, much like Chandler/Joey, but everything else had no place. Such a filler episode, and I say that because no babies were lost, no one died, everyone was happy, and they spent 5 min showing all the characters happy, walking down the hallway. I hate that everyone is happy, because this show usedc to be so dramatic and the only way to have a fitting ending is a dramatic one, not a sitcom-type happy-g0-lucky ending.

    And, yes, the last scene was cool as hell, but IMO, it could have been stuck on the end of any episode. For 50 minutes they egg us on with drama that amounts to no serious concquence for anyone, and then stick a great collapsing of the house at the end to mess with our heads and make us believe it was a quality far from it.

    And all the references to the past would have been amusing and enjoyable to me, had they never done them before. BUT, we get these kind of references in almost every script (ex, dean hess last week), and it's just another mini attempt to make us believe this wasn't a filler episode.

    I haven't been this dissapointed in a long time, and I say that because my favorite episodes tend to be the second to last episodes of seasons that set up the drama for the finale (my top 2 fav episodes are the o.sea and the man of the year), but this episode was much much crappier than either of those episodes. Again, nothing really happened.

    3/10. I have faith that the writers can give us 55min of quality for the finale. I mean, it's all the got, so they better.
  • After an earthquake shakes up Newport Beach, everyone is scared and in need of help. Ryan needs to get to the hospital, and Seth helps him. Kirsten and Sandy are worried about their unborn baby, Veronica tries to find Taylor, and Gary hits on Kaitlin.

    This episode was the best thing in the whole world. I loved how Ryan's life was slipping away, and Seth was trying to keep him calm. They really gave a nod to seasons one and two, which I missed. I loved how Taylor shot her mom, and the way they reacted was so classic. And, I loved how they shared, "I love you" for the first time. I was very worried about Kirsten's baby, but I'm so glad it's a girl! The whole Julie and Kaitlin thing was priceless, and I loved how they bonded. Gary, the ice cream guy, was hilarious. I mean telling them they were on and island, just so they would stay. And then she kissed him. Aww. The whole episode made me cry in a good way, and the finale is going to be bittersweet, for me.
  • Amazing!

    This was definately one of the best episodes of the entire series. I have to say I was a little worried about the earthquake and how it would be done. The Cast, Josh, and all the other writers who worked on "The Night Moves" did an outstanding job! It was really nice to see Ryan and Seth to become even more like biological brothers. This episode really showed how much Seth and Summer and Ryan and Taylor care about one another. Taylor's main unresolved storyline was the problems with her mom, so I was glad to see that conclude in a nice way. I was really happy to find out that Kirsten and Sandy's baby was a girl since they already have two boys. I'm so thankful for the way this amazing series is being wrapped up, and can't wait to see what's going to happen next week, in the series finale.
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