The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 20

The O.C. Confidential

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan and seth and sandy are tring to figure out away to get tray out of jail since he said the drugs were his and kirsten and her magizin partner go to windery and they get so drunk they have to stay there in the hotel and julie is caugth wtih a man in the hotel and she is shown the photos that calob had and he question ther e marriage this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anythng lower
  • Julie is once again caught red handed with another guy at a motel.

    The funniest scene is probably in this episode, the part where Caleb enters the room with Julie half naked covered in roses, and Caleb says "Looks like one of your movies." WOW, that was just hilarious. There were some various other funny moments, though as always, it is the tension in the relationships that highlights an episode of The O.C. Although Caleb Nichol isn't doing so hot contemplating a divorce with his wife, his grandson isn't doing that great either. Seth is basically forced to choose between comic books and Summer, which shouldn't even really be much of a problem anyways. It's good to see the whole Trey thing resolved though but it wasn't as exciting as the other things that were going on in this episode.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Sandy, Ryan, and Seth devise a plan to save Trey from going to jail after he took the fall for supplying drugs at his birthday party. Kirsten and Carter, fulfilling more than their editorial duties, take a trip to Featherbrook's winery for a wine tasting party. Meanwhile, Caleb returns home from another long business trip and questions his marriage with Julie.

    - Alex
  • An episode that could've jumped the shark big time, but did exactly the opposite!

    An episode that could've jumped the shark big time, but did exactly the opposite! It was a 'different' but hugely entertaing episode that followed in the footsteps of The L.A. & The Risky Business, in ways it annoyed me though, I just couldn't bear Jess, she sucks! And the Trey storyline is really frustrating, but I know what the writers were trying to do in this episode, and it really was the best for what it is, in contrast to this season's first half it is perfect! the reason this didn't get a 8.7 was because of Ryan & Marissa's blossoming once-again & fantastic relationship!
  • I Knew Trey Wasn't Behind The Drugs

    Great one.. glad merissa ryan and trey... and offcoruse sandy got the real drugdealer- what a jerk.. Jess isn't that bad at all..only negative thing se does is taking drugs.. Kirsten is smart.. she's not taking risks and trying to avoid fights with sandy, what is good.
    The second thing i have waited for a long time is the thing between merissa and ryan.. they r like perfect couple, and at last they r together again, atleast it seemed like that for a moment in the end, when they kissed and went over ryan's poolhouse.. hope they stay together..
    Seth is a bit stupid with that comic book thing.. beacuse of that he had an insident with Summer again.. god hope he'll stop it
  • wow

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  • a great episode, that just has it all.

    All the tension between Julie and Caleb, Marissa and Ryan happening again, Carter and Kirstin starting to hit it off, the whole trey-dealing-drugs story and Summer going away with Zach. Again.
    There was everything in this episode, to make it so good, like it is.
    One of the best written episodes of this show. Easy to enjoy this episode, very human (Ryan falling for his brother's lies everytime), and still full of action.
    Way to go Kirstin, for not staying with Carter in the hotel room!
    And besides... A very special episode, in my opinion.
    Is Kirstin becoming an alcoholic? Will she and Carter hit it off? Will Summer get tired of Seth, and dump him? And when will Ryan stop falling for Trey's lies?!

    c'mon! I can't wait for next week!
  • This episode offers recycled characters and recycled plot lines as the drama of Kirsten/Carter (will they or won't they); Julie/Caleb (will he divorce her); Ryan/Marissa (is this the week) and Trey (will he go back to prison) fail to fill the hour.

    Not my favorite storyline because there is no classification titled storyline development.

    With “The O.C. Confidential” this series (once again) leaves a flat taste in your mouth. Like an afternoon soap the hour reeks of filler with little accomplished in the Kirsten/Carter plot line and by recycling the Summer/Seth/Zach triangle.

    We see Seth's immaturity, Summer's self involvement and that Zach really is a member of the water polo team.

    We thought that Zach had left the story line with his trip to Italy. However, he came back, we learned of his new girl friend, that she was imaginary and with all that Zach should have disappeared but no! The whole comic fiasco was resurrected by Carter and once again Seth and Zach are working together leaving Summer stewing in her own juices and blaming Seth rather that perceiving that Zach was encouraging Seth to be involved in something other than Summer.

    I read on another page that this triangle brings back memories of Summer/Seth/Anna from last season. I disagree. The dynamic was different. With Anna involved there was cooperation between the girls to keep from being pushed around by Seth. In this episode Zach comes across as mean spirited and Seth as just stupid. Move on Please.

    On another subject, do I need to again state the obvious? The Carter/Kirsten story lines like last months Sandy/Rebecca attacks on of the series strengths. Sandy and Kirsten represent the one solid husband and wife relationship in this, in fact all, teen soaps. Their unique partnership and Sandy's preference for service over wealth are the foundation on which this series rests. Even Julie stated it last week when Kirsten indicated that there was trouble in her marriage. Sandy and Kirsten are Newport and The O.C.

    And finally am I mistaken or did Ryan and Marissa finally get together? It seemed that the short kiss in Sandy's car was adjourned to the pool house where we are to believe more passionate activity occurred. Of course now that they are finally together it is up to the writers to find a way to separate them. Spoilers have indicated that by the season finale both Jimmy Cooper and Oliver will return and that Theresa's exile in Chino may end.

    Among other thoughts: the best cliffhanger of the episode occurs when Julie kisses Lance goodbye and an unknown individual snaps several pictures. Obviously Julie Cooper Nichol will be having her name shortened in the near future. Next week the scene shifts to South Florida for spring break, but only Sandy, Ryan and Seth will go leaving the rest of the gang to their own devices in Newport.
  • Well, u just knew trey will never learn his lession.

    Well it was a good episoide, i will start with Zac,i never thought he could be under-handed but i have to give him credit, well done on trying to break up seth &summer, zac is really doing everything he can, seth really has no clue about it but zac is really going for it.

    Julie, that was first time i\'ve seen her cry,the look on her face when Caleb said he going to give her a second chance, but that look he had on his face when he walk out , kinda of suggested there\'s more to this, what with the photos that was taken from her and other guy.

    Kirsten and Carter, ok i\'m a bit confused i thought carter was the writer, so why was kirsten went with him?, i\'m really not sure about whether writer are giving her a drinking problem?, remember thanks-giving, S3-kirsten an alcholic???. i really like dialima presented in this episoide with both of them. Kirsten really made the right decision, Sandy says \'20 years of marriage\'.

    I rather perfer marrisa & ryan as friends, i hate the fact they might get back together, Trey, that guy is really stupid, jess is going to plant drugs on him, Trey has got her dealer in jail, she will doing anything to get him out.

    brillant episoide
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