The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 23

The O.Sea

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 12, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan is starting to peice togeather what happen with merisa and trey when he was gone and he gets info thanks to terisa on the matter and julie is still really upset on the divorce so she decieds a drastic thing to try to poioson him and also in this ep sandy is tring to help kirsten on the accident and the drinking problem and then a really bad thing happens her father falls into the pool and he is dead this was a really good ep i thought and it had intense moments
  • No episode deserves a straight up 10, but these ratings are separated in 0.5 increments, and 9.9 is closer to 10 than 9.5 is.

    Well, what can I say? The best episode in the entire show so far and I have a feeling that no amount of fabulous acting, drama, and romantic gestures are going to surpass it in the future. It delivered astonishingly brilliant acting, romanticism, at nearly every single minute of the episode. Kirsten's accident, and then going off on her own dad, then Zach and Seth are faced with a dilemma in their hands, and of course the continuing drama going on between Trey, Marissa, and Ryan. It's just an overload of awesomeness, and to make it more perfect is the imperfections of the characters, such as how Kirsten continued to drink, and Julie had contemplations of murder. Despite that, Caleb still ended up dying. Just a brilliant mix of romance, drama, and all of the above. It doesn't get any better than this.
  • The ending was good, but the build-up to the ending honestly really sucked.

    First, I imagined that Seth would be inspired by something that George Lucas said and just got up from his chair, running like mad back to the school prom. Second, I imagined that just right after Seth ran out of the restaurant, Zach was about to entre. The two passed right by each other. Zach took a quick glance of Seth, while Seth rushed his way to his true love without looking back. There would also be a smile on Zach's face because he realized at that moment they had both grown as boys/men through finally acknowledging and going after what they loved the most. See, I imagined something like this, alright? Not "Oh, let me give you my jacket!" or "Excuse me, I'll just be right back." Honestly, the writing here sucked big time. I think even I could have done much better. Last, the speech that Seth did on the stage was horrible. I already know how to re-write it, but oh well, the show is already over.
  • It couldn't be better

    This episode was just perfect.
    It showed the best moments in the season between seth and summer and ryan and marissa.
    The idea of the decision between summer and meeting George lucas was great. When Seth was pick to meet George Lucas I've said to myself "WHAT??" because season two was the last one i've seen...

    The ending song from Coldplay was perfect for the moment :D
    I've seen the episode 10 times I think :) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • This episode could have been the season final it was so good!

    This episode was very good and could have been the season final although im glad it wasnt becasue the Dearly Beloved is better. In this episode a main character drowns if you do not want to know who dies then stop reading but the character who dies is caleb. It was very sad especially for Julie and Kirsten(who had a car accident in the previous episode and has started drinking) also in this episode Marissa and Ryan have some troubles in their relationship because of trey and him trying to rape Marissa this episode shows us that ryan really trusts her!
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Seth and Zach squabble over who should take Summer to the prom and who will meet George Lucas for dinner over the publishing of the graphic novel. Meanwhile, Sandy takes drastic actions with a recovering Kirsten. Ryan starts to piece together what happened between Trey and Marissa, while at the same time, Ryan run into his old girlfriend Theresa. Also, Julie decides to murder Caleb to avoid going broke. But her attempts to poison Caleb take a surprise turn.

    - Alex
  • The ending was one of the best moments between seth and summer.

    I loved this episode it was a classic! The fact that Seth and summer are destined to be together shows again when he rushes into the prom to see her. Now, what girl wouldn’t want a boy to come to the prom and tell her that he loves her? It’s just like at the end of the episode The Telenovela I thick when Seth gets up onto the table to make sure everyone knows how much he likes summer.
  • The very next thing to perfect, this episode was phenomenal & my fave episode of any show ever!

    The very next thing to perfect, this episode was phenomenal & my fave episode of any show ever! The final scene was absolutely flawless & really made me realise TV was probably never gonna get as good as this! The plot was simple, it was just a normal episode of The O.C., not a season finale, special or even a top 5 episode in the top 50. The reason it became such a flawless episode is because of various reasons: It doesn't try to hard to be a great episode & isn't overrated, it feels like Season 1 with a great feel of Season 2 as well, the acting is fantastic, the music is perfect, the character development is fantastic, the ending scene was the best scene of any show ever, the writing of the episode is top-notch & lastly, all the storylines are perfectly tied together & all leave you feeling like they couldn't have done a better job in a million years, I have finally decided this & the past 8 episodes of The O.C. are the shows 'Glory Days' I just wish more episodes of The O.C. & other shows could be like this, phenomenal stuff! Very phenomenal stuff!

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  • For Seth, it's clearly a perfect episode, but we can't say the same for Kirsten... or Caleb.

    Despite the prediction of the prom, it's was perfect the way Seth and Zach "took" the wrong decision. And the announcement Seth makes to Summer in the stage, in front of everyone!!

    The way Theresa said to Ryan to trust Marissa, because she let him go, even been hurt. That's the same thing that she, by herself, has done in the begging of the season.

    But I didn't like to see Kirsten drinking. She was such a strong woman!! How could she be taken by such a predictable addiction.

    And her father... we all know Caleb wasn't a perfect person... but It was too dramatic the way he said that he has never been in the pool before, and then he just die there!
  • another great episode, rare in season 2

    omg i loved this episode, they did everything great here, seth and zach fighting to be with summer to go to prom but at the same time they want to have dinner with george lucas, ryan trying to figure out what happened between marissa and trey, seth and summer dance in prom with coldplay playing in the background, caleb dying, julie changes her mind on killing caleb, sandy finds kirsten with alcohol, really really excelllent episode
  • Major plot developments, but handled smoothly and naturally

    Another great episode.
    We see eth and Summer get together, which frankly we all knew was going to happen, but man, did it take a long time. Howeever, it was nice to see the hopeless geeky actually nd up being hopelessly romantic. Seth does that alot. Nice use of music as well. Music always seems to add to this show more than in other shows.
    Ryan got alot of chances to look brooding and sullen, which he does well. Clearly an Atwood gene however, Trey looks pretty sullen and brooding as well. THey just approach it from opposite ends of the moral spectrum.
    And Julie's attempted murder of Caleb was frankly unsuprising. t's what she does.
  • Marissa and Ryan are in a fight. Summer, Zack, and Seth are still into it..they now have to decide who goes to prom with her. Theresa is shown to have had a baby. Seth ends up proving his love in front of the whole school.

    The episode had some very surprising things pop up. I don't know where to begin. Well Kirstin got into an acident from drinking but claimed it was just from talking on the cell phone. The police officer actually let it go. Probably because of the reputation they have. Ryan and Marissa are still fighting.

    Zach and Seth are still fighting over Summer, onlt summer is tired of fighting and is leaving it up to them to decide who is taking them to the O.Sea or Prom.

    They wind up flipping a coin. We don't know who won until we see the limo in front of Summers house and out pops Zach very unexpected turn there. Her face looked dissapointing which zach caught onto.

    In the prom Zach decides to leave because he knows that Seth is the one for her. And he belongs doing comics.

    Seth leaves and goes to the prom. When he gets there he goes on stage and confesses how he feels about her and says sorry infront of the whole school or at least the ones at the Prom.

    Mean while before that Ryan goes to see Trey and runs into Theresa and starts talking about Marissa and Trey and who to believe. She tells him to believe Marissa:

    Ryan: he hooked up with Marissa (looks at Theresa, Theresa looks at him) Trey says she came onta him, she says nothin happened I don’t know who to believe

    Theresa: I do (nods) (Ryan looks at her) Ryan, Trey has ben jerking you around you entire life I mean, an Marissa-

    Ryan: has made mistakes

    Theresa: she would never hurt you like that (shakes her head)

    Ryan: how do you know (frowns)

    Theresa: cause last year when I needed you, you know she...she let you go (Ryan listens) even though it broke her heart...they both love you but...of the two of them Marissa is the one that you can trust.

    After that they go to her drive way and she goes inside where she is greated by her mom and her baby. Which was really surprising. SHe never got rid of the baby just told Ryan that.
  • With it’s atmosphere of formal wear, limos and cheesy decorations the prom provides the backdrop for the continuing relationship drama for Summer Seth and Zach. Marissa and Ryan face their own drama and one Newport Beach marriage ends suddenly as another


    Ryan, confused by Marissa's behavior, receives guidance from an unexpected source. Summer, focusing on what's important (i.e. what Summer wants), demands that either Seth or Zach take her to the prom and she doesn't care which one. Also Reed resurrects the graphic novel, Caleb and Sandy confront Kirsten about her drinking (with mixed results) and Julie invites Caleb to spend a final evening with her before he files for divorce.

    The O. Sea" episode is the sixth script by Executive Story Editor JJ Philbin and as the case with most of her scripts it is weak on dialogue but strong on plot development. Like last weeks "The Confrontation" the series is recovering from the depth of February's plot lines and building to the season ending episode which air on May 19.

    The previous episode left the four main relationships in shambles. Ryan suspected Marissa of cheating on him, Summer was fed up with Seth and Zach, Kirsten was drinking heavily and involved in a serious traffic accident and Caleb was preparing a divorce action against Julie.

    This week we watched Summer take control of the Summer/Zach/Seth triangle by demanding that her two suitors make a decision and one of them be her escort to the prom. The fact that the alternative was a meeting with George Lucas just sweetened the decision for the one left behind. Typically for these three the wrong boy emerged from the limo and even more disastrous for The Atomic County Graphic Novel, Seth turned from comic geek to Star Wars nerd when face to face with George Lucas.

    Ryan started the episode suspecting that Marissa and Trey had slept together while he was in Miami. Convinced by Seth to get over it and ask Marissa to the prom, Ryan was easy pickings for Jess who re-ignited Ryan's suspicions. Confronting Trey, Ryan is convinced that his suspicions were correct until he runs into Theresa who straightens him out. We have been waiting all season for the return of Theresa convinced that she would break the Ryan/Marissa relationship apart for good. Instead when she appears she convinces Ryan that Marissa loves him and reunites the couple rather than splitting them up. There still is no identification of her baby's father but for now that won't be an issue.

    It is interesting that although both Summer and Reed said they didn't care who attended the prom or the dinner with George Lucas, The coin flip sent the wrong boyfriend to take Summer (you could tell by the expression on her face) to the prom and the wrong partner to the business meeting. In the end Zach (again) makes the choice that Summer wants to be with Seth.

    A question, has Zach filled his role for this season or will he return again in the next season? Every time he seems to be out of the picture he reinvents himself.
  • One of the best.

    The episode has to be one of the best episodes of season two. Summer and seth finally solve all of their problems. Marissa and Ryan finally are a couple again. Kirsten confronts her dad. and CALEB DIES! not that that is good. its just shocking. Plus julie didnt kill him so she is not a murderer
  • Seth and Zach squabble over who should take Summer to the prom and who will meet George Lucas for dinner; Sandy takes drastic actions with a recovering Kirsten; Ryan starts to piece together what happened between Trey and Marissa, courtesy of Theresa; Jul

    I loved this showed Summer and Seth finally getting back together (hopefully for a while) and it showed Ryan believing Marissa over Trey. i was upset that Ryan was doubting what Marissa told him. she would never hurt him on purpose and he should've believed her atomatically over TREY. i mean, Trey's always just used Ryan, and although he might care about him, he would still stab him in the back. i was sorta annoyed that Theresa was back but i was happy when she helped Ryan decide who to trust. the end of the episode was the best when Summer and Seth hooked up and Ryan got to Marissa just in time.
  • Touching?

    This episode made me smile. I think I loved this episode because of Julie. It showed how deep inside shes a good person and that she loved Caleb, but in a hidden sense not as a lover as a role model of some sort or a father. When she jumped into get him I fell in love with her character right there. Kirsten finding out Caleb died was hard to watch. It was so emotional to see her take the bottle and walk away, i think that was the best part of the show, not in a happy way but in a "wow! thats good writing/television" sort of way.
  • Wow, the great man himself Caleb has died. i can't believe there's only one episoide

    Kirsten accident, oh...... great she's alive so we should be happy but her drinking problem is definatly out of hand, i've got to admit Sandy has really tried his best to help her, luckly the cop told Sandy that she was definatly over the limit but he told the cop to do his job but it does look like she might get-away with it. I honestly don't know how she's going get over her drinking problem but i don't think her dad death will help matters, Sandy couldn't stop her because that was only time where Sandy couldn't take the drink away. The guilt she must face must be awful, it strange having arguement with people next day they die.

    Seth, Zac, Summer & Reed, wow what an intresting opportunity, i mean having George Lucas guest-star was definatly highlight of any tv series, i won't be surprised if high rated episoide this season. he must either be a big fan of the show or he owe someone a big favour. I'm happy to see him do small amount of acting but i felt he was a bit cold, There was no chacter behind it, he seem plesant man and talking about the Prom. Enough said.

    Julie, now she was about to kill Caleb but didn't have the guts to carry it out, i understand she had second thoughts and it's strange to see how their relationship developed, it's always strange seeing Julie beeing nice to people but i really liked her transformation in chacter this season. i'm glad the writers gave her more of chacter then season 1.

    How can i forget this, Tressa had the baby and she was still smart enough to hide it but i did think she gave him some good advice over marrisa & trey and i'm glad she set him right. i just don't know how long she can keep it up because ryan is definatly going to be mad when he finds out he still has a kid and she lied. i can't believe i'm going to say this but i think she's a great chacter, she's wasn't self-fish and it look like she can be a single-parent. That was a close call, imagine if ryan wanted to come inside :eek:
  • Kirsten comes home from the hospital after her acident. She and Sandy try to deal with her problem. Seth and Zach must decide who takes Summer to the prom. Ryan decides who to believe about what happened between Marissa and Trey. Julie attempts to insure

    When Kirsten comes home from the hospital, she is forced to confront her problems and attemp to fix them with Sandy's help. Calab confronts here and she argues with him, claiming that it is his fault that their family is messed up and that he was going to die alone. She is not done drinking as she claims, however. Sandy finding a flask in her purse proves that she cant do this without profesional help.

    Summer tells seth and Zach that she is done trying to chose and that they must decide who will take her to the prom. Reid tells them that only one of them can take a meeting with George Lucas. They are not able to decide who wants what more so they flip a coin. Zach shows up to bring Summer to prom and Seth to the meeting. they realize that these are not the right places for them and they end up switching places. Seth confesses his love to Summer on the stage at prom, where everyone is waiting for Zach to accept the possition as prom king.

    Ryan finds himself needing to know the truth about what happened between Marissa and Trey when he was in Miami. Marissa says nothing happened. Trey claims that Marissa came onto him. He is torn on who to believe until he runs into Theresa, who clears things up for him and convinces him that Marissa would never hurt him that bad.

    Julie's attempt to save her marriage (in reality her estate and money) go unappreciated. In one last effort to stop Calab from filing for divorce before their one year aniversarry (which would leave her with no money at all) was to have him over for one last night together. He agrees and she drugs his drink. Unable to go through with it, she takes the drink back instisting to freshen it for him. Before she returns, however, he has had an attack, fell into the pool, and died.

    This episode served to set the stage for the season finally the next week. Everything that happened biult up tension in among the characters and prepared the audience for an even better finally. It became clear that Kirsten was going to need help and that the only way she would be able to cope with her father's death would be drinking. Ryan attemping to learn the truth about Marissa and Trey forshadows his the truth coming out in time. Seth finally steps up to the plate, confessing his love for summer in a way that reminds us of the first season again. The lives of all the characters will be influenced by the events of this episode and was written brilliantly to set the stage for the next weeks season finally.