The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 23

The Party Favor

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on FOX
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Harbor School's Senior Prom brings out the best and the worst in everyone. Taylor hits a high at prom, while Summer falls flat with her surprising prom date. Seth and Anna come up with a prom plan to win Summer back. Meanwhile, Marissa convinces Volchok to go to the prom and Ryan brings an unexpected old flame. When one of the girls is elected prom queen, it truly becomes a night to remember. Later, when Taylor's prom funds are missing, Ryan returns to his old ways and prom night turns brutal.moreless

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  • It is senior prom.

    Good. The prom of course had to bring some drama which we all expected volchock stealing the money. Taylor was funny in this episode. Marrisa( misca barton) was just bad acting was kinda ruined the episode. Summer drunk was quite funny and the big korea thing to. Good but was expecting more so close to the seasons end.
  • Wow o_O

    It wouldn't be The O.C. if there wasn't a death match near the end of the season, and he wouldn't be Ryan Atwood if he didn't fight because it concerned Marissa. Too much drama for the mind to handle; there was a bit of conspiracy, drama, romance, and yes, fighting. Looks like Seth and Summer have gotten back together, and although it really isn't as charming as the Spiderman kiss they had in the second season, the ugly making up scene with Summer throwing up is somehow fitting. Plus Sandy's antics with his whole hospital project is catching up to him; the episode perfectly recaps how he has transformed into the man that he hated the most. It leaves off on an anticipating note making you wonder if Volchok is dead or not. Although it seems like this episode has way too much going for it, it feels a bit incomplete. Like most of the third season, there was just TOO much drama.moreless
  • OMG FINALLY. yes yes yesssss!

    Okay. seriously this is the best episode they have done in such a long time. i just finished watching it for the first time like 30 seconds ago (haha im sucha dork. immediately signing on here to give it a rating after its been aired for like 2 years).

    Ryan and his attitude of his feelings for Marissa are finally back! I love how he got so angry at the guy (i dont know how to spell his name..) and started punching him haha. It was also sort of like a flashback of when he was fighting Trey. Ryan actually sort of has gotten bad at sucker punching.

    I honestly couldn't have asked much more from the writers. They made an excellent turn in the series. Seth and Summer's fight made it more entertaining as well since they've been together since they've been together. Since theres only 2 episodes left in this season with one of the main character its going to be interesting to see how they finish this season.

    I'm going to go finish this season. 2:46 am ahahha im so glad i have friends over for this :]moreless
  • PROM!

    Anna comes back to newport and goes to prom with Seth because Summer and him are on a break. Theresa goes to prom with ryan after he finds out that the baby isnt his, Marissa goes to prom with volchek only to catch him cheating on her with another girl, Taylors money is stolen to pay for prom and the only person who could have stolen it did it was volchek the very end of this episode is amazing with ryan and volchek fighting it was very graphic and bloody i wa surprised volchek wasnt killed. ten out of ten best prom episode ever!moreless
  • The OC. Episode 23

    Unavoidable occurrences in the Orange County:

    1. Seth told Summer the truth about what was really going on with him. Just in time for the end of the season.

    2. Marissa dumped the surf Nazi. For good... let's hope.

    3. Ryan kicked the hell out of Volchok. Well, their final fight was one of the best fight ever, since this show started off.

    By the way Ryan's line (answering to the surf Nazi, of course) "I don't think about you. But yes, you're an idiot." just cracks me up. LOL

    All in all, definitely an adventurous Senior Prom. I loved the whole picture moments. Even though everyone wasn't dating the person he/she was meant to be.

    Summer's drunk performance was totally hilarious. The highlight was when she slipped from the "ship".

    Points I did not like:

    - Kirsten into alcohol again. Actually, I have to say I'm starting to dislike Sandy.

    - Theresa is clearly interested in Ryan. Gee, I hope the OC writers will spare another umpteenth relationship between these two.moreless
Lisa Tucker

Lisa Tucker


Guest Star

Justin Chon

Justin Chon

Big Korea

Guest Star

Chase Kim

Chase Kim

Seung Ho

Guest Star

Cam Gigandet

Cam Gigandet

Kevin Volchok

Recurring Role

Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong

Anna Stern

Recurring Role

Michael Nouri

Michael Nouri

Dr. Neil Roberts

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When the kids get to prom and Seth says "This is the cave from Goonies" he´s referring to the 1985 American adventure-comedy film "The Goonies". Its DVD is also one of the items in the identical gifts he prepares for Anna and Summer in the first season's Chrismukkah.

    • American Idol's Lisa Tucker is from The OC but she's actually from Anaheim not Newport Beach.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Volchok: You probably think I'm an idiot, huh? Screw things up with Marissa. Steal money when everyone's gonna know I took it.
      Ryan: I don't think about you. But yes, you're an idiot.

    • Summer: You know, just everyone, leave me alone.
      Seth: She probably just needs a moist washcloth. Or maybe, like, a towelette.
      Anna: Cohen.
      Seth: What? What? Is there a no-towelette clause in your plan? 'Cause right now I'm thinking that phase two kinda sucks. Does anyone have a towelette? Does anyone have a towelette?!?! We've gotta find a towelette!

    • Marissa: So do you think Kevin will like this?
      Summer: Yeah, if it rips off easy.

    • Seth: Ah, there she is. Look at a true friend, Ryan. 2000 miles she flies.
      Anna: In a middle seat.
      Seth: All to make sure Summer and I go to the prom together. Tell me, would you do so much?
      Ryan: Let's not test it.

    • Summer's Voicemail: "Hey it's Summer. Leave a message."
      Seth: Summer, hey. I just want to apologize for what happened in the girls bathroom today. I didn't mean to follow you in. Or spook Mrs. Rushfield. I was just trying to explain that the idea of a romance between me and Anna is so insane that-
      Anna: Hello Seth.
      Seth: I gotta go.

    • Kirsten: When are we gonna talk about us?
      Sandy: In public again, or were you thinking about something a little more private this time?
      Kirsten: I'm sorry I attacked you. But it at least got you to listen.

    • Seth: I love you, but if I have to spend my senior prom with you playing video games, I'm gonna kill myself.

    • Taylor: Now you know how I'm going with Sun Ho.
      Summer: The guy from the Korean barbecue?
      Taylor: Oh yeah. We, like, totally found each other at the sweatshirt party. He's got this wonderfully hairless body. It's like hooking up with a seal.
      Summer: I have to go.

    • Anna: Seth, she wants to feed your bones to sharks. You have nothing to lose.

    • Summer: Cohen, I have a confession to make...(vomits loudly off side of bean bag)
      Seth: Impressive.
      Summer:...I love you.
      Seth: I love you too...We can kiss later!
      (Summer pukes again)
      Seth: Uh...Want me to hold your crown?
      Summer: No!
      Seth:, rigatoni.

    • Seth: That's Summer's date. Looks like the guy in Fullmetal Alchemist.

    • Seth: Summer sees me with Anna at the dance, and confronted with the reality of a world without Seth Cohen, she comes to her senses.
      Ryan: Uh huh, because a world without you…
      Seth: … is a world without sun, Ryan. It's a world without warmth.

    • Summer: Look, my date's gonna be here soon, he's king of a rock star. You may have heard of him, Big Korea.

    • Taylor: You have to go, you were prom queen last year!
      Summer: Yeah, well, the queen is dead.

    • Summer: Not only will I not go to prom with you, but if you and I were stranded on a deserted island, I would take the nourishment that your meager frame has to offer and I would feed your bones to the sharks.

    • Seth: Plus, I assume she'll be going with the surf nazi anyway, unless he's selling crack to a blind kid or… (seeing Volchok kissing another girl) fondling some girl on the end of the pier.

    • Seth: Why not Tina Woo? She's been looking really hot lately.

    • Ryan: Have you told Summer that there is nothing going on between you and Anna?
      Seth: I try but everytime I get close she blows her rape whistle. (whistles) ...Rape!

    • Taylor: Oh by the way, do you know where Simon gets those skin-tight v-necks? I totally want to get one for Sung-ho.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      "Getting Hit On At The Bank" by The Briefs
      "Earthquakes & Sharks" by Brandston
      "Oregon Girl" by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzin
      "One Day" by Bratsound
      "To All of You" by Syd Matters
      "Random" by Lady Soverign
      "I Can't Come Down" by Embrace
      "Gotta Reason" by Hard-fi