The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 23

The Party Favor

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on FOX

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  • It is senior prom.

    Good. The prom of course had to bring some drama which we all expected volchock stealing the money. Taylor was funny in this episode. Marrisa( misca barton) was just bad acting was kinda ruined the episode. Summer drunk was quite funny and the big korea thing to. Good but was expecting more so close to the seasons end.
  • Wow o_O

    It wouldn't be The O.C. if there wasn't a death match near the end of the season, and he wouldn't be Ryan Atwood if he didn't fight because it concerned Marissa. Too much drama for the mind to handle; there was a bit of conspiracy, drama, romance, and yes, fighting. Looks like Seth and Summer have gotten back together, and although it really isn't as charming as the Spiderman kiss they had in the second season, the ugly making up scene with Summer throwing up is somehow fitting. Plus Sandy's antics with his whole hospital project is catching up to him; the episode perfectly recaps how he has transformed into the man that he hated the most. It leaves off on an anticipating note making you wonder if Volchok is dead or not. Although it seems like this episode has way too much going for it, it feels a bit incomplete. Like most of the third season, there was just TOO much drama.
  • OMG FINALLY. yes yes yesssss!

    Okay. seriously this is the best episode they have done in such a long time. i just finished watching it for the first time like 30 seconds ago (haha im sucha dork. immediately signing on here to give it a rating after its been aired for like 2 years).

    Ryan and his attitude of his feelings for Marissa are finally back! I love how he got so angry at the guy (i dont know how to spell his name..) and started punching him haha. It was also sort of like a flashback of when he was fighting Trey. Ryan actually sort of has gotten bad at sucker punching.

    I honestly couldn't have asked much more from the writers. They made an excellent turn in the series. Seth and Summer's fight made it more entertaining as well since they've been together since they've been together. Since theres only 2 episodes left in this season with one of the main character its going to be interesting to see how they finish this season.

    I'm going to go finish this season. 2:46 am ahahha im so glad i have friends over for this :]
  • PROM!

    Anna comes back to newport and goes to prom with Seth because Summer and him are on a break. Theresa goes to prom with ryan after he finds out that the baby isnt his, Marissa goes to prom with volchek only to catch him cheating on her with another girl, Taylors money is stolen to pay for prom and the only person who could have stolen it did it was volchek the very end of this episode is amazing with ryan and volchek fighting it was very graphic and bloody i wa surprised volchek wasnt killed. ten out of ten best prom episode ever!
  • The OC. Episode 23

    Unavoidable occurrences in the Orange County:
    1. Seth told Summer the truth about what was really going on with him. Just in time for the end of the season.
    2. Marissa dumped the surf Nazi. For good... let's hope.
    3. Ryan kicked the hell out of Volchok. Well, their final fight was one of the best fight ever, since this show started off.
    By the way Ryan's line (answering to the surf Nazi, of course) "I don't think about you. But yes, you're an idiot." just cracks me up. LOL

    All in all, definitely an adventurous Senior Prom. I loved the whole picture moments. Even though everyone wasn't dating the person he/she was meant to be.
    Summer's drunk performance was totally hilarious. The highlight was when she slipped from the "ship".
    Points I did not like:
    - Kirsten into alcohol again. Actually, I have to say I'm starting to dislike Sandy.
    - Theresa is clearly interested in Ryan. Gee, I hope the OC writers will spare another umpteenth relationship between these two.
  • everyone goes to prom, and Anna is back!

    this woukd be the best episode so far, it was absolutely brilliant.
    first anna comes to newport to help seth get summer back.
    then ryan asks theresa to the prom \"as friends\".and marissa persuades volcholk to come to prom, and for some reason she kept calling him kevin? anyway, it was a really cool episode. it had an excellent plot, and finally the third season has found its way back to what made the oc tick in the first season.
    volcholk steals the prom money and so ryan beats him up for it, the best part. and also \"kevin\" cheats on marissa, ending their relationship, another plus. also seth finally confesses that he doesnt get into brown(wich had anna involved, her appearance in the show was fabulous!) a PLUS PLUS! and also it was hilarious like wen summer falls down the balcony.

    it was a realy funny and intresting episode, that is why i gave it 10/10!
  • Harbor School's Senior Prom brings out the best and the worst in everyone.Meanwhile, Marissa convinces Volchok to go to the prom and Ryan brings an unexpected old flame. When one of the girls is elected prom queen, it truly becomes a night to remember.

    Another great episode, this season is getting better and better, I think the season finally is going to be one like we've never seen before on the OC!
    I liked that Ryan turned into his old-season1-self, and totally kicked Volchoks ass, when 'the surf nazi' was on top of him and about to smash his head it really reminded me of Trey, but this time ryan did get rid of his attacker himself=D
    It was really funny when Summer fell of the ship, and later when she said I love you to seth and he said: I love you 2 we can kiss later, he is starting to get his old season one sarcasm back, thats good!
    As for Marissa, I did feel sorry for her, but she could've seen this one coming, Volchok is just not the relationship-type. Anna went back, I hope we'll see her in season 4, I love her character!!
    I'm definitly looking forward to next weeks epi!
  • It's prom night, only no one goes with the person they are meant to be with! Ryan goes with Teresa, Marissa goes with Volchok, Seth asks Summer (but she turns him down and he ends up with Anna), and Summer goes with some crazy Korean pop star.

    All I have to say is that I feel so bad for Ryan! I wish Marissa would stop dating Volchok and start making better decisions about her life. Maybe then Ryan wouldn\'t have to keep saving her! I especially enjoyed the part where Marissa finally realizes that Volchok is a jerk and slaps him. I cheered for her.

    But then there's the whole Ryan/Volchok fight at the end. I have to say that I was very pleased when Ryan started winning the fight, but hello? When the guy you're fighting goes unconscious don't you think it's a good time to stop? What if Ryan had accidently killed Volchok? Then we\'d be back to square one, only this time Ryan is 18, so he'd have to go to jail instead of juvy.

    Seth and Summer are back together! Those two are meant for eachother. They are both miserable when they are broken up, so why don't they just make it easier on everyone else and stay together for good? I was very proud of Seth when he told Summer the truth about not getting into Brown. Now the only people left to tell are his parents. (Have fun with that one, Seth!)

    Anyway, this episode was a great one! Oh, and as much as I like Anna, she needs to do something about her hair! She looked so much cuter with it short like it was in the first season! Summer agrees too. (Did you catch the "dumb hair" quote?)

    This is a great episode that tells about Marissa convincing rare name dude to the prom... and the rest was even more exciting. I thought that the O.C. was fading and that it was turning old and boring, but with this episodes I discovered by mistake and now I am going to hook up for the last two episodes of the season, I hope that it doesn't ends up in that because I really want it to continue, and I don't want to stopping watching Mischa Barton.
  • Things are finally picking up in Newport, and this is the episode to leave you hanging for more.

    This is one of the best episodes yet! I loved how all the four needed dates, and how it was shown. The end was kickass as well, with Ryan finally returning to his old ways! sandy and Kirsten seem to be in trouble and it will be nice to see how that plays out, though I'm not a big fan of that particular plotline. The prom photos were really nice, especially the fact that Taylor was also included, the OC is finally bringing in some new characters! This is the perfect way to mark the start of the end. Can't wait to see next week.
  • Hurray! The O.C is back!

    Omigosh! That was absolutely fabolous! Easily the best episode of this season so far. I cannot wait for the next epsiode, or better yet; the season finale.

    Ryan falls back into old habits and Seth desperately tries to get Summer back. On top of that Summer gets drunk, Marissa gets hurt, Taylor gets robbed and Volchok gets smashed. The O.C is finally back to its season 1 standards.

    I love Taylor. I absolutely adore her. She has got to get a spin off show after the O.C. She was so cute with her korean date. Keep that girl.


    What? I have 100 words?
  • Finally a good one, no what am i saying, a great one.

    Finally a good one, no what am i saying, a great one. The episodes before have been great but i havnt felt hanging onto ideas in any of the episode's lately, this exact one leaves you with so many questions about the fight that ryan? had whats going to happen to sandy and the criminal charges that will be brought on him? and do summer and seth really get back together? and what about the letter with all of the confessions?, and what happend to marissa? loads of unanswerd questions and thats what i belive this show is all about and that is one of the reasons i think that it is so good.
  • Prom is happening. Everyone is with the wrong person... in my opinion. Seth is working on gettin Summer back. Marissa is still with Kevin and Ryan will still have to save her.

    I think this episode is amazing! It is the reason why I watch the O.C. The emotions involved is great. There is the sadness and happiness of couples getting together or not getting together. Then of course the conclusion. That was just WOW.

    So my review... I felt that it was a very nice touch having Theresa and Ryan not getting together. Her having a man of her own was tastful because it prevented the whole Ryan and Theresa drama from being overdone. Of course it also put a closer on their drama. (I believe if nothing else that puts the O.C. a step above Soap Operas)

    Anyways, Summer and Seth. For a second there I thought Anna was going to try to get with him. However, I am amazed by her once again. She truly is a wonderful friend. And Seth and Summer. SO dear! Of course I am a little nervous about that letter. Hopefully nothing horrible comes of it.

    Marissa. I agree with Theresa. She is much stronger and I feel maybe I can admire her a little bit. Though not as much as I enjoy Summer\'s character. However, I am glad she dumps Volchok. (Though I feel it is a nice touch that she was starting to call him Kevin)

    The ending... wow that ending. I am seriously scared by it. Though I felt it very appropriate. Ryan may have changed but he is still who he is. I mean he has great reason for doing that, but it goes back to the idea that you cannot change who you are underneith it all. I am not sure it fits with how this season has progressed. Seeing as it has been Ryan developing himself and suddenly this. But I do feel it is not wrong either.

    So this episode. YOU MUST watch. HECK if you missed it. GET IT.
  • Really strange to watch. The storyline was good but the directing was just plain bizarre.

    From the moment they had the close-up shot of the picture Summer was looking at in the bedroom (something totally out of character for the series), the series went from weird to weirder. The series has always consisted of a perfect balance between drama and comedy, yet this episode didn\'t achieve that in the slightest. Far too much comedy interspersed with some really serious dramatic moments - Kirsten drinking again, Sandy\'s apparent \"turning to the dark side\", etc. It felt like one of those \"dream episodes\" that a lot of series have, where everything differs from the norm.
    I REALLY hope this was just a small slip up in what is otherwise, as far as I\'m concerned, the best series I\'ve ever seen.
  • the o.sea a little better, but still sooo good

    omg i love this episode. prob the best this season. i loved seeing summer drunk again and im glad her and seth made up but she gave the napkin already. i love the scene with everyone getting the pic taken, really nice. the ending was awsome, ryan kicked kevin volchoks ass. taylor, omg, such a cool character. kandy... well we'll see next episode. next week looks crazy
  • It is promnight! While not one of the fantastic four has a date, Anna gets back to Newport to fix the relationship of Summer and Seth. Ryan asks Theresa, while Marissa makes an mistake by inviting Kevin. Neil gets an disturbing call about Sandy, while Kir

    This is just another great episode of The O.C., yeh, sure, we\'ve seen better, but that was all in season 1. If you accept that it will never be that way again, you can enjoy this episode! Not only is the music in a long time, actually good, even some of the humor gets back in Orange County. Even if you have the constant nerve to cut Anna\'s haire, you can\'t deny that it is lovely to see her and Theresa back where they should be. That Ryan falls back to his old habits is only better, because he was really getting boring since The Anger Managament.
  • Getting back on track. Finally tie up some story lines.

    A great show is getting back on track with a great episode. The O.C. seems to be getting better as the third season comes to a close. It was a classic Prom episode and I loved the set and mood throughout the show.
    It was nice to see the Summer-Seth whole Brown storyline conclude. Man, that Korean pop-star sure was full of himself. Hopefully now they can get back to the way things were in time for graduation. I love Anna and hope she will be around next season in RI.

    Marissa also got over Volcheck for good and I was happy to see Ryan stand up for her again. For some reason I think Volcheck is just fine though he did get a good beating.

    Although I do not really like Teressa, it was nice to see Ryan having some fun and I think that she will be back again soon.
    As far as Sandy and Kirsten; I am waiting for that fallout to happen and I wonder when they will find Seth's \"confession napkin\" or if Summer will get to it first.

    Over all an above average episode with good writing and acting by all. If it keeps up, the next few episodes will be classics.
  • Summer: I love you! Seth: I love you too, we can kiss later!

    This was an awsome episode but I had a bit of problem to follow the english in the begininng. It was really great that everyone finally got back to the way they should be and I think this season will end happier then the last one. And two things I liked about this episode was 2 comments, 1 from Seth and summer and one from ryan. It was theese: \"I love you\"
    \"I love you too. We can kiss later!\" And \"Call the police!\" \"Nah, no need to, I got this!\" and you could see that he was used to fight when he almost got attacked by the thelephon!

    Wow the prom episode this year was the best episode ever:
    Marissa and Volchok finally split.
    Summer and Seth solve their little problems.
    Everyone looks hot in their prom dresses.
    Anna and Theresa are back.
    Ryan and Volchok have one of the most exciting fights in the history of The O.C.

    The last few minutes are crazy, giving viewers what they want after so many episodes of tension between Volchok and Ryan. You just couldn't ask for any more. The O.C. is back folks.
  • Finally! A great episode again!

    It seems cliche to say that The O.C. has slipped since it's first season, but it has. Anybody with sense can admit that it's not as good. But much like last season, the writers seem to know how to get things back on track right at the end, and this episode proved that.

    I enjoyed Rachel Bilson's drunken performance. And I just hope that Seth and Summer either get back together for good, or split up and Seth gets Anna or someone else, I can't take them constantly splitting up and getting back together. Eventually it won't be as interesting as it is now. So please writers, make this the last time!

    The scene where Seth explains to Summer all of the stuff that's been going on, and she begins throwing up was classic. Adam Brody has a great skill in delivering hilarious lines in those moments. That's why he's the constant scene stealer on the show.

    And the fight scene at the end between Ryan and Volchek? Excellent. I was hoping something stupid like Marissa coming in when Volchek was about to smash Ryan with that pot, would not happen... and then when it seemed like it would, it reveresed completely and Ryan did something that was long worth the wait.

    It'll be interesting to see how the next episode plays out and it seems that once again, the O.C. is going to end the season with a bang.
  • Absolutely brilliant.

    So many storylines converge and develop in this action, love and humour-packed episode. Sandy and Kirsten, Seth and Summer, Ryan and Marissa/Theresa, Ryan and Volchok, and new ones also develop - Seth and his parents will be a big one to come. Not only did the main characters play their roles, the supporting ensemble made it even better. Anna was brilliant with her plans, Taylor was great throughout, and even Julie did a good job.

    I really cannot wait for next weeks episode, to see where things go from this cliffhanger; what will happen with the note? Is Volchok O.K? What is going to happen with Ryan and Marissa/Theresa? And what is going to happen to Sandy?
  • Finally!!!!!!!!!

    Finally Seth got what we've all been dieing to hear out of his system. Summer/Seth are now going to be back together right before the end of the season leading into the next. As for Volchuk, he's out now that Ryan has done what we've been waiting for. This may bring him and Marissa back together typically (the couple that never dies). Good to hear the baby is not Ryan's and that Theresa won't get in the way again. We may see her off and on but I think anything with her is done now. As for Sandy and Kirsten - who knows. That is one thing I would like to see resolved but may span into next season. They writers must give us something to wait for (not that they need a reason) this show is so bloody addicting.
  • The Harbor Senior Prom is finally here! And everyone is paired off into dates. Ryan and Theresa, Seth and Anna, Marissa and Volchok, Summer and (some asian pop star). As the evening goes on, it doesn\'t turn out to be the perfect night everyone had in min

    Finally! The O.C. is back to the way it\'s supposed to be. More drama is revealed for each character in this episode. I\'m so glad Anna is back. She had always been my favorite (and also the perfect ONE for Seth). They were the best couple. I still love Summer, but it\'s hard to choose between her and Anna. We still haven\'t figured out where Seth is going to college or whether or not it\'s Ryan\'s baby. So those things still remain unsolved mysteries. But I can\'t wait until next week. The suspense is killing me!

    *For those who saw the commercial for next week.*
    Why is Sandy being investigated?
    Is Dr. Roberts in on it?
    How long will Kirsten keep her drinking again from Sandy?
    Will she ever stop completely?
    Will Seth choose Summer?
    Or will he get back with Anna?
    Does Ryan have a baby?
    Is Volchok dead?
    What happened to the note on Sandy\'s desk?
    Will Seth\'s parents find out/
    Why was Seth is handcuffs?
    Are Ryan and Marissa getting back together?
    Are they going to college together?
    Will Seth get into college?
    If so, where?

    *Watch The O.C. on Fox to answer these questions.*
  • It's senior prom!

    Awesome episode of the OC! One of the funniest this season. Ok, so Summer knows the truth about Seth and Brown (the question is if she'll remember the next morning :P). Hopefully they'll be together again. Volchok was exposed as the piece of junk he is and he learned a valuable lesson - don't mess with Ryan! But it's sending Marissa down a bad path (again). Sandy and Kirsten are on the brink of separation, or something unfortunate. Can they work it out before the finale? Lisa Tucker (from American Idol) was really cute and Summer's date was hilarious! As we approach the season 3 finale, there's going to be a lot of dirty laundry to take care of. Kudos to the writers for heating up the OC again!
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