The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 5

The Perfect Storm

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

Even if Seth and Ryan don't seem exactly confident, Kirsten's experimental breakfast have officially begun. College Fair is coming tonight and Sandy assures Ryan that Dr. Kim has just told him on the phone that there's no reason Ryan shouldn't attend. It turns out things are a little different. As Sandy says to Kirsten once the kids are gone: "Harbor's Dean of discipline is making it his personal crusade to ruin Ryan's future." Indeed, he attached to Ryan's transcript a letter which pointed out his pathologically violent behaviour. Marissa is worried that Summer might be sick of her being a permanent guest but Summer waves it off: " I date Cohen, ok. My patient is infinite!". Besides Marissa doesn't want to attend the Harbor's college fair because she's "homeless, going to public school and totally broke." Julie calls Marissa and she assures her daughter they'll have a new place where live very soon. Until that moment Summer is clearly happy to put her best friend up.

Harbor school. Seth thinks that there's nothing going on between Dean Hess and Taylor. He's sure that Summer merely saw what she wanted to; but Summer remarks: "No one chooses to witness something that's so repellent."

Newport Union High. Marissa finally introduces Ryan to her new friends. By the time Chili, Marissa and Casey get frozen yogurt, Ryan and Johnny seem to hit it off.

Summer nonchalantly informs Taylor that she peeked Dean Hess and the volleyball couch while they were making out. While Kirsten is helping Julie to find a new inexpensive place to start over, Charlotte stops by. Julie seems embarrassed and she walks away very quickly. Charlotte is really interested to learn how Caleb's widow is doing. When the blond cheater finds out Caleb left Julie with nothing, she probably starts thinking about her next scam. Marissa blows off Harbor's college fair. She has got to do homework. Whatever.

College fair. Summer and Seth see Taylor and Dean Hess having an argument. Summer is totally positive that's a couple fight, but Seth is definitely more skeptical. Afterwards, Dean Hess claims Ryan that no college will admit him after reading what the letter attached deals with.

It's a new day in Newport Beach and Ryan decides he's done with school. Yep, clever decision that Marissa and Seth don't seem to be fond of. At least Summer is working for him. Taylor and Dean Hess' relationship is not safe anymore.

Johnny catches up with Ryan at the diner and he ends up speaking about his uncle's commercial fishing operation. Ryan might be interested. By the time Ryan is starting to think of himself as a fisherman, the Cohens are waiting for him at dinner, wondering where he is. Seth comes up with some interesting ideas: "he could be off joining a foreign legion, joining a cult...Ryan could be... I don't know he could be takin place in a mass marriage right now drinking cool aide from brand new sneakers..." As soon as Ryan comes over, he says he got a job on a boat but he needs Sandy's signature. He wants Sandy to let him go and Sandy isn't able to say no. Kirsten and Seth don't seem very eager to see Ryan wearing pea jacket.

Johnny's uncle finally hires Ryan and informs him the ship sets off next day at sunset. Sandy wants Ryan to make his own decision, even if Kirsten has another opinion about it. Stubborn Sandy. Marissa drops by the Cohen's and she finds out what's going to happen. Summer's plan is moving but Seth wants it'll very quick because: "Ryan's about a yellow slicker and a grey beard away from becoming the Gorton's fisherman. Finally Seth comes up with an idea: he got a room at the Mermaid Motel ("you mean the place where Ryan may or may not conceived Theresa's baby...And Marissa's mom and Luke got it on?") and they'll text an invite to Taylor to come over. Pretending that Dean Hess invites her, of course. Marissa stops by Ryan's pool and she makes him understand she doesn't like pea jackets. Charlotte's evil plane is starting; she comes over Julie's motel and claims she bought the condo for her. After a bit, Julie believes her and she prepares to move into -her- new apartment.

Goodbye dinner. Ryan feels uncomfortable, Kirsten and Sandy speak about dinner's ingredients, Summer tries taking the edge off awkward silent moments, Marissa is freaking out and then walks away. A completely successful dinner. Positive thing: Taylor swallowed the bait.

While Ryan is leaving, Marissa stops by and tells him he's acting like a coward, like her father. In the meantime, at the Mermaid Motel, Taylor is threatened by Summer's blackmail of spreading out what's happened. Summer's list is full of buddies who like gossip. Taylor who, probably, can't stand losing her new-born social chair domination, accepts to tell Seth's dad all the truth. And Sandy, of course, doesn't waste time. Dean Hess is going to find himself another position on East coast and of course... Ryan's back at Harbor.

At the diner, Summer and Seth join a very upset Marissa. She tells them Ryan has already left and they're very disappointed. "Wait, what? We've just pulled off like a life-changing scam!" But then there is "the return of the not-so-ancient mariner". Ryan goes near them and he tells Marissa he couldn't leave because his life is with her.

After filling Ryan in on his return to Harbor, they go walking on the beach, enjoying all together another beautiful sunset in Newport Beach.