The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 5

The Perfect Storm

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on FOX

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  • kinda ok

    well, i really didn\'t like this epi, the oc is getting boring, but hey, i hope they could bring more good stuff... better stuff!! anyways, they will sure come with new stuff... but why do they always have to have a new love for everyone every season can they just like stay like that and try to have problem out of love...?? too deja vu!! sorry people!!
  • Nice "restart" for the season. Continued where it had ended and in a splended way.

    This episode sure was a nice comeback to The O.C. after a month break. The episode took off right where it had landed. I felt a little "premiere thingy" when I saw the beginning. Kirsten at home making food and things being alright again. I don't know if FOX and Schwarz planned this but it really wiped out the gap in time from the Episode #4.

    The things that happened in this episode clearly in my opinion showed that this is a new start. Ryan back at Harbor and Kirsten at home. I got a little bit worried in the beginning after that whole fishing boat event but it flew nicely.

    I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • The episode was too happy.

    The ending and the entire episode was too happy. There is no drama left. The storyline that has anything to it right now is the Jeri Ryan one. (by the way, I hate Jeri Ryan) Even though through scenes we know somthing is coming, the writing could have done a better job developing that. It was a good episode and cleaned up somethings, I just would have like a little more drama to have been developed.
  • It's problematic when the OC kills the plotline and rehashes Season 1.

    This episode of the OC shows that a show that started out really great can go totally awry with poor writing. The Cohens really have nothing happening: they are worrying about Ryan, but they are fine financially, the drinking problem is over, and basically it is a dull day in the Cohen house.

    Ryan is doing the same thing that Ryan always does: he broods and runs away. Come on, can't Ryan do something different for once? I don't know, maybe he could buy car insurance or something, anything but the same recycled plot line. I thought the whole Johnny thing was going to get started, as it seemed like sending Ryan away on a boat was a great way to get Marissa to himself, but it turns out he was just being nice.

    As for Marissa, she's been cozying up with Oliver- oops, I mean Johnny. Geez, why would I have made a slip-up like that? I mean, Oliver was an entirely different character from the first season that really "got" Marissa, became her confidant, then stole her away from Ryan. And Johnny is totally different. I mean, his girlfriend actually goes to school with him, she doesn't live across the country or not exist. And Johnny is poor, not rich like Oliver. So really, I don't know why I would have thought of Oliver at all.

    Seth and Summer FINALLY had some interest going- now that they aren't fighting, they've become increasingly dull and I miss the myriad of witty remarks from Seth when he was a larger player. The Taylor/Dean storyline was really interesting, but it ended abruptly at the end of the episode (So the dean didn't want to see the pictures before admitting to anything? Taylor just gave up because Summer threatened to IM some people? Come on). The drama that COULD have made a major story for perhaps the rest of the season is dead and we're left with monotony once again. And, btw, does anyone else think that Sandy WOULD have tried to get Marissa in as well? But wait, that would kill the Johnny plot, so of course he didn't help Marissa get back into Harbor.

    The only story left is The Charlotte/Julie line, which is just a bit lame if you ask me. "I just happened to have bought you a condo." Julie is the most plotting, sneaky rat in the OC, do you think she's just going to fall for such a stupid, thin trick?

    I have been a big fan of the OC for quite awhile now, but I think its sad that the writers are falling back on the familiar instead of branching out and making some interesting, fresh storylines. Maybe they should spend more time developing their main characters, instead of creating flat, new ones and creating thin, weak plots to work them into the story.
  • The fishy tale of Ryan Atwood the fisherman.

    With its month long absence and with days getting colder, the return of the warm-weathered show seems a necessity. Honestly, I thought they could've done a better "Welcome back to O.C, bitch!" They need to stop jerking us around with stupid plots that are awkwardly predicatble. Ahoy there, Ryan -- I hardly believed you'd be lost at sea for weeks. Sandy might have let you go, but I know the writers are your real guardians. There's no way they'll ever let you out of their sight. And speaking of sightings, Charlotte shifts her eye towards Mrs. Cooper-Nichol. This seems to be the only storyline that's not predicatble. I can't figure out her scheme here. The more they keep us guessing the better. Charlotte vs. Julie - sounds like a "mane" event catfight. Meanwhile, on the ongoing war between Summer and Taylor, Summer has triumphantly "sidekicked" Karl Rovish Taylor. You have to commend Taylor for her poker face though. Too bad her partner-in-crime Dean Hess couldn't call Sandy's bluff. Ah, the fall of the mighty and the rise of Ryan back to Harbor. Just as the way as it should be... until the writers figure another lame way to jerk us around.
  • 9.3
    I liked the Episode mostly because the the Cohen and ryan scenes. They Really need to have Kirsten get invovled with Ryan and Even Seth more. ANd RYan Should have gone off one the boat, next week it could come back early and the Cohens could put their footdown. Maybe then Ryan would actually feel like a Cohen.
  • Pretty unrealistic

    Why would Ryan get a job as a fisherman? Why would Taylor cave so easily? Why would Julie be so easily won over by Charlotte? All these things seemed so strange and the ending was very reminiscent of the LA episode in Season 1. The opening breakfast scene is so damn repetitive that it just isn't funny anymore. I'm really finding it hard to care about this show anymore.
  • I had high expectations for the return of The OC after all those weeks of baseball...

    I had high expectations for the return of The OC after all those weeks of baseball and this episode was a huge disappointment. The part that really irritated me is that Sandy just signed Ryan’s guardian release form and later said “there’s nothing we can do.” Hello! Don’t sign the stupid paper. I understand that this is a teen soap and like Dawson’s Creek, the teens are suppose to be demigods, but give me a break. Plus, the promo for next week’s episode looks like they’re going to pull another I’ve-Got-a-Guy-Friend-Who-I-Can-Talk-To-And-My-Boyfriend-Is-Jealous storylines. Referring to Dawson again, how many episodes did we have to deal with that Joey-Can-Talk-To-Dawson when Joey and Pacey were together? The only real reason I can conceive to tune in next week is to see how Julie’s storyline plays out.
  • C'mon, people! This was good!

    You know what kind of people really annoy me? The people who cannot accept change. Sadly, a lot of viewers of the O.C. are exactly that way -always relating to "last year" and how it was so "perfect".

    This series is one of the best on TV. The first season was excellent because it was introduced with excellent characters, outstanding plot(s), and awesome cliffhangers. The second season was good, perhaps not as good as the first, but good. It wasn't worse than season 1 after being COMPARED to it - it was worse because the new writers just weren't as good. Tons of people wrote reviews of the episodes last year, saying that they were not good by "O.C. standards". What are O.C. standards?

    Season 3 is off to a good, solid start. So far, 5 solid episodes have been installed into a great all-together series! People shouldn't be saying "Oh, well they did this two years ago with Oliver..." and such. Watch or don't watch.

    This episode, was another great installment. It had a good plot, excellent character development -it fit "O.C. standards".

    I watch this series to enjoy it, not to complain or compare.
  • This episode was the greatest since the beginning of the season !

    I'm so glad that Charlotte has given up her project of ruining Kirsten's life (coz I really love that character) and has chosen Julie instead ! Nevertheless, I still wonder what this woman can really do ... come on, she has juste bought an apartment and asked Julie to move in ... what trouble could she get in ?
    Anyway, the whole plot about Ryan starting a new life as a fisherman was a bit far-fetched, but, it's still ok ... as long as he's back in town in the end, with the gang, that's alright.
    Now, I'm wondering how they're gonna handle the fact that Marissa's going to this other school while the other three still go to Harbor ... I'm just waiting to see !
  • This episode was pretty stupid.

    Ok guys i read some of your comments and i can't beleive you guys like this episode. I dont know why i watch it because it's one of those shows like friends where there's no diversity. But, whatever. What is it, if you dont get into a IVY league school your life is over??? I mean come on talk about the writers don't know what to write about. It seems they have "good premise" block or some B.S. Seriously there're like thousands of college that he could get into, maybe not a ivy league but something good. Downgrade.
  • Ryan centered episode with more development of Kirsten's friend to try and get closer to Caleb's company??, as Summer and Seth plot to take down the new Dean of Discipline and Taylor.

    Kirsten trying to prove her worth in cooking was a kick. It shows not only how Kirsten is trying to improve as well as wanting to show her family she is better, but also how her family supports this. Ryan and Seth were less reluctant to stop her cooking, as if anyone remembers her trying to cook Turkey dinner in the first season. Marissa's new friend is still a puzzle, did he really try to help Ryan or was he trying to send him away to get Marissa to himself? And whats the deal with his girlfriend, wouldn't she have something to say. On a side note, I realized where I have seen their crazy dyslexic friend, he is the same guy that tried to blow up a whole town with a nuclear bomb on smallville just a few weeks ago, episode 3 of season 5 I believe. Julie was obviously pissed when she had been beaten to the punch for the suite as she had pawned her wedding ring or some other large ring Caleb gave her for the down payment. It would have been suspicious even if the person that beat you to it would actually offer you the place for free, with no strings attached. No matter what that sounds, nothing in the world is free so this would seem suspicious. I'm unsure if Julie really knows or cares about this, as she is obviously desperate and in the slumps so she has taken up her freebie. Marissa played a major role while having minor facetime this episode. She was the one that managed to stop Ryan from going away while Sandy's carefree parent tactic failed once again. To see Sandy, Seth and Summer (Hmm, the 3 Slicks?) are finally extorting the Dean to get out and bring Ryan back. I hoped to see him get canned and Ryan possibly using his "fists of fury" but nevertheless getting Ryan back is good. However, now that Ryan is going to Newport Union while Marissa goes to the public school, is this the beginning of the wedge that will result in a season of heartache for the fans and finally get toegether near prom/graduation time? I hope not but without it, the story might be a little stale. Episodes are still pretty fast moving, not as much as season one but one can't really blame the writers, moving at the pace they were back at the start of season one would result in ridiculous plots or ultimately the demise of the show or main characters to keep more plots coming.
  • Want to see what happens next, watch Dawson's Creek...

    I can't believe it. This series started out good but it seems like when all else fails, the writers watch re-runs of old teen soapies and copy the plots that made us watch them.

    It would have worked perfectly only this time not all the viewers are teens. The OC is starting out to be one of those soaps that you want to watch because of one character's story but can never tell your friends you watch it coz all in all it's lame.

    I hope this picks up before the end of the season or at least before this year ends... If it doesn't, I'll be parking this and my DVD collection will stop at Season 2.
  • Worst season so far and worst episode so far. Can't the writers come up with something new??

    Awful episode. And the storyline is the same as always.
    Ryan leaving, Ryan getting into trouble, Ryan fighting, Ryan, Marissa, Seth & Summer together at the end of an episode. HELLOOOO, it's been done like a 100 times!!!
    A new plot would be nice thank you.
    This proves once again One Tree Hill is 1000 times better than The OC. This season really made me drop the rating for this show at

    Awful, awful, awful
  • uhhh worst episode in oc history but i still gave it a 10 cause the oc rocks

    uh i hate this episode, it was so predictable, ofcourse ryan wasnt going to work on a boat, ofcourse ryan was going to come back into harbor, dean hess leaves like that, the only good part about this episode was there was two songs i like and when they were having the fare well party and summer says she likes parrots and she makes that noise, that was realy funny and cute
  • The OC. Episode 5

    The realm of unrealistic.

    - Kirsten can't be able to cook french breakfast out of the blue like that. :D

    - Taylor scared of Summer's Sidekick. Please.

    - How can Dean Hess' letter be such a terrible issue for Ryan's college future? I mean, he's just a dean of discipline, he is not the American President. Anyway, it's such a good thing this character has gone. :D I couldn't stand him at all.

    - Whatever problem the OC kids run into, they seem just good at running away. Well, at least they have second thoughts too. :)

    - Plastic Face Charlotte can't succeed in fooling Mrs. Cooper Nichol. Julie, gee, wake up!

    By the way, I like the episode.
    Even if it was obvious that Ryan would have never left as fisherman, his return [...or better, the return of the not-so-ancient-mariner...] was kind of nice.
    And the fabulous four walking on the beach were witty as they're meant to be.
    Summer's "parrot scene" was wonderful. :D She definitely knows how to break a awkward family dinner. LOL

    Ps. Sandy's mind meld always wins.
  • Too dramatic

    Ok, let's begin for the bad parts of this episode. First, the all "I quit my great life" thing that Ryan decided to do. I still can't understand why he would do that, quitting just because he was expelled from the school?? Come on, a letter could not have the power to expell Ryan from all the colleges in the country. Second, the Julie Cooper / Charlotte thing. Just one sentence: She buys her a house, and Julie just accept it like that?? no questions, nothing?? I know that she is manipulating and is always after the money of others, but that's too strange even to her... And finally Johhny. I don't like him, not the character, but the actor. Seems like he's always with the same expression...
    Strangely, I think that Marissa was quite ok in this episode. Usually it's Ryan that have the clever actions, when Marissa does the stupid things she always do, but in this episode they traded papers. The Seth/Summer teamwork is always great, they carried the episode in their backs, along with Taylor. I think that she was a great addiction to the show, I love to see her act. It's like the nemesis for Summer, but with the same manipulating skills.
    Overall, good (but not great) episode.
  • A superb episode compared to "The Last Waltz"!

    A superb episode compared to "The Last Waltz"! I thought the Ryan leaving storyline was the best it could be done, the Julie / Charlotte new storyline was off to a great start & most of all I loved the development of the Taylor / Seth / Summer / Dean Hess storyline! I really feel like the writers don't really know what they're doing with Johnny, are they trying to make us think he's evil? Are we supposed to feel sorry for the poor little surfer boy? Either way, I believe people are really overreacting about Johnny, everyone hates him so much, I don't like him or dislike, he just a plain neutral character.
  • Taylor Townsend is hot.

    Not the best episode so far, but it was pretty decent. The best part of this episode is that we may have seen the last of this dumb Dean. Although Taylor Townsend has tailored herself as the bratty little spoiled girl of the season, she has a certain energy to her that no matter how much you hate her, you can't help but appreciate the good acting she is doing. And unfortunately those are the high points of the episode. Ryan's little running away story was pretty boring, and although this whole Charlotte thing looks like it has potential, it hasn't exactly lifted off yet. Luckily the humour is what kept this episode afloat.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan decides to make a life changing desion that will try to help marisa case and sand agress with him and so summer and seth and him are going to reaveal her situation with dean hess and marrisa is having problems at her school but is making friends and ryan thinks he is hittion on her one of her friends the way he looks at her and spends so much time with her this was a good ep i thougth and improvement from the last ep they played and that is why i gave it a 9