The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 5

The Perfect Storm

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on FOX

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  • It's problematic when the OC kills the plotline and rehashes Season 1.

    This episode of the OC shows that a show that started out really great can go totally awry with poor writing. The Cohens really have nothing happening: they are worrying about Ryan, but they are fine financially, the drinking problem is over, and basically it is a dull day in the Cohen house.

    Ryan is doing the same thing that Ryan always does: he broods and runs away. Come on, can't Ryan do something different for once? I don't know, maybe he could buy car insurance or something, anything but the same recycled plot line. I thought the whole Johnny thing was going to get started, as it seemed like sending Ryan away on a boat was a great way to get Marissa to himself, but it turns out he was just being nice.

    As for Marissa, she's been cozying up with Oliver- oops, I mean Johnny. Geez, why would I have made a slip-up like that? I mean, Oliver was an entirely different character from the first season that really "got" Marissa, became her confidant, then stole her away from Ryan. And Johnny is totally different. I mean, his girlfriend actually goes to school with him, she doesn't live across the country or not exist. And Johnny is poor, not rich like Oliver. So really, I don't know why I would have thought of Oliver at all.

    Seth and Summer FINALLY had some interest going- now that they aren't fighting, they've become increasingly dull and I miss the myriad of witty remarks from Seth when he was a larger player. The Taylor/Dean storyline was really interesting, but it ended abruptly at the end of the episode (So the dean didn't want to see the pictures before admitting to anything? Taylor just gave up because Summer threatened to IM some people? Come on). The drama that COULD have made a major story for perhaps the rest of the season is dead and we're left with monotony once again. And, btw, does anyone else think that Sandy WOULD have tried to get Marissa in as well? But wait, that would kill the Johnny plot, so of course he didn't help Marissa get back into Harbor.

    The only story left is The Charlotte/Julie line, which is just a bit lame if you ask me. "I just happened to have bought you a condo." Julie is the most plotting, sneaky rat in the OC, do you think she's just going to fall for such a stupid, thin trick?

    I have been a big fan of the OC for quite awhile now, but I think its sad that the writers are falling back on the familiar instead of branching out and making some interesting, fresh storylines. Maybe they should spend more time developing their main characters, instead of creating flat, new ones and creating thin, weak plots to work them into the story.
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