The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 5

The Perfect Storm

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on FOX

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  • Ryan centered episode with more development of Kirsten's friend to try and get closer to Caleb's company??, as Summer and Seth plot to take down the new Dean of Discipline and Taylor.

    Kirsten trying to prove her worth in cooking was a kick. It shows not only how Kirsten is trying to improve as well as wanting to show her family she is better, but also how her family supports this. Ryan and Seth were less reluctant to stop her cooking, as if anyone remembers her trying to cook Turkey dinner in the first season. Marissa's new friend is still a puzzle, did he really try to help Ryan or was he trying to send him away to get Marissa to himself? And whats the deal with his girlfriend, wouldn't she have something to say. On a side note, I realized where I have seen their crazy dyslexic friend, he is the same guy that tried to blow up a whole town with a nuclear bomb on smallville just a few weeks ago, episode 3 of season 5 I believe. Julie was obviously pissed when she had been beaten to the punch for the suite as she had pawned her wedding ring or some other large ring Caleb gave her for the down payment. It would have been suspicious even if the person that beat you to it would actually offer you the place for free, with no strings attached. No matter what that sounds, nothing in the world is free so this would seem suspicious. I'm unsure if Julie really knows or cares about this, as she is obviously desperate and in the slumps so she has taken up her freebie. Marissa played a major role while having minor facetime this episode. She was the one that managed to stop Ryan from going away while Sandy's carefree parent tactic failed once again. To see Sandy, Seth and Summer (Hmm, the 3 Slicks?) are finally extorting the Dean to get out and bring Ryan back. I hoped to see him get canned and Ryan possibly using his "fists of fury" but nevertheless getting Ryan back is good. However, now that Ryan is going to Newport Union while Marissa goes to the public school, is this the beginning of the wedge that will result in a season of heartache for the fans and finally get toegether near prom/graduation time? I hope not but without it, the story might be a little stale. Episodes are still pretty fast moving, not as much as season one but one can't really blame the writers, moving at the pace they were back at the start of season one would result in ridiculous plots or ultimately the demise of the show or main characters to keep more plots coming.
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