The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 13

The Pot Stirrer

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2006 on FOX
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Kaitlin starts going out with Johnny with the sole motive of making Marissa jealous. Seth starts getting nostalgic as he prepares for his Brown interview.

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  • The Oc The Pot Stirrer Kaitlin starts dating johnny. Seth seems to be having problems.

    This episode improved from last weeks poor episode but it still lacked that oc vibe that you get from season 1 and 2.

    Seth smoking pot i think is stupid, i feel sorry for summer. Kaitlin annoys the hell out of me and so does johnny, when the hell will he get lost. there made for each other.

    okay but not oc like!
  • wtf

    So in just about every imaginable way, this episode is just flat out inferior. It wasn't funny at all, the stories were lackluster, the only bright spot was Kaitlin's little rivalry with her bigger sister, but even that is below average for The O.C. Although I've never been a fan of Ryan's acting, the episode that he is least involved in happens to be arguably the worst episode in the entire show. The whole thing with Seth smoking pot was pretty damn boring, this episode basically concentrated on some not so interesting characters and what do you get? A not so interesting episode!moreless
  • Just as it's classified: Really pretty much the only thing that changed from the beginning of the episode is that we learn that marissa may have feelings for Johnny and Seth is now smoking pot.moreless

    Everything else was pretty much random and completely unnecessary. I would rather have had the writers write a complete random episode that has no character development or anything. Just a random day in their lives that has nothing special or out of the blue occuring.

    The sister is really starting to be irritating. Agreeing with the other user's review from last year, her character is so forced into the show. I barely even remember seeing her on the show when she was living in Newport --even though that's kind of the point of bringing her back (so she and her family can work on their relationships and whatnot).

    Also, what is with having Seth smoking pot? That is quite out of character for him. He's kind of what you would call a goody-goody two shoes, except little rough on small edges. But not as rough as doing something like pot.

    Since I recently started watching this show about 2 weeks ago and have been watching all the episodes in order, i hope the next episode isn't as disappointing.

    Well i'm off to watch more episodes!moreless
  • The OC. Episode 13

    Pivotal changes surfacing in Newport Beach.

    Seth Cohen is starting to turn into a pot lover.

    It's the first time that Sandy, the Most Perfect Father And Husband Ever, and Caleb's way of doing business does not seem two worlds apart. :(

    Yep, Ryan finally wakes up and figures he has been closing his eyes about the whole Johnny&Marissa thing for like ten months. Well, I guess the feeble surfer had better start running very fast.

    Julie turns down one of the richest man in the Orange County because she doesn't want to mess her family up. Please. First of all, it's a little too late for that. And then, gees, she can't become so altruistic out of the blue like this!

    By the way, new entry little Coop definitely claims all Newport's bitter and inner truths but I can't stand her anyway.

    Summer's line about BYA - Being yourself always - was nice.

    Good final close-ups, even if it was a little bit sad.moreless
  • Sort of what I've come to expect lately from The OC. Dissapointing.

    The OC used to be great. It always used to be much like a night time soapie but great. The second seasons lesbian storyline was a bit drawn out, sure but lately this season seems to be making too many mistakes for all the wrong reason and for little result.

    The introduction of Kaitlin into the story last week was good. Mix it up a bit and give it some fresh flavour is a good idea, and her storyline with Johnny was good. As much as i despise Johnny because he's a bit to whiney for me, their chemistry worked well. Marissa getting more attention than Kaitlin seemed a bit far fetched for me. From the earlier episodes we say Kaitlin get a lot of attention when the family was in financial difficulty and getting new ponies etc (And by the way has anyone else noticed how fast she grew up!). So her complaining to me seemed a little contrived but this wasn't my main problem with the episode.

    Seth. Where do I start. The comic relief of the show has turned to drugs. Wherein does that become okay? This sudden development of Seths was far too fast. If he was going to be nostalgic it would have happened far before this. But suddenly when he gets everything he wants he throws it away? It makes no sense. And if he took the drugs to calm himself down for the interview then why did he not turn up for it at all? It's moving at lightning pace when it shouldn't be. Also Seth has never been prone to this... ever!

    All I have to say is that I hope the next few episodes hold some sort of excitement because these last few have been far from even close to perfect...moreless
Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo

Bill Merriam

Guest Star

Andrea C. Pearson

Andrea C. Pearson


Guest Star

Ryan Donowho

Ryan Donowho

Johnny Harper

Recurring Role

Jeffrey Hephner

Jeffrey Hephner

Matt Ramsey

Recurring Role

Willa Holland

Willa Holland

Kaitlin Cooper

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    • Bill: Well, speaking for all of us you two have done a great job. I only wish Caleb could've been here.
      Sandy: Thanks Bill, this business was close to his heart. He did have one as it turned out.

    • Ryan: You sure you're alright man?
      Seth: Yeah it's just kinda weird, there I am and I'm all ready to go, and I got my watch set to East Coast time and then I get this interview and it just kinda hit me. I'm leaving Newport.
      Ryan (Shrugs): So you're having second thoughts.
      Seth: Dude, I planned my first escape on an etch-a-sketch. This is my dream. It's just I don't know, now it's for real.
      Ryan: Well why don't you talk to Summer about it, I mean I'm sure she's freakin out a little bit too.
      Seth: No I'm fine. Seriously this is just my process.
      Ryan: Fair enough, but you're pouring coffee into your cereal.

    • Kaitlin: (Offering Pot) You want some?
      Seth: No, I'm ok. I'm good, thanks.
      Kaitlin: Sure? It helps take the edge off, and ... I could tell you could use it.
      Seth: Yeah well, I was saving the whole drug thing for college. Plus, my dad smoked pot at Berkeley, so it's ... it's pretty much ruined for me.

    • Matt: They're both excellent ... but the Brea group has been whining and dining Bill Merriam and the board for months. I mean, dinner, concerts, cruises.
      Sandy: Well, we offered them bagels when they came in.

    • Summer: Hey, Cohen. I'm looking to see if Brown has a course in human sexuality. 'Cause no offense, you are so taking that.

    • (After Coming In From Jogging)
      Julie: You know, after years of doing cardiobar and yogalates, I forgot how good this feels. I got three honks!

    • Seth: So, are you nervous at all about leaving in September?
      Summer: Yeah, actually I was.
      Seth: Really, because
      Summer: But then I talked to Colonel Flint about it.
      Seth: Who's Colonel Flint?
      Summer: My boot camp instructor. He's former Delta. He said you either ride change or change rides you. And there's no room in the trenches of life for whiny little babies.
      Seth: Oh --
      Summer: You wanna see my war face?
      Seth: That's not neces-- (Summer Scowls and Growls showing "her war face")
      (Bell rings)
      Summer: I gotta go. (Kisses him, Walks off) And it's not September. Freshman orientation begins August 25.

    • Seth (After Ryan finds pot hidden on his desk): I don't know how that got there?

    • Seth: (thinking of leaving Newport) Newport, I hardly knew you.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      "Insomnia" by Electric President
      "I Only Have Eyes For You" by Martina Topley Bird
      "My Favourite Friend" by Diefenbach
      "Stay In The Shade" by Jose Gonzalez
      "Low Happening" by Howling Bells
      "Brand New Delhi" by The Tao Of Groove


    • Seth: Remember Encyclopedia Brown?
      This is a reference to the famous children's books about a fifth-grade boy detective who solves minor mysteries in the fictional city of Idaville.