The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 8

The Power of Love

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2005 on FOX

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  • Kuala Lumpur is the capital of MALAYSIA.

    Indonesia's capital is Jakarta. Did that not bother anyone else?
  • I suppose this is a filler episode, but it tickled me in all the right spots with it heartwarming cheesiness, second superb Season 2 episode.

    I suppose this is a filler episode, but it tickled me in all the right spots with it heartwarming cheesiness, second superb Season 2 episode. The Sandy / Kirsten 20th Anniversary left me feeling warm & fuzzy, and while the Alex / Seth storyline keeps confusing me, It was really entertaining in the episode. A really good "Cohen Family Episode" that I could watch again & again. It was so romantic, funny, entertaing, unexpected & cheesily heartwarming, quality OC that just about lives up to Season 1!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the oc sandy forgets his annversary and is tring to make it up to kirsten the best way he knows how and ryan and seths relationship seem to be going not in the direction they want but they could be over and summer wants to take it to the next level with her rationship and marria and julie are butting heads about dj this was a good ep i thought and it had alot of intensicty for this kind of ep and thati shwy i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower for being this good of a ep
  • Coming from a guy, is it wrong to say that what Sandy did for Kirsten was deeply romantic?

    Lately The O.C. has been sort of depressing. All of these great characters are leaving us; Anna, Luke, Jimmy, and as little time as we spent with him, DJ was turning into a pretty great guy himself, mature, just like his Summer counterpart Zach. And it's sad to know that both these guys will and already be trashed into oblivion. D.J. really touched upon a great subject when she left Marissa in that she is letting her hate for her mother to cloud all judgment of her when really, as manipulative as Julie is, she still loves her. Kind of sad really.

    What was so funny about this episode was seeing Seth's transition from being such a nice guy to bad boy because of his relationship with Alex. Not sure why but seeing Seth trying to sneak out and getting caught up with Sandy was hilarious. And how the whole Lindsay and Ryan relationship was handled pretty well. Overall though, the episode is actually pretty below normal O.C. standards. It wasn't as exciting as previous episodes and although it still had funny moments, it wasn't as funny as previous episodes. What really gave this an identity though was the ending. It was cheesy but it was romantic, and I'm a guy.
  • Other principal plot, to make a change

    I like when the O.C. episodes go a little off the fab four and focus in another situations. This was the case, I think that was a great ideia that they built the episode around the 20 anniversary of Sandy and Kirsten, although this was one of the weakest episodes I saw in the OC. I think that they made a big deal with the subplots, when they aren\\\'t such big problems. First, the all thing with Seth trying to prove to Alex that he is a bad boy, I don\\\'t see the sense in that. She approached him because of the way he is, so why did he had to change his personality?? The Lindsay - Ryan thing was a little more credible, but I can\\\'t see the big deal of it. Ryan isn\\\'t the blood son of Kirsten, and Lindsay is half-sister, besides that they were together before the discovery of all the Nichol family tree. And I don\\\'t need to talk about the situation with Marissa, sincerly I don\\\'t know who is the worst person in this episode, the mother or the daughter. Doing a summary, a good episode, but not in the same level as others that were great.
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  • When he forgets their 20th anniversary Sandy scrambles to make up with Kirsten; Seth sneaks out at night to see Alex; Marissa uses DJ to anger Julie; Lindsay and Ryan keep their romance a secret and Summer tries to take her relationship with Zach to the n

    This episode proves that the lifestyles of the rich and anonymous can be really boring. Even Seth lacks the flair that makes him so entertaining. In the previous episode he misbehaved to catch Alex's attention but this week he just misbehaves. The end of Marissa-DJ finally arrives and not a minute too soon. The fact of the matter is that Marissa is that is always acting out and she is getting tiring.

    Ryan and Lindsay make an attractive couple; they both are outsiders to the Newport elite and seem well matched. The device used to tangle their relationship is their common tie to the Cohen family and if everyone would just step back there is no reason they shouldn't be together. Of course fans of The OC are really waiting for Ryan and Marissa to get back together but that's the underlying conflict that created so much drama last season and that's a place that they won't go back to very soon.

    The meeting between Summer and Zach's mother and sister could have been hilarious but Summer is in reality a minor character so the scene was understated. Summer's habit of entering conversations with her "ah dah" intellect can be amusing and could have been milked for more comedy. When she suddenly begins watching news shows and reading current event magazines to make herself worthy of Zach She is, I guess, showing that she really likes Zach and is not just using him to rile Seth.

    The whole plot device of Sandy forgetting the anniversary was straight out of The Basic Sitcom Plot Handbook and is better suited for I Love Lucy or Ozzie And Harriet than this 21st century teen soap. Kirsten is a working mom and Sandy just finished saving her father from prison not to mention that she could have been implicated and facing charges. If the writers didn't need the conflict Kristen could have dealt with it and settled for the weekend that Sandy managed to arrange at the last minute.

    That said the last 10 minutes of the show where Sandy, Seth, Ryan, Alex and the two police officers arrange the surprise party at "The Bait Shop" was entertaining and the highlight of an otherwise average episode.