The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 19

The Rager

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc its treys 21st birthday and ryan and the gang want to throw him a huge party and julie is talking to a old friend and share with him some old memories that they had and summer and zack are mad at seth and he does not know why and turns out that at the part a body is floating in the pool and the cops show up at the big ranges this was a good ep and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anything lower and i think a 9 is the right score for this one
  • Relationships are always brittle in The O.C.

    This episode is different. Although a clash in relationships have always been the center theme around The O.C., seeing Kirsten trying to demolish a relationship with Carter for her own personal reasons, is really odd, as well as Seth trying to monopolize women by inciting a bad reputation for Zach in front of their new friend Reed. Trey's situaton is always perplexing. When you suspect him of something, he's never in the wrong, but when you don't, he's either steeling a valuable object worth $10 000, or giving the girl he just picked up ecstasy. This episode almost feels like the silence before the storm.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    On Trey's 21st birthday, Marissa, anxious to help Trey and Ryan forge a relationship, throws a birthday party for Trey at the Cooper-Nichol mansion that turns out to be a rumble when one girl nearly drowns from a drug OD. Meanwhile, Seth is left in hot water by both Summer and Zach. Sandy wants to continue his friendship with Carter, leaving a confused Kirsten. Also, a distraught Julie shares some memories with her blackmailer Lance, and in the process learns a few things and gains a few ideas about the future of her marriage to Caleb.

    - Alex
  • A 'lower-class' Newport rager that impesses me highly!

    A 'lower-class' Newport rager that impesses me highly! But even though the 'Rager' was fantastic, the true low key stars of this episode were for me Julie & Lance with their amazing reunitation that didn't anger me one bit. It made me really start to love Julie & realise what type of person she is & she was the best with her past! I just disliked the ending of this episode, I felt it was gay & didn't live up to the rest of the episode! Oh, who am I to complain? At least it's better than the season's first 5 episodes!
  • Trey's Birthday

    After the last fight between brothers Trey moved in Alex's old place.
    When Merissa found out that after few days is going to be Trey's
    birthday, she wanted to throw a party over Nichol's Residence. She told
    about it Ryan.. Who freaked out, when heard about it. Anyway, Seth
    convinced Ryan to go over Trey's and felicitate Trey. When Ryan and
    Seth were in front of Trey'is place they saw Trey leaving with
    suspicious car, so they followed him. They saw Trey giving money to
    some guy and suspected him buying drugs. Next day Ryan rushed into Trey
    and demanded an explanation. Trey told him that he gave 5 bucks to an
    old friend from prison. Ryan was shocked and was sorry. Merissa
    organized that party and brought brothers together. The party went over
    hand and some girl passed out after taking drugs in pool. Cops game and
    wanted to arrest Merissa, but Trey said it was him who gave drugs to
    the girl.

    Julie went over Lance and threatened him with empty gun, she wanted him
    to feel what is like to lose everything within a moment. Lance was
    sorry and apologized in front of her. They met and had a couple of
    drinks and Lance gave her rest of the other tapes. Seth and Zach went
    to a meeting about the comic book. They found out that the guy they had
    to met wasn't really a guy, he was she. Zach was seduced by the woman
    and went out with her to Trey's party.

    Carter and Sandy had a great time together by surfing.. and that they
    met Sandy's friend.. "Some Woman" (don't remember the real name)..
    Sandy and Kirsten arranged a dinner with them. Looked like "The Woman"
    liked Carter.
  • Trey\'s birthday!! Love the party.. And the new character.. Total new turn of events. Marissa and Ryan work together and really well! They are made for each other..

    Brilliant episode.. My personal favourite. Love the party and the entire sequence of events. The new character plays an important role.. In the further episodes.. The entire plot turns around with this episode. Marissa and Ryan work together beautifully! Summer and Seth have a fight and Summer leaves with her other blondy.. Who, by the way, is there with a totaly hottie from the comic book committee! Summer and Marissa look really hot thru out the entire episode.. Jess OD\'s and is left unconscious in the pool! The entire debalce is blamed on \"the owner of the house\". But, Ryan, being the MAN he is, takes the blame and is trown in juvi!
  • Pretty Crappy

    This is one of the worst episode of The O.C. because characters have completely change from Season 1. Seth has become a complete self-absorbed jackass. Then at the end of the episode he goes and get the girl out of the pool is something Seth would not do. Kirsten was the loveable mother in Season 1 but in the episode she annoying and ruining her marriage. So stupid. Then there's annoying characters like Jess and the extremely overused Zach. The only good part about this episode was Julie Cooper storyline.

    Bad Episode for an awful season thankfully it got better in the last three episodes of Season 2.
  • "The Rager" is a birthday party for Trey that gets out of control. Other story lines include Julie who seeks revenge from Lance, Sandy invites Carter to dinner without checking with Kirsten andSeth and Zach go forward with their graphic novel despite Summ

    "The Rager" has all the ingredients of a great episode. The return of Julie Cooper and her confrontation with Lance; an out of control teenage party; Seth blowing it with Summer again; Kirsten's reaction to a new woman in Carter's life and an almost kiss between Marissa and Ryan provide the conflict, titillation and drama that are the usual ingredients of this prime time soap opera.

    Yet once again we were presented an episode that was strong on plot but lacked in it's execution. I have argued over and over again that this series suffers from poorly written dialogue and less than convincing acting. Once again watched as these fatal flaws resulted in a really boring episode.

    Looking for another way to analyze this episode I began by listing plot points and looking for the point where I became disappointed.

    A good start was Julie Cooper pointing a handgun at Lance and pulling the trigger. It was pure soap opera and was particularly effective in the episode trailer. We also learn more about Julie's past when she and Lance get drunk and recall their mutual history.

    You also have to like the twist where Reed turns out to be Marguerite Moreau who was last seen as schoolteacher who slept with one of her male students on the short lived ABC series, "Life As We Know It."

    The unsupervised birthday party, which quickly gets out of control, portrays most parents' worst nightmare. From an intimate gathering of friends it becomes a school wide blowout complete with alcohol, drugs and sex.

    Seth, once again is bullied by a water polo player, a throwback to season one. Josh Swartz must have some history with school bullies who at many high schools are members of athletic teams. But why water polo? Not a glory sport like football or basketball, water polo is a minor sport at most schools. Is water polo being used in a farcical manner to point out the destructive macho behavior of athletes?

    The short but important conversation where Marissa tells Summer "that if something important was happening in Seth's life she'd (Summer) be there for him". This conversation causes Summer to set aside her self-involvement and support Seth's interest in comics.

    A Final positive occurs later when Ryan thanks Marissa "for everything (she did) for Trey" and Marissa tells him that she has had support when no one believed in her.

    On the negative side I still can't get behind the Kirsten/Carter story line. Usually I have said that I can't believe Kirsten being unable to get over her feelings about Rebecca and looking for revenge with Carter. This time I wonder about the portrayal of Carter. This guy isn't someone from who just fell off the turnip truck; he ran an underground magazine at Cal-Berkley for Christ sakes. No matter how devastated he was by his divorce I can't believe Kirsten would be able to manipulate him in such a clumsy manner. But then he is a guy and like most of his gender always ready to do something stupid.

    And speaking of stupid guys, that brings us to Seth. His story line says that he has loved Summer all his life. He was suicidal when Summer was leaving with Zach for Italy but never satisfied he is shown making a fool of himself chasing Reed. I think it is time once again to pray for a final breakup between Seth and Summer. Seth seems incapable of staying happy.

    So with these highlights (and low) why was this episode so boring? As stated the writer failed to provide any snap to the dialogue and the actors failed to convincingly play their part. There is also a tendency in this series to present too many story lines and then cut between scenes.

    It may be that I am too much a fan of Ryan/Marissa but the exception to my comment about acting doesn't apply to Mischa Barton. He role has been upbeat for several weeks and her portrayal is vastly improved over the early season when she was alternating between depressed and angry.

    A nice touch occurs near the end of the episode when Ryan and Marissa start to share that kiss that their fans have been waiting for all season only to be interrupted by the body floating in the pool.

    The ending when Trey's voluntary statement of guilt spared Marissa from being arrested and the use of the girl who lured Trey into a bedroom as the floater made for a nice cliffhanger. It leaves us wondering if Trey will be part of the cast in the long term or if he will go back to prison.
  • A brillant episoide

    Wow, yep it's finally has picked. Anyway this episoide was brillant a lot better then i expected it to be, Still Trey, he seem to residant trouble-maker in this episoide, still it's bit strange that girl was mildly attractive if she came onto me, well i wouldn't say no but as soon as drugs enter the equation i would of backed out, i was hoping he would also, not many ex-con get this type of opportunity to re-form, such a shame . Since we didn't see what happend in that episoide after she and trey entered the room, it's anyone guss. Brillant of writer to keep us gussing, the general direction it's heading was he didn't do it and his taking the fall but he couldn't very well let Marrisa get arrested for it, after all what she did for him so this leads to him being mature guy taking the rap for it for since he's responisable.

    Seth, rule 1: Never try hide another women from your girlfriend, she going to find out, come on i understand why he did that but as soon as Zac brought her to Trey party he should of told summer instead of hide it. Still why to i think seth will just say sorry and it will be the end of that fight.

    Julie, now that's just strange, having a meeting and getting drunk with that guy, yes he did do the right thing but due to her pulling a gun on him which i knew she would of forgotten the bullets, common sense u don't leave a loaded gun lying around. threating to kill Caleb, well for those who knows that isn't going to go as planed. That all i'm saying.

    Kirsten, this is the diffrence between men & women, women don't chase guy there mop around, while guys on the otherhand just go with their heart and see that person. Carter very well know she might have feeling for him, Sandy is really clueless about that. he did suggest it in last episoide but he knows he can trust kirsten.

    can't wait till next week episoide,