The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 14

The Rainy Day Women

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2005 on FOX

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  • Rainy Day Women

    Pretty excellent episode, and not just because everyone looked pretty great soaking wet. Is it just me, or is Seth the destroyer of relationships? Duh, he and Summer are meant to be together or whatever in the world of TV, but he was acting like a selfish jerk by actively trying to sink Summer and Zach's thang. But it worked, and after a failed attempt to woo Summer on his boat, the HMS Gimmie Sex, Summer is reminded of her love for him after spotting an intellectually disabled child playing with a toy horsey. And so then we got the (in)famous Spiderman kiss. Yeah, it was romantic... but also pretty cheesy? Definitely cheesy, and everyone knows the Andrew Garfield Spiderman is faaar superior to the Toby McGuire ones anyways.

    Marissa continues her bid for brattiest teen on TV, telling her mom she's with Alex pretty much just to piss her off. She moves in with Alex, and promptly starts eyeing the door when she finds out she has to *ick* do dishes and take out the trash and pay rent like some kind of peasant. So, that's basically over.

    And hooray! We're finally free of both Rebecca and Lindsay. Rebecca is dispatched fairly unceremoniously; she basically hikes off into the dark rainy roadside wilderness, never to be seen again. Laterz, try not to hitch a ride from a serial killer. But can we just talk about what a B Kirsten was being? Girl, stop making it all about you! Rebecca's a wrongfully accused fugitive trying to clear her name and, oh yeah, her dad died like 10 minutes ago. But sure, definitely accuse Sandy of cheating when he's really just acting like a decent human being. Try it on for size. Oh, and Lindsay went to live in Chicago with her mom. Which unfortunately clears the way for Ryan to pick up the pieces of Marissa's broken lesbian relationship. Bummer.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan is tring to help linsay through the test to see if she is the daughter of calob and seth thinks its over for good with summer since that night and that meltdown he had till she is unable to hide her feeling for him and marrisa moves out of the mansion and goes and lives with alex since she told her mother that alex was her girlfriend this was a shocking ep i htought and it was very intense like the eps before it and it had alot of drama invovled in this one
  • I feel like people are going to hate me for not giving this episode a 9 or higher without even reading this review.

    It seems to me that a lot of people have let the ending of Summer and Seth making out, while ripping out a scene from Spiderman as romantic as it was, completely cover up for the subpar execution and story of the rest of the episode. Most of the stories here, well, weren't very good. Rebbecca's sidesstory is FINALLY over and you think to yourself, did it serve a purpose? Kirsten and Sandy are back to where it was. This whole thing about Rebbecca felt like a filler, an excuse to use up time in the episode. Lindsay's story is a little bit more sad and understandable too. While she always wanted a dad, she can't let her mom down who has always been there with her, and it was pretty sad to see her make the decision to leave to Chicago with her mom.

    And it seems like once again that Marissa has gone way over her head with the whole Alex thing. Julie experimenting when she was younger? Who wouldn't want to see that? Though kind of like the Rebbecca story, except with purpose, it feels like it really isn't going anywhere. It's just making Marissa look more and more like a spoiled brat. As much as Julie deserves it, the last thing she needs is her daughter to turn against her. The pitch of this episode though is all Summer and Seth, and you know what? It was romantic, but the episode could have done a better job of selling Summer's love for Seth. It seemed like a couple hours before "that" that Summer was over Seth. Next thing you know she canceled this HUGE trip to Italy just to be with him. I guess I'm not a girl so I wouldn't understand, but really how large of a role can fate play?
  • Absolutely one of the best!

    Just watch this episode and you'll see how great this show is. Everything was perfect. The writing was so awesome, and this episode closes several storylines. First, Lindsay is really Caleb's daughter, but she still left anyway. Rebecca also left for good, so Sandy and Kirsten are back and finally stopped fighting. Marissa and Alex were really great to watch, especially the one behind Julie's back! Seth and Summer back together was really great, and it was done tastefully. The Spiderman Kiss was one of the most unforgettable moments from the show. Although, I felt a bit sorry for Zach. Overall, a perfect The O.C. episode, and I will surely remember this one for a very long time.
  • The Spiderman kiss is one of the best TV moments of the decade.

    I saw pictures of the kiss and couldn't weait to see the episode and the episode easily became my favourite of the series. It seems the episodes written by Josh are always the best. The musioc in this episode was also a great choice. Another Oasis cover used, it worked so well last time when Wonderwall was covered so and it worked just as well this time. Also it's about time it rained in The OC.

    Another reason to love this episode is because Rebecca and the smart girl are gone, about time. I really didn't like either of them. =] Fantastic Episode. Loved it.

    This must be one of the most perfects episodes ever written, not just in "The OC" but also in the history of teen television! It has drama, comedy and everything you need to make this a perfect episode! And besides, this episode has one of the most awesome moments in the whole show, the spider-man kiss between Seth (who went on the roof to fix his cable TV wearing a Spider-man mask so he wouldn't get wet and ended up hanging upside down) and Summer (who left Zach at the airport to go see Seth). There's also the discovery that Lindsay is, truly, Caleb's daughter (even though she leaves at the end of the episode) and Marissa tells her mother she's a lesbian and moves in with Marissa. These are a few facts that make this episode classic and unforgettable.
  • My season 2 favorite episode and all time sixth favorite OC episode!

    It is great.It seemed it will be great and will change everything and the whole mess that the second season was to date.The rain in the beggining showed us that everything will change with that unpredictable weather event that turned out to be of the most memorable OC episodes and events.
    Everything was so good this episode.Sandy and Kirsten finally showing some love to each other and Rebecca finally leaving.Their scene in front of the bus was flawless and awesome.It was a masterpiece.
    Ryan and lindsay story is finally over too.I was so glad for them to break up and Lindsay leaving giving some potential to the second season to be as good as the first.
    And the show that Set and Summer gave us was simply amazing.Summer leaving zach at the airport and heading to Cohen's house and kissing him while he is with a Spiderman mask.It was for me one of the top five most memorable moments from the show.They finally got together.They are finally again the supercouple Seth and Summer.An episode that showed us the Rain.The unpredected Rain that cleaned the mess before it by pulling Rebecca,Lindsay and Zach's affair with Summer out of the show and giving a whole new potential to the season with that heartbreaking beloved Spiderman kiss.
  • This episode is soooo good, soooooo goooood! It's definitely one of the best and the most romantic of all.

    I think I understand what Summer and Seth are going through in this episode. Well, I don't think I've ever met "The One" but what Summer and Seth have seems to fit the profile. Their love does give me some hope.... My favourite scene is when Summer looks over and sees this little boy playing with a horse at the airport. I mean, come on, that is classic. Sighs, you know, when you meet "The One", you just know, and you can't hide it, no matter how hard you try. I don't know if I would do the same thing as Summer at the airport upon the departure to Italy. That is the moment that changes everything forever. You've got to love someone that much to be able to make such impulsive, significant decision. I am very proud of Summer. Only those who are willing to take such great risk deserve great love.
  • Marissa Tells Her Mum About Her Dating Alex (A Girl), Lindsay Takes A DNA Test To Prove Whether Or Not,She's Caleb's Daughter And Seth Thinks Of A Way To Win Summer Back And Kirsten And Sandy's Marriage Falls Apart.

    Marissa Tells Her Mum That She's Been Dating Alex(A Girl) And Moves Out, Lindsay Takes A DNA Test To See Whether Or Not, She's Caleb's Daughter, And Seth Dresses Up As Spiderman And Hangs Upside Down To Win Summer Back.
    Marissa Being A Lesbian, Wow, Really Didn't Expect That To Happen And When It Did, I Was Like Wow!! Alex And Marissa Are VERY Cute Together, It's SUCH A Shame Marissa Had To Die! :( Marissa Also Moves In With Alex Because She Can No Longer Stand Being Around Her Mum.
    Seth Decides To Dress Up As Spiderman To Win Back Summer And Was Hanging Upside Down, When Summer Kissed Him.
    Lindsay Decides To Take A DNA Test,To See Whether She Really Is Caleb's Child And Kirsten & Sanford's Marriage Is Starting To Crack Due To The Case That Sandy's Working On, Involving Rebecca Bloom, A Old Sweetheart Of Sandy's.
    A Excellent Episode, I Loved It A Lot! :)
  • In this great O.C. installment Summer and Seth get back together, Marissa tells Julie she is dating Alex(a girl), Lindsay finds out Caleb is her father and might leave because of it to Ryan's dismay, and Sandy and Kirsten's marriage may not survive.

    This was such a great episode and I loved the spiderman type kiss with Seth and Summer. I also loved it when Marissa told her mom she is a lesbian because did you see the look on Julie Cooper-Nichol's face. I really liked the song at the end "Champagne Supernova". It was also raining in Newport which is not really normal for the show. Sandy and Kirdten's marriage lasted which is a great thing but not a total shock. The part that I mostly loved was the spiderman kiss at the end when Seth is hanging upside down like what happened in spiderman.
  • This is one of my all time favorite The O.C. epsidoes.

    I love this episode everything about it is perfect. THe music and timing and fact that it finally was raining it all came together to make the greatest episode ever, well one of the greatest. This episode is one where everything changes, Rebecca leaves, Lindsay leaves, Marissa moves out, and Summer comes back. I dont even know how to describe the great aspects of the episode. One of my favorite parts was when Summer sees the little boy who looks like Seth playing with a plastic horse or when Seth does his CAptain Oats voice. It was kind of bittersweet because I likeed Lindsay and she had to leave but then with Ryan standing in the rain and Marissa satnding with him, how could you not love that? And of course the SPIDERMAN kiss was nothing less than amazingly perfect. And this episod elike all others had its funny parts, the gimme sex, when Ryan and Seth wouldnt go out in the rain, and the "friendly neighborhood Seth Cohen." Basically PERFECT.
  • Lindsay decides to take the DNA test. Sandy is still helping out Rebecca, and Kirsten is getting more and more upset. Seth and Summer's relationship is restored. And Marissa moves in with Alex, and she tells her mom that Alex is her girlfriend.

    This is one of my all time favorite OC episodes. I like it because it has some funny and serious parts in it. Like when Seth keeps saying EUREKA! and also at the beginning of the episode when it is raining and Seth and Ryan have to talk on the phone because neither of them will go out in it. lol i thought that was hilarious. When Sandy kept talking to Rebecca, i dont know, but im glad she is gone and Sandy didn't have fallen for her and messed up his relationship with Kirsten. I just wish that Kirsten would stop being so sad and drinking because she is one of my favorite characters. Also when Summer is at the airport with Zach and his family was all mean to her, thinking that she was dumb, i just didnt like that. And when she seen that little boy that looked like Seth I was so happy because I knew that she was going to go back to him. And lastly and most importantly THE SPIDERMAN KISS!! I loved that, it was soo perfect.
  • Summer is about to go to Europe when she finally realizes that she wants to be with Seth. Seth goes over to Alex's house and sees Marissa there right out of bed. Seth and Summer share a very romantic spider man kiss

    I absolutely love this episode. I am so happy that Seth and Summer have finally gotten abck together. I have always wanted them to stay together. The way they did the spider man kiss was so adorable and fits perefectly because Seth is so into comics. Marissa finally tells Julie about her and Alex and she freaks out and insists that she is just experimenting. Seth goes over to Alex's room and what does he find? Marissa wearing next to nothing asking if Alex was going to be coming back to bed. Overall this episode is one of my favorites and i am sooo happy that Seth and SUmmer are back together.
  • Just loved it!

    Was this episode AMAZING or what i just felt wow when i was watching it. I missed this episode on tv so when i watched it on dvd i was amazed because i missed out on the 2nd best episode in the 2nd season. This episode is sad for rebecca and lindsey but i was glad that they both left because it was time for their stories to rap up and to start a new one which they did. This episode is what saved season 2 from being worse then season 1. from now the story is better then season 1s which cancels out the average first half story of season 2.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    During a rainy day in Newport, Lindsay decides to take the DNA test and makes a difficult choice regarding her life with Caleb while Ryan helps her through it. Elsewhere, Sandy still wants to help Rebecca with her case and tries to convince her not to run again. But he ends up running with her and ends up stranded for the night in a run-down motel. Kirsten is still upset and confides in Julie about her problems and wishes her marriage would go back to normal and for Rebecca's case to be over with. Meanwhile, Seth thinks he's lost Summer forever until Summer is unable to hide from her feelings once and for all, when she considers leaving Newport with Zach for a trip to Europe. Marissa moves out of the Cooper-Nichol mansion and moves in with Alex after she tells her mother about Alex being her girlfriend.

    - Alex
  • a little cheesey

    i did not like the story line with seth, summer, and zach. it was too played out. i think if it was real life, summer would not have picked seth over zacha and a trip to italy. i mean its romantic. but the spiderman thing, well it should be left for the spiderman movies. i like alex and marissa's story line. and i thought it was funny when they were making out behind julie. sneaky. but i felt like marissa seemed to like alex more in the episode right before that and then all of a sudden she might have a hidden agenda? kind of lame.
  • Plot contrivances lead Seth and Summer back together, Lindsay leaves despite the positive paternity test, the Summer Breeze is desecrated, but at least there were lesbians.

    Not much I loved in this episode, Marissa and Alex were cute, but beyond that, I was disappointed.

    I only wish the low point of the episode was seeing Seth show up at Summer's house with his Spiderman mask on. Although they weren't together and Summer was supposed to be jetting off to romantic Italy with Zach, it was obvious that it was only a matter of time before Seth was hanging upside down in the rain so Summer could peel off the bottom of his mask and kiss him.

    Like I said, the episode managed to get even worse. In the airport, Summer sees a little boy and is inspired to abandon Zach at the airport (not to mention her promise to be a bridesmaid in his sister's wedding). The little boy has a dark, curly jew-fro and is playing with a platic toy horse... and having it prance around on comic books. Wow. I mean, a little boy with a toy horse? Maybe barely believable, but a little boy playing with a toy horse using comic books as a pasture? Come on, that was overboard.
  • This is my favorite episode from Sesaon 2. It was funny but had the romantic feel to it that every couple should see.

    Oh this episode is the reason The OC is my favorite show!!!! It never rains in southern California my ass!!! I was happy when they picked "End Of The Road" for this episode. I really like that song a lot. I remember the first time I saw it was actually raining that night here in Delaware too!!! It was just wonderful to see Seth and Summer get back together. And in the strangest way too. I was laughing when Seth fell off that ledge because I knew it would happen. But to see Summer kiss him that was beautiful. Everyone in that episode was looking for something. And the fact that was the couple that you thought would never get back together or be friends again. It was wonderful to see.
  • The Rainy Day Women is the 2nd best episode in season 2. It delivers laughs romance and tears its the perfect end to lindsay and rebeccas story.

    This episode was pure excellence. SO much happened in it to make it one of the best oc episodes ever. It was probably the most original episode of the oc and Seth and Summer finally got back together after about 13 or 14 episodes after Seth left newport. do not miss this episode because if you do you will miss out on a lot of stuff that happens in this episode so watch the entire 2nd season trust me you will not regret it youve all watched season 1 there a lot more twists to come trust me you havent seen nufin yet.
  • Season 2 at it's absolute highest quality!

    Season 2 at it's absolute highest quality! The only little insy teeny weeny little bit I didn't like about this episode was that Lindsay left, the Marissa / Alex storyline was hilarious, the Julie storyline was superb, the Sandy / Kirsten / Caleb storyline was sweet & touching, the Seth / Summer reunion was perfect & the way Zach / Summer broke up was very touching, oh & not to mention rain in Orange County! The 3rd best season 2 episode & the 4th best ever!! High quality OC people, high quality OC!
  • An amazing episode!

    I loved this episode! While Zach wasn't as bad as other love interests of the Core 4, he was still keeping Seth and Summer apart, and I can't like anyone who does that. I was so thrilled to see them get back together, in the way that they did. I think Rachel Bilson was incredible in this episode and made it very apparant that she is growing every episode as an actress. The look she gave when she saw the little boy with the horse was priceless. The upside down kiss in the rain is definately one of my favorite moments of the entire series! It was so sweet!

    While I wasn't a huge fan of the Marissa/Alex relationship, I thought it was hilarious when Marissa told Julie that Alex was her girlfriend, and not just a friend that was a girl. Mischa and Melinda were both really funny in that scene. I was so glad to see the horrid, unbearably boring Rebecca storyline end! I was also glad to see Lindsay, and Zach leave, so they Fab 4 could become fab again.
  • The Best Episode from Season 2!

    Come on! This episode had many great Seth and Summer moments, and I love it just for that. Seth embarks on a mission to get Summer back before she leaves to Italy with Zach. The episode had Seth in a Spider-man mask just because he said he looked funny in hats. The whole Seth and Summer montage with them both listening to Boyz II Men simultaneouly was hilarious. He even attempted to get the Summer Breeze back, but then finds out it was transformed into the Gimme Sex! This episode also marked Seth and Summer getting back together with the sweet Spider-man scene at the end. Hence, the irony of Seth wearing the Spider-man mask.
  • One of the best episodes of the series. It was funny and had drama, but nothing real heavy. And the ending is one of the most memorable moments of The O.C.

    I absolutly loved this episode. It had the perfect blend of everything. And the characters were also very well-written. Marissa was the only one that was kinda annoying, but she got better at the end when she was comforting Ryan. Sandy and Kirstin scenes were great. I was sooo happy that they got back together and Rebecca finally left! I loved when Kirstin asked him if it was over, and he told her that it never started (good answer). Julie was funny. But of course, Seth and Summer were AMAZING! The Spiderman kiss at the end was sooo cute. This episode was like the start of all the main characters getting back together, finally!
  • D*mn Reason Why This Show Deserves All Its Positive Feedback!!

    This episode is the ultimate episode of The OC for me. This has everything in it. All the twists and turns and the pivotal kiss under the rain by Seth and Summer. My favorite couple of all time. They are the reason I believe in the whole geeks-get-the-girls-too belief. This is the best episode made for TV!!

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  • This is mi favourite episode of The OC evver..i am obsessed completely with The OC, n Spideyman. Having both of those things in an episode..was wel WOW. This episode was so good, ive watchd it so many times, n it never gets old..The OC never does!

    This episode is when Summer realizes her tru feelings about Seth. N the ending sequence with them dooing the famous Spideyman kiss was amazing. I luv the song, n the whole mood. I loved when she was at the airport n sees "little cohen" that was a reli sweet moment. I loved how it was a rainy day episode. Everytime it rains, i watch this episode, every time! This episode is amazingly good..its mi favourite episode of The OC!!!
  • Another episode in season 2 o.c!

    This is one of my fav episodes! When i saw the rain i laughed its the first time we've saw rain in the o.c and the way they all acted towards it was funny! ryan or seth wouldnt even run across the garden to each other! When seth went to summers house with that spiderman mask was so funny i couldnt believe he didnt own an umberlla or coat well it is the o.c! i really thought it was the end of setha nd summer when she went to the airport! but then when she saw that little boy it was so sad and she went back to seth i was so happy they belong together and when they done the spiderman kiss it was the prefect episode!
  • Many clever things.

    Use of language was clever and one commented goof was not so: Used to be ex-girlfriend is Kirsten implying that there marriage is in danger because she fears that Rebecca may not be an Ex-Girlfriend anymore and maybe is becoming Sandy's "Girlfriend" once more. A few other things, an interesting start with the rain which is unexpected and also only when you see it rain do you think back as to how strange it is that it has never rained previously. Josh Schwartz cleverly uses this episode to tackle a problem of endless perfect weather which moves the show to being more fictitional and cleverly uses the elements to develop the episode in Sandy coming homw and couples getting together for example Ryan and Lindsey
  • This episode Summer goes to the airport with Zach to go to Italy, But she soon realizes that she should be with Seth. She runs bak to Seths and he is somehow hanging upside down in a spiderman mask in the rain. They kiss, and it is just like spiderman!

    This is one of my all-time favourite O.C. episodes. This is partially because Seth and Summer are my favourite couple of the show. I mean they are always a couple, even when they arent together, like Zach has said in the past. They are just like to magnets, no matter what they do they find eachother again. Summer knew for a long time that it was fate that her and \\\"Cohen\\\" were meant to be together, but she didnt want to face their relationship again because of the things Seth had done to her in the past.(Sailing away). But when she is at the airport she sees this adorable little boy that looks exactly like Seth reading a comic book, and of course playing with a toy horse. At that moment she relizes that she cant live without him, and that she cant deny her feelings any longer. It is just such a special episode, because after so long of being apart, Seth and Summer reunite.
  • One of the best five episodes ever on The O.C.

    What can I say about this amazing episode.
    Well, for start, it had (finally), the getting back together of Seth (played by star Adam Brody) and Summer (the hottie star Rachel Bilson). They had been together in the first season, but there was a third party, Anna Stern (played by guest star Samaire Armstrong). Anna-Seth-Summer worked really well in the first season, and that\'s one of the reasons why she returned in the third season, since the fans loved her so much. This season, the third party is Zach (played by guest star Michael Cassidy). Zach is an Orange County native, who plays waterpolo but likes comics, and is very bright. Summer and Zach have been together pretty much since this season started and they, along with Seth, are the heart of this season.
    Also, in this episode, we had the farewell of Linsay Gardner (guest star Shannon Lucio), Caleb\'s (star Alan Dale) ilegitimat daughter and Ryan\'s (star Ben McKenzie) girlfried. She was a nice character, much like Anna, sweet that everybody liked. Fans are still hopping that she might return, someday. With Lindsay farewell, we see that Ryan ain\'t the same Chino kid that he was when he joined this crazy seaside community, almost two years ago. He really evolved, getting to know himself so that he could learn how to know others.
    As for Marissa (star Mischa Barton), she told her mother that she was in to girls, saying the hot Alex (guest star Olivia Wilde) was her girlfriend. Julie (star Melinda Clarke), didn\'t took it very well but at the end of the episode, she admits that she too passed throw a lesbian phase. And that was super hot.
    Also Sandy (star Peter Gallagher)and Kirsten (star Kelly Rowan) finaly got rid of the booring Rebecca (played by the booring special guest star Kim Delaney).
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