The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 21

The Return of the Nana

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 05, 2005 on FOX

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  • Spring Break Sh*tshow

    Uggghhh. This episode. There were some funny bits, but the problem was just how obvious the writers were with their machinations. 'The characters are getting too complacent, we need drama, hmmm. I know, we'll break up Summer and Seth for the billionth time! And the reason will be... MTV Spring Break whipped cream contest! Totes plausible!' And what really sucks is now we have to watch Seth mope and pine some more before he wins Summer back. Because you know it's going to happen.

    Let's not even with Trey. I do give the show props for showing what ended up being a very serious, realistic attempted rape scene. What sucked was steps A, B, and C that led up to that. The whole thing was so random and seemingly out of character- and coke doesn't turn a person into a rapist, so I guess Trey was a would-be-rapist in sheep's clothing the whole time- that it was clearly just an excuse to stir up sh*t between Trey and Ryan and pave Trey's way off the show. I guess the happy bros plotline was too stagnant for the writers, but why they decided to go the rapist route is beyond me.

    So that was annoying. Now, onto the good parts! There were a few good parts. The bible study guys were great. Old Man Seth was great. I liked Sandy cheerfully threatening his mom's fiance, and their conversation at the end was sweet. I hope we get more of the Nana in the future! And OMG Kirsten kissed Billy Campbell (who, btw, looks a lot like Garret Dillahunt's serial killer on Deadwood with that beard), except oh wait, I don't really care. This lady has been tip-toeing around infidelity and alcoholism for two seasons and I'm finding it really hard to work up the energy to give a dang. Oh no Kirsten... don't... Hey, how likely is it that she and Sandy get divorced by the end of the show? Not at all? Ok :(

    Onto the next and surely better episode!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan and sandy and seth go to miami and they go and see the nana and thing is she is getting married and sandy thinks the guy is bad and he gets scared away but while down there its spring break and seth gets shown on tv while there and summer finds out about that and summer is with zack for a home cooked meal but realizes she does not know anything about politics and kirsten is at home and to deal with her feelings for the magizne guy this was a good ep i thought and very interesting
  • Coke, wine, gnoochi, whip cream, and bible study bozos, nothing good ever happens when Seth, Sandy, and Ryan are on vacation.

    Well, what is there to say? It feels like all of life's worst moments besides murder was wrapped up all in one episode. Sexual assault, borderline adultery, sketchy engagements, getting whip cream showered all over you by bible study university students of all people, The Notebook, boxing while playing Eye of the Tiger, I mean damn so much happened in one episode that it was hard to recall with everything that happened. At the same time with all of this drama and conflict, this episode should have been better than it was, but that was also the problem. TOO much drama, every single story in here was about a conflict and drama. Half of the stories should have been comic relief or something, because it gets a little too depressing when nothing but bad is happening all around you.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Sandy, Seth and Ryan travel to Miami, Florida to visit Sandy's mother, the Nana, after she tells Sandy she is getting married to a much younger man. Back in Newport, Kirsten, unable go to Miami with Sandy because of work, is left on her own to deal with her feelings for Carter. Trey misinterprets Marissa's friendship as a sexual advance. Also, Zach invites Summer to a home-cooked dinner at his house.

    - Alex
  • Although fun & fantastic, it could have been a thousand times better, basically a less quality version of The Strip.

    Although fun & fantastic, it could have been a thousand times better, basically a less quality version of The Strip. And although I love them I am really quite tired of 'special fun episodes' like The Risky Business was phenomenal, The O.C. Confidential was fantastic but risky & this was just tiring & completely off-track not in a good way like The L.A. either! Although the reason for not getting a 8.2 was simply the Summer / Seth / Zach development which was while repetive, original & hilarious! The nana storyline was ok, but left me confused & disappointed with how it ended.
  • Fu**ing Trey

    god.. i hate him.. how could he do this to Merissa?.. like.. i thought Trey and Jess were just doing it.. u know.. but.. when they were doing it they were high?.. moranes... like he\'s here.. thanks to Merissa.. and now this?.. Merissa and Ryan were just getting along.. we\'ll see what happens.. Nana and some guy?.. i was like shoked.. and getting married?.. hoped it\'s not gonna happen.. thank god Sandy went over
    Seth is totally screwed.. like its kind of the worst thing.. to see your boyfriend is licking some girls body and then.. god.. looks like Seth and Summer are done for this time.. and Summer and Zach is trying again..
  • wow

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  • Sandy, Ryan and Seth travel to South Florida to visit Nana who has decided to remarry while Kirsten stays in Newport and uses the opportunity to flirt with Carter. Marissa hangs out with Trey and Zach cooks for Summer. This seemingly serene setup belies t

    The OC has from the beginning enjoyed making fun of itself, it's genre and other pop culture icons. In this episode "Music Video Nation's" Spring Break 2005 is spoofing MTV's annual beach party and includes an appearance by Pixie from "Sherman Oaks The Real Valley" a faux reality show spoofing a faux TV teen drama.

    Written by series creator Josh Schwartz this episode features vintage Seth behavior and dialogue, a pleasant diversion from recent episodes. Separating the characters from their usual pairings the story line allows the characters to indulge in changed and in some cases improved behavior.

    Kirsten allowed the freedom to pursue her desire for a romantic evening with Carter spins her web but begins to back out blowing out the dinning table candles as Carter arrives. Carter who has similar desires backs away commenting on Kirsten's state of inebriation but later is given a green light and shares a passionate kiss which promised much more but Kirsten sobered by food and time wishes him luck and much like Sandy did with Rebecca sends her potential lover away.

    Summer who is far more assertive and self assured in this episode opens the episode with a reference academy award winning film "Million Dollar Baby" as she is punches a heavy bag in an attempt to rid herself of pent up rage. She tells Seth that she needs a timeout in their relationship and in effect blesses his trip to visit The Nana. She reverts to form however. When she sees Seth licking whipped cream off of Mary Sue's body she gives Zach an emotionally charged kiss.

    Zach, who told Summer that she and Seth are destined to be together when she left him at the airport, again displays that he hasn't given up on Summer. In the last episode he talked Seth into going to the "notes meeting" and "launch party" for the graphic novel and when Summer became angry with Seth he took the opportunity on engender himself to Summer by driving her home. This week he invites her to a home cooked dinner and when Summer is enraged by Seth's participation in the whipped cream contest gratefully accepts her kiss.

    Marissa naively offers to "hang out with Trey. Downing "shots" of tequila she begins to feel the effects of the liquor and suggests a walk in the fresh air to clear her head. She assumes that Trey will respect her relationship with Ryan and when Trey begins to force himself on her she only escapes by clubbing him in the head with a piece of firewood. Mischa Barton plays both aspects of this part with skill and dignity. Her performance is one of the highlights this episode.

    Trey reverts to type in this episode. He was a street punk in Chino and spent eighteen months in state prison. Taken in by Sandy Cohen his behavior changed. However, hanging out with a "coke whore" like Jess he reverted to type and he attempted to force her attentions on (read that rape) his brother's girlfriend. Is this a device to cause him to leave Newport of just another barrier placed in the road of the Ryan/Marissa romance?

    Revisiting "The Nana" was the highlight of the hour. Has the hard-bitten "Jewish mother" of last year's episode "The Nana" been softened by cancer treatments or her new love? She not only softened her digs at her Gentile daughter-in-law and only mentioned once the lack of attention from her son. Linda Lavin who first came to the attention of television audiences as Roda on the Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 1970's is a delight in a role that Josh Swartz has defined as brilliantly as he defines Seth.

    I consider this episode among the best since the Chrismukkah episode. It provided an exit for Carter and leaves the three main relationships in shambles.

  • A fun episode, even for folks who don't normally watch the show!

    I've caught some of the 'summer season' of this well-recieved show. This one caught be by surprise- I found myself loving the whole goofy group!

    You take fish out of their usual fishbowl, you can get great stories, if you give those fish another cool bowl to be put into. With the Nana, we get a groovetastic bowl, indeed!

    Seth, acting(?) and interacting with the retirement village's denizens is a hoot! Sandy's "Now I'm scared" is great too.

    The Nana's marriage to a younger man is a bittersweet story, as long as you keep in mind Sandy is the character revealed in this story. Linda lavin's Nana is a great dame and I'd think twice about double-crossing her. Sandy is for the fools who don't. His conversation with his 'dad'-to-be is funny and sad.

    The boys getting into wacky hijinx is fun because Adam Brody does comedy so well. The whole FakeMTV goofiness attests to that. From the moment Summer mentions it- and his honest protests to the contrary- poor Seth was doomed to let his gal down. The gnocchi scenes are very funny due to Rachel Bilson being able to bring a believable honked-off disbelief for Summer and any gal understands revenge kissing.

    As to the Marissa/Trey scenes? Just say no to drugs and your brother's girl, even if they're 'on a break'. As to another reviewer, I saw uneasiness on Marissa's part, especially after bringing a very 'girly' film to watch with Ryan's ex-con brother. (Not to say all ex-cons can't appreciate The Notebook!) Regardless, the guy lost his mind and attempted a felony. No sympathy for a guy who can't take 'no' reasonably.

    So, if you get a chance, or are trying to choose between episodes to rewatch? You can never go wrong with The Nana!
  • Ryan,seth and Sandy go miami and as per usual boys get into trouble.:roll:

    Wow, what an episoide, let start with Nana, was that the same nana as S1?, if so she look a bit different, i don't blame Sandy for trying to protect his mother, anyone of us would do the same. it's such a shame he was after her money and doesn't love her, i really hate guys that do that, mind u women are just as bad, i'm gussing neither gender are to blame for that.

    Seth, u just knew as soon as Summer mentioned spring-break u just knew something like that would happend, Mary-Sue, why is it girls always end guys in trouble, who remember prostitue in Las Vagas, come on writer , re-using an old episoide idea. Still i like Miami, one of my favourite song Will Smith 'Miami' love that song. Summer boxing, that was funny but Zac for a smart guy, he did most stupid thing approach someone who's boxing from behind. Summer, she wanted a break so why get jealous and kiss Zac?.

    Marrisa was clearly leading Trey on but still doesn't excuse what he did, why do women never understand if ur nice to a guy, it means ur intrested but also that girl in his bedroom causes his thoughts to wonder, she said u will never get her. Still i don't why he would want to ruin it, that guy has second chance at better life, kinda of guss Ryan going to kill him. For once i actually felt bad for Marrisa, she has tough decision to make, i do hope she does the right thing but it won't be easy.