The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 18

The Risky Business

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc sandy is being incontroled of aution a benift for the community and so there is a rare egg from the movie that was famous and try sees it and he steals it to get money to lie to ryan to prove he has changed ryan finds out and the gang goes looking for it and realizes that he has not changed at all this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and that is why i gave the show 9 instead of anyting lower and that is why i think it deseves a 9
  • A huge step-up from the previous episode.

    There was more humour in the opening scene of this episode than there was in the entirety of the last episode combined, and the storylines here were a lot more interesting, better executed, and more engaging. The story with Tray heated up; his time spent in jail is catching up to him in life and has failed a background check on a job once again. He needed money fast and went back to his old ways. The whole race against time sequence with Seth and Ryan getting back the stolen egg kept you on edge and it was fun seeing how Summer and Marissa would delay time. Although it's likely we'll never see Tray again, his story was well executed and it was great. The other major one, which is the relationships between Summer, Seth, and Zach, wasn't as interesting, but it was better than what it showed last episode. Zach raised a good point about allowing a girl to ruin Seth's dreams, will be interesting to see how this situation gets resolved.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Sandy reluctantly agrees with Kirsten to serve as host/auctioneer at yet another OC benefit. Meanwhile, Trey lies to Ryan to prove that he can be self-dependent when he steals one auction exhibit leading Ryan and Seth on a mission to recover it before anyone finds out. Carter reinvigorates Seth and Zach's comic book dream, much to the annoyance of Summer. Also, Marissa moves in with the Cohens, unwilling to stand anymore of living with Julie or Caleb.

    - Alex
  • A non back-yard action.

    I was watching this episode and couldn't help to look at Trey and think "god, why all the sexy guys are only at tv/the oc" but the anyway i concentrate in the show. Well now, parts i like of this episode are: When Seth catches the egg, when Sandy start to bossing around the "Newpsie", when Summer teased Marissa of her pijama and how at the end Ryan gives Marissa his coat it was so sweet :D

    Now i wonder another thing, Ryan and Seth could have gone with the egg and the money. Why Ryan give the money to the guys. If they have keept the money Marissa wouldn't have give Trey the money, so Trey shouldn't be in debt with Marissa but with Ryan.
  • When Trey appears back in Ryan`s lfe we think disaster is near. Even though at first he seems to behave,our initial thoughts get confirmed when he steals an important piece of the OC "Pseudo Charity Non Yard Sale"

    Great! Absolutely wonderful... as I said, the reason why I watch The OC! I must confess that I haven`t quite liked the second season, actually i haven`t liked it at all, but this episode is great, wonderful, it`s just like the old first season episodes where you can actually see the OC lifestyle, and of course the Marissa- Ryan thing.
    It made me remember the first season episode The Debut
    I loved the Sandy Cohen quote \"Pseudo Charity Non Yard Sale\" it made me laugh 4 hours and it`s so him.
    The best parts for me where Trey and Zach being bought in the auction and of course when Summer offers her shoe LOL!
    I want more episodes like this!
  • The return of the newpsies = The O.C. back to it's Season 1 state in this deliciously entertaining episode!

    The return of the newpsies = The O.C. back to it's Season 1 state in this deliciously entertaining episode! In a weird kind of way it reminds me of Season 1's The L.A., I don't know why I think because it was a filler episode that goes where no O.C. episode has gone before, it's classic though! It's one of those episodes that will either be a series classic or a major jump-the-shark! And it was a series classic! It started a new daring 'Risky Business' related storyline while contuing on with the Trey & the Kirsten / Carter storyline. The auction was so hilarious & fun!
  • The OC livestyle re-appearing in this cool episode.

    Clearly one of this season best episodes, revolving on an OC aucting benefit. After the big schandall in the last episode, Julie and Caleb go away for a week, and Kirsten invites Marissa to stay with them for the week. The sexual tension (as Seth well called it) really worked between Ryan and Marissa, and they were clearly"getting on", when Julie returned sooner, but hey, they'll have a lot of time to get it on later. Recurrent characters Zach and Carter were great in this episode, both not to forced (okay maybe a little) , but great. The return of the comics was good and most important of all, realistic because that's something that Seth and Zach really love. Sandy is asked by Kirsten to host the auction, and thinking that the only job he would have in the auction was saying: Going Once, going twice, sold for 25.000 dollars for the men that ownes half California. Seeing a weird side of Sandy in this episode was ... really weird. Kirsten had a great story in this episode, although small it was really natural. To finish, I really liked when Seth and Ryan ran away to get back the prop from Cruise's movie. Summer was also great in this episode, especially in the auction selling even her shoes in order to help the boys getting back and recover the egg.
  • From the opening scene with Trey, Ryan, Sandy and Seth discussing their favorite action hero movie stars to the conclusion where Marissa and Ryan sit together by the Cohen pool this was a uniquely OC story.

    Writing and Acting. THE O.C. is just one of a multitude of teen/young adult dramas which have filled the airwaves over the past 10-15 years. All have their own gimmicks but one unifying factor is a couple (or two) that you want to see get together. Some of these shows disappeared almost as fast as they appeared. The personalities differ and the story lines vary but the shows, which endure, have two common elements solid writing and intelligent acting from the regular and guest cast. THE O.C. has been renewed for a third season. Unlike other successful shows it lacks consistent writing and many of the actors lack experience, which shows as they mumble their lines, or deliver them without conviction.

    The truest test for acting ability is simple. Do you believe his or her performance? In the case of THE O.C. Peter Gallagher and Melinda Clark both display their talent and experience. Adam Brody while relatively inexperienced plays a part that seems written for his personality. The veteran Alan Dale seldom is stretched by his role as Caleb and Kelly Rowan's Kirsten has lately been unconvincing. Rachel Bilson and Benjamin McKenzie are both inexperienced and many times unbelievable.

    That leaves Mischa Barton who has become more believable as Marissa Cooper in recent episodes. An experienced child actor Mischa has grown in her role since the writers quit writing her as a victim and allowed Marissa to assert herself. This episode Julie and Caleb were out of town and the story line revolved around Marissa. Staying with the Cohens placed her in close contact with the love of her life, Ryan, yet she didn't throw herself at him or act out. Instead she supported Trey's need to find his own apartment, searched her stepfather's basement for something valuable enough to auction off and net enough to cover Trey's damage deposit and enlisted Summer to help delay the auction while Ryan and Seth retrieved the crystal egg. In the end she seems to accept that she and Ryan need to become friends before they resume their romance. For a high school junior this is a very adult decision.

    "The Risky Business" is another step upward for THE O.C. from the depths of "The Rainy Day Women" episode. There are still the overtones of a Kirsten/Carter dalliance, which I have continually railed against as too much against character, but one guesses that the writer's have tired of leaving all the bad behavior for Julie. Speaking of the Newport bad girl, her absence from was for once not missed. Previews of next week's episode portend a large role for our favorite tart so letting us rest up and anticipate her return is nice dramatic scene setting. Still THE O.C. is best when the drama centers around the teen characters so we can guess who will fracture first, Seth and Summer or Ryan and Marissa.
  • getting better

    well i thought this was an intresting episoide, i mean seth catching that egg , i actually thought he would of dropped it. Marrisa moving into cohen house and by end julie back, that's poor writing from the writer, i mean if the only reason they did was make Ryan and Marrisa some touchy moment i ain't impressed. at least have them living in the Cohen pool-house for 2-3 episoide that would been intresting. trey stealing the egg, who saw that a mile away still having Seth almost knocking it was amusing

    Kirsten doesn't want sandy be friendly with him, i feel for Sandy i mean since jimmy left he doesn't have a male friend , poor sandy . well hope they work it out
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