The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 17

The Rivals

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2004 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan is still looking into oliver and olvier final makes his plan offical to him and he goes back to old ways dealing with things himself by punching olvier in the fac constitly and no one can see what olvier is doing except ryan ands luke and jimmy does not know if he is ready to sign the papers to the restrunt and sandy is ready and is tring to get jimmy to sign this was a good ep i thougth it had alot of excitement in it and that is why i gave it a 9
  • Looks like Ryan found a new punching bag.

    The colours come out, and the sad thing is that it is Ryan who set himself up in the trap for sticking in his nose further than he should be. The whole Oliver Trask situation just gotten way over its head, and the sad reality for Ryan is that it was a one sided relationship between Marissa and Oliver; if he stayed cool, Oliver would have imploded, and things would have went to normal. What the episode really did a great job of is really hating this Oliver Trask guy. The emotional hate was just creeping up on you every time you saw Marissa and Oliver together. It's crazy and it's just a testament to how well the acting was in this episode. Ryan who I never was that very fond of as an actor really outdid himself here.

    And of course it wouldn't be an episode of The O.C. if it wasn't for the witty writing and comedy. The whole concept of Danny was just so terrible it was funny. And that scene with Kirsten having to accept Julie Cooper as her new business partner was also a good little laugh.
  • Things are getting crazy in Orange County.

    Wow. What a great episode. Lots of things going on at once and enough to keep me watching in anticipation of what would happen next.

    Sandy and Jimmy bought a restaurant together after a bunch of hemming and hawing on Jimmy's part, due to him worrying about failing Sandy and supporting his kids. This could be a very good thing for both of them and I see it succeeding. They've got smarts, those two!

    Julie wanted a chance to design one of the model homes, seeing a job opportunity. She convinced Kirsten to let her take a shot at it and when it looked like she might fail miserably, Caleb actually tells them he loves it and she's got herself a job. No one is more shocked than Kirsten. These two strong willed (and opinionated) women working together? It's almost laughable. I like them both, though, so I can't wait to see what happens!

    Seth and Anna have this funny thing going on about eating the same things and wot-not and it was amusing as usual to see Seth freaking out about their likenesses. He actually had her changing her mind about some of the things she would normally choose to eat and drink. How sweet is that? She's such a good girlfriend for him. Summer's remark on the previous episode about them being so much alike they could be brother and sister really has these two kids questioning everything about their relationship and their choices. It's funny, but I don't want it to cause problems.

    Summer's new beau was weird. I saw the whole thing as trying to make Seth jealous and it sorta did, in a way. Then when he heard about her telling Danny that he (Seth) was the funniest guy she'd ever met had Seth practically doing cartwheels. Then when he consoles her the next day, well that was cute. But again, it's too soon for Anna to get kicked to the curb! I smell trouble!

    Let me just say that Oliver has done a frightfully wonderful job of making Ryan look scary and crazy all at the same time. This whole thing with him is going very bad very fast and I can only imagine where it's going to end. Marissa being involved in the whole thing can't be good with what she's recently been through. And poor Ryan, being so genuinely concerned for Marissa's safety and nobody believing him or at least looking more deeply into the matter is just terrible. I absolutely cannot stand Oliver. He can leave the show now. Exit stage right, please. Then Ryan can breathe easier. And I can, too!
  • Ryan is back to old habits, Oliver is even more of a creep, Summer has a "big boyfriend", Seth wonders if Anna is the female him, and Marissa is just being Marissa.

    So, I like this episode for a lot of reasons. First, I just found it funny, but then I found it just heartbreaking for Ryan and Marissa. First I cannot get over Summer's boyfriend Danny, he was hilarious, and I loved the scene when Seth and Danny were hanging out and Danny asked Seth to be less funny because Summer says he is the funniest guy ever! It just showed how much Summer wants to be with Seth. I love how Ryan loves Marissa so much he wants to protect her, but seriously even Luke sees how weird Oliver is. I think Marissa was being really ignorant. But I still love her. Now to the good stuff, my favorite scenes in this episode was the Seth and Summer scene where he tells her sorry she was breaking up with Danny. Seth and Danny scene, and when Sandy says, " Hi I'm Sandy." and Danny says "Go take a shower." LOL! But all in all this episode for me was very well written.
  • This was a very hard episode to watch, it's one of those episodes that shows you that life isn't always perfect.

    Oliver transfers to Harbour, what a surprise, and this means trouble for Ryan. I really want to like Oliver, and to forgive him for all he has done, but I can’t, he lied to Marissa, he is trying to break up her and Ryan to get to her, and he bugs me. Jimmy is a little unsure about starting the restaurant but Sandy seems to be pretty sure about it. Summer gets a new boyfriend who is just plain irritating with his jokes, most likely to get Seth jealous. Ryan can’t shake the feeling that something is not right with Oliver and goes to school after hours to get his file. To bad he gets caught, the thing is, when someone is as paranoid as Ryan has become, they make mistakes and get into trouble. I had a feeling Ryan was going to get caught; I was just hoping I would be wrong. Ryan awaits his punishment, and Anna finds out that Seth is jealous of Summers new boyfriend. All of a sudden I don’t know if Anna is such a good match for Seth, I mean, they do have a lot in common, but it seems like for Seth, that’s not such a good thing. Ryan is stuck between a rock and a hard place, as he has no one who will listen to him about Oliver. Ryan is starting to scare be, his suspicions are getting out of hand, if he continues like this he might loose Marissa to Oliver. Things are getting out of control, Oliver is everywhere, who knows what he could do, I just wish Ryan would quit doing things to get at Oliver and let things go. Ryan and Marissa break up… All I can say is dang it! I guess though, Ryan deserves is, what he did was not right, even if Oliver is a weird and has problems. Oliver tells Ryan his plans, and it makes me sick to hear them, I have officially lost all respect for Oliver, and though I still don’t think what Ryan did was right, he had good reason to be suspicious. I just hope Ryan doesn’t go crazy trying to figure out how to expose Oliver well I mean, more so then he already has.
  • Yeah yeah, more Oliver drama... I've had enough.

    Out of all the storylines done on The OC, the Oliver storyline is my least favorite. He annoyed me so much and this episode just proved why. Oliver comes to Harbor to start school and is taking the exact same schedule as Marissa, so of course Ryan figures out that Oliver is after Marissa.

    Here's the thing that bugs me about this episode. Ryan acts so out of character. But maybe it's because everybody else is out of character. Nobody (except Luke) believes that Oliver has "cruel intentions" and it forces Ryan to break into school to see Oliver's records. Then he takes a letter from Marissa's locker, and after Marissa finally breaks up with him due to his lies he punches Oliver when he reveals his true intentions.

    Anyway, the whole storyline just annoys me. I hate Oliver.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Ryan continues to become suspicious of Oliver when he suddenly transfers to Harbor High and begins making plans of his own with Marissa. But Ryan's attempts to try to expose Oliver of the person that he is, gets met with negative approval from everyone, leading to a familiar situation. Summer shows off her new boyfriend, Danny, to Seth and Anna who correctly think that Summer is just showing off to satisfy her own ego. Meanwhile, Sandy and Jimmy prepare to sign the lease papers to build their own seafood restaurant, the Lighthouse. But Jimmy doesn't know if he's ready for this new business venture.

    - Alex
  • Some of the characters start to show their true colors...

    First, I think this is the turning point in Ryan-Marissa relationship. Is shown that she doesn't believe in him about Oliver, despite the warnings of Ryan and some of Oliver crazy reactions. Although Ryan shows a extremely jealous style of love, he had an excuse, after all, it's Marissa that we're talking about. Seth doesn't show much support to Ryan, what a great friend he is hum?? The plot with Danny is very comic, this is the episode were we see that Summer and Seth have real feelings for each other, not just a simple atraction. And that punch... I was waiting for years fot r it :D
  • New beginnings for some, the beginning of the end for others.

    we start the episode with ryan trying to make up for not trusting Oliver and do as Seth said and "embrace the friend". But this doesn't last long as Ryan gets suspicious when Oliver is transfered to Harbor. Ryan sneaks into school to read Oliver's personal file to find out a girl at his old school had a restraining order on him. Being paranoid he also steals a letter he sees Oliver give to Marissa. When Ryan is confronted by Marissa he lets her know exactly what he thinks. This results in Marissa leaving him.
    Seth beggins to worry that he and Anna are too similar, that they nothing to argue about, he thinks they are becoming boring.
    Summer finds a new boyfriend, Danny, who every one finds hilarious, except Seth. So naturally Seth dislikes him for making Summer laugh, but Anna tells him to "embrace the friend". But when trying to do so, Danny confides in Seth and asks for advice on how to appear more funny to Summer and Seth takes his chance to sabotage him and gives Danny bad advice.
    Sandy and Jimmy have disagreements over the Restraunt but eventually they both come together to sign the paper work and become the new owners of the Lighthouse.
    Kirsten gives Julie a chance to become an interior designer thinking Julie would never pull it off, but to every ones suprise Caleb loved the look of the house and Julie gets a job at the Newport Group.
  • I am starting to hate Marissa...

    She's so boring!! oh my god, and so annoying, always preferring Oliver to her own boyfriend? is she stupid or what? I dunno many girls in real life that would do that, but of course, Marissa can do that, as she is the anorexic popular girl in the school that every guy loves and dies to be with. I hate it!
  • Oliver.....scary

    Last week there wasn't much to discuss but this week there is a lot of stuff, let leave Oliver and Ryan situation for later in this review and start talking about Seth relationship with Anna, It's clear that there relationship isn't going to last long even with Summer new boyfriend who Anna belives Seth jealous about him which i think definatly true to some extent but why else would he give him bad advice about his jokes. It was a touching moment near to the end when Summer confides in Seth about how she feel about the situation. Did anyone see the look on Seth face when her boyfriend said Summer thought he was funny and so was Captain Oats. His face nearly light up. i admit i used to hate Summer but she has become likable, it hard when she see Seth with Anna.

    Ryan, what a stupid person playing into Oliver hand, he right he really didn't have to anything but Ryan has one hell of a temper. He should of been smart pretend to be friends with Oliver. Just look what happend Marrisa broke up with him , can't actually blame her. i heard a lot of fans angry about the fact that Marrisa is naive about Oliver, can't blame her, Oliver pretend to be nice, i am sure if u met a person who was nice most of u lot would like him. Stealing letter was a bit stupid, even after he got caught breaking into the school. Ryan is definatly going to get ex-spelled after the ending of that epsoide or maybe suspended, not quite sure about school policy.

    Julie Cooper taking credit for Kirsten work, i just wanted to punch her, Kirsten shouldn't of help Julie unfounatly that in Kirsten nature so u can't blame her but i would of love to see Julie fall flat on her face. Kirsten can't bail her out every single time she mucks up. Speaking of which Sandy and Jimmy are opening a resturant, got to see how that works out.