The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 16

The Road Warrior

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2006 on FOX
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When Ryan and Sadie go on a road trip to search for one of Johnny's relatives they end up in Ryan's old neighbourhood in Chino, which brings the two closer together. While the two are away Marissa is implicated in Johnny's death and Seth and Summer learn the truth about Julie and Dr. Roberts new secret.moreless

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  • Can someone tell me why this episode has been rated so high? Did boys do most of the rating? Because Ryan gets to strip right after he breaks up with Marissa?moreless

    You see. This is why I think relationships are totally lame. This episode has just confirmed my theory that there is not a male human being in this world who would ever actually genuinely like a female human being. Ryan never loved Marissa. Not one bit. He can't wait to get rid of her, so he can get with another chick. He isn't even sad at all about breaking up with her. She, on the other hand, cries by herself at the pier. The same thing happened with him and Theresa. Right after Marissa and Ryan broke up the first time, he slept with Theresa. He just couldn't wait. Marissa was just a toy to him all along. The only reason he got so mad after she died was because he had no one to jerk around and abuse anymore. Poor Marissa and women who are going through or have gone through similar situations.moreless
  • Ryan goes on a road trip with Sadie. Johnnys death gets to marrisa. Summer finds out about julie and dr roberts!

    Back to its best! I really liked this episode. i like sadie and though its spilt ryan and marrisa up i think they will be a good couple. I hope marrisa doesn't go out with volchock though i think she will. Glad seth and summer are ok relationship wise. Sandy is becoming annoying with the whole newport group thing!

    Hope the season stays like this!
  • Too many damn stories.

    It seems like The O.C. has decided to abandon all character development and has focused primarily on the story. Other than the dissipating relationship between Marissa and Ryan, there isn't much character development in this episode. Once again the theme of the episode is to cram so much stories at once that it eventually becomes a detriment. How many stories and how many characters were run through? The whole Julie Cooper and Mr. Roberts affair with Taylor being involved somehow, Sandy's ever continuing project with the hospital, Marissa getting stalked by Volchok and getting involved with the police, and Ryan trying to get Johnny's child payment money. Just too much! And the relationship between Marissa and Ryan is starting to wear itself out thin; I wish they would just decide whether or not they want to be together once and for all.moreless
  • The OC. Episode 16

    It's official...

    - Ryan is fed up with Marissa's existential problems.

    Anyway, their break up was definitely too sad. At least, the OC writers could have spared "Forever Young" in the background. :(

    - Sandy is turning into Caleb without even realizing it.

    - Summer is the sweetest daughter ever.

    - Volchok is thinking about going after Marissa, and if we consider her deep perspicacity he won't wait that long.

    - Sadie's family issues wake up the good old Chino Kid. Yep, punch days are still running.

    Hilarious moments:

    1. Julie's sudden interest in golf.

    2. Seth rolling around in Ryan's bed.moreless
  • Terrific. Ryan grows closer to Sadie as they visit Johnnys dad. Summer and Taylor discover Neils and Julies secret and the fantastic couple finally face their problems.

    The episode explained alot. From the heavy lifting you could see that Ryan and Marissa were going to grow apart but the deal was finally completed when they faced their fears and told eachother it was over. Although it was sad, it was necessary for the development of the plot.

    I think that the Ryan Sadie relationship will develop nicely for the producers. The two have such great chemsitry between each other and it will be nice to see his interaction with someone else than Marissa. Meanwhile Volchek follows Marissa around and catches her after her tearful break up with Ryan. Is their actully a connection between these two characters? I hope not.

    While Summer tries to figure out how to solve her fathers love problems, Taylor discovers Julie and Neil and their relationship at a korean restraunt. However i found that it was nice to let her father go with Julie when he expressed his happiness over their relationship.

    But my question is when oh when will taylor be added to the regular cast. You cant just help and wonder why she is not there already.moreless
Marc Vann

Marc Vann

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Rodney Rowland

Rodney Rowland

Jack Harper

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Chase Kim

Korean Host

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Michael Nouri

Michael Nouri

Dr. Neil Roberts

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Jeffrey Hephner

Jeffrey Hephner

Matt Ramsey

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Nikki Reed

Sadie Campbell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Episode punch count: 5

    • Goof: Chili said that he made his nickname up during "The Last Waltz" episode, and Johnny said that it would never catch on. However, everybody seems to know him by it, even people who Chili knew from before Marissa started at public school, like Volchok whilst talking to Marissa in this episode.

    • Youth Group's "Forever Young" song plays once more (last heard in "The Last Waltz") as Ryan and Marissa break up over the phone. Marissa decided that "Forever Young" would be 'their' song in the aforementioned episode.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Summer: I'm thinking of having a party. Something small. Maybe you, me, Seth, Ryan.
      Marissa: That's not a party, that's a double date.

    • Taylor: Your dad and Julie Cooper are doing it. Yeah, it's a shock to me, too. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. It was all very mid-'90s, overwrought thriller, sort of a Verhoeven shade.

    • Summer: You see, all the TV shows I watch, all these women have voiceovers. They even gave one to April on The Valley. Now where most of these voiceovers don't make much sense, they do make your life seem more dramatic and meaningful.

    • Seth: I kind of like her (Julie). You know, I don't care that she married my grandpa for money or had sex with Luke. I think she's got moxie.

    • Sandy: I used to walk behind Kirsten on her way home. She lived on the opposite side of campus, but I lived to watch her walk.
      Kirsten: And I called campus security.
      Sandy: Ah, it was worth every minute I was detained and questioned.

    • Sadie: Stakeouts are so much cooler in movies.
      Ryan: Yeah, that's 'cause they cut right to the part where the guy shows up.

    • Bail Bonds Guy: I got authority to protect this property with lethal force. You know what that means?
      Ryan: Means we'll be out in the car.

    • Ryan: The less you know, the better. Uh, just keep doing what you're doing. Except the bed thing -- that's just creepy.

    • Seth: I'm rolling around in your bed right now so it looks slept-in.
      Ryan: Ah, you'd probably do that anyway.

    • (Over the phone)
      Seth: Dude, where are you?
      Ryan: Indio. How much trouble am I in?
      Seth: Uh, none yet. Mom and Dad think you're helping inner city kids paint an overpass mural.

    • Summer: My dad has disastrous taste in women. If I don't step in, he'll wind up with the first money-grabbing slut bag that gets into the backseat of his Maserati.
      (Julie stands in the background shocked)
      Kirsten: Julie, would you like to take this?

    • Taylor: Does he (Neil) still have the things on his thing?
      Seth: No, no, no, a little penicillin cleared that right out.
      Taylor: Great.
      Seth: It looks fantastic.

    • Kirsten: You've been zombie-like all week.
      Julie: Oh, another late one with Doc Roberts in the back of his Maserati, no less.
      Kirsten: I didn't know Maseratis had backseats. Maybe you two should stop sneaking around and go public.
      Julie: I don't disagree, and neither does my chiropractor.

    • (Seeing Ryan and Sadie's kitchen re-model)
      Seth: I love what you've done there. Probably get a cable show to pay for that. HGTV's Extremely Sad Home Makeovers.

    • Seth: I've got two girls in bikinis trying to seduce me. Which sounds awesome, but I'm scared ... and I'm wet and I'm cold, Ryan.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Instead of the usual "Previously on The O.C." recap, Mischa Barton says "If you haven't watched 'The O.C.' in a while, here's what you've missed" and a special montage of important scenes starting from "The Swells" are shown.

    • Music:
      "Bom Bom Bom" by Living Things
      "Under The Sea" by Digby Jones
      "If You Need The Morning" by La Rocca
      "The Matter (Of Our Discussion)" by Boom Bip Feat. Nina Nastasia
      "C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)" by Tom Vek
      "I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes" by Tom Vek
      "Forever Young" by Youth Group


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