The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 16

The Road Warrior

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2006 on FOX

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  • Can someone tell me why this episode has been rated so high? Did boys do most of the rating? Because Ryan gets to strip right after he breaks up with Marissa?

    You see. This is why I think relationships are totally lame. This episode has just confirmed my theory that there is not a male human being in this world who would ever actually genuinely like a female human being. Ryan never loved Marissa. Not one bit. He can't wait to get rid of her, so he can get with another chick. He isn't even sad at all about breaking up with her. She, on the other hand, cries by herself at the pier. The same thing happened with him and Theresa. Right after Marissa and Ryan broke up the first time, he slept with Theresa. He just couldn't wait. Marissa was just a toy to him all along. The only reason he got so mad after she died was because he had no one to jerk around and abuse anymore. Poor Marissa and women who are going through or have gone through similar situations.
  • Ryan goes on a road trip with Sadie. Johnnys death gets to marrisa. Summer finds out about julie and dr roberts!

    Back to its best! I really liked this episode. i like sadie and though its spilt ryan and marrisa up i think they will be a good couple. I hope marrisa doesn't go out with volchock though i think she will. Glad seth and summer are ok relationship wise. Sandy is becoming annoying with the whole newport group thing!
    Hope the season stays like this!
  • Too many damn stories.

    It seems like The O.C. has decided to abandon all character development and has focused primarily on the story. Other than the dissipating relationship between Marissa and Ryan, there isn't much character development in this episode. Once again the theme of the episode is to cram so much stories at once that it eventually becomes a detriment. How many stories and how many characters were run through? The whole Julie Cooper and Mr. Roberts affair with Taylor being involved somehow, Sandy's ever continuing project with the hospital, Marissa getting stalked by Volchok and getting involved with the police, and Ryan trying to get Johnny's child payment money. Just too much! And the relationship between Marissa and Ryan is starting to wear itself out thin; I wish they would just decide whether or not they want to be together once and for all.
  • The OC. Episode 16

    It's official...
    - Ryan is fed up with Marissa's existential problems.
    Anyway, their break up was definitely too sad. At least, the OC writers could have spared "Forever Young" in the background. :(
    - Sandy is turning into Caleb without even realizing it.
    - Summer is the sweetest daughter ever.
    - Volchok is thinking about going after Marissa, and if we consider her deep perspicacity he won't wait that long.
    - Sadie's family issues wake up the good old Chino Kid. Yep, punch days are still running.

    Hilarious moments:
    1. Julie's sudden interest in golf.
    2. Seth rolling around in Ryan's bed.
  • Terrific. Ryan grows closer to Sadie as they visit Johnnys dad. Summer and Taylor discover Neils and Julies secret and the fantastic couple finally face their problems.

    The episode explained alot. From the heavy lifting you could see that Ryan and Marissa were going to grow apart but the deal was finally completed when they faced their fears and told eachother it was over. Although it was sad, it was necessary for the development of the plot.

    I think that the Ryan Sadie relationship will develop nicely for the producers. The two have such great chemsitry between each other and it will be nice to see his interaction with someone else than Marissa. Meanwhile Volchek follows Marissa around and catches her after her tearful break up with Ryan. Is their actully a connection between these two characters? I hope not.

    While Summer tries to figure out how to solve her fathers love problems, Taylor discovers Julie and Neil and their relationship at a korean restraunt. However i found that it was nice to let her father go with Julie when he expressed his happiness over their relationship.

    But my question is when oh when will taylor be added to the regular cast. You cant just help and wonder why she is not there already.
  • Finally this episode shows the true greatness of the show, disappointing season, but its coming back!

    From a disappointing season, this episode finally brings The O.C back to its first season of being an absolutely amazing show. This shows why The O.C is truly great despite the fall in ratings over the years. If the season carries on like the I can assure that the finale will be great! The main scene of Ryan and Marissa at the end of the phone is well done and well acted out as this is what makes the show great.The involvement of Sadie and Volchock with Ryan and Marissa is well scripted and makes The O.C one of the best shows ever!
  • Ryan and Sadie hit the road to get money from johnny's dad, summer finds out why her dad is acting so strange, and kirstin questions if Sandy still knows his line.

    I liked this episode, but it was kind of sad, 'cause I can speak for almost everyone here if I say that we're al quite irritated by marissa, with her johnny bullshit. Butt still it was kind of sad that ryan and marissa broke up this way, it wasn't because of a fight they just grew apart, while during the past 3 seasons they were getting back together every time 'cause they can't seem to be without eachother, and after al this fighting for eachother they break up like this. Butt still I think its for the best and i think Sadie and Ryan make a nice couple, they can relate to eachother much better.

    Then Dr. Roberts and Julie, its just unbelievable but julie has changed so much, and I really acutally think she loves Neil. Summer and Marissa will probably be fine with it eventually..well al together I really liked this episode!
  • Too sad but it was meant to be...

    Its very sad and painfull watching Ryan and Marissa broke up because if you think of all the things that have happen in the past every desicion they have made together, every sacrifice they both have made was for the single purpose of being together. Its not like they both didnt do thing that have led to the break up. Well maybe they would get back together, its not like it havent happen before.
    In the main time the series should continue the story of Seth and Summer. They both have unfinished bussiness about the College decision.

    Well take care, thanks for reading...
  • Somethings finally happening with sandy and kirsten

    At Last, some excitement. For a while now nothing has been going on between sandy and kirsten, but now that sandy is actng out of character, i can see a break up comin or at least some drama between them. I'm a little dissapointed about Ryan and Marrissa finally breaking up, But no one can say it was a surprise. They have been more off than on for a while now! Excellent episode. 10/10
  • thank god ryan and marissa finally broke up. i\'m very disappointed in Sandy.

    Sandy was very out of character. he was acting horrible. taylor is driving me insane.... she\'s too perky. Yay the old Ryan is back. the Sharon Stone moment was interesting to say the least. i\'m suprised summer didn\'t bust her dad. and the part when seth was rolling around on ryan\'s bed was hilarious. overall it wasn\'t the best but it wasn\'t the worst.
  • Nice episode..

    Ryan and Marissa break up
    Seth & Summer finds out that Dr.Robert's (Summers Father)Has been seeing Julie
    Ryan and Sadie seem to be getting closer after what ryan did for her back in chino,Volchok looks like he is trying to get with marissa. looks a abit scary aswell..he is following her everywhere.
  • finally Ryan and Marissa break up

    They haven't been a "couple" in a long time. Ryan and Sadie are a better pair. I think out of all the girls Ryan has been with (Marissa, Theresa, Lindsay, ... is that all?), Sadie is the best. Although, I don't think Marissa will handle the breakup well. I'll have to see what happens. Also, a very out-of-character Sandy disappointed me.
  • american idol helps oc ratings, thank god

    Another fabolous episode that clearly had eveything I enjoy watching from the show. Let's start with Julie and Neil. Those two are so cute together and they really look good together on screen and next week Neil proposing will be an interesting plot between them and Marissa and Summer. Finally Ryan and Marissa call it quits which is good for Ryan cause he deserves better and Ryan is too good for Marissa. Sandy is becoming like Caleb which im not a fan of but it's a good storyline between him and Kirsten. Again Seth and Summer are cute together like always and so far Sadie has become a nice add to the show(as a guest) and Taylor is back and did a funny scene in the Korean resturant. Overall I loved this episode and hopefully the ratings will improve which it did, it increased two million, ok thank you if you read this.
  • A great episode, with some boring moments in it.

    What’s the most important thing in here? Ryan and Marissa break up, but this time it looks pretty serious. While Ryan and Sadie are on their road trip Volchok hits on Marissa. The drama is already programmed! I think that Sadie and Ryan could make a quite nice couple though.
    Summer is excellent in this episode: She tries to hook up her dad with some kind of perfect woman. The problem is that she hands the list over to the wrong person – the secret girlfriend of her father: Julie. The scene was really amazing. All the Basic Instinct hints too, but back to Summer. She still handles Seth, especially at the golf course and in the hot tub really nicely.
    Sandy is showing his true face. He works like always, but this time it’s not for the weak ones, he puts his efforts in the company. I’m actually not surprised by that, because I think he always works 100% for the cause. It’s just the cause has changed from a public defendant to president of a multi-million dollar enterprise. He won’t loose his sole, because he doesn’t mix his work with his ideals.
    The appearance of Taylor was nice this time. I was surprised when she sad that she was completely over Seth, but I like that fact!

    The only point about this episode I didn’t like was that Ryan was successful with his speech by Johnny’s father. It’s just not right. I don’t know how it should have been, but not like this!
  • ryan and sadie hit the road for indio to find johnny's troublesome dad, julie and neil are caught by taylor, summer tries to find a reason for her father's absence, kirsten and sandy have a fight over the hospital.

    much better than the episode we were given last month. the road warrior has serious character relationship building. ryan and sadie grow closer as they try to help johnny's mom get by. they go on a road trip to indio to find johnny's dad who hasn't paid child support for a while. on their way to doing so, johnny's dad beats the crap out of ryans face when sadie makes meat of jack harper's car. marissa and ryan struggle to find a way by. volchok tries to get through to marissa that things with ryan aren't going to work, but she isn't interested in anything with volchok. matt is doing well with mya, but sandy needs mya to talk to her father about their hospital. this causes tension between matt and mya causing them to split. kirsten tells sandy he doesn't know where the line is anymore and that he's crossed it. taylor, seth, and summer find out what is really going on with summer's dad: OMG! hes dating julie cooper?! summer and seth get it on in the living room...hmm...tom vek performs at the bait shop which was cool. once ryan returns home form his road trip with sadie, he calls marissa. he tells her that it's not easy, and it isn't because of trey or johnny, but it's just not working. she understands, and in tears hangs up. volchok is standing there smoking a ciggarette waiting for her to come through, sadie shows up at ryans with a deck of cards. strip poker?

    great episode. favorite so far. please keep them coming guys.
  • Ryan and Sadie finally take a step forward in their relationship. And Marissa is finally left alone...thank god. Seth and Summer finally tired to get busy, haha. Julie/Neil also revealed more of their relationship. And the Sandy took things into his own

    Overall, this was a really good episode. Neil/Julie, awesome stuff. I just love Julie. Seth/Summer, it's about time they get some action. Sandy, finally things are heating up with him and his lately boring life at the Newport Group. Seeing him slowly turn into a Caleb is suprisingly interesting. R/M, finally Ryan dumped her, it's about time; she was just extra baggage. However, I am excited to see what happens with her and Volchok. Ryan/Sadie, that's another good storyline. They had a lot of fun in this episode and I'm excited to see how far they'll go in their relationship.
  • Ryan and Sadie take off in search for johnnys dad. Volchock tries to get to marissa. Seth and summer are cute, catch neil and julie. sandy acting like caleb and kirsten getting mad.

    This episode was an interesting one! I like Sadie and Volchok so thats something to be happy about. It was hard to watch the Ryan and Marissa break-up but I know it was much needed. It was hard to watch, especially over the phone and with their song Forever Young playing in the background. It was evident through this episode, and the past 2 or 3 episodes, that they would not be lasting this round.

    Seth and Summer were adorable. Lots of kissing and talking, some nice stuff! It is great to see them acting like a real couple since the beginning of the season lacked that so much.

    Sandy is becoming on the top of my hate list. He is becoming more and more like Caleb and I do not like it. I do not like the looks kirsten was giving him but i dont blame her. She knew it was time to start getting worried and I doubt it will get better anytime soon. Sandy is turning into the man that he said he never would. I know in television that does happen, but Sandy really wasnt the type to start going down a road like this. This is stuff he has fought against. It does not seem right. I say Kirsten should take the company back, she is the one with the power.

    Overall, a great episode. It is a good start to moving forward towards the end.
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